This is the second roleplay in the Maverick Hunter X saga. It takes place before Red Alert X, is private to Gurahk & Zeke, and is their reinterpretation of the events of Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X and the prelude OVA The Days of Sigma.


It is the year 20XX, and the Maverick wars had already taken root. Maverick crime had been steadily rising, a strange girl has appeared in Abel City, and Mechaniloids have run amok. The inevitable is beginning to unfold. This is the story of four Reploids--X, Zero, Vile, and Sigma--that would redefine their history, and change the world forever.....



Prologue: A Virgining Iris

????a: (groans) Wh....what...ahppened....Zero? Brother...?

(some evil laughter is heard)

????a: WH-who's there?!

Alan: (coos) Well whaddya know boys? A naked little slut!

Jake: Our luck....

Dallas; Time for a little fun! Hahaha!!

????a: NO....don't!!

-a green blade flashes in the air, making light cuts on the three men-

Alan: GAAHH!! What the hell?!?!

????b: Flee before your heads are separated from your bodies.

Alan: (runs off with Dallas)

Jake: (passed out)

????b: Hmph... -deactivates his blade- I'm better at destroying Mavericks...

????a: Z....Zero....?

Zero: That is my name...guess I'm really well-known...not a surprise, X probably is too...

????: You....don't remember....

Zero: What? Was I supposed to remember something?

????: What...happened to--

Zero: Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about... <Maybe just an emotional fangirl...but Colonel also talked like this...hmm...>

????:......Oh. I must have been thinking....of another one.....I'm terribly sorry.. (gets up and her clotehs near slip off) EEK!! (quickly adjusts them and sighs) My name is Iris...

Zero: Iris...that's a pretty name... <...I think I should talk to Colonel...he also talked about "another Zero"...>

Iris: (giggles) (He's just as handsome as the one I knew....)

Zero: Um, well, Iris... I think I should be heading back to base.. Maverick Hunter stuff...y'know?

Iris: Ummm....m-may I follow you?

Zero: I...I don't...know... I would like it, but I just don't know...

Sigma: (on communicator) Zero! Return to base immediately! Another Mechaniloid has gone berserk and we must prepare for its attack tomorrow!

Zero: -responding, caught off guard and suddenly rigid- Roger Commander Sigma! I'm on my way!

Iris:.......(holds his arm)

Zero: -blushes and starts shaking, uncertain of what to do- U-Um... I-I really n-need t-to be g-going...

Iris: Please, let me go with you....I need answers as to where I am and how I got here....

Zero: ...Okay.

Iris: (smiles as they are brought to base)

???: (lurking in the darkest of roofs) A strange Reploid.....but could be useful....(snickers)

Chapter 1: X-eptional Potential

The next day....


Bee Blader: Arriving at dropoint in 45 seconds.....

Sigma: (through radio) X, do you copy? Fire at will once the target's in range!
Sigma as a Reploid

Sigma as a Commander

(a large four-legged yellow Mechaniloid bursts through some old buildings; many Maverick Hunters and elite Sniper Joe drones are on stand-by)

Bee Blader: Now arriving at dropoint....(opens rear door)

X:.....(simply drops down from the sky)

Sigma:....(looks up and sees X) Perfect.....all troops, move in!

Everyone: Yes sir! (all move to cover as the Mechaniloid simply walks around)

Zero: -taking cover with a few others behind a pillar and some debris close to the Mechaniloid- Commander Sigma! Zero Squad is in position! Any further orders?

Sigma: Yes. Look up.

Zero: -looks up to see X falling from the sky-

X: (brandishes and charges his X-Buster as he falls down to the surface) HIIIIIYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires on the Mechaniloid, which falls flat onto the ground; he then fires at the air and to land on the side of a building he slides down)

Sigma: (smirks) Chill Penguin Squad, commence operation!

Chill Penguin: Roger! I'll secure the area!

(Chill Penguin & his team rush to the Mechaniloid, but it rises, without even a scratch on it)

Chill Penguin: WHAAA!!! The thing's hardly damaged!!

(the Mechaniloid starts to attack back)

Chill Penguin: WAAK!! Stop that thing!!

Sigma: Alia, do you have the data on that Mechaniloid ready yet?

Alia: It's armor seems to be invunlerable to buster fire... You might want to try to shoot its external generator on its underside...

Sigma: Got it. Zero, do you have a fix on the main generator?

Zero: -looks to find an opening to the main generator, but unable to do so, being forced to duck down to evade laser beams from the Mechaniloid- It's no good! It's too fast and too aggressive, I can't get close! I need a distraction!

Mechaniloid: (tosses a hunter into a bunch of others)

Chill Penguin: Hold that thing down! SHOTGUN ICE!!! (freezes two of its hindlegs)

Hunters; (use harpoons and ropes to hold it)

Mechaniloid: (begins to slowly thaw out)

X; Commander, that thing's way more powerful than we thought! I'll go back 'em up!

Mechaniloid: (finally breaks free and attacks; it's shovel gerabs a fellow hunter)

Chill Penguin: WAAK!!

X: (arrives and starts shooting, but it's the hindlegs and as such, it doesn't work)

Alia: X! It's armor is impervious to buster fire! It's weak point is the generator on its underside! Shoot there, X!

X: (tries to aim at the generator) Alia, it's Claw's blocking the way!

Alia: You can do it, X!

X: (tries aiming, but the Reploid is in the way, so he hesitates)

Chill Penguin: X, hurry!!

Sigma: (rushes in, Chaosblade active; he slashes both the claw AND the generator, which takes out the Reploid's hand as well as rushing him with the claw)

Reploids: (sigh in relief)

Boomer Kuwanger: Is the relief party coming?

Hunter: Casualties confirmed. Commense full retreat! Be sure to disarm all combatants!

Cinnamon: (arrives with some other medics to check on the wounded) Stay with me, hunter!

X: (walking around)

Chill Penguin: X!! Why didn't you shoot?!

X: Chill Penguin, I....I...

Chill Penguin: Do you have any idea how many casualities there woulda been if the commander didn't take that thing out when he did?!


Zero: -sighs in relief, then looks at Chill Penguin and X-

Hunter: was my fault that I let that Mechaniloid get a hold of me. I'm just glad the Commander was able to get me outta that mess....


Sigma: (approaches X) X!

Chill Penguin: (leaves)

X: Yes, Commander Sigma sir!

Sigma: Your aiming capabilities are no different than my own. You could have easily hit the generator.


Sigma: You are aware that there was only a small chance that our compatriot would have been hit by the blast, correct?

X: Yes, Commander. I--

Sigma: Listen well, X. There are times that we Maverick Hunters cannot afford to hesitate in pulling the trigger. We must become both sword and shield to those who cannot protect themselves. That is our sworn duty. Never forget that! (walks off)

X: Y-yes, Commander....

Sigma: Commense retreat once casualties have been assessed!

Cinnamon: Yes sir!


Zero: -walks up and puts a hand on his shoulder-

Alia: <X...>

X: (sighs)

Later, at headquarters....

Layer: (on the phone) I see....alright. Gotcha.....I'll leave tomorrow....

X & Zero: (enter the base)

Layer: Alright...buh-bye. (hangs up and turns to them) Well hey there boys.

X: (not quite ecstatic) Hey Layer....

Zero: Hey hun...

Layer: Bad news, babe. No sex for you for a few days. I'm gonna be away for awhile. My sister was killed.

X: That's horrible....

Iris: (cringes at Layer's seductive moments on Zero and gets more than a little pissy)

Layer: (strokes Zero's chest) Hard to was the 7th time this month a Mechaniloid's gone Maverick....

X: Maverick...what could cause someone to go Maverick anyway?

Layer: (strokes Zero's back) Program errors, short circuits in the electronic brain...

Zero: -sighs and strokes Layer's back- The very things that give us our advanced processing and life-likeness can also be our greatest weaknesses...

Iris: Grrr--!!!

X:.....(sees Iris) Uhh, Layer? Shouldn't you be getting ready?

Layer: Relax, big blue. I got all of today.....

X: Even so....

Zero: I'm sorry about your sister, Layer...

Layer: It's alrig--huh?

-a bound purple-armored Vile prods by with escorts-

Zero: Looks like Vile made a bit too much noise again, huh X?

X: That guy never learns.....

Zero: He's gonna get retired one of these days...

Layer: Well, I'm gonna rest for now.....(struts away and winks to Zero)

Iris: (about to lose it)

Zero: Well then... Guess we should rest too, another Mechanaloid breakout could happen soon.

X: Yeah....I'll be in the training room...(walks off)

Zero: -nods and walks off also-



Sigma: (visiting to ask for some help from Tails)

Tails: I've checked the situation in Abel City from time to time, and there seems to be an alarming rise in Maverick this correct, Sigma?

Sigma: Yes, Dr. Prower. Even giant Mechaniloids have begun to run amok. And without the recently-retired Squid Adler, our strategic and wisdom advantages have slipped away....

Tails: That is most unfortunate... How have you been handling the situation as it progresses?

Sigma: We have been doing all we can to contain as much Mavericks as possible, but I must say that Red Alert are giving us a run for our Zenny. Zero is doing exceptionally well, but has trouble controlling his emotions on the battlefield.

Tails: Red Alert I must say seems really interesting, it looks like they're helping to pick up the slack. Perhaps I'll put in a word to have them be officially in the ranks of the Maverick Hunters. I'll also see what I can do about Squid Adler, though he is who he is, and that must be respected. -pauses to gather thoughts- That point about Zero's trouble controlling his emotions is disturbing, but that is what makes him unique. It's strange that you'd mention Zero without mentioning is he doing?

Sigma: As far as his judgment and abilities on the battlefield are concerned, he has shown tremendous promise. However, he tends to hesitate when the situation calls for decisive action.

Tails: Ah yes...he worries too much... But, that shows his immense potential, and like Zero, makes him unique.

Sigma: (glares, confused but intriegued)

Tails: X has a strong concience, and whether he follows it or not, can either bring hope or danger. Zero is the same way, with his strong emotions. They can either drive him to a hero or a scourge. Sigma, you have neither problem, by design. I used X's and Zero's designs, and put them together to hopefully cancel these problems out, while still having a strong amount of potential to be as sentient as possible. However...that idea is showing a very heavy drawback...

Sigma: Their worrying? It shows potential? It's not a weakness, not even to X?!

Tails: It shows compassion. Reverence for life. It can be a weakness, but that might also be a fail-safe, more-so in X's case, because, from the journal I read that was left at his capsule, if he were to turn Maverick...I doubt if even you and Zero combined can stop him, or all of Repliforce for that matter. The same fear goes for Zero, but it isn't so well contained like X's is. I combined their designs to create moderation between raw emotion, power, and concience. My goal in doing that, was to create Reploids that are fully sentient...but full sentience comes with free will...

Sigma: I see.....(grins) I thank you for your help, Doctor...

Tails: I'm glad to help, Sigma...

Sigma: (nods and leaves) Limitless potential....that is exactly what we need to evolve....but I cannot defeat X alone....I will the assistance of others....maybe it's time I ask the services of Red Alert....

15 hours earlier....

Pallette: (lying down, near dead and a big gash on her chest)

Axl: Pallette! (runs to her and kneels down) Pallette.....

Pallette:....Axl..(turns to him)

Axl: Just hang in there'll make it....(teary-eyed)

Pallette: Axl.....don't go back....stay with me.....let's live together a world where....where only Reploids exist.....

Axl: B-but Pallette....that's just urban legend....there is no world just....just for Reploids....

Pallette: I know....but I wanted to...I wanted to believe in live peacefully.....with you....f-f-...forever....

Axl: (slightly crying) Pallette....

Pallette: (gently smiles before at last dying)

Axl: (cries more, trying to shake her) Pallette! Pallette!! Pallette!!! PALLETTE!!!!!......NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (cries insanely) NO, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! I CAN'T GO ON ANYMORE!!!! Tell me....Pallette....what...WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Sigma arrives and finds a red Reploid that appears to have an affiliation with Repliforce-

????: What's this proposition, Sigma?

Sigma: You have expressed in the past, that you wanted to fight X and Zero, haven't you, Magma Dragoon?

Magma Dragoon: Well, yes--

Sigma: I can grant you that wish...I just need you to do something for me...

Magma Dragoon: Anything, Sigma! Anything!

Sigma: -smirks-

Chapter 2: Fall of the Skygoon

X & Zero: (practicing in the training area)

Iris: (watching them, intently)

Zero: -makes a final slash, finishing an exricise, and gets a score of 95%- CRAP! I missed 5%!

X: I missed by 10%!

Zero: -sighs- Just gotta try harder, eh?

Storm Eagle: 95%? That's very good Zero!

Iris: Huh? Ummm....are you Storm Eagle?

Storm Eagle: Yes I am...

Zero: Thought you had to patrol the airspace over the missile base...

Storm Eagle: Repliforce is handling that now with Skiver in lead. I'm just a regular Hunter again for a while.

Zero: That's cool.

Storm Eagle: Anyway, we've been summoned to a meeting on the out of control Mechaniloid. Let's go guys!

Later, in the control room....

(all the Maverick Hunters, medics, navigators, and Iris were gathered for a briefing on the Mechaniloid)

Alia: The Mechaniloid has appeared in sector 35S, and is doing damage to the residential area there.

Zero: What, that close? That's right next to the prison...

Nana: There's more. We discovered that the Mechaniloid we fought this morning went berserk. However, it appears to be under the control of an unknown party.

Hunters: (chatting amongst themselves about this)

X: So there was no one inside? It was being controlled remotely?

Nana: That's right.

Boomer Kuwanger: Wait. What about the Mechaniloid security program? It's too complicated for anyone to hack.

Layer: There is a chance that the hacker was able to crack our security code.

Iris: So...where's it being controlled from?

Nana: We've managed to find location: Abel City Sector 16-East.

X: But...that's way too close.

Zero: Does Sigma know about this?

Nana: We've contacted him. X and Zero are to be dispatched to the block immediately following a briefing, and Spark Mandrill's team is to deal with Mechaniloid. Those are his orders.

X, Zero, and Mandrill: Roger!



X:....Strange. It's too quiet...

Zero: ...Indeed...

X: (jumps up from building to building and lands to see some small Lego-like bots run out with some things, most notably Reploid parts, electronic hardware, and a PS1) Hey. You kids shouldn't be out here this late. It's dangerous.

Servbot #15: Umm, thanks for the warning mister! But we're on a secret mission!

X: Heh...suit yourselves....

(the young bots leave)

X: That was weird....

Zero: Huh...

X: (looks inside and gasps)

Zero: What, what is it?

(inside there are many Reploids decapitated and lying dead)

X:....Alia. Get some people to come here. We have a big undug graveyard in here...

Alia: Right...

A couple minutes later....

(several Repliforce officers and soldiers, as well as some medics arrive on the scene)


Zero: -analyzing the damage along with some medics and officers-

X:....Well? Get anything?

Zero: ...It's scary. That much I can tell you.

Hunter: No dice. I'm afraid whatever data was left here must be gone now.

Zero: Well it sure seems like whoever it was left in a hurry.

Sigma: (enters) Status report!

Armored Armadillo: Sir! Looks like it must've been an inside job. They were done in shortly after the Mechaniloid went berserk.

Sigma: (nods) What do you make of it Zero?

Zero: I think it's obvious that whoever was behind this has strong combat skills. Each strike was either a decapitation move or directed to a weak point.

Sigma: (nods) I see.....(walks off)

X & Zero: (look on, confused)

X: Whoever it couldn't have been those little bots.

Zero: -shrugs-

Sigma: (talks to Storm Eagle about something)

Storm Eagle: -nods and turns to the crowd- The one behind all this has taken all of the data and fled the scene. Storm Eagle Squad, move out to investigate!

Storm Eagle Squad: Yes sir!

Chill Penguin: WAAK!! The Chill Penguin Squad will investigate other parts of the city. Let's go!

-everyone except X and Zero leave to investigate-

Zero: Well...this has turned out to be one mystery after another...

Sigma: (smirks and leaves)



-a red Reploid looks up at the Sky Lagoon-

????: I hope you're right, Sigma...


Repliforce Soldier: Colonel, sir!

Colonel: What is it, soldier? Report!

Repliforce Soldier: I was able to capture some specialized and Top Secret data from GUN!

Colonel: ...Talk faster, soldier.

Repliforce Soldier: It appears that they--

(a sudden boom and rumble was heard and felt)

Colonel: What was that?! Someone! Report!

Repliforce Soldier: (hands Colonel the briefcase of the information) Stay here, sir! I'll handle this! (rushes out and sees bodies all over the place and two shadows in a blown-up entrance) Wha-Wha?! D-

-explosions are heard and shaking occurs in intesifying measure-

Colonel: -activates his Chaosblade and heads out to investigate, and finds Magma Dragoon in the reactor core room- Magma Dragoon!

Magma Dragoon: Sir! A Maverick has just blown through here! The damage is beyond repair, this thing's going down! We need to evacuate! -teleports-

Colonel: ...Dragoon is never like this... -teleports-


X:....Zero! Look up there!

Zero: Huh? -sees the Sky Lagoon crashing to the ground- What?!

(the Sky Lagoon crashes in a nearby city)

X: We better check that out!

Zero: Right! A Maverick could be involved! I think Colonel is stationed there... Let's go!

X & Zero: (rush over to the crash site)

Zero: -sees that the city has been pretty much obliterated- ...Who could have done this?

General: (arrives) X! Zero!

X: General! (salutes) The Sky Lagoon crashed down and destroyed the nearby city. We've seen little to no survivors thus far....

General:......It's happened again.....

X: Huh?

Zero: ...Something like this happened in that, "other time"?

General: (nods) We were framed for the crime and lead our own nation into war....(gasps) Dragoon....

X: Dragoon? He did this?!

-a battered Colonel drags Magma Dragoon up to General-

Colonel: -exasperated and irritated- Sir! I found Dragoon at the scene, but he refuses to talk about the details on this attack.

Magma Dragoon: Ugh.....

X: Dragoon! How could you?! What you did here will make the Repliforce look like Mavericks....

Magma Dragoon: I....I had to.....I fight.....(passes out)

X: Dragoon!!

General:.....Return to base. We will take care of things here....

Colonel: Yes sir. Shall I prepare for a court martial?

General: Whatever it takes. This time, we are avoiding confrontations.

X & Zero: (leave for base)


Iris: (looks around, praying for Zero) least you are here....(cries a small bit)

(a tall familiar shadow appears behind ehr)

Iris: (looks behind her and gasps)

Chapter 3: Treachery Unvealed

The next day....

Nana: Man.....lousy time for that tramp to take a hiatus.

Zero: -walking by- Huh?

Nana: Layer may be a total whore, but she's a useful navigator. And these Mechaniloids just won't stop appearing....

X: Hmmmm

Zero: Hmph, you'd take a hiatus too if you had a family member was recently killed.

Nana: I question the validity of that....

Cinnamon: Guys! Iris is gone!!

X: She's what?!

Cinnamon: I've looked everywhere, I can't find her!

Zero: Huh?!

X: Reploids don't disappear.....let's try finding Commander Sigma! He may know something.

Zero: -nods- Let's go.

Meanwhile, at the Reploid Prison....

Vile: -sitting motionless in chains-
Vile in Purple

Vile the Weasel

Sigma: (opens the door to his cell and walks in)

Vile: -simply turns hishead to Sigma- Heh, come to punish me in person huh? Guess that's what murder implies, eh?

Sigma: Hmph. (brandishes and activates his Chaosblade)

Vile: Tch, so this is how my life is gonna end. I don't even feel bad. Keheheh...

Sigma: (slashes at Vile, but instead of killing him, he only just cuts the shackles off)

Vile: Huh?

Sigma: I need your defeat X....

Vile: -turning to him with more life- Defeat X? What kind of threat is he?

Sigma: In order to ensure our future and speed along our evolution, X's true abilities must be used. Zero will also be a true help to us too.

Vile: -stands up and turns to him- Zero, I can believe. But X? What kind of "true abilities" does that pussy got?

Sigma: His....worrying. That is precisely the quality that would prove beneficial to our cause. He thinks more deeply than the rest of us. He feels, normal Reploids are no match for his art. But....he is unaware of his incredible power.

Vile: So we're taking him down for his power that he is ignorant of?

Sigma: Precisely.

Vile: ...And you're asking a murderer, me, to help you.

Sigma: That's why I've come here.

Vile: Hmm... I like it. That's the best option for me at this point, the other one being to wait til I get executed. I'll help you in your plight. I'd rather go Maverick than die.

Sigma: (smirks) A wise choice....of course, I'm not forcing you. This isn't something most Reploids can do. (deactivates his Chaosblade and turns to leave) I need someone who can go Maverick of their own accord. (starts to walk away)

Vile: -chuckles and follows him- Then I'm a Maverick.


X: (on his speedster) I can't believe it's gotten this bad....all these berserk Mechaniloids, a hacker on the loose, Sky Lagoon destroyed by Magma Dragoon, and now Iris gone?!

Zero: -also on a speedster- Something tells me that this isn't just coincidence. Someone is actively behind this.

X: Do you think whoever's behind this has a different goal in mind?

Zero: It wouldn't surprise me. Might be more possible than we realize.

X: -communicator starts up in static- ...Huh? Alia! What's wrong?

Alia: X! Zero! There seems to be something going on at the missle base. Nana and I both have tried to contact Commander Sigma, but he hasn't responded...

Nana: There's even worse news. The ex-Maverick Hunter Vile has just escaped from his cell!

X: (groans) This week just keeps getting better and better....alright. We're on our way! (speeds off past Zero to the direction of the missile base)

Zero: -speeds up to catch up with X, but gets blown off the highway by another berzerk Mechaniloid- Gah! Looks like I'm taking the long way around. Go on without me X! -speeds off-

X: Looks like I'll have to...

Later, at the missile base...

X: (arrives and makes his way in)....hmm? Those little guys from last night...Alia. There any data or information on those little Reploids down there?

Servbots: (carrying similar supplies to what they were carrying earlier)

Alia: I can't find any information from here...

X:....(carries on through the base)


Zero: -outside and making his way through the less glamorus portion of the city to the base on foot-

(he passes by a funeral home where there's some unusual sounds going on)

Zero: Huh? What's that? -goes inside-

(he sees some Reploids gathering around an open casket, mostly members of Red Alert; he sees a particular brown fox mourning close to it)

Zero: Huh... Better leave them alone... -leaves-

(he still hears the noises nearby)

Zero: ...?

???: Ooohh!!

Zero: I know that voice...what the... -goes to investigate-

Layer: Huh? Hey, ya mind givi--(sees Zero) Ooh shit....

Zero: -sees Layer and another male, purple Reploid, familiar to Zero, having sex, and instantly gets extremely angry- ...............................WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!? LAYER!!!!

???: ...Sounds like the shit's hit the fan...

Layer: Uhh....this isn't what it looks-!


Red Alert (save Axl): (try to calm things down)

Layer: You asstards get outta my face! Thanks to own own dead! AND YOUR OWN SHOTGUN KILLED HER!!! (cries) DYNAMO HELPED ME SOOTH IT!!! MAKE ME FORGET THE PAIN!!!!

Dynamo: It's okay babe...

Zero: Hmph! And I fucking trusted you, and now look what you're doing. I'm sure your sister doesn't appreciate what you're doing at her wake either. Run off with your new boyfriend, I'm done. It's over. -walks away- Can't believe you'd use your sister's wake as time to fuck in the first place...

Layer: Tch! You know nothing about her!

Axl: (still mourning over Pallette)

Zero: You never bothered to tell me about her either.

Chapter 4: The Power Unleashed

X: (running through the corridors and gets to the hub and sees someone) Don't move---Ah! Commander Sigma!

Sigma: X! I've been expecting you. Where's Zero?

X: We got separated....

Sigma: I see....well, it appears that the enemy was using the security system here to control the Mechaniloids.

X: Then that must explain why they were able to chamoflauge their location....(walks to the control panel)

Sigma: (smirks behind X's back, brandishing his Chaosblade)

X: Commander, Alia said that she was having a hard time contacting you.

Sigma: Ah yes, I had to deactivate my transmitter to maintain cover. Of course, none of that matters now....(activates his Chaosblade)

???: -dashing up behind Sigma, Chaosblade active- SIGMA!! -swings his blade down on Sigma-


X: Huh?! Commander Sigma!! (checks on him)

Sigma: I've....had much worse, X...

???: It wasn't hard to figure out it was you, Sigma. No Reploid has combat skills as high as I've seen from the handiwork. Only two Reploids come to mind, and the other is like a brother to me, I know his handiwork.

X: (brandishes his X-Buster) Show yourself! Now!

???: -shows himself to be Zero- I just saved your life, X. Sigma has gone Maverick. He's the one behind all of this. And he almost killed you. I expected his attack on you, and you probably wouldn't be standing there if I haven't stopped him.

X: He what?!

Sigma: (chuckles as he stands up) Well done, Zero....I should commend you for your detective skills, but it's X that deserves my admiration. He's an incredible Reploid specimen...(grabs Zero) Wouldn't you agree?

Zero: -starts choking, and drops his Chaosblade- ACK!!

X: Commander Sigma, stop! Let him go, please!

Sigma: Now's your chance, X! Fire! If you want to stop me, you'll need to shoot and hit Zero in the process!

X: (gasps)

Sigma: What's the matter?! Shoot!

X:....(growls, hesitating)

Sigma: (laughs) You can't do it, can you X? (slashes Zero away)

X: Zero!! (grabbed by Sigma) ACK!!

Zero: ACK! Khaaack...! -damaged, being nearly immobilized-

Sigma: As I've already told you, X, there are times where you can't hesitate to pull the trigger. You couldn't do it. You missed your last chance to stop me! (pulls out a hair trigger, pushes it and the missiles stored start to ascend to the platform above) We are one button away from launching every missile stored in this facility. They're aimed at our own city. What'll it be X? Sacrifice Abel City or shoot me? Or perhaps it's time you laid down your arms....


Zero: -coughs weakly- X...! Sh-Shoot him...! D-Do it...!! X...!!

Sting Chameleon: (drops down and kicks him) Shaddup! Kehehehehe!!!

X: Sting Chameleon....

Launch Octopus: (walks in, holding Iris by his tentacles)

X: Launch....Octopus...?

(Storm Eagle, Boomer Kuwanger, Flame Mammoth, Armored Armadillo, Spark Mandrill, and Chill Oenguin all enter)

Sigma: (laughs and throws X aside) All too weak.....

Zero: -takes the kick- Gahk! -spots Launch Octopus with Iris- I-Iris...! -growls- And I thought today couldn't piss me off more...!! -brandishes his little-used Z-Buster and shoots Sting Chameleon several times- Back off!! -slowly gets up to his knees-

Sting Chameleon: GYAAA!!! (runs behind Flame Mammoth)

Sigma: (smirks) Hehehe....

X: Why....why are you doing this....?

Sigma: For our future X....I believe it's time to put Reploid evolution to the ultimate test....

X: You set this up from the start....made the Mechaniloids go berserk....kidnapped Iris....destroyed Sky Lagoon....cost the lives of countless innocents....

Sigma: Oh, naive....(laughs) You see, evolution requires sacrifice....BEHOLD!! (presses the button and the missiles launch)

X: NOOOO!!!!

Flame Mammoth: Eeehh, shaddup! (burns him)

X: AAUGH!! (falls unconscious)

Sigma: You invited this all upon yourself X....limitless power and potential lies within this the end? Not at is the beginning. The beginning of my new world!

(the last missile launches)

Zero: -starts blasting all of the Mavericks in the room in a blind rage-

Launch Octopus: (barely manages to escape)

Sigma: (chuckles) Well....if X refuses to show his full potential...then I'll beat it out of you, Zero! (gets in fighting position)

Zero: Oh no, Sigma... -slowly stands, taking up his Chaosblade- You're not beating anything out of me, I'm taking my anger out on you! It wouldn't surprise me if you had Layer cheat on me with a Maverick!

Sigma: Layer? I have no idea what you're talking about....but I'm not surprised by her provocative leap....

Zero: It doesn't matter... What does matter, is that I have a lot of anger to unload onto you and your sick ideals!

Sigma: (smirks and begins clashing with Zero)

Zero: -obvious anger-fueled aggression, though still recalls his training with Colonel, and applies it by ducking under a slash and slashes at Sigma horizontally-

Sigma: Heh! (still dueling)

Professor Gerald: masterpiece is done: Project X.....but he cannot be unleashed now....he is not yet mature. And this world may only view him as a threat.

Maria: represents limitless potential, right grandfather?

Professor Gerald: Yes, Maria. But it also represents visualtations of danger and evil. Therefore...I must seal him away for some 40 years until his morality tests have completed....

Maria: Poor thing.....


Maria: X.....please be safe....we must leave this place, and we cannot take you with us...please forgive us X. But grandfather thinks you will help this world....

????: Maria, hurry! More soldiers are breaking in!

Maria: Y-yes, Shadow! I'm coming!


Shadow: Maria!

Maria: Shadow, all those on that planet....allow them to live life....the way we would all wish.....sayonara...Shadow...the Hedgehog!

GUN Soldier: Alright men! Fire at will on my mark! (aim at Maria)

Maria: are the last hope....

GUN Soldiers; Ready.....aim....!

Maria: Only you can do this......

Gun Soldiers: FIRE!!! (gun her down)

Sigma: (starts to get the upperhand on Zero) Hehehehe.....

Zero: Grrr!! -his anger starting to get the better of him-

Sigma: Time to end this! (about to strike down)

X: (starts to glow green)

Sigma: Huh?

Chill Penguin: WAAAHH?!?!?!

X: (hands glowing green, eyes are blur, and hair is glowing red) GYAAAAAA!!!!! (slashes teh Mavericks away, accidentally hurting Iris in the process)

Iris: AAAHH!!!

X: (charges at Sigma) SIGMAAAA!!!!!!!! (palm grabs his face, severly scratching it up)

Sigma: FGAAAHHH!!! X!!!!

X: down and then falls down, still and in a coma)

Sigma: (chuckles) So this is the power.....the power you possess. The potential to advance all Reploids! (laughs)

Zero: And it's not for you! -jumps at Sigma, slashing at him furiously while he's distracted-

Sigma: If I were you, I'd be more worried about your friend!

Zero: -growls- ...You'll get yours... -kicks him into the control panel then rushes to X, picking him up and rushing out with him-

Sigma: (smirks) We're leaving....

Mavericks: (still holding Iris) Yes sir!

Sigma: (leaves) Come and get me X! The time has come to prove your metal against me! This fight will decide the fate of all Reploids! The battle may be over, but the war is just beginning! (laughs)

Chapter 5: Central Traffic Jam

X: (still unconscious, in the infirmary)

Zero: -leaning against a wall, still angry from earlier-

Cinnamon: He's comatose, but he'll make it.

Zero: -mutters- ...I can't protect anyone...

X: (groans)

Cinnamon: Huh?! Hey Zero, Alia, Nana! He's waking up!

Nana & Alia: (rush in)

Zero: -looks over to X-

X: (starts to slowly get up)

Zero: -growls to himself-

Alia: -rushes to his side- X...

X:'re're all alive....

Cinnamon: (smiles)

Nana: If only the same could be said with the majority of the city....

X:....(slowly gets up and walks to the control room)

Zero: -growls softly, and mutters something inaudible-

X: This is all my fault.....they're all dead, because I....I was too weak to stop Sigma....

Zero: That makes two of us, X...

X: No...I had the power to stop Sigma....and I blew it! (starts to cry a bit)

Zero: And I couldn't take him down...

X: So now.....I have to set things right! (runs off)

Zero: X! Wait! -reaches out after him, then sighs, still having anger in him-

Alia: X...

Zero: ...He can't do this alone...

Nana: Zero, you go and help him. Alia and I will assist you the best we can.

Zero: -nods- Do your best, I know you're gonna have a hard time since Layer was discharged... -walks after X-

Nana: (to herself) Thank goodness for that....

Alia: Do you even know what she did, Nana?

Nana: No, but I do believe she was mating with another and that funeral garbage was a simple excuse to have a manslag vacation!

Alia: No, the funeral thing was true! Zero caught her having sex with a Maverick at her sister's wake!

Nana: (rolls her eyes) Of course he did....

Alia: I'm serious! If you asked him he'll get angry as sin! The official record of her discharge confirms that she was doing it with a Maverick! Zero reported it soon after returning from the missile base, didn't you notice his attitude?

Nana: Y-yes.....but I still refuse to believe her know very well my hatred for prostitutes, and Layer is no exception.

Alia: I'm telling you, that's what happened, and Zero is not in a good mood. I'd stay off his buttons if you don't want him jumping down your throat...

Nana:....(continues her work)



X: (running through the highway, destroying anything that gets in his way) Sigma....just you wait....
Maverick Rising 2-02 'On the Highway' (Opening Stage) by Dominic Ninmark Mega Man X OC ReMix05:33

Maverick Rising 2-02 'On the Highway' (Opening Stage) by Dominic Ninmark Mega Man X OC ReMix

Central Highway Stage Theme

Zero: -hops up onto the highway and runs with X- X!

X: Zero!

Zero: Don't suppose you think you're taking down Sigma all by yourself? He still has Iris, and I have a score to settle with him anyway.

X: Zero, I let our city die! I have to do this!

Zero: You don't think I had a similar problem? I let Sigma beat me because I couldn't keep a cool head! I'm easily just as much at fault as you are!


Zero: But what's done is done, and now we'll have to deal with this. C'mon!

X: (nods and rushes off)

Zero: -rushes after him-

X: (blasts through the Mavericks that get in his way)

Zero: -slashing the Mavericks that get in his way-

Bee Blader: (stops to shoot them)

X: Out of our way!! (charges his buster and destroys it)

Zero: Hmph! -jumps and somersault slashes at a nearby Bee Blader, destroying it-

X: Zero! Road Attackers, dead ahead!

Zero: Got it! -rushes up to them blade swinging, taking them down with the flourish-

X: (rushes through the wreckage)


-an operating large, heavily armored Ride Armor with a large fist for one arm, and a large buster for the other and large shoulder cannons lands in front of X and Zero-

???: -cackles maniacally- Well how do you do, Hunters? WAHAHAHAHAHA!

X: Vile! I should've known you'd be swooped up in Sigma's rebellion!

Vile: Rebellion? X! Sigma is going to change the world! And he wants me to rule alongside him! In fact, specifically, he wants my help in defeating you! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

Zero: Like you're gonna get that far! You should be dead!

Vile: Oh, we will! Sigma's offer was too good to pass up, I'd rather be a Maverick than be dead! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Zero: Well you're gonna die either way Vile, just this has only delayed the inevidable.

Vile: I beg to differ! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

X: (starts to shoot Vile)

-Vile's Ride Armor appears impervious to it-

Vile: Hm? What was that? Oh, that must've been your potential! Let me show you how shooting is done! -blasts X with his Ride Armor's buster- WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

X: GAAAHH!!! (sent flying)

Zero: -jumps at Vile, and attempts to bring his Chaosblade down on him-

Vile: -fist activates into an energy sword, and slashes up at Zero- Hah! You call that an attack?!

Zero: NGH!! -also sent flying-

Vile: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! C'mon! Where's that potential Sigma talked oh-so-highly about?! -walks up to them, shoulder cannons charging-

X: Ugh....(slowly gets up)

Zero: Urk... -also tries to get up-

Vile: You can still stand? Hah! Not for long! -blasts into the highway, taking out the supports for the portion of the highway X and Zero are on, and the entire piece starts falling to the ground far below-

Zero: WAH!!

X: AAAHHH!!!!!!

Vile: It begins now! X! Zero! Time for evolution to take its course!! -cackles maniacally as they fall-

Several hours later....

X: (groans)

Zero: -heavily damaged, out cold-

X: Zero! (runs to his side)

Zero: -has a deep gash across his body, and dented and cracked in a lot of other places-

X: Hang in there, buddy! (teleports them back to base and rushes him to the infirmary)

Cinnamon: Mr. Zero!

Zero: -groans softly, and sparks slightly-

Cinnamon: (tries to heal him up)

Nana: What happened?

X: Vile happened.

Alia: V-Vile...?

X: He attacked us. We tried to fight back....but he was too strong....

Cinnamon: He should be okay....all Vile really did is clog up his internal systems, but I can fix it no problem!

Nana: That's good news...

Alia: Yeah...

Cinnamon: (continues working)

X: (walks to the control room) I need to grow stronger....maybe then, I can beat Vile and Sigma!

Alia: -stares at X, overhearing what he said- X... -runs off to the parts room and locks herself in-

Nana: (doing some work with the computer) Well...if what Sigma said was true, you can use Copy Chips from otehr Mavericks and use their powers after defeating them. Maybe if you defeat all 8 of his commanders, their powers could become yours and then....

X: Then I'll be ready to fight Sigma!

Nana: (nods)

X:.....Chill Penguin's first.

Nana: I'll stay here and back you up.

X: (nods and teleports out)

In the parts room...

Alia: -has X's designs out and seems to be building something- X...

(there's a knock on the door)

Alia: H-Huh?!

Cinnamon: Alia? Are you in there?

Alia: Y-Yes...

Cinnamon: Can I come in?

Alia: .... -goes to unlock the door and let Cinnamon in-

Cinnamon: Mr. Zero's all back and ready. Mr. X left to fight Sigma's bad guys. What are you doing in here?

Alia: I...I'm creating p-parts for X...

Cinnamon: Cool! I'll tell Nana you'll be a while! (runs off)

Alia: -smiles weakly then goes back to working-

Chapter 6: Frozen Fire

X: (teleports to the Abandoned Missile Base) The Missile's now snowy and frozen....Chill Penguin must be here!
Maverick Rising 5-03 'Braving the Storm' (Chill Penguin, Dr06:34

Maverick Rising 5-03 'Braving the Storm' (Chill Penguin, Dr. Light) by Metal Man Mega Man X

Chill Penguin's Stage Theme


X: (runs through the snow, blasting anything that got in his way) Have to stop Chill Penguin at all costs! (shooting some Sniper Joe drones)

Servbots: (playing in the snow nearby) WEEEE!!!!\


Servbots #13 & 6: (making snowmobians)

X:......(ignores their work and continues forward)

Nana: X, try to use a Ride Armor to smash your way through the base.

X: Got it! (hops in one and punches away at the blockades and enemies in the way)

Sniper Joe: Oh shit...(destroyed)

A few minutes later....

X: (hops out) Thanks for the lift! (dashes into a cold room)


Chill Penguin: (slides down)
Chill Penguin

Chill Penguin

X: Chill Penguin, why have you sided with Sigma?!

Chill Penguin: Sigma has paid for the use of my power! Working for him is a MILLION times better than fiddling around on the South Pole with nothing to do!

X: How could you?! What Sigma's doing is treasonous! (starts to shoot)

Chill Penguin: WAAAKK!!! (slides into him)

X: (jumps up)

Chill Penguin: I'll get you!! (sends ice clones of him at X)

X: (gets hit by one, but destroys the rest) That's it for you, Chill Penguin! (fires a charged shot)

Chill Penguin: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gets blown back, defeated/destroyed)

X: Rest well, Chill Penguin...(teleports back to base)



Nana: That was very well done X.

Cinnamon: Zero's resting now. He should be awake soon.

X: (nods) Chill Penguin's taken care of....I got his power chip.

Nana: I've analyzed the data. Shotgun Ice will allow you to shoot a shard of ice that will damage and even freeze your enemies. If you charge up your X-Buster and use it, you can use a sled of ice to catch a ride. But keep in mind that when you use a special power, some of its energy depletes and it will take time for it to be fully recharged.

X: (nods) I understand...

-suddenly, Zero was heard shouting from the infermery-

Zero: VIIILLLLE!!!!! -realizes he doesn't have his Z-Saber, and instead brandishes his Z-Buster and points it everywhere in a disoriented frenzy-

Nana: Zero!

X: Zero! You're awake!

Zero: X! Where did that Vile scum go?! -obviously disoriented and confused-

X: Zero....Vile got're back at base. We both got hurt pretty bad, but we'll function....

Zero: -settles back down- Huh? ...Oh... -retracts his Z-Buster-

X: Zero, I'm gonna go out and find Spark Mandrill. Let Nana and Cinnamon look after you while you try to recover.

Zero: Alright... -relaxes-

Alia: -rushing up to X- X! X!

X: Huh? What is it Alia?

Alia: I couldn't help but overhear what you said before you left...

X: Ummm....look, I gotta go now...

Alia: X, I...I made p-parts for make you stronger to fight Vile and Sigma... -gives him two Buster Parts- Here... Buster Parts K and N... K stands for Knight and N stands for Ninja... You can only equip on at a time, but they can be swapped out during battle... I'm trying to make other parts for you too... Buster Part K increases your Buster's power, and when charged becomes a lazer... Buster Part N shoots in random directions, and when charged you shoot a three-way shot that also is a single rapid-fire burst... U-Um anyway...that's all for now...

X: Alia....I...I don't know what to say....

Alia: You do have potential, just needs to be unlocked... I found that your armor can be upgraded by adding parts to it, and that I think is the method of unlocking that potential...

X: Alia.........thank you...(takes them and teleports out)

Alia: -goes back to working on X's parts-

Chapter 7: Spark'd Out

X: (teleports to the Electromagnetic Power Plant) This is where Spark Mandrill was stationed at when he turned Maverick....I better be aware of the dangerous electromagnetic volts around here or I'll be toast!
Maverick Rising 3-05 'Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury' (Spark Mandrill, Boss 1) by Ergosonic MMX04:07

Maverick Rising 3-05 'Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury' (Spark Mandrill, Boss 1) by Ergosonic MMX

Spark Mandrill's Stage Theme


X: (runs through the power plant, avoiding the volts)

Servbots: (stealing some electronic stuff from the plant) YAY!!!

X: Hey! You kids! It's dangerous here! You shouldn't--(gets hit by some enemies) UGH!!

Gun Volt: (prepares to fire missiles)

X: Alia, make me lucky....BUSTER PART K - ACTIVATE!!!

Gun Volt: (fires missiles)

X: (counters with great buster shots, then unleashes a charged laser onto the foes) Wow! This buster upgrade's incredible! (continues forward and eventually deactivates the upgrade)

Thunder SLimer: (appears)

X: Alright....exhibit B time! BUSTER PART N - ACTIVATE!!!!

Thunder Slimer: (attacks X)

X: (fires at the machine until it's destroyed, then continues on) Great, it's dark....(switches back to Buster Part K and uses the charged laser to light his way to the Boss door)


(Spark Mandrill jumps down from the roof)
Spark Mandrill

Spark Mandrill

Spark Mandrill: Haha! Look who's here! The weak-willed Maverick Hunter X!

X: Look who's talking! You're pretty weak in the brains department, Spark Mandrill!

Spark Mandrill: That's where you're wrong! I have made the logical decision to assist the Commander in ushering in the next step in evolution, while you and your fundamentalist and idealistic "morals" have led you to rebel against the Commander!

X: He's no Commander...not anymore....

Spark Mandrill: Just like how an idealistic wuss would put it! True, he's no longer a Maverick Hunter, but he's still my commander, and the way I see it, you betrayed him!

X: Listen to yourself, Mandrill! You are not even making the least amount of sense to yourself! So as a Maverick Hunter, I have to take you down!

Spark Mandrill: Bring it on, half-wit! Sigma will be pleased when I bring your disembodied head! -gets into fighting stance-

X: (still with the Buster Part K equipped) SHOTGUN ICE!!! (fires a Shotgun Ice)

Spark Mandrill: GAH!! -suddenly frozen-

X: (waits for him to thaw out)

Spark Mandrill: -breaks out and tries shooting X with his electric buster-

X: SHOTGUN ICE!! (fires again)

Spark Mandrill: -frozen again, obviously heavily damaged by now-

X: (waits once more)

Spark Mandrill: -breaks out, enraged and tries to rush X to punch him-

X: SHOTGUN ICE!!! (fires one last time)

Spark Mandrill: GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!! -explodes,destroyed-

X: Huh? That was almost too easy....(sighs and teleports out)



Nana: (laughing hysterically)

X: (returns) Nana? Are you....laughing?

Nana: Ooh, X...that was just so funny! (still laughing)

Alia: Oh, X!

X: Alia, these new parts work wonders! Took down Spark Mandrill in only three shots!

Alia: Great! I got some more for you! -gives him a Buster Part and a Body Part- Here are Buster Part Z and Body Part K. Z stands for Zerker. Buster Part Z allows you to fire two shots at a time, and when charged, you can fire a strong Charge Shot, and follow it up with an even stronger Charge Shot. Body Part K halves the damage you take, and makes you invulnerable to relatively weak attacks.

X: do you do it?

Alia: I...really don't know for sure...

X: (chuckles and then looks at the screen) Armored Armadillo's next....

Nana:.....(Armored Armadillo.....) X.....can you promise to bring him in one piece? Please...?

X: Uhhh.....I can't make any promises on that....but I'll try,...(teleports out)


Alia: -goes back to making parts for X-

Nana: (looks over at Zero)......

Zero: -sits up and sighs- Damn... How could Vile screw up my head that badly...? -rubs his head-


Zero: ...Huh?

Nana: Did Layer really lose her sister?

Zero: Yes... Members of Red Alert were at the wake... I don't know her sister because she never bothered to talk to me about her.

Nana: Then she wasn't using it as an excuse after I feel awful....

Zero: What pissed me off even more was that she and her new Maverick "boyfriend" were doing it at the damn thing. ...She betrayed me, the Maverick Hunters, and her own sister... She probably never said anything about her to me because she never cared about her...

Nana:.......She even cheated on you with other Hunters. But she was never told off, for what reason I can't comprehend.

Zero: What?! ...She must've not done it with X, or even attempted to...because he would've told me...

Nana: No. She didn't....I've never liked her....(gets back to work) But I've always liked X....and Armored Armadillo too...

Zero: Isn't X going for Armored Armadillo now..?

Nana: (nods)

Zero: Heh, I assume you want both of them to come back in one piece then...


Zero: I don't like telling you bad news...but I think most of our old friends have sided with Sigma... I think only one of them is going to come back in one piece... And I'd bet my Zenny on X honestly...


Chapter 8: Under Armor

X: (teleports to the Energy Mine Ruins) Looks like Armored Armadillo's trying to find something here, but what?....only one way to find out....
We are ROCK-MEN! - 08 Armor Armage Stage03:02

We are ROCK-MEN! - 08 Armor Armage Stage

Armored Armadillo's Stage Theme


X: (jumps in a mine cart and zooms through some enemies before it trips over a Met and making X fall flat on his face) OOF!!

Met: Hey!! Y'mind giving a guy some peace & quiet around here?!

X: R-right....sorry....

Met: (walks off, pissed off)

Servbots: (mining nearby and riding mine carts) WEEEEEE!!!! YAY!!!!!!

X: How do these things keep finding me?!

Mole Borer: (charges at X)

X: Whoa!! (rolls out of the way) That was close!

Servbot #27: (in a Servbot Borer) Number 27 to the rescue! (charegs at the Mechaniloid and it's destroyed) Okay, Mr. X! You're all clear!

X: Uhh...thanks....(continues on)

Servbot #27; So what'd ya guys get?

Servbot #16: I got 999 Zenny!

Servbot #34: I got some pretty diamonds!

Servbot #3: I got some outdated video games!

Servbot #41: I got a rock. (rimshot)

X: (continues to blast through all the enemies in his way as he rode the carts during his adventure through the mine; he eventually jumps out the mine and into the boss door)


(Armored Armadillo digs out of the underground)
Armored Armardillo

Armored Armadillo

Armored Armadillo: So... You decided to be against Sigma...

X: I was unable to save everyone. But I can't stop trying to correct my mistake! But I don't wanna kill you in doing so, Armored Armadillo.

Armored Armadillo: This power you possess... Sigma believes that you and Zero are the keys to evolve Reploids to a higher state... Why resist that?

X: I can't let Sigma have that power...he's insane! And besides....Nana would be devastated if either you or me were killed....we're two people she cares about more than anything!

Armored Armadillo: ...I don't know what to think anymore... Fight me, X... -reluctantly gets into a fighting stance-

X: (sighs) Forgive me, Nana....BUSTER PART Z - ACTIVATE!!! (begins shooting at Armored Armadillo)

Armored Armadillo: -curls up into a ball and charges X-

X: (jumps up) ELECTRIC SPARK!! (shoots at Armored Armadillo)

Armored Armadillo: GYAAAH!! -loses some of his armor-

X: (charges up)

Armored Armadillo: Hrk... -tries to stand-

X: (hesitating, remembering the promise he made to Nana) Armadillo....I don't want to do this.....

Armored Armadillo: ... -falls, seemingly deactivated-

X: (approaches him) Nana.....I'm sorry.....(teleports away)



X: (returns).....

Nana: I forgot to mention that Electric Spark fires a spark ball that creates more if it hits a wall. If it's charegd, a collum or sparks will appear in front and behind you....(looks at X) X....did you--

X:.....Nana...I tried....

Nana: No....(starts to cry)

X: I did what I could....

Zero: Nana...

Alia: W-We'll just have to get Sigma back for this...won't we?

X: Sigma....he won't get away with this....I won't let Armadillo's death, nor the deaths of our fallen go unnoticed!'

Cinnamon: Mr. X.....

X: (sighs) Cinnamon, please don't do that Mr. X. You know how I feel.

Cinnamon: S-sorry...

Alia: X... I have some more parts for you... -gives him a head part and a body part- Head Part K and Body Part Z... Head Part K decreases the amount of Weapon Energy you use for Special Weapons...and Body Part Z protects you from being destroyed in one hit... That's all I have for now...

X: Thanks Alia....

Nana: The Rolling will...roll down and take down enemies and stick to walls somewhat....You charge it up....(sniffs) and you'll protected from....some enemy projectiles for....for a while.....

X: (nods)

Alia: I'm sorry, Nana... -hugs her-

Zero: -sighs-

Nana: (hugs back)

X:....I'm going for Launch Octopus now....(teleports out)

Alia: -goes back to working-

Nana:....(does the same, still depressed)

Zero: ...Nana...


Zero: ...I'm sorry...

Nana: (cries into Zero)

Zero: -hugs her tight- ...Remember that it's Sigma's fault that he's gone...

Nana: Y-yes...of course....(blushes a bit)

Chapter 9: Maverick Overboard

X: (teleports to the Subterranean Base) Launch Octopus was one that had Iris last. So find Launch Octopus, and I'll find her....

Mega Man X - Launch Octopus (Sega Genesis Remix)02:45

Mega Man X - Launch Octopus (Sega Genesis Remix)

Launch Octopus's Stage Theme

X: (runs across the coral reef) Damn....I can't go any further...

Nana: can go underwater and....find Octopus there....

X: Got it. (jumps underwater and deals with the Mavericks underneath)

Servbots: (swimming around, just chillin on and in the water)

X: (sees some more enemies up ahead) BODY PART K - ACTIVATE!!! (with this, now he is more resilient to their fire) BUSTER PART K - ACTIVATE!! (shoots at the enemies blasting them back)

After a while....

X: HEAD PART K - ACTIVATE!!! (uses a charged laser to destroy a Maverick battleship from teh surface, and then uses Rolling Shield to destroy an Utuboros; then switches out for the Zerker parts and enters the boss door)


(Launch Octopus descends from the surface)
Launch Octopus

Launch Octopus

Launch Octopus: So, the fool Armored Armadillo has been felled by his own foolish pride....

X: Launch Octopus, you let Iris go now!!

Launch Octopus: Oh, X...I'm afraid she isn't here right now....

X: What?!

Launch Octopus: Let's say I have a more....artistic way of dealing with aliens....

X: sunnuva--!! (starts to shoot)

Launch Octopus: (dodges and shoots Homing Torpedoes from his tenticles) Keheheheeh.....

X: (protected by the Body parts) Guh....ROLLING SHIELD!!!

Launch Octopus: GAAH!!! You fool!! I will make you suffer!!

X: (charging up)

Launch Octopus: (shoots more torpedoes)

X: THIS IS IT!!! (fires a charged shot at the torpedoes, then follows up with a stronger one at Octopus to finish him)

Launch Octopus: How fitting....that even my explosion is beautiful....(explodes and dies)

X: Say hi to Maria and the Professor for me.....(teleports out)

???: -walks up to Launch Octopus's remains- ...So...even you...went Maverick... -sighs- ...Maybe Dr. Prower is right...



X: (teleports to base) Iris wasn't there...

Zero: -sighs- That would be like Sigma...

Nana: (nods) The Homing Torpedo will fire to the nearest enemy that is in your proximity. If it's not that close, the missile just shoots in a straight line. If you charge it up, you may fire 4 to 6 different torpedos at your target.

Alia: -rushes out- X..! I have some more parts for you...

X: Alright, let's see 'em!

Alia: -gives him a body part and a head part- Body Part N and Head Part Z... Body Part N gives you a barrier that can last you for three hits, and Head Part Z doubles your Buster's charge speed.

X: I got it.....four Mavericks down....

Nana: Four more to go....

Zero: X... How are you holding up through all this?

X: I feel stronger....but I feel guilty....that I have to destroy our own friends....

Nana: It must be done X....

Zero: This isn't a perfect world... Sigma has brought that fact to be evident...

X: (nods) I'm off to get Boomer Kuwanger!

Zero: Good luck...

X: (teleports off)

Nana: (staring at Zero).....

Zero: Hm? What is it?

Nana: (blushes) Ummm...n-n-nothing.....

Zero: -smiles-

Nana: (gets back to work)

Zero: -goes to rest some more-

Chapter 10: Climbing up Speed

X: (teleports to the Fortress Tower) This doesn't seem like Kuwanger's territory....but perhaps I can get to him and find out where Sigma's hiding....
Maverick Rising 3-07 'Towering Revolution' (Boomer Kuwanger) by Washudoll Mega Man X OC ReMix04:49

Maverick Rising 3-07 'Towering Revolution' (Boomer Kuwanger) by Washudoll Mega Man X OC ReMix

Boomer Kuwanger's Stage Theme


X: (goes up and starts shooting his enemies)

Servbots: (stealing more supplies from the tower) do I keep running into these things?!

Servbot #40: Hey look! It's Mr. X again!

Servbot #24: What are you doing here?

X: Same thing I've been doing: stopping the bad guys. And could you not call me MISTER X? There's no need to be formal. So just call me X, okay? No Mr. X! Just X!

Servbot #32: Okay, Mr. Just X!

X: (sighs) Fair enough....

Servbot #3: You may want to be careful going outside...

X: Why's that? (steps out and sees it's a long way up and a long way down)....nevermind....(This sin't gonna be easy....the Ninja Armor's not finished, but it's my best shot right now....) (activates the Ninja Armor and keeps jumping up to get to the central control room, dealing with the Cannon Joes along the way)

Servbot #20: we go! 1...2...3....

Servbots: (jump down) WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Boomer Kuwanger sppeds through the room)
Boomer Kuwanger

Boomer Kuwanger

Boomer Kuwanger: Well....if you made it this far, then you're no ordinary B-Class Hunter....

X: All because of the Professor and Alia. They've given me the power to grow stronger as I fight!

Boomer Kuwanger: Alia? A virginous fool like her? If I had an actual sense of humor, I would be dying of laughter at this point....

X: What was that?!

Boomer Kuwanger: No me your power!


Boomer Kuwanger: (dodging with his great speed and agility)

X: Grrr!!!

Boomer Kuwanger: (appears behind him) Over ehre! (kicks fast)

X: UGH!!

Boomer Kuwanger: (keeps dishing out punishment)

X: (grows irritated and starts shooting mercilessly)

Boomer Kuwanger: GAAAHH!!!! (caught off guard)

X: (shoots a laser) DIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boomer Kuwanger: So...strong..!! (shot and killed)

X: (glares at his corpse and teleports off)



X: (teleports back, panting and trying to cool himself down)

Nana: I believe the correct term for that is....overkill...

Zero: I'm...glad Alia wasn't in the room when that happened...

X: Alia didn't deserve that....she's done too much for me....for us....

Cinnamon: That Kuwanger was always a jerk! He hurt my feelings....(cries a bit)

???: -walks up, sadly- ...He was always too offensive with his Sigma has led him to his death...
Gravity Beetle

Gravity Beetle

X: Huh?! Gravity Beetle?!

Gravity Beetle: Yes, X... my brother...

Zero: I'm sorry for your loss...

Gravity Beetle: Don't be, he got himself killed by running his mouth too much.

X: No one badmouths Alia like one!

Gravity Beetle: He had a bad habit of badmouthing...

Alia: -walks out- X!

X: Alia....

Alia: I have only one part for you this time... -gives him a head part- Head Part N... It allows you to jump to the ceiling and stick to it for a short time...

X: You've done enough Alia. You helped me grow stronger....but Kuwanger....he mocked you. But he died the most painful death imaginable!!

Alia: -gasps-

X: He deserved it!

Alia: X...

X: No one mocks my friends and gets away with it! Now who's next?!

Nana: Umm.....well, the Boomerang Cutter is a Boomerang weapon that returns to your spot after a while. If you charge it up, they will fire diagnolly.

X:.....Sting Chameleon will make good cannon fodder! To tell you the truth.....his jump to Sigma's side surprises me the least....

Zero: Umm... X... You need to calm down...

X: (teleports out)

Nana: Zero...I'm afraid that X may go overboard again and turn Maverick...maybe this is Sigma's plan all along....

Zero: ...If he goes Maverick...I'll be forced to put him down...if I can...

Alia: -goes back to working, obviously not wanting to hear what is being discussed or believe what just happened-

Nana: Zero, follow him. And if he shows signs of going Maverick, stop him before it's too late. I don't want either of you to go Maverick....

Zero: If he does show signs of going Maverick... I don't know if I can stop him... I'll need to get every Crystal I have...because I think I'll need every one of them... Nana...I...

Nana: (hands him some Crystals) Try...please...

Zero: -takes them- ...I don't want to admit this...but I'm scared now... To think that he could actually go Maverick...and him being as strong as he's becoming...

Nana: You're strong enough to beat him if it happens....

Zero: ...If he defeats me...kiss the world goodbye... Because if I go down, then not even all of Repliforce can take him down, though they will try once they get word of my defeat...

Chapter 11: Duel of the Jungle

X: (teleports to the Recon Base Ruins) Sting's time you meet your end!!
Maverick Rising 1-04 'Stealth Lizard' (Sting Chameleon) by Vurez Mega Man X OC ReMix03:08

Maverick Rising 1-04 'Stealth Lizard' (Sting Chameleon) by Vurez Mega Man X OC ReMix

Sting Chameleon's Stage Theme


X: HEAD PART Z - ACTIVATE!!! BUSTER PART Z - ACTIVATE!!! (runs through the jungle, destroying anything that got in his way) DIE ALL OF YOU MAVERICKS!!! (shooting his charged shots all over the place)

(a large Mechaniloid guard appears)

X: Tch, what a joke! (destroys it with a few simple charged shots) Is this all ya got, Sigma?! (rushs through into the boss door)


(Sting Chameleon appears from teh wall)
Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon: NYAH HAHAAH!!! Poor wittle X! Everyone's betrayed you!

X: Don't test me, Sting Chameleon! Out of all the Hunters that would side with Sigma, your jump surprises me the least!

Sting Chameleon: That's Master Sigma to you, X! He will be the king of our new world! And your power will be essencial to it's creation!

X: Him?! In charge?! Hah!! He'll burn in hell before that happens!

Sting Chameleon: (laughs) Oh, how you've changed X! Not the same wuss that was hiding under Alia's panties!

X: WHAT WAS THAT?! (starts to get really pissed)

Sting Chameleon: Keheheehe!!!

X: You'll die for that!! (starts shooting strong Buster shots)

Sting Chameleon: (starts toying with X) NYANYANYANYANYANYAAAA!!!


-a familar green blade flashes in the air, cutting off Sting Chameleon's tail and running him through-

Sting Chameleon: GYAAAA!!!!

X: I didn't ask for your help!!

Zero: X, you need to calm down and take a break. Now.

Sting Chameleon: (cheapshots a Chameleon Sting)

X: GYAAA!!! (growls) YOU LITTLE--!!

Sting Chameleon: (teases him)

Zero: -stabs Sting Chameleon in the head- That's enough out of you too.

X: THAT WAS MY KILL!!!! (about to shoot hm)

Zero: X, your actions are those of a Maverick. Calm down, or be put down.


Sting Chameleon: (about to prepare to jump them)

X: You''re right....I've become so obsessed with power....all these upgrades....I've become what I'm trying to stop.....(collapses on his knees) What kind of Hunter am I....?

Zero: -briefly sighs in relief- Go back to the base. Take a break, I'll handle some of these guys.

X:......(teleports back to base)

Sting Chameleon: Aww, dammit Zero! Why'd you have to do that to him?! I love the new X so much better!

Zero: You would. -slashes at him, coldly-

Sting Chameleon: GYAAA!!!! Hehehe....but I like your wild side more!

Zero: Again, you would. -runs him through again-

Sting Chameleon: ACK!! (defeated)

Zero: -teleports back to base-




Zero: have indeed gotten stronger, now it's a matter of controlling the power you have...

Gravity Beetle: I'll bet you that you'll have to deal with other Mavericks that are jerks like my brother... Vile we all know is a huge jerk, you have to keep your emotions in check. Zero's known for that problem from time to time...

Zero: Beetle...

X: I can't fight....not anymore.....

Nana: X....

Zero: X, don't count yourself out already. We need you, and you need us.

Alia: -walking out with another part, seemingly that she's been crying- X...

X:....(looks at her) Alia....I can't do this anymore....I've abused these powers you gave me....almost went Maverick....I can't--

Alia: X, I believe in you... That's why I made these parts for you in the first place... I didn't want to believe that you were going Maverick...

Zero: X, you know for a fact I have rage spikes like that. I'm still here. Knowing what the problem is, is half of what winning this battle within you.

Alia: Yeah... X...

Zero: X, you need to control your emotions in the heat of combat, especially against jerks like Kuwanger and Chameleon who have provoking mouths. I'll tell you now, Vile will be much worse. I have the same problem, so let's hold each other accountable while we work on it.

Alia: Please X...we need you...

X:......Yeah. You're right. I can't stop now....even if I do go Maverick, Sigma must be stopped!!

Zero: ...Just pray that I can defeat you if you do go Maverick.

Alia: -gives X leg parts- Leg Parts N, it allows you to stick to walls and ceilings indefinately, and you can walk on spikes. This means you have all of the parts to the Ninja Armor. If you equip all of the parts of an armor set, you unlock that armor's Giga Attack. The Ninja Armor's Giga Attack is the Ninja Copy-Ambush, or simply Copy-Ambush, where copies of you appear to attack all enemies around you firing the Normal Shot of your Ninja Armor.

X: Amazing.....let's try this suit out!

Zero: -smiles- X, to be honest I'm jealous. You have more options than I do...heheh.

X: (smiles lightly) NINJA ARMOR - ACTIVATE!!! (all the Ninja Armor parts appear on him and he poses) Wow.....this looks amazing, Alia!

Alia & Nana: (gaze on, hearts in their eyes)

Zero: Heheheh...not only are you getting stronger, but you're also becoming more appealing to the ladies apparently.

X: (laughs a bit, blushing)

Cinnamon: Mr. X! You should get going!

Nana: R-r-r-right! The Chameleon Sting shoots in three directions like your charged shot with the Ninja Armor. But if you charge up this weapon, you can turn invisible for a brief period of time. Be careful out there, X!

X:.....I think it's time I had a chat with Storm Eagle!

Zero: Storm Eagle... Be careful, X.

X: (nods and teleports out)

Cinnamon: Why would Mr. Storm Eagle do this?

Zero: I have no idea, but I do know that he wouldn't do it by choice.

Chapter 12: Prey Becomes Predator

X: (teleports to the New-type Airport) Why would Storm Eagle side with Sigma? It's not like him....I have to get to the bottom of this!
Maverick Rising 4-02 'Sweeping the Storming Skies' (Storm Eagle) by The Dual Dragons Mega Man X03:30

Maverick Rising 4-02 'Sweeping the Storming Skies' (Storm Eagle) by The Dual Dragons Mega Man X

Storm Eagle's Stage Theme


X: (begins shooting some enemies that get in his way as he starts taking some ascending elevators; as he waits, he equips the Ninja Armor) Alright, let's take care of this! (begins destroying more as he works his way up)

About Half-an-hour later.....

X: (boards a platform, and gets on the Death Rogumer airship)


(Storm Eagle descends from above)
Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle

X: Storm Eagle....why? Why of all people would you become a Maverick?!

Storm Eagle: -seems exhausted and sad- ...I really don't want to, but Sigma...he is too strong... Though, I have a plan...though it's not a very good plan...

X: ....?

Storm Eagle: ...It involves you fighting me... -reluctantly gets into a fighting stance-

X: So be it....(still in the Ninja Armor; begins firing at Storm Eagle)

Storm Eagle: -jumps into the air and dives down on X-

X: CHAMELEON STING!! (shoots him)

Storm Eagle: AAAHH!! -crashes behind X-


Storm Eagle: ...I'm sorry... -slides off the edge in one smooth motion, and falls to apparent death-

X: STORM EAGLE!!!!!.......(creis a bit before teleporting off)



X:....Storm Eagle.

Zero: ...Did he say anything?

X: He said he had a plan....then we fought and....he plunged to his death....

Cinnamon: Storm Eagle....

Zero: -sighs sadly-

Alia: -walks out with another part-

X: Another armor finished?

Alia: Yep. -gives it to him- Leg Parts Z, it'll create an aura while you're dashing that can be used as an attack. With the Zerker Armor complete, you can use the Zerker Wide-Burst, or the Wide Burst for short. It's essentially the Double Shot in all directions.

Zero: Heheh...

X: Let's try it out! ZERKER ARMOR - ACTIVATE!!! (activates Zerker armor) Well I'll be damned.....

Alia & Nana: -stare at X with hearts as their eyes, again-

Zero: ...Crap dude, use a sword and you got it all, bro!

X: Hehehee......well....just one Maverick left....Flame Mammoth!

Nana: Your Storm Tornado will unleash a powerful horizontal gust of wind. If you charge it up, a tornado surrounds you which will destroy any enemy nearby....please be safe X!

X: (nods and teleports off)

Alia: -goes back to working-

Chapter 13: An Icy Furnace

X: (teleports to the Prototype Weapons Plant, but find most of it frozen up and icy) Huh?! Wait a second....why would Flame Mammoth be in a cold place like this? I thought this place was hot with lava!
Mega Man X - Flame Mammoth (Sega Genesis Remix)02:04

Mega Man X - Flame Mammoth (Sega Genesis Remix)

Flame Mammoth's Stage Theme

Nana: Hmmm.....perhaps when you defeated Chill Penguin, it triggered a strange Nightmare Effect that froze the whole plant....

X: It doesn't matter, I'll tear through this place no problem! ZERKER ARMOR - ACTIVATE!!!


X: (runs through the factory, shooting anything in his way)

Servbots: (ice skating in the background and playing hockey too)

X: Here too?!...forget it!

Sniper Joe's: (surround X) Surrender immediatly! Master Sigma will speak with you now!

X: Tell go to hell! WIDE BURST!!! (activates the Giga Attack and destroys all the drones; then continues on for a while, before finding Flame Mammoth waiting for X)

Flame Mammoth

Flame Mammoth

Flame Mammoth: Ha! I'm surprised a scrawny thing like you could get this far! But I'm much too powerful for you! Turn back and run to your girlfriend before I tear you to shreds! Hahahaha!!

X:......No. I've come too far to just quit now! I will take you down Flame Mammoth, and then kill Sigma for throwing all these lives away!!

Flame Mammoth: Suit yourself, squirt! -jumps at X-

X: (rolls out of the way) STORM TORNADO!!!

Flame Mammoth: GAH! -blasts a Fire Wave-

X: (jumps up) WIDE BURST!!!!

Flame Mammoth: GAAAH!! -growls, then jumps and grabs X-

X: UGH!!!!

Flame Mammoth: -slams X into a wall and slobbers him in oil- You know what this stuff does, don't ya?! HAHA!!

X: (gasps) Noo!!

Flame Mammoth: YES!! -blasts X with his flamethrower- HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!

X: HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (uses a charegd Storm Tornado and some of the oil comes near him)

Flame Mammoth: HRK!! -forced to stop his flamethrower, but retains his grip on X, and throws him to the ground- GRRAAAAAAAH!!

X: (panting, then begins charging up)

Flame Mammoth: -jumps at X, flamethrower shooting ahead of himself-

X: HYAAAA!!! (fires at Flame Mammoth and shoots again just as he gets hit)

Flame Mammoth: NGH!! GAH!! -falls to one knee, panting, but keeps shooting his flamethrower at X-

X: (pants and just keeps shooting)

Flame Mammoth: -falls to all fours- HRK!!

X: (fires one last Storm Tornado before falling onto the floor, exhausted)

Flame Mammoth: GAAAHH!!! WHERE DID THAT POWER COME FROOOOMMM?!?!?! -explodes, defeated-

X: It's...done...(passes out)


X: (wakes up in the infirmary an hour later) Ugh.....whoa...AGH!!!

Zero: Welcome back.

X:'s done.....all 8 of them.....gone....

Zero: Well done... Now all who's left is Vile...and Sigma...

X: (walks out) Alia, is that last part done?

Alia: Yep! -gives him leg parts- Leg Parts K, they allow you to maintain your footing when you take damage. With all of the Knight Armor parts equipped, you can use the Knight Star-Laser, or simply put, the Star Laser. When you punch the ground with your charged Buster, it shoots out lasers in all directions. This is probably the strongest Giga Attack, but you should use it sparingly.

X: Incredible. Let's try it! KNIGHT ARMOR - ACTIVATE!!!! (activates teh full armor) Wow.....I feel like a full hero now....

Alia & Nana: -stare at X with hearts as eyes, moaning-

Zero: ...Damn, X! You're making me look bad! -chuckles-

X: (returns to normal)

Nana: Ummm.....Fire Wave will, uh...(blushing) It fires a stream of flames at your enemies. When you charge fires a wave of flames that stay on the terrain you use it on.

X: So now that I'm fully upgraded....

Zero: It seems like you can take on Vile... My upgrades don't hold a candle to yours... I'll just go look for Iris...

X:'re just as strong as me, if not moreso. And chances are that she's held captive in Sigma's Palace!

Nana: Going there won't be easy. The place is on a floating island and filled with the strongest enemies and deadliest of traps. It's like a failsafe prison in there. If you go, you may never return.

X: But we have save Iris and end Sigma's rebellion once and for all!

Zero: That's the spirit, X! Let's roll!

X: (nods and teleports off with Zero)

Nana: Good luck you two....

Alia: Yes...

Chapter 14: Through the Spider's Den

X & Zero; (teleport outside Sigma's palace)

X: This is turning back now....

Zero: Vile and Sigma are inside... We need to stop them...

X: (nods) Let's go!!

Mega Man X - Vile (Sega Genesis Remix)02:32

Mega Man X - Vile (Sega Genesis Remix)

Battle With Vile

X: (starts to run inside)

Zero: -runs inside after him-

X:.....(suddenly stops)'s too on guard...


-Vile in his Ride Armor lands in front of X and Zero-

Vile: HA! You two again! You apparently did not learn your lesson! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Zero: Hmph. We have a better understanding about that Ride Armor.

Vile: That it's unbeatable compared to your ancient weapons! AHAHAHAHAHA!!

X: (uses Storm Tornado on Vile) Does that look ancient to you?!

Vile: -armor is unaffected- Hm? I'm sorry, what was that? -blasts both X and Zero with shoulder cannons-

Zero: GAAH!

X: GUH!! (starts using the weapons on both Vile and his Ride Armor) I've gotten stronger since our last encounter, what about you? Have you bothered to fight like a real Reploid?

Vile: If I did you two would be in halves! AHAHAHAHAHA!! -blasts them again- This is so much more fun!

Zero: NGH!!

X: Then I'll make you fight you coward! NINJA ARMOR - ACTIVATE!!!!

Vile: Oh, you're so gonna be regretful when you're unable to move, wishing that you were still in fetal position in Alia's panties! -cackles-

X: SHUT UP!!! (performs Copy-Ambush)

Vile: -the Ride Armor takes a little damage- HAHA! Did I make you mad? Bring it, X! -blasts X with both shoulder cannons, and follows up with the energy blade-


Vile: -not caring about the armor change, continues his brutal assault-

Zero: -tries stopping Vile by jumping at him-

Vile: HA! Same old Zero... -slashes at Zero with the energy blade- I'll take care of you later! -continues his attacks on X-

Zero: GAAAAHH!! -crashes on the ground, heavily damaged- Damn it...I knew this was a bad idea...

X: Zero!!.....WIDE BURST!!!

Vile: -the armor is affected, damaged moderately- I see you've been getting better, X! That's all the more satisfying when I crush your head! -slashes X with his energy blade-

X: (blocks it barely) UGH....(jumps back and activates his Knight Armor) If this doesn't work.....STAR LASER!!!

Vile: -the armor is considerably damaged by the attack- URK! I see you have improved! -dashes at X and grabs him, and attempts to crush him- Then I'll just have to destroy you!

X: UGH!!! No way--!!

-two familiar Reploids sweep down, one crashing on Vile's armor, the force of the blow forces him to release X-

Vile: What?!

-the Reploids are revealed to be Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo-

X: Storm Eagle?!

Nana: Armored Armadillo....?

Storm Eagle: Told you I had a plan, X.

Armored Armadillo: Zero, you should probably get out of here.

Zero: Didn't need to tell me...

-Armored Armadillo and Storm Eagle teleport off-

Vile: Traitors! Grr... No matter! They're dead to Sigma either way!

Alia: -over X's intercom- X! It seems like Vile's armor can only be damaged with your Giga Attacks, mostly the Star Laser. Try biding your time to strike.

X: (nods) Alright Vile.......catch me if you can! (uses Ninja Armor)

Vile: Haha! I'm going to enjoy this...! -starts blasting X with his buster-

X: (uses his speed to dodge)

Vile: -dashes up and makes an upward jumping swipe at X with energy blade-


Vile: Grk! -blasts with shoulder cannons-

X: (changes into the Zerker Armor and starts counter attacking)

Vile: -jumps and slashes down with energy blade-

X: Ugh....WIDE BURST!!!

Vile: Gak! -shoots X with buster-

X: GUHH!!!!......let's end this Vile! (activates Knight Armor) STAR LASER!!!!!!

Vile: GAAAHH!!! -Vile jumps out of the armor as it is destroyed-

X: Game over, Vile!

Vile: Heheheheh, are you really that certain? -whips out a pistol and shoots an armor-piercing shot-

X: GYAAAA!!!!! (falls down)

Vile: HAHAHAHAHA!! See, X? You might've destroyed my Ride Armor, but I'm more than capable of taking you down anyway!

X: No.....(returns to normal) I won't go down.....not now....NOT EVER!!!! (his true state unlocks again) I WILL CRUSH YOU VILE!!!!

Vile: Huh?! -readies his shoulder cannon- Hmph! Bring it, X! Bring it all! Let's make history!

X: (readies his X-Buster and fires insanely strong)

Vile: -dodges and blasts at X several times with his shoulder cannon-

X: GRRR!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (grabs Vile and slams him down hard into the ground, then fires a powerful charged shiot) HIYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Vile: GAAAH!! -shoots X with his pistol-

X: HIIIYYYAAAA!!!!! (shoots one last time)

Vile: GAAAAHHH!!!! -falls limp, defeated-

X:.....(returns to normal, panting) Now....where's....Iris....?
Maverick Rising 1-13 'Sigma Opus' (Sigma Stage 1) by The Dual Dragons Mega Man X OC ReMix04:08

Maverick Rising 1-13 'Sigma Opus' (Sigma Stage 1) by The Dual Dragons Mega Man X OC ReMix

Going through Sigma's Castle

Zero: -struggles quite a bit to his feet- Ack...

X: (sighs) Let's move....

Zero: -pants- Alright...

X: (runs through Sigma's Palace)

Zero: -tries to follow, but making a stumbling run as he does so-

X: Zero!

Zero: Forget about it...let's keep going...urk!

X: Zero, you're too weak to continue!

Zero: Urk... I-I guess so...

X: I'll deal with Sigma. You return to base and--


(a strange Maverick appears and attacks X)
Metal Man

Metal Man


????: No where to run this time, Mega Man!

Zero: -panting- Ugh...

X: Who....who are you?!

????: Hmph....don't remember a thing.....typical. (draws out his Metal Blades) DIE, MEGA MAN!!! (throws them at him)

X: GUH!!! (takes serious damage)

Zero: -jumps at ???? and slashes at him, with wide and dropping strokes-

????: (jumps back) Get out of my way! Mega Man's MINE!!!

Zero: must be confused..ugh...he's not "Mega Man"...his name is "X"...

???: You think I'm that stupid, punk?! If you wanna get in my way, then you will have to feel the pain of METAL MAN!!! (throws more Metal Blades at him)

Zero: -switches crystals to his Shield Ability and blocks them- You're already...huh...that stupid...ugh... -dashes at him to run him through-

Metal Man: (charges at him)

Zero: -stabs him as they charge at each other- HUAH!!

Metal Man: GUUHH!!!

X: (pants)

Metal Man: brothers are here too, Mega Man! So don't think you've won yet! (teleports out)

X: What was that all about?

Zero: -pants and falls to one knee- Urk...I...ack...don't...know...urk...ugh...

X: Zero!

(then a couple of strange bottles drop down)

X: Huh? (sees that teh Servbots dropped them)

Servbots: They're E-Tanks! Use them and your energy is fully restored!

X: Uhh...thanks? (drinks one and gives the other to Zero)

Zero: -drinks it-

X: Ugh...feel stronger already....

Zero: Me too...

X: Let's go!

Zero: -nods and dashes off-

(they hear a scream nearby)

X: That scream....Zero, it's Iris!

Zero: Let's go get her then!! -dashes off in that direction-

X: (follows)


Iris: (screaming, scared)

Zero: Iris!

Iris: X!! Zero!!

Zero: Just hold on, I'm coming to get you!

Bospider: (climbs down and attacks)

Zero: Gah! -equips his Active Ability crystal and jumps for Bospider- Get out! -slashes at it-

Bospider: (scared off)

Iris: Zero! X! It's gonna strike again! Be ready!

Zero: Hmph! I got this!

Bospider: (climbs down and attacks X)


Zero: -dashes and stabs it in the head-

Bospider: (shrieks and briefly retreats)

X: Here it comes again.....

Iris: There!

Bospider: (almost crushes Zero)


Bospider: (shrieks and retreats)

A while later.....

Bospider: (finally destroyed)

Zero: -pants-

X: (fires his X-Buster to free Iris)

Iris: (sighs in relief)

Zero: ...I'll take Iris back to the base... X, you go ahead and destroy have become the superior one of us two with all of that equipment you have now...

X: (nods and dashes off)

Iris: should help him.....

Zero: I tried when we fought Vile, twice, I went down first and X had to fend for himself anyway...both times...

Iris: (gasps)....I see. Then he will handle it fine....

Zero: ...I need to make similar upgrades myself, if not for anything else, to be able to match and maybe even defeat him if need be...

Iris:.......Let's go. Leave the rest to X...

Zero: -nods slowly, as if reluctant to accept the current power balance between himeself and X-

Chapter 15: The Final Battle

(after many trials and tribulations, X makes it to the core chamber, where Sigma is waiting)


X: Grrr......

Sigma: X, I see a new clarity in your are no longer weak...

X: What you've done is unforgivable Sigma! Your time has come!!

SIgma: Hmph. I see you believe you are ready to face me....but how about a little warm-up first? VELGUARDER, ATTACK!!!

Velguarder: (roars and atatcks X)


Velguarder: (snarls)


Velguarder: (roars as it is killed)

Sigma: (smirks) Well done X! You really do have the potential I'd seen in you. Together, we will be unstoppable! Our potential is limitless!

X: You think you have potential?! You're insane Sigma!!

Sigma: Oh no....that's not what you really think say you believe in justice, but that's not true. You were merely lead to believe that!


Sigma: Face it, you could not unlock the true power within you without my guidance. Tell me X....what have Zero and Alia ever done for you?


Sigma: All they have done is slow you down, make you the weakling you had been for so long! But no more....together, X! Our race will evolve and I will grant you any one wish that you desire! I am all that you need out of a master.....


???: X!

X: Huh?! (sees Layer behind him, Chaosblade in hand)

Layer: Don't fall for it....he's the true enemy.

Sigma: (scoffs) So says the cat that has had sex with dozens of my own men!

Layer: (draws her Chaosblade).......(throws it to X) He's all yours, X....

X:....Thank you Layer.

Layer: (winks and struts off)

X: Sigma.....I will not yield!
Maverick Rising 4-12 'First Form Slayer' (Our Blood Boils) by prophetik Mega Man X7 OC ReMix03:51

Maverick Rising 4-12 'First Form Slayer' (Our Blood Boils) by prophetik Mega Man X7 OC ReMix

Battle With Sigma

Sigma: Fine will feel my WRATH!!!!!


X & Sigma: (activate their Chaosblades and clash for what seems like an eternity)

X: HIYAA!!!!

SIgma: NGH!! GRUAAA!!!!

X: Take this!!

SIgma: (slashes at X's arms)

X: (parries it back and slashes at his chest)

Sigma: GUUH!!! HUGH!!!!

X & SIgma: (clash for a few minutes morem, exhausted)

Sigma: Ha ha ha!! Very impressive, X! And to think you've been classified as a B-Class Hunter!

X: SIgma, your Maverick plans stop here!!

Sigma: (laughs insanely)

X: (feels a strange rumbling)

Nana: This is incredible! The powers that Sigma's'S OVER 9000!!!

X: (blinded by a bright light)

(Sigma had merged with a large wolf-like Mechaniloid)

Sigma: Witness, X! The end of everything you hold dear! With this power given to me, we Reploids are invincible! (laughs maniaclly)


Wolf Sigma: (roars and slashes at X)

X: (barely dodges and fires an Electric Spark)

(it does nothing)

X: Huh?!

Wolf SIgma: (laughs and shoots energy beams at X)


Wolf Signa: (crushes and electrocutes him) MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!


Wolf Sigma: (laughs evilly)


Alia: X!! X, get up!! Get up and finish him!!

Nana: X.....? (starts to cry)

Alia: X!!! No, don't die X!! Please, you can't!! X!!!!! (crying insanly)

?????: X.....

(a hologram of Maria and Professor Gerald appear before X)

X:....? Maria....Professor.....

Professor Gerald: X, you have grown so strong. You have the true power...the power to evolve....the limitless potential you can stop him! must stop him....for this world....

X:......(glows green and his Limitless power has truly been unlocked) HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alia & Nana: X!!!


X: NEVER!!!!!! (activates a powerful new armor that no one has seen before: the Nova Armor)

Everyone: (in awe)

Nana: Power readings are off the scale!! This must be it: the true power that SIgma was trying to get X to unlock!

X: YOUR REIGN ENDS HERE, SIGMA!!!!! (fires powerful Nova STrikes at his armor)

Wolf Sigma: (taking heavy damage) NO!! THIS CAN'T BE!!!!! (fires rays and electric sparks)

X: (dodging incredibly, then charegs at Wolf Sigma and throws incredible powerful punches) GOIN' DOWN!!!!

Wolf Sigma: NOOOO!!!!! I WILL NOT DIE!!!!!! (fires an all-powerful laser)

X:........THIS!!!! ENDS!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires an all-powerful charged laser; the attacks strive for dominance, but with a last effort, X's Laser overcomes Sigma's and pretty much destroys him)

Wolf Sigma: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (destroyed in an incredible explosion)

X: (sighs and returns to normal) At last.......(pants and returns to base)

(SIgma's fortress crumbles to the sea and is destroyed)

Epilogue: Calm After the Storm

Zero: -sleeping, though appears to be having a nightmare-

(Zero's Nightmare)

Zero: -looks around at the city, completely in ruins- ...Huh? What could've done all of this...? -walks and steadily finds more and more remains of Reploids and Mobians alike- Such devastation...did we lose? -looks down a street, and finds a pile of Mobian and Reploid remains, with X on top of it, in his Knight Armor-

"X": All of the Mavericks...must DIE!! The MAVERICKS!! -repeating this over and over-

Zero: X?! No!!

"X": -jumps off and lands in front of Zero, and immediately attacks with the Star Laser- MAVERICK!!


-Zero wakes up-

Zero: GAH! X! -pants hard, and looks around at his surroundings- ...Just a...dream...? -sighs and goes to his blast furnace and puts ingredients into small cups, and puts the cups into the blast furnace-

X: (limping into the control room)

Nana: X, you were amazing.....

X: It's finally over....(nearly collapses)

Alia: -catches him- X...

X: Thanks Alia....for everything....

Alia: -smiles and holds him up standing-

X: Ugh...

Iris: You and Zero did amazing! But did you get that power?

X: I....I'm not sure....I just felt...desperate and it....happened.

Zero: -walks in slowly and sighs-

Iris: Zero!

Zero: -rubs his head- I really did feel like dead weight back there...

X: You did great Zero... Hey Alia, you think you could give Zero similar upgrades like ya did with me?

Alia: Zero's design is vastly different from yours... It'd take a long time to actually be able to make parts for him... I don't even know if he can equip parts onto himself like you can...

Zero: No wonder those parts work so well...

Iris: Umm....perhaps we could use similar parts with his sword....I know it will work. I have seen it....

Zero: I've got an upgrading system with my sword, with the crystals that I put into it... The crystals used are specific, I have to make them with the blast furnace in my room... It's a painstakingly long process...

Iris: Don't worry! My brother used the same process. Perhaps I could help....?

Zero: -sighs- Well I don't have a good reason to tell you "no", so yeah, go ahead...

Iris: Does that mean...I can stay here...?

Nana: Ummm....well--

Alia: Uhh...

X: do need somewhere to stay.....alright then. You're welcome here.

Iris: YAY!!!!

Zero: Heheh...

X:......Zero. There's one more thing...I want you to promise me....

Zero: Hm...?

X: If I go have to take me out...promise me that, Zero.

Zero: -looks shocked for a second- ...X, I think I'm the only one who can...

X: Thanks, Zero....

Zero: -mumbles that only Iris can hear- ...and I don't want to see that...this might only give me more nightmares...

Iris.....Brother...(cries a small bit)



????: (walking amongst them) Hmph. Sigma, your arrogance and lust for power were your true downfall...but Vile....he shows far enough potential to rival even X.....that is why he will return with me and not you....(grabs Vile's body, and walks off with it, chuckling) You were able to start this...but you've proven to be unable to follow through...


(Storm Owl and Web Spider are doing some shady business)

Storm Owl: So...ya got it, pal?

Web Spider: Yep. Let's do this.

Storm Owl: Hehehee.....


(two dark faces are show; they're Red and Axl from Red Alert)

Red: This is it. Ready to rock?

Axl: I'm always ready! (smirks)


Storm Owl: So, we can now take Repliforce for--

(an explosion happens outside the room)

Storm Owl: Huh?! What the--?!

Web Spider: Wah!

Storm Owl: Don't just stand there! Go find out what that was!

Web Spider: -crawls his way to the explosion-

(when he gets there, he sees Red & Axl have made a big hole in the wall)

Web Spider: H-Huh?!

Axl: (cocks his gun) I'm guessing you've heard of Red Alert...?

Web Spider: -runs away, scared, trying to shout to Storm Owl- ABORT!! ABORT!! WE'VE BEEN CAUGHT!!

Storm Owl: Huh?! We--(hears a gunshot) SHit....(takes the plans and runs for it as the perpetrators blow their way through; he takes hiding in a Janitor's Closet) I should be safe here....someone must've leaked the information....

(a shadow chuckels over him)

Storm Owl: Huh?! Who's there?! (turns around)

"Web Spider": It's me, Storm Owl....

STorm Owl: (sighs)

4:09 AM - HALL C

Storm Owl; But Spider, it was teh the perfect plan! Repliforce was almost ours! How did they find out?!....hmm? (sees "Web Spider" suddenly stopped behind him)

"Web Spider": (whips out a pistol and shoots through his chest) Hmph! You're pretty stupid, for an owl....

STorm Owl: betrayed me?!

"Web SPider: No....(reveals himself to be Axl)

Axl: I took care of him a while ago...(smirks)

Storm Owl: What happened...? How'd you do that? Ugh....(blacks out)


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