This is the seventh part of the Maverick Hunter X series and final part chronologically before Sigma Wars. It is an original story that leads right into the aformentioned mini-series and the second part of the two-part Paradise Lost saga.


It is the year 20XX, and the new Maverick Overlord, Sigma, has succeeded in his ultimate goal: to use the Jakob Project to wipe out all of the Mobians and rule over the world as its king--Sigma Prime! A new war has now begun and only X, Zero, Axl, and a small band of surviving Maverick Hunters can help Repliforce put a stop to it!



Prologue: End of the Maverick Hunters

Skiver: -aboard his airship, looking upon the wreakage sadly, contacts Repliforce HQ- Skiver to command, Skiver to command... Olympus has fallen...I repeat, Olympus has fallen...preparing to engage in search and rescue operations...

(Elsewhere, with X...)


(Meanwhile, some Mavericks are searching the ruins of the Maverick Hunter base for potential survivors)

Megatron: Leave no stone unturned! I want every Hunter dead, no exceptions!

Mavericks: Yes sir! (continue searching through the rubble)

Megatron: Shockwave, I understand you have found a new way to expand our armies.

Shockwave: Indeed, my liege. It is known as Project Predacon. An army of Reploids based off this world's most strange and powerful creatures known as Pock--

Twilight Buttercup: Daddy, Megatron! I found someone!

Megatron: (approaches her and sees Alia) Ah, Starscream's former lackey. The one called Alia, is it?

Alia: -out cold-

-Repliforce ships begin to break through the Sigma defensive line-

Megatron: Starscream, assemble your forces! Annihilate them!

Starscream: Yes, master....(Just you time will come...)

(Starscream and his air fleet begins to counter the Repliforce fleet)

Megatron: Knock Out, kill her.

Knock Out: Why not? I'm better at breaking dumb blondes anyway. (activates a drill) Say 'ahh...'

(just then, a charged shot from out of nowhere blasts Knock Out back, as well as some Mavericks)

Knock Out: GAAH!! PAINT? Who crunched my paintjob?!

Megatron: (looks up) Well, well. It appears you survived after all....

(the attacker is revealed to be X, angered and ready for battle)
Opening Stage X -Mega Man X- - Project X Zone Music Extended30:00

Opening Stage X -Mega Man X- - Project X Zone Music Extended

Theme of X

X: (brandishes saber) You Mavericks may have killed Zero, but you won't kill me! I made a promise to myself I would not stop until Sigma was finished, and I don't go back on my word!

Megatron: (growls and charges at him)

X: HAAAAH!!! (charges his saber and attacks)

-the Repliforce fleet manages to disable one of the Sigma ships-

Repliforce solider: Enemy ship disabled, Commander!

Skiver: Good. Tell the others to form up on us, we need a wedge. We're breaking through.

Repliforce solider: Yes sir. -contacts the other ships-

-the Repliforce fleet moves into a V formation, splitting the Sigma defense line, allowing the lead ship to break through, and begins to lay down surpressive fire on the grounded Mavericks-

Megatron: Starscream, why do you not fire back?!

Starscream: We are, my liege! Their firepower is--

Megatron: I grow tired of your excuses!

Shockwave: Lord Megatron, I recommend our other target. The Main Repliforce Outpost.

Megatron: (fires Fusion Cannon at X)

X: (uses uncharged Violent Mirror attack)

Megatron: It appears we will need to postpone our battle for another time, X! All Mavericks, to the Repliforce base!

(the Maverick vessels and units retreat)

X: (sighs and picks up Alia) Alia......I'm sorry....I was too weak...I couldn't--

???: Will you stop blaming yourself already?! None of us could have known, so shut up about it!

X: Huh? Z-Zero?! But you're--

Zero: -has an arm missing and is heavily damaged all over, some of his face is burnt- X, I don't die easily. You should know that.

-Skiver's airship draws close to the ground as he and other soldiers begin searching for survivors-

(just then a burst of Dark Energon shows up and several Repliforce soldiers get killed by violent gunshots)


X: Axl?

Axl: (in his Unicron Armor) Hey, X; Zero. You two feel better? Practically everyone's fuckin dead cuz neither of ya even bothered to stop this! Whaddya got to say for yourselves, huh?!

X: (sighs)

Axl: WELL?! (holds them at gunpoint)

X:....(fires a Thunder Dancer)

Axl: (sent back a bit, and reverts back to normal armor)

X: That's what. You coulda stopped this too, so don't go accusing us!

Axl: Grr....

Cut Man: (trying to get out, groaning) Anyone get the number of that snipshot?

Time Man: (groans) I'm not even going to dignify that pun with a response....

Zero: -about to punch Axl in the face, but then decides against it- We have no reason to be at each other's throats. The enemy is Sigma, and he outsmarted us this time. All of us. What we need to do is regroup, recooperate, and figure out what exactly is going on. This is not a time for self-loathing-- -looks at X- --or blaming others-- -looks at Axl- --if we do those, Sigma wins. I'm pretty damn sure neither of you want Sigma to win, so shut up, get your processors out of the wreakage, and get some work done. Got it?

Axl: (nods)......

(the trio hear some groaning and run to the source)
Mega Man X5 (PS1) Music - Death of Zero05:26

Mega Man X5 (PS1) Music - Death of Zero

Signas dies

X: Commander Signas! Hang in there!

Zero: Signas... 

-some Repliforce soldiers attempt to pull Signas out of the wreakage-

Signas:'s too late for me.....I am too damaged to lead....I was never fit to lead this force....

X: Signas....

Signas: X...Zero....I am counting on take my both....are our--no, the world's....only hope's been an honor....serving with you....

X: Signas........we won't let you rest easy.....

Signas: (weakly smiles as he dies)


Zero: ... -growls-

Skiver: -flies down- X, Zero, Axl! Pardon the interuption, but you're needed. Our bots here will find any and all survivors, you're needed elsewhere, after you're repaired, obviously. Please come with me.

X:.....Alright then. (still holding Alia tightly)

Zero: -stares at the rubble- Iris...

(Later, X, now fully repaired, stands in a large medical facility, lined with critically damaged Reploids, all survivors of the base attack)
Mega Man ZX Advent Tunes OST - T05 Relief (Awakening)03:37

Mega Man ZX Advent Tunes OST - T05 Relief (Awakening)

Medical Attention Theme

X: (sighs)

Star Man: How d'ya feel, X?

X: Nevermind me, I'm worried about the others.

Star Man: They'll be fine....I hope.

X: This is serious, Star Man!

Star Man: I know it's serious, X--

(just then, he gets a call from Gyro Man)

Star Man: Huh?

Gyro Man: Get your tin can over here! We need back up!

(Just then, I wakes and looks at X, worried)

X: Will do! Hang in there, Gyro!

Star Man: Mind if I tag along?

X: (nods)

Skiver: -from behind them- He meant Star Man. X is needed elsewhere. X, take a moment with some of them, one of them looks like they want to speak with you, and then come to my office. I'll brief you there. Don't take too long, this is a pressing matter. -walks off-

X:....Understood. (goes to I as Star Man leaves)

I: X... -reaches up to him a frail and damaged arm- Wh-What's going on...?

X: I, don't waste your energy. Take it easy....

I: Are...are we...going to be okay...?

X:.....We will. I promise we'll win this. I dunno when, and I dunno how....but we will. I promise, sis.

I: -smiles and falls asleep again-

X: (smiles) Wonder what's gonna happen to her....when I leave the field....

Zero: -chuckles- If she's anything like you, she'd leave with you. 

X: But I can't tell her what to do...I sometimes wish she'd just live her own life like a real bot. But I can't force her to do something she doesn't want to...

Zero: I think she's attatched to you, can't seem to think of a life without you. Please, you're worried about you telling her what to do, forcing her to do things she doesn't want to do. Guess what? I did those very things to her and Dynamo. Made Hunters out of them, and had I not, they might have died with Signas. Why? Signas was never a Hunter, hell, I doubt if he was ever even a solider. Adler is mainly a strategy bot like Signas but at least he could hold his own, and he lived.

X: Maybe....(walks to Skiver's office)

Arcee: (casually walks out) Right on time.

X: Arcee? I heard you got fired.

Arcee: I may still have my job. It's up to Colonel. Anyway, Skiver's waiting for you.

X: (nods but before he walks in) Wait.....what were you even doing in Skiver's office?

Arcee: (blushing) Umm....protocal procedures. Reporting my scout stats to my....former Commander.

X: (still unconvinced) Mhm....(walks in)

Arcee: Phew...(walks away)

X: You asked to see me sir?

Skiver: Yes... I'd hate to put you on call on such short notice, however there is not much time. I cannot order you around because I am not your Commander, therefore it is your choice whether to take it or not. Forewarning, you may not come out of it alive.

X: What is it?

Skiver: We have learned that the Mavericks had more than one target, aside from the Hunter Base. A target that is nearly as prominant as such. Can you figure out what that target may be?

X:.....I can. Repliforce's main outpost!

Skiver: Correct. Our forces are already on the move in response to this threat, but there is a problem. They won't reach it before the Mavericks do. And if we lose that base, we're done. We have the means to send one bot at a time there with a high-speed manned missile. We need you to take one, get to the base, and hold of the enemy for as long as you can until reinforcements arrive. We also have reason to believe that they'll take it out the same way the Hunter Base was. Intelligence reported that the carriers are high-speed armored transport vehicles, very long and tall, at least six meters in length. If they appear, you need to find a way to destroy them if our forces haven't arrived yet.

X: I understand! I will do it!

Skiver: We will send other Hunters as they are fully repaired. We'll make the preparations now.

X: Alright. Thank you.

Skiver: Good luck.


Double: (casually napping)

-suddenly, a siren goes off-

Double: AAAH!! (falls off his chair) ooh, now what?

General: We are under attack! All units, prepare for battle! This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill!

(Repliforce warriors begin rushing all over the place)

Rattrap: Yo, Jello-boy! Y'here the announcement? Git ya servos in gear! We're all gonna die!! (runs off)

Double: What took 'em?


(Maverick ships and units are bombarding the base and the Repliforce squadrons)

-Freeze Man's squad attempting to hold off an enemy battalion-

Splash Woman: (firing her Laser Trident) They just keep coming!

Wheeljack: (sees the high-speed trucks) We got company!

Freeze Man: Where are our reinforcements?! -blasts Freeze Cracker-

X: (appears and uses Melt Creeper on the carriers) Right here!

-the carrier explodes violently, the Supra-Force Metal bomb exploding before intended usage-

Freeze Man: Glad you could join the party! You've got your work cut out for ya!

Crystal Man: -blasted by a tank- GYAAAAAHH!!

X: I noticed....huh?

(X and the Robot Masters see a young Reploid that resembles X)

X: Another clone? Perfect!

???: Looks like Sigma was right....

Galaxy Man: ...The reversal is astounding...

Freeze Man: Indeed...

Splash Woman: Wait....I know that voice.....

Wave Man: We are aware...we know who that is...

Crystal Man: Gahh! Death has come again! We don't even deserve it this time!

???: (charges up his buster and fires at X)

X: (blocks with his Saber) Who are you?!

???: Me?....I'm Mega Man!

Chapter 1: Return of the Rockmen

X: You're Mega Man? I thought you'd be taller....
OC ReMix 2070 Mega Man 2 'Dokuta Wairi, Rival to the Light' Dr04:53

OC ReMix 2070 Mega Man 2 'Dokuta Wairi, Rival to the Light' Dr. Wily Stage 1 by Sixto Sounds

X vs Mega Man

Mega Man: I tried that one liked it. (shoots from his buster)

X: (wall-jumps to dodge then fires Storm Tornadoes)

Mega Man: (jumps to dodge) Anything you can do....(tries to wall jump but easily slips and falls flat, taking damage from Storm Tornado) Huh?! It didn't work?!

Freeze Man: It appears that you lack the dexterity that others who've been in this world longer have acquired.

Mega Man: Grr....scrap this! (throws Metal Blades at X)

X: UGH!!! Homing Torpedo!

Mega Man: (sliding under to dodge constantly)

Freeze Man: -smacks him with a Freeze Cracker- Hmph!

Mega Man: (thaws out after a while) FIRE TORNADO!!

Wave Man: -counters it with Water Wave-

Freeze Man: Good work.

Wave Man: Thank you sir. We'll need to watch each other's back now more than ever.

Freeze Man: -nods and gives a hand signal-

Search Man: -starts sniping Mega Man from afar-

Mega Man: (uses Chroma Camo to turn invisible)

Star Man: Huh?! Where'd he go?

Freeze Man: Bright Man!

Bright Man: Right! -uses Flash Stopper to break the Chromo Camo-

Mega Man: Surprise! (uses Power Stone on Star Man and Crystal Man....and does considerable damage)

Crystal Man: GYAAAHH!!

Freeze Man: Look at how Maverick the great hero has become...

Gyro Man: -in a screaming dive towards Mega Man- Hey! You don't do that to my friends! -slams him with a Gyro Kick-

Mega Man: If you guys are all that stands between me and Wily--

X: Wait...who?

Splash Woman: Don't ask.

Freeze Man: Wily does not exist. We're working for this world's government now.

Mega Man: Nice try, but Sigma's told me everything that--

X: Wait, Sigma?.....Listen, Mega Man. I hate to take a page from Alia's book, but I think you've been tricked, because Sigma's the real menace here!

Mega Man: Well half of those were made by or very loyal to Dr Wily! How am I supposed to believe they're supposidly good?

(just then, Freeze Man and the Robot Masters are hit by several attacks)

???: Because they put me on Prison Island getting to you!

Mega Man: Metal Man?!

X: So you escaped....

Freeze Man: Grr! Metal Man...! Do you not know when to quit?! Platoon! Assemble and engage Metal Man and his gang!

-the rest of Freeze Man's platoon appears and attacks Metal Man's gang, Search Man sniping them from a distance-

Metal Man: (smashing through) Mega Man! I went through a lot of trouble to find you! Now you'll die!

Mega Man: (throws some Metal Blades at him, which connect, but do little damage)

Metal Man: I've become more resilient against my own weapon, Rocky! (unsheaths chainsaws and charges at him) GO DOWN!!!

Mega Man: Gotta think it! (uses Acoustic Blaster)

Metal Man: (holding his ears) AAAH!! CUT THAT DAMN NOISE DOWN!!!!

Freeze Man: -jumps Metal Man from behind and smacks him with a Freeze Cracker- Hmph!

Quick Man: (homing attacks Freeze Man)

Gyro Man: -intercepts Quick Man and grapple throws him away- Hiyaah!!

Quick Man: Heh!


Splash Woman: (facepalms) Oh no....

Wave Man: Get out of here, your bubbles contain too much stupid! -punches Bubble Man in the gut and then punches him in the face-

Buibble Man: Why you--(shoots a stream of bubbles)

Splash Woman: (deflects them with her trident)

Bubble Man: (hearts in his eyes)

Splash Woman: (starts running away from Bubble Man's creepy infatuation, but gets shot by a Maverick tank) AAH!!

Wave Man: Sister!

Galaxy Man: -blows up the tank with a Black Hole Bomb-

Splash Woman: Thanks for the assist, bro. (uses Laser Trident on some Insecticons)

Metal Man: Time to finish you, Mega Man!

(just then a Rolling Cutter appears from nowhere)

Cut Man: (with the rest of his squad) Hands off our brother, Metal Punk!

Mega Man: Cut Man?

Freeze Man: Now do you get it, Mega Man? Wily is no more and Sigma intends to destroy this planet to replace it with his own idealized world! Have you not noticed his ships destroying everything and anything in sight? Or do you intend to help him?

Mega Man:......Alright. I'll help you. But I don't trust you Freeze Man....(points to Search Man, Gyro Man, Wave Man, Burner Man, Star Man, and Crystal Man) Or you, or you, or you...or you, or you, and especially not you!

Freeze Man: The only one I'd give merit to that is Crystal Man. He's had a record of stabbing me in the back. I can provide a full report after this, now don't get shot! -blasts Freeze Cracker at a tank about to shoot Mega Man-

Mega Man: (activates Sharp Knuckle and punches away at invading Mavericks)

X: (fires a Splash Laser at Marauders)

Cut Man: Ice Man, dropship inbound!

Ice Man: Alright! (begins rapid firing Ice Slashers)

(the Maverick dropship crashes into the majority of the Maverick force)

Mega Man: Nice shooting Ice Man!

Ice Man: Thanks!

Flash Man: Our beautiful friends....we must help them retreat!

Air Man: If you could hear yourself sometimes....

(the Maverick forces and the Eight Sons retreat)

Mega Man: Well, we won!

Cut Man: Mega Man! It is you, Rock! I heard you were dead!

Mega Man: Dead? Where'd you hear that?

Cut Man: Well--

Ice Man: (holds back from saying anything)


General: Mattrex, how many casualties?

Mattrex: Still calculating, but at least half of our forces... If X hadn't arrived, we would not be speaking now... Medics are already repairing the wounded. We can expect a second attack.

Colonel: We cannot take such a risk. Another attack could mean the end of us, even with X. Skiver reported that the only Hunter close to being fully repaired is Axl and his repairs could take another hour to deal with his intereaction with the Dark Energon.

X: What about the others?

Colonel: The others are in stable otherwise critical condition, aside from Zero, whose arms are being overhaulled on top of being repaired. Gate decided put in a special order for parts, trying to take out two birds with one stone. Depending on how fast he can work Zero could be ready before Axl but that doesn't seem likely at this present moment.

X: I see....


Colonel: 'Tis a very sad state of affairs... Skiver should arrive here within the hour to support the base more fully with stronger air support; however, we have no idea how long Sigma's forces will take to regroup and come in for a second attack. -looks at X- ...I'll see if we can't spare more medics to speed up repairing your friends.

X: Cinnamon is in just as much pain....

General: Speaking of which....that leaves a pressing issue of a certain soldier. (turns to Arcee)

Colonel: With all due respect, I believe it is better if we prioritized. We'll need every soldier on hand, and since we are in a war, we do not have the time or resources for court-martialling loose cannons like Arcee. Therefore, I suggest we wait until we at least have some breathing room before we deal with those type of issues.

General: Of course. Arcee, you will remain with the Air Force for the time being. But know this; when time is not of the essense, your trial will be done.

Arcee:....Yes sir.

Colonel: Until Commander Skiver arrives, you will remain on-base to prevent arousing suspicion. We don't want to trigger the second attack. Understood?

Arcee: Alright....(walks away)

Double: (runs in) Did we win?

X: Ummm....yeah.

Frost Walrus: No thanks to you, shrimp! (slugs him backward)

Double; (sent back a bit as most of Repliforce laugh at him)

X:.....Leave him alone. He's still young and--

Magma Dragoon: And was missing from the battle!

Slash Beast: What a loser...

Mattrex: Well, in all fairness, it's not like he was critical like X was. Even if he did do what he was supposed to do it wouldn't have changed the count much if at all.

Frost Walrus: Oh right, I forgot, we woulda gotten killed if his useless ass was out there! My bad!

Mattrex: Nah, more like he'd get himself killed. The equivalent to sending out a mere processor against a scrapping machine, pretty much the same thing.

Sari: Will you guys cut it out?! You'll just hurt Double's feelin--(sees Double crying off) Way to go....sirs! (runs after him)

X: Not exactly proud of you all....

Mattrex: Speaking of "all"...where's Elpizo? Did he take another lavish holiday? Haven't seen him since he reported Arcee's attack on him. That guy is going to get on my nerves...

Wing Saber: I can answer that....

Mattrex: Oh? What is it? Can you back it up?

Wing Saber: Yeah. Colonel, do you still have that recording I gave you?

Colonel: Yes, but we cannot deal with such things right now. I need to discuss with the General how we can repel another attack. Time is of the essence, and it is fleeting quickly.

Wing Saber: Umm, hello?! Elpizo's missing and that recording's got the reason why! 

Colonel: Stand down, I know what is on it, and I am moving things more carefully than you would. Move too rashly and you'll burn yourself. Trust me. There is a method to this.

Mattrex: Could you at least let us know?

Colonel: I'll brief all of the Commanders when the dust settles here. Please be patient, multitasking isn't exactly what we need.

Wing Saber: But sir--.....damn that Elpizo. This is what he wanted.....(walks off, punching the wall)

Colonel: -sighs- It doesn't matter how right you are, Wing Saber, perhaps we'll see the confirmation sooner than you realize.

Mattrex: ...I am not liking the sound of this...

Colonel: ...That statement has merit.

Mattrex: ...HIs ego will turn up, I'm sure of it.

Colonel: That too, has merit.

Axl: (walks in, with Nana, though she is still depressed) Hey....

Zero: -barges in, with a barely patched up burn mark on his face, appearing to be a scar- Ngh... I hate hospital beds...

Mega Man: WHOA!!

X: Welcome back to the land of the living, old friend.

Zero: It was like I never even left, oh wait, that's true.

Mattrex: Well that's our Ze--

-a call comes through from Skiver-

Skiver: Skiver to command, we are in visual range. ETA: 15 minutes.

Colonel: Excellent. Upon arrival I want you to come on base, I need to speak to all of the Commanders.

Skiver: Wilco. Over.


Soundwave: (plays the transmission between Colonel and Skiver)

Sigma Prime: (laughs) How great it is to have the entire communications network at our disposal....and with Dr. Wily's original eight Robot Masters and our limitless army of followers, the Repliforce will fall! Starscream, Eaglyde! Assemble your squadrons! Annihilate the air fleet!

Starscream and America Eaglyde: Yes, Sigma Prime! (leave with their squadrons)

Sigma Prime: It looks like Double isn't completely worthless after all....

Elpizo: It appears to be so, Lord Sigma.

Sigma Prime: Ah, Elpizo! What a sight for sore-eyes! But, I would like for you to refer to me by Sigma Prime from now on.

Elpizo: Understood, Sigma Prime. So it appears that our air force is to intercept The Skiver's, correct?

Sigma Prime: Precisely.

Elpizo: If I may ask, what is the ETA to contact with the enemy?

Sigma Prime: At this more than 5 minutes

Elpizo: Hmm... The transmission stated that The Skiver's ETA to base is less than 15 minutes; however, Skiver tends to overestimate. meaning, our forces will make contact much closer to their base than we would like. Close enough for their base defenses to open fire on our forces.

Sigma Prime: You misunderstand, my prince. It will take less than 5 minutes for our forces to ambush Skiver and his unit. And with Eaglyde's exceptional flying skill, and combat arts from our squadron, it will only be the beginning of Repliforce's end!

Elpizo: I won't argue with you, Sigma Prime, but it does not appear to be as simple as it sounds.

Sigma Prime: I never said it was. But I do have complete faith that it will cause

Elpizo: -raises eyebrows- Loose cannons?

Sigma Prime: Just observe, my comrade....


Wing Saber: They didn't even wanna hear me out! I'm sorry, Arcee.

Arcee: When I get my hands on that Elpizo, I'm gonna scrap him down and use him as spiked toilet paper!

Nightscream: I have a feeling you won't get that chance.

Arcee: I have to! This can't be--

(just then, a rumbling is felt on the fleet as its attacked from behind, and alarms sound)

Skiver: -on intercom- All hands to battle stations! Specials and fighters sortie! Capitals, form a defensive front against the enemy!

Silverbolt: Roger!

Jetstorm: How'd they know where we were?!

Arcee: Who cares?! Let's just smash 'em!

Jetstorm: Umm, hello?! You're fired, remember?

Arcee: I don't have time to argue! (rushes out)

Nightscream: Look in the mirror, dead weight. You're about to face the same fate. -rushes out-
OC ReMix 2194 Pokémon Red Version 'Battle for the Badge' Battle (VS Gym Leader) by Fishy04:16

OC ReMix 2194 Pokémon Red Version 'Battle for the Badge' Battle (VS Gym Leader) by Fishy

Repliforce vs Army Air Battle!

America Eaglyde: (blasting away at enemy ships) Concentrate all firepower on the main flagship!

Skyshadow: -flies up- So...we meet again...thought you'd learn your lesson...

America Eaglyde: (hearts in eyes) Hi there.....

Starscream: (blasts him from behind)

Skyshadow: Ngh!

Nightscream: -appears behind Starscream- Nope. -starts blasting him relentlessly-

Starscream: AAAH!!! WAIT IT!! (flies off) Skywarp!

Skywarp: (gives Starscream cover fire)

Nightscream: -disappears-

Skyshadow: Nightscream can handle two bots at, where was I...? -turns back to Eaglyde-

America Eaglyde: (already flown off to assault the flagship)

Arcee: (shooting at her)

America Eaglyde: (effortlessly dodging) Did your dead boyfriend even teach ya how to aim?!

Skyshadow: -as a shadow, strikes Eaglyde from several angles-

Arcee: Thanks for the assist, partner! I'll take it from here! (activates her jetpack and engages Eaglyde)

America Eaglyde: (using some Sky-Fu techniques)


Jetstorm: Yo! Shaddy! Less wanking, more shooting!

Skyshadow: -blasts a winged Sigma drone that was ready to shoot Jetstorm- Less talking, more watching!

Waspinator: Shadow bot not get Wazzpinator! (shoots at Skyshadow from behind)

Skyshadow: Ngh! -disappears into a shadow and and flies backwards straight into Waspinator-

Waspinator: (spinning and shooting uncontrollably)

Arcee: You're done, Eaglyde!

American Eaglyde: I don't think so! (unleashes some missiles onto her and some nearby Repliforce ships, destroying them and downing Arcee) Bon Voyage!

Arcee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skiver: Arcee! -growls- Think! I need to think! I need to end this now! -clenches eyes shut and focuses for a second before snapping them back open- Of course! Tell the other ships to move away from the flagship and move them around the enemy fleet.

Repliforce solider: Yes sir.

Skiver: Starscream should be dumb enough to take the bait...

-the rest of the Repliforce ships start to move away from the flagship and slowly surround the enemy fleet-

Starscream: (laughs) Fools! They've just made it easier to annihilate! OBLITERATE THEM!!!

-the flagship starts taking the concentrated fire from the enemy fleet as the Repliforce ships finish surrounding the enemy fleet and thus forcing them to close up their formation-

Repliforce solider: We can't take this for long!

Skiver: We won't have to... Steady...! On my mark, all ships open fire...

-the Repliforce ships finish surrounding the enemy fleet, forming a killzone-

Skiver: You are the fool, Starscream... MARK!

-all the Repliforce ships open fire on the Sigma fleet, causing severe damage-

Starscream: AAAHH!!!

America Eaglyde: Starscream, you idiot! You boxed us all in! I'm outta here! (fflies away with more than half of her surviving comrades)

Jetfire: (carrying a heavily damaged Arcee) Starscream! It's not too late to rejoin us!

Starscream: I'll join your pathetic cause when you all burn in the inferno! All units, fall back!

Soundwave: (showing the entire failed ambush on his "face")


Elpizo: I saw that coming kilometers away! A textbook manuver and he falls for it?! This is Skiver's student, we're talking about...and Skiver beat him at his own game... What an incompetent bucket of bolts...

Sigma Prime: The minute he returns, I am relieving him of his commander duties.....PERSONALLY!!!!


Arcee: (having herself being fixed by Ratchet)

Ratchet: Take it easy, Arcee. You sustained a great big amount of damage from Eaglyde's attacks....

Skyshadow: ...I don't get how she can do this much damage...

Arcee: I was really made for land-based missions and endeavors. I'm still getting used to being in the air, and my gun still does little to enemy fighters....OW!!

Ratchet: Hold still! I'm almost done!

Skyshadow: Oh, right! We need to get you a higher-caliber buster!

Wheeljack: Have to talk to your boyfriend about that?!

Arcee: (blushes) How--how do ypou know me and Skiver--?!

Wheeljack: I didn't. Sheesh, you're sometimes dumber than Screamer himself....

Arcee: (gives him a 'I fucking hate you man' look)

Oil Man: Awkward......

Skyshadow: ...Would it be strange if I said that Eaglyde had a "I'm in love with you" kind of look when I first approached her today?

Jetstorm: Ehh, not the way, Colonel and General already know about you and the Commander. Me and my bro told you two off!

Jetfire: We thought that they needed to know about this....


General: With the Maverick Hunters now mainly annihilated, it stands to reason that Sigma now seeks to destroy us, plotting perfectly planned ambushes to neutralize our numbers...

Colonel: This is mainly due to their first direct attack on the base being repelled by X, which bought enough time for reinforcements to arrive. It also stands to reason that Sigma wants to keep us off-balance for our eventual destruction. Gentlemen, we are at war. This isn't just the Hunters' problem anymore. This is a full-blown war, and I'm certain that none of you want to lose it.

General: But we must make sure to keep our emotions in check. That especially includes you, Skiver....

Skiver: Hm? Pardon, General?

General: Jetfire and Jetstorm have told me and Colonel that you and Arcee are in a heavy romantic relationship. While I am not against these type of relationships, I will warn you that if you prove to be unable to lead fully and capable, I will have Jetfire take your place. We cannot allow emotions to get in our way, not at this critical moment in the war.

Skiver: -clears his throat- Yes sir...

General: Good. Now we must prepare strategies if we are to win this war.....

Colonel: I highly recommend we go on the offensive, to turn their attention away from destroying us, and focus on protecting key stratigic areas, such as the Abel Missile Base.

Mattrex: An offensive at this point?!

Colonel: Yes, because if we try to hunker down and settle in for the long haul we'll suffer a war of attrition and be slowly destroyed bit by bit.

Skiver: Air superiority is crucial in an attack like this. We can easily set it up because they are too busy trying to attack us.

Magma Dragoon: I'm more worried about what they intend to do....that attack was too calculated, too perfect....

Skiver: ...What are you suggesting?

Magma Dragoon: That we have a spy in Repliforce!

Mattrex: What?!

Skiver: We have a mole...?

Colonel: ...That statement may have some merit.

General: And I do not believe Arcee's accusations about Elpizo at this point in time to be coincidental. Nonetheless, we need to know for certain who the spy is, or if we have one at all....

Colonel: It is true, that we had a traitor among us. He is not present now. Allow me to present the evidence. -looks at General as if asking for permission-

General: (nods)

Colonel: -looks back to the audience of Commanders- Wing Saber acquired this from our radio room, sensing that something about one of our one was suspicious. His suspicions turned out to be true. -plays the sound bit-

Magma Dragoon:.....

General: So Elpizo was a traitor.....

Mattrex: Unbelievable! A Commander no less! He played us all for fools!

Skiver: ...No, it all makes sense now...the way he acts, the way he fights...Elpizo would do something like this... ...Call it a swordsman's intuition.

Slash Beast: I'll track him down! His screams'll be heard from a mile away!

Skiver: Don't be reckless! If anything he'll set a tiger trap just for you!

Slash Beast: Grrr.....


Starscream: P-Please master! My intention were---GAAAH!!!
Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T26 Phalanx (Serpent's Ambition)03:02

Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T26 Phalanx (Serpent's Ambition)

Starscream's Punishment

Sigma Prime: (eye-visioned him) Starscream, I have put up with your incompetence for the last time!!

Starscream: Lord Megatron! Please save me! You do not believe I deserve this misery, right?!

Megatron: On the contrary, Starscream, you deserve more than enough of what Sigma Prime has in store!

Starscream: What?! No, please--

Sigma Prime: (bashes him around with cyber-claws) GRAAAA!!!!

Elpizo: Falling for a textbook manuver is a mark of shame! Do you not know that if you're surrounded you're screwed?! Like perhaps, how you're surrounded now?

Starscream: We were able to destroy over half the air fleet, on my lead!

Sigma Prime: That much is true....however, it was Eaglyde's command and abilities that allowed that minescule victory, not yours! She may be young and her perseptives of Storm Eagle and Skyshadow are quite disturbing, but her charisma and ability to deliver results surpass yours! Which is why she will be replacing you as commander of the Aerial Assault Unit!

Starscream: WHAT?!?!!?

America Eaglyde: (salutes Sigma) Sigma Prime sir! I will not disappoint!

Elpizo: You better not. Incompetence in the air will surely mean defeat.

America Eaglyde: Fear not, 'your royal highness'. Unlike Screamer, I don't let people down! And I 'will' take my job seriously!

Sigma Prime: That's good to Shockwave, you had this idea of a Project Predacon, did you not?

Shockwave: Indeed, my liege. Buttercup and I discovered that this world contains incredible and organic creatures known as "Pocket Monsters". Because we must have our enemies outnumbered, it is most logical to use strands of DNA and artifacts linking to these creatures to create new Predacons....

Sigma Prime: Hmmm.....

Elpizo: are taking organic creatures and making them into... Reploids?

Shockwave: No, only cloning them to create new Reploids, whilst still maintaining their own unique habitats and behaviors intact.

Elpizo: How about their abilities? It would not be logical to use such things if there were no militaristic value in them.

Shockwave: The Pocket Monsters have their own special abilities, and control different powers to attack their foes for self-defense. Once implemented, they will be of great help and use to us. But I need samplings.

Twilight Buttercup: With your permission, my lord, I will lead the main expedition of the Monsters.

Sigma Prime: Very well. Project Predacon shall commence. In addition to calculated and pre-meditated ambushes on Repliforce, we will put all our resources into locating these Pocket Monsters from which to create our army. Soundwave, inform Red Alert of this immediately!

Soundwave: (nods)

Elpizo: Hmm... I'm curious, how long will this process take?

Shockwave: As long as is logically possible, until I believe I have sufficient enough specimens to clone....

Elpizo: Are you able to give an estimate, given that you have gathered a sufficient amount of specimens?

Shockwave: The longest it could take would be mere days. If we were to work fast enough, it could take hours.

Elpizo: I see. A very timely strategy indeed.

Shockwave: Any other questions?

Elpizo: Yes, how does one expect them to be controlled to a reasonable level so they only tear our enemies apart?

Shockwave: Do not worry. Maverick codes will be implated within them. Though they can have the choice to turn to the side of good, the codes are very complex and attempts to rewrite them with ease will be most....illogical.

Elpizo: I see. Someone should be assigned to take care of them. Hmm... -smirks, getting an idea-

Chapter 2: Project Predacon

Arcee: (getting worked on by some technicians) Hey, easy....

Nightscream: ...I was going to ask if your repairs were going okay, guess I got my answer.

Arcee: They say that after I've recovered, they're going to upgrade my buster to fit in with my new environment. Meantime, I have to just sit back and wait til I'm fixed....

Nightscream: Skyshadow has been holed up in the Commander's office waiting for him to return from his meeting. He wants to talk to Skyshadow about something...

Arcee: Sure has been busy as of late....when I get that Eaglyde, I'm gonna have some grilled bird!

Nightscream: Skyshadow wouldn't like that...


Repliforce Technicians: All done! Now stay here, while  we get that upgrade ready!

Nightscream: You'll find that that kind of caliber buster to be rather all-purpose, though in cases other than air-to-air combat, might be somewhat overkill, but does the job nevertheless.

Arcee: (nods)


Mega Man:...and then I woke up, and Cyber Peacock upgraded me to look like....well, this. Like how Sonic and his friends look. Freaky.,...

Burner Man: Some luck...

Cut Man: Well, I'm just glad you're back, Rock. Maybe now we stand at least a bit of a chance!

Mega Man: It's kinda weird guys look a little...too different.

Gyro Man: Look in the mirror, you're as strange-looking as we are!

Mega Man: Oh ha ha. Very funny, Gyro.....

Crystal Man: He's a funny guy, ain't he?

Freeze Man: Silence, idiot.

Crystal Man: Grr! Why you--!

Mega Man:....Hey Search Man. Didn't you used to have two heads? What happened?

Search Man: Firstly, the format of my new body couldn't support it, and the soul of the other had already perished before being reformatted into this new body.

Mega Man: I see....

Reisa: (loudspeaker) Attention all available units! Report to the control room immidiately!

Nightscream: What could this be about?


(all former Maverick Hunters and Repliforce members assemble)

General: The army is spreading far more rapidly than we anticipated....

Colonel: However, we are not without a plan. Sigma intends on chipping us down until he can finish us off. We do not intend to allow this to happen.

Double: Colonel! It looks like they're searching for stuff! We should, like...find out or somethin....

Colonel: I would consider it if there was merit in that, but there isn't. Their tactics clearly suggest total destruction. This is why you're still low on the totem pole. Remember that.

Double: But sir, it's true!

X: If it is, why don't we find out? Split up our forces.

Colonel: We can't afford to devote resources on sheer hearsay. You, the Hunters, can go if you so wish, however it is not advised. What would happen if we found whatever it is? Sigma would probably take it out from under us, just like how they nearly destroyed the Maverick Hunters right under our noses.

Zero: -in deep thought-

X: Alright.  But I still suggest we split up our forces to stop them. We can use our comlinks to stay in touch.

Zero: ...I don't like this. I have a very bad feeling about this.

Colonel: If you would let me finish, X, we are already preparing to split up. The Commanders know the task at hand, and will begin their mission tomorrow afternoon. Commander Skiver has requested that all Hunters discharged from the repair bay to see him in the base's hanger. He has something for you.

X: Very well.....

Double: (silently chuckles)

Colonel: -glances at Double oddly, and appears to ignore the facial expression- That will be all. The Commanders will explain more to your units. Be ready to move out. -whispers to General- A word, General?

General: Very well....

-Later, the repaired Hunters are walking together toward the large hanger of the Repliforce base-

Armored Armadillo: What could Skiver have for us?

Zero: No idea. They said that he'd meet us at the front and he'll take us to whatever it is.

Axl:.....Where's Smokescreen?

Delta: We dunno. He wasn't in the wreckage. Not a trace of him to be found....

Pallette: Does that mean....?

X: We don't know for sure yet.

Gravity Beetle: We probably don't want to think about that yet.

-Skiver is seen at the mouth of the hanger, and waves them over-

Zero: There he is.

Skiver: Hunters, follow me. This is something you will need in the days ahead.

Armored Armadillo: Then show us.
Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T09 Sky High - Grand Nuage - (Theme Of Guardian)03:06

Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T09 Sky High - Grand Nuage - (Theme Of Guardian)

Theme of Olympus

Skiver: This way. -turns to walk inside and up a flight of metal stairs onto a catwalk as the Hunters follow him, and stops in front of a large ship that looks a lot like the Repliforce capital ship- This is the newest class of capital that we've been developing, and it is nearly complete. It is the Athena class, but its sister ship, the Athena, was destroyed in the mass blitzkrig-like attack Sigma pulled. This ship will be called the Olympus, after the codename we gave to the Hunter Base. -gestures to it- It may not be much, but this will be the replacement for your base. All it needs is tying up a few loose ends and a paint job, and she's ready to fly.

X: Thank you so much, Skiver.

Zero: Yes, thank you, old friend. -shakes Skiver's hand-

Skiver: She's ready to be boarded at any time. I'm sorry, but I can't spend more time with you, I have several more things to do today before the mission begins tomorrow. I'll contact you later. -walks off to talk to one of the workers about fighters-

X: Signas asked us to take stop Sigma....

Zero: Yes...

Armored Armadillo: I think Zero would do the best job leading us. He practally did between the time Sigma betrayed us and when Signas walked in.

Gravity Beetle: He was also under direct command of Sigma back in the day, the highest ranking of all of us, and the most skilled. Do the rest of you agree?

(most of them are in agreement, though some say X, and a few say both)

X: (silently nods)

Armored Armadillo: Commander Zero, we are yours to command.

Zero: Alright, thank you. X, you will be the captain, you'll lead the Hunters on the battlefield. Axl, you will be the lieutenant commander, taking over my duties in my absence, otherwise  you will assist me in devising strategy, and other duties. As of this moment, you and X are of equal rank, answerable solely to me. Understood?

X and Axl: (salutes him) Sir!

Zero: Now, let's board the Olympus. I will figure out the ranks of the rest of you later.


Marino: I know Glow's in bad shape, Geneva....but he'll be okay. I promise.



General: You believe Double to be a spy?

Colonel: The pieces fit together enough to raise suspicion. He is in Elpizo's unit, he did not participate in the first battle, and the way he acted just now suggested that he has an agenda.

General: Perhaps, but there is little proof to suggest he himself is in fact a spy....

Colonel: I understand that; however, we do not have any other leads on this mole case. A court martial is out of the question regardless, if he is a mole, he will be branded a traitor and thus a Maverick. Therefore, I would suggest that we interrogate him, but that would not be fruitful without finding out more information. Thus we should open an investigation on him and look back through the past week and see where he has been precisely.

General: (nods) But there's one problem....

Colonel: Which is?

General: Sari has grown intensely attached to him. This could upset her, especially if we are to explain this without full proof or merit.

Colonel: Nobody else needs to know anything about the investigation unless or until we do acquire proof or merit. That is why an interrogation would not be fruitful until we acquire proof or merit. Mainly we will be looking at records and security tapes.

General: Very well....I'll leave you to it....

Colonel: I will track down and shut down this mole, whoever he is. -marches off-


Megatron: Repliforce is waiting for tomorrow? (laughs) Oh, they truly are more idiotic than they appear! As we eradicate the rest of these foolish mortals and gather Predacon clones, they sit back and watch it all unfold!

Elpizo: No, Megatron, they are waiting for tomorrow so that they can gather as much strength as possible before making a move. That Colonel is up to something...

Megatron: Oh I am perfectly aware, Elpizo. But we will be given a head start in our conquest. And Buttercup tells me she and the others have recovered at least 5 different specimens for which to clone.

Elpizo: Hmm... While I cannot argue with that, I cannot help but have my doubts. Colonel is smart. He is not to be underestimated.

Shockwave: (through comlink) Lord Megatron, Buttercup has retrieved and scanned three specimens....I am in the process of transferring the data to protoform vessels.

Megatron: Excellent work, Shockwave. Tell Buttercup to keep up the good work and do not falter, for I doubt that Project Predacon can be completed without either of you.

Twilight Buttercup: Yes Megatron. I'm leaving....

Elpizo: They will have to be examined, analyzed, and defined when they emerge... If we unleash our superweapons too early, they might be able to find a way to defeat them... Say that I'm overthinking the situation if you'd like, but it's better than underestimating the enemy.

Megatron: Oh no, Elpizo. I understand fully. But we must determine which to send and which not then, you should rest. I hear that your lady is waiting for you, and she is growing rather impatient....

Elpizo: -breathes deeply- Perhaps you're right, though this has been a critical time... Please notify our lord when you get the chance. -walks off-

Megatron: (nods)

The Next Day....

Double: Whaddya mean, I just hang around?
19 In The Mood For Mischief01:58

19 In The Mood For Mischief

The Misadventures of Double the Cat!

Ranch Ponica: Elpizo and Lumine said that you've done most of your work already, but we only need you in for a few months to finish your training. Until then, you have to just sit tight.

Double: So what am I supposed to do for the next few months?

Ranch Ponica: Anything! Read a book, kill some stupid grunts, go on a date for all I care! When we call ya up, you leave! But 'till then, ya can just wreck the place! See ya! (hangs up)

Double: (sighs and walks out) Great! I'm stuck doing nothing for like three months! I AM GONNA RUST OUTTA BOREDOM!!!!!

Mattrex: ...Do you have a problem?

Double: (looks embarrassed) Umm.....I'm bored? (nervous smile)

Mattrex: -growls- I can find something for you to do, if you're that bored.'

Double: Uhh, no thanks! Hiding in the training room's good enough fun! (runs off until he bumps into Sari) WHOAAA!!!

Sari: AAAHH!!!!

Sigma Prime; (facepalm) Idiot.....

Sari: Oh hey, Double! Fancy running into you here!

Double: (sounds infatuated) Hey Sari....

Sari: What's up?

Double: Um...bored....

Sari: Cool. Well, see ya! (walks off)

Double: S-S-Sari!

Sari: (stops) Yes?

Double: (shaking and blushing) Umm...well, uhh...I-I-I was wondering...if you...and I....

Sari: What is it?


Sari: (blushes) You....and me?

Double: (Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.....)

Sari:....I...I would love to Double! (kisses him) How bout tonight, 7 PM?

Double: Uhh....s-s-sure! See ya! (runs off to the training room, jumping happily)

Sigma Prime: Someone please tell me this is not happening! That buffoon could ruin everything!

Lumine: Well, if he's got nothing to do for three months he'd best make the most of them.

Sigma Prime: If they find out we have their entire communications line, they will attempt to counter this! We must maintain our--

Ranch Ponica: (through commlink) Oh, Sigmee! We found a bit of Pocket Monster furr!

Sigma Prime: Excellent. Send it to Shockwave. And stop calling me, Sigmee!

Ranch Ponica: Okay, sexy! 

Sigma Prime: (groans)


X and Mega Man: (searching the urban areas for Mavericks, but are then ambushed)
Westopolis Music04:15

Westopolis Music

Urban Maverick Ambush!

Mega Man: They knew we were

X: I smell a rat in our ranks....

Zero: -calls in- X, what is your situation?

X: We're pinned down! The Mavericks have been ambushing us and Repliforce for hours......and they also seem to be after these animals. (holding a Zorua)

Mega Man: (tries using Tail Wind)

Zero: So they are looking for something... .The Olympus is on its way to pick you up, take a few of those animals with you, and make sure the enemy doesn't get a hold of them, we don't know what they want with them and we'll need to figure that out.

X: Roger!

Knock Out: Hand over the kid now!

X: Go soak your head, Maverick! (fires a couple of Claw Missiles at Knock-Out)

Knock-Out: AAAH!!

Mega Man: (shoots Mine Sweeper at incoming foes) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!

(the Mine Sweeper lands next to enemies and blows them apart after a few seconds delay)

X: Nice one, Mega Man!

Mega Man: You too, X! And by the way, you can call me Rock, from now on.

X: Okay. Rock it is.

-suddenly, beams of light rain down on the Maverick onslaught, as a large silver airship arrives: the Olympus-

Zero: Get them out of there!

-a hatch opens as the large vessel hovers down nearby, shooting at the enemy-

(X and Mega Man run in with the animals)

X: Good timing, Zero.

Zero: Don't I always? I've had Gate come aboard as our resident scientist, he should be in the lab, Deck 14, first door on your right it's down a ways. Go there and have him analyze them while we finish of these Mavericks.

Mega Man: I got it! (takes the animals to the lab)

Gate: (analyzes them) Hmm....

Squid Adler: -rushes in- Zero wanted me to help out with this. What do you have, doctor?

Gate: Pocket Monsters. We need to know what these things are and what Sigma intends to do with them.

???: Oshawott! (stands up proud)

Squid Adler: It's obvious that they have some sort of ability that Sigma intends to use...

Gate: Or at least attempt to possess. He wants the extermination of all organics, but wishes to keep these alive. Hmm...

Squid Adler: There must be something that he intends to use these for, some sort of militaristic value has to be involved...does he intend to make weapons out of them or what? -looks at the Oshawott pensively-

Oshawott: (gives cute look with the shell on its chest) OSHA-OSHAWOTT!

Squid Adler: Sigma wants to eliminate all organics...why would he employ the use of organics then...unless he doesn't intend to use them directly...

Gate: He most likely either wants to transform them into machines....or at least harness their abilities through use of an army like them....

Squid Adler: ...Take that a little further...transform them into machines...harness their abilities... Make Mavericks out of them!

Gate: Of course......

Squid Adler: There must be something special about these animals that would make Sigma want to make them into Mavericks....What would make them different from other Mavericks?

Gate: Nothing, they seem like worthless old organic creatures to me. (flicks the shell off Oshawott's chest)

Oshawott: OSHA!! (picks it up and charges angered; its shell ignites a blade and it slashes him) OSHA-=WOTT!!

Gate: OWW!! Hey! Stop that, you pathetic creature! OWW!! HEY!! Adler, assistance!!

Squid Adler: -snags the Oshawott with one of his tentacles- Interesting...creating a blade from a simple scalop...

Gate: Grrr.....throw these ungrateful beasts off the ship! I did nothing to them, and they attack me for no reason!

Squid Adler: Gate, I think you pissed this little thing off when you flicked its scalop. Apparently it's very important to it, but at the same time, that allowed us to see what these things can actually do. These animals could be superior to the kinetics that the world has had running around over the past few decades.

Oshawott: (puts its scalchop back on its chest and hugs it) Oshawott!

(the other small Pokemon they had surround Gate in anger)

Gate: Don't you little devils get any ideas!

Squid Adler: If they are superior to kinetics...then Sigma isn't making any ordinary Mavericks...he's making superweapons, Super Mavericks, to finish us off! As if what he's done already hasn't been devastating enough...


Splash Woman: (on normal undersea patrol) Splash Woman to Jet Stingray. No sign of Maverick pressense....

Jet Stingray: Continue on your present course, we can't afford to make missteps or underestimations.

Splash Woman: Understood.....I'm just glad they haven't contaminated the ocean. It's my real home....but they've harmed its people....I won't stand for this!

OC ReMix 2618 Mega Man 6 'Liquid Metal' Mr03:44

OC ReMix 2618 Mega Man 6 'Liquid Metal' Mr. X, Splash Woman (MM9) by Brandon Strader & Rexy-0

Undersea Ambush!

???: (grabs her by tentacles from below) 

Splash Woman: AAAH!!

Kraken Dolphina: (appears from below) Aww, boo-hoo....want some shock therapy to calm your nerves? (electrocutes her and laughs)

Splash Woman: (screams in great pain)

Jet Stingray: Splash Woman! We have an attacker! Send in reinforcements now!

Splash Woman: more)

Volt Catfish: Aww, why does Dolphina always get to zap everyone? When do I get a turn?

Toxic Seahorse: Stop complainin' and get to work finding that Manaphy egg, will ya?

Volt Catfish: Okay, okay....(swims away)

-a Repliforce naval capital approaches Dolphina and Splash Woman, releasing several marine-based soldiers led by Wave Man-

Kraken Dolphina: (releases Splash Woman and summons a bunch of naval Mavericks to ambush them) We must buy Niagra and Octopardo more time! Attack them!

Wave Man: attack the enemy and see to that attacker's capture! We need to figure out why they are here! Cover me while I save my sister!

-the Repliforce ship lauches missiles at the Mavericks while the soldiers shoot at the enemy as Wave Man makes a break to get to Splash Woman-

Splash Woman: (extremely weak, can barely move)

Wave Man: Sister! -grabs her, sends a boosted Water Wave at Dolphina, and swims back to the ship-

Kraken Dolphina: (laughs) Don't you know water conducts electricity?! VOLT GEISER!!! (destroys many Repliforce soldiers as the battle intensifies)

Wave Man: -gets Splash Woman back to the ship- Hold on, sister...

Splash Woman: (groans)

Sirenel Niagra: (taps Wave Man's shoulder) Hey handsome.

Wave Man: What the?!

Sirenel Niagra: (holding what appears to be a Buizel) I've been lookin for ya....I hear you used to be quite a strong and good dude where you come from....and I just love those kinds of boys....(swims closer to him)

Wave Man: Erm... -gets inside with Splash Woman-

Sirenel Niagra: Ooh, I love it when they play hard to get. (smirks)

Launch Octopus: (arrives with a strange egg, launches missiles at Repliforce units) We have what we need....

Sirenel Niagra: (with the Buizel) Alright....let's bolt!

(most of the Mavericks retreat from the battlefield)

Wave Man: Ugh... Sister...

Splash Woman: (groans) I'll live....they escaped with...something....

Wave Man: That's unimportant now, what's important is that we failed to get one of them to spill the beans about what's going on. Also, you need repairs. C'mon.

Splash Woman: Thanks, Wave....I owe you.....but they stole one of my friends.....that poor Buizel....I'll scrap that slut for this!

Wave Man: Buizel? I must have been around Freeze Man and Crystal Man for too long, I'm sorry...who is that?

Splash Woman: A creature of the of my friends! And they took it!

Wave Man: It's okay, it's gonna be okay...

Splash Woman:....


Twilight Buttercup: There should be lots of specimens here. Scatter and look for good ones!

Mavericks: Yes ma'am!

???: WOOOOT WOOOOOT!!! INCOMIIIIIIIIING!!!! -a ball of fire crashes next to Twilight Buttercup-GWWAAAAAAHH!!!

Twlight Buttercup: EEK! (hops back a bit)

???: -gets up as if nothing happened- Whoo...that was fun... -bobs head a bit, dizzy-

Twilight Buttercup: (stares at him)

???: Falling from 80,000 kilometers and crashing, check, 90,000 next. Good. -laughs-

Twilight Buttercup: (still staring) Umm.....

???: Hm? Oh hello there!

Twilight Buttercup: Umm....what were you doing?

???: Got blown up in the last battle, sent up to 80,000 kilometers and decided to take a straight dive. As far as I'm concerned, I'm continually proving myself to be invincible. -laughs-

Twilight Buttercup: (giggles) You're funny!....wait, who are you anyway?

???: Burnin' Kitsune! I keep burning and I never burn out! Again, I AM INVINCIBULE! -raises his arms like a body builder-

Twilight Buttercup: Oh...I am Twilight Buttercup. I'm in charge of Project Predacon, along with my dad. Well, not really my dad, but....

Burnin' Kitsune: Creator?

Twilight Buttercup: Yeah.

Burnin' Kitsune: Yep, we've all got those.

Twilight Buttercup:.....Wait. Are you in our army? I've never seen you before...

Burnin' Kitsune: Probably because half the time I get combusted-exploded into the sky several thousand kilometers in the air and fall, and die from smacking my head against pavement at over 400 kilometers an hour.

Twilight Buttercup: (gasps) Oh my! You should get help-

Slash Man: (through commlink) Buttercup! We have found a temple where the orbs are believed to be. Sting Chameleon is setting up an ambush right now for the Repliforce warriors.

Twilight Buttercup; I am on my way, Slash Man. So sit tight.

Slash Man: Understood.

Burnin' Kitsune: It's a normal occurance. I'm fine. I once crashed into an abandoned ammo depot and caused the whole place to go up. And I walked out it fine. -laughs- That was some serious fun!

Twilight Buttercup: You're fun to be around. (blushing) Would you, umm...accompany me for a while?

Burnin' Kitsune: Sure. Got nothing to do for a while since my unit was blown up by that stupid air commander that got me flung into some water.

Twilight Buttercup: (flies up to the direction of the temple)

Burnin; Kitsune: -flies after her-

(Slash Man, Wire Sponge, and Petal Blossom are waiting outside the temple with otehr Maverick grunts and captured Pocket Monsters)

Wire Sponge: WE GOTZ SUM!!

Twilight Buttercup: I'll call Eaglyde and have her pick them up and deliver to my dad's lab.

Petal Blossom: The orbs are inside.....but the door's shut by this snake statue.

Burnin' Kitsune: Blow it up? -shrugs-

Twilight Buttercup: I'll do it! (uses Twilight Ray to blow the door open, then turns to a couple of grunts) You four! Guard the Monsters! The rest follow us, and we get in there!

Mavericks: ROGER!

Burnin' Kitsune: Alright!

(the Mavericks run inside and into the Lost World Temple)
Sonic Adventure DX Music Lost World 104:06

Sonic Adventure DX Music Lost World 1

Lost World Temple

Wire Sponge: Hellooooo!!! (echoes)

Burnin' Kitsune: ALLOOOOOO!!!! -echoes- INTERESTING THINGS IN HE-AH?

Slash Man: SILENTS YOU IDIOTS!! We may not be alone....this place is booby-trapped, so keep your optics sharp, or else!

Wire Sponge: (makes mocking gestures as he threatens them)

Burnin' Kitsune: If we aren't alone we just blow them up, yeah? Booby-traps? Blow them up. -shrugs-

Petal Blossom: (sarcastically) Oh goodie, Buttercup. You just had to fall in love with the one Maverick that loves to blow things up and can't do anything else.....

Twilight Buttercup: (blushing) I...I am not! St-stop-!

Burnin' Kitsune: 'Eeyyy, c'mon now don't be hatin'! Blowing things up is what we do!

Slash Man: Sometimes, blowing things up isn't the best solution to problems.....

(the Mavericks continue forward and find a stairwell to a sort of snake lake chamber)

Slash Man: The exit is all the way up there. But it's locked. We must find three switches to unlock it. And sadly.....we need to use those switches over there to raise the water level.....

Burnin' Kitsune: Oh c'mon! Water! Of all things! Had to be water!

Slash Man: In that case, I will handle this! Come, you two! (swiftly activates many of the switches with Blossom and Wire Sponge trailing behind)

Burnin' Kitsune: Can't I just take down the door? -sighs-

Twilight Buttercup: This place could be boobytrapped. You could get us all into trouble.

Burnin' Kitsune: Then just let me get into the trouble and I'll explode my way out of it. Simple. -shrugs-

Twilight Buttercup: And what about us? Don't you care about us? (gives him an innocent look to him)

Burnin' Kitsune: You misundestand me, I don't care about myself. I throw myself into places where I should die but I don't. It's a strange thing, but I'm not complaining. -laughs-

Twilight Buttercup: But what if you accidentally kill someone you want--or even need--alive? What then?

Burnin' Kitsune: Everyone around me dies before I get to explode. Heck, you'll probably get killed before I explode.

Twilight Buttercup:......(cuddles to him, scared)

Burnin' Kitsune: Um, okay... -puts an arm around her awkwardly-

(just then, the water begins to rise)

Twilight Buttercup: (slowly flies up) Kitsune! The door-!

Burnin' Kitsune: Wah! -flies quickly to avoid the water- Door? Blow it up?

Slash Man: It's opened you idiot! Let's move!

Burnin' Kitsune: Um, right. -makes a fast fire dash through the door- YAHOO!

(the group wanders through more portions of a temple and encounter a few cute-looking Pocket Monsters)

Burnin' Kitsune: Well aren't these things cute. Heh.

Twilight Buttercup: These green girls will make great Predacons.....especially this Seedrian-looking one!

???: Mel-etta!

Twilight Buttercup: (carefully and gently puts light shackles on them) You'll be safe with me, little ones. I promise....

Slash Man: I think I'm about to be sick....

Burnin' Kitsune: 'Ey, wanna take that outside? I'll be more than willing to give you a push.

Slash Man: Then you are as weak and worthless as our "director"!

Wire Sponge: (slides into the next room before the scene implodes) Hey! Who turned off the lights?

Burnin' Kitsune: Pfft... I'd put you on the receiving end of my power, but you wouldn't live to tell the tale. Now as for those lights... -brandishes two fire-attributed Chaosblades-

Slash Man: You realize I can be rebuilt, correct?

Burnin' Kitsune: If there were signficant pieces to put back together, but can't put back together pieces of scrap metal into what it was, if you can tell what it was to begin with. And that usually happens in explosions, my specialty. So, a word to the wise, don't get on my bad side. You may find scraps of your arm in the ocean and your mangled head at the foot of some mountain if you do. You have been warned. -proceeds, his Chaosblades lighting the room-

Slash Man: (shakes head; utters to himself) Such an undisciplined mind....

Twilight Buttercup: (uses her light powers to lighten up the room totally)

Burnin' Kitsune: -puts Chaosblades away- Undisciplined because every CO I've had was killed in battle, like I said, everyone around me dies before I get to explode.

Slash Man: (shakes head)

Twilight Buttercup: It's clear....(steps on a boobytrap which activates a giant boulder taht crushes several grunts and starts heading their way)
Danger! Chased By Rock - Theme of Lost World (from Sonic Adventure)01:37

Danger! Chased By Rock - Theme of Lost World (from Sonic Adventure)

Danger! Escape from boulder!

Petal Blossom: Nice going Buttercup! RUN FOR IT!!

(everyone starts to run from the giant boulder)

Burnin' Kitsune: Haha! Easy! You keep running, I got this. -turns toward the boulder, and smirks-

Slash Man: Idiot! You will bury us all alive in here!

Twilight Buttercup: (trips and falls as the boulder rolls faster to her)

Burnin' Kitsune: Didn't I tell you? Explosions are my specialty. FIRE DIVE!!! -launches himself at the boulder in a powerful aura of flames, first making a hole in the boulder, then an instant later causing it it explode into many smaller flaming pieces, that harmlessly trinkle down the way-

(suddenly, the entire ceiling begins to collapse on them, as Buttercup cowers down for cover)

Burnin' Kitsune: -blasts by, grabbing Buttercup on his way-

Slash Man: YOU NEARLY DESTROYED US ALL!! You will be lucky if Sigma Prime does not destroy you after that!

Burnin' Kitsune: What did you want to do? Run like complete idiots and probably get crushed in the process? Yeah, fun, and have your pants removed while you're at it, see if Sigma Prime doesn't destroy you for looking stupid and doing things that the enemy would.

Wire Sponge: Uhh, dude? Ever heard of brains-over-brawn? Oh wait, ya don't got any d'ya?

Burnin' Kitsune: Smashed my head so many times, no I don't. But neither do you, I wonder why? Now that's a mystery.

Petal Blossom: Hey! That's just low, even for you-

Twilight Buttercup: (runs off from the group, trying to avoid an arguement)

Slash Man: Hmph. I pity the fool that put that girl in charge of Project Predacon, and any that become romantically linked to her....

Burnin' Kitsune: What about her?

Slash Man: I would not expect you to understand.....

Twilight Buttercup:.....There they are. The orbs of temporal and spacial powers. They're connected to certain powerful monsters....Father will want these for Predacon production....(starts carrying them)

Burnin' Kitsune: Maybe it's because you understand that you're afraid. If I don't understand, then I won't be afraid. And very little scares me. Death does not scare me. Drop a bomb on me and I'll live. So go on. Talk to a wall. -laughs-

Slash Man: Perhaps Prime will have a much better way of getting my point across to you-oh. Here comes our worthless leader.

Twilight Buttercup: We have all we need! Let's go!

Burnin' Kitsune: Yes! It's boring here now, moving on to bigger and better things!

Later, outside....

America Eaglyde: (gathering the Predacon specimens and artifacts) Kitsune, if we're gonna win this war, we need less mindless brute force and more tactical strategies! If you can't accept that fact, I'm kicking you off my squadron and placing you with Flame Mammoth. And believe me, that's someone you don't wanna be stuck with!

Burnin' Kitsune: Flame Mammoth, pfft, he's worse than me and takes too much pride in his size. I would not be concerned if it weren't for that. He doesn't want to get stuck with me, because he hates it when someone smaller can do more damage than him, and we'd probably be trying to blow each other up more than blowing the enemy up. That's why I'm here in the first place. Because unlike some bots Sigma Prime is actually smart.

America Eaglyde: Exactly why you need to start following protocal from now on.

Twilight Buttercup: Pleeeeeease?

Burnin' Kitsune: Ugh, nobody's any fun...fine... Guess we're not supposed to blow things up I suppose... -shrugs-

America Eaglyde: You can....just think before ya do from now on.

Burnin' Kitsune: Or sleep...or figure out how to actually control my explosions... Never said I was an expert.

America Eaglyde: Thundercracker will help you with that. In the meantime, let's take these guys to Shockwave's lab.

Burnin' Kitsune: Lovely, the laboratory, another snoozer, alright let's get this over with. I think I need to take another dive.

Twilight Buttercup: (now hugging him playfully)

Burnin' Kitsune: Um...okay? -shrugs- At least this group lived long enough to see me explode. Not bad, not bad. I call it luck but eh. I'm not complaining.


Shockwave: (scanning specimens and working on more Predacon soldiers)

Twilight Buttercup: I have more specimens daddy! (brings them in)

Shockwave: Thank you Buttercup. Your contributions and help with Project Predacon have been most fruitful...

Burnin' Kitsune: -by the door, bored out of his mind-

Shockwave: We need but a few more to complete the project. 

Twilight Buttercup: Then I'll get back to work....(slowly walks out)

Burnin' Kitsune: We done here? Good, I need to get juiced up by taking another dive... -walks after Buttercup-

Twilight Buttercup: (blushing).....Kitsune? Can

Burnin' Kitsune: Donno. Something I never thought about, but I never got the chance to either. I just keep exploding. -chuckles-

Twilight Buttercup: (blushing) Well....I, err....should get....back to work....

Burnin' Kitsune: Snore, I need a dive soon or I'll pass out... -shakes head-

Twilight Buttercup: Huh?

Burnin' Kitsune: Be right back, need to take a dive. -flies up high into the sky-

Twilight Buttercup: What is wrong with him?....(follows him)

Burnin' Kitsune: -stops at a high altitude- Alright...this should be high enough...

Twilight Buttercup: What's he doing?

Chapter 3: Gallery of Ambush

Repliforce Technicians: There ya go, Arcee. Your new buster upgrade is ready!

Arcee: Thanks. Now I stand a chance in the air and on the road!

Star Man: I hear Alia's making Mega Man an upgrade for him to dash and climb on, that was a good laugh!

Nightscream: I'll bet. Skyshadow's been out for a while, wonder if the Commander spoke to him yet? He said that he'd be busy, but I never thought he'd be this busy...

Arcee: Could be in trouble. I better go find him...

-Just then, Skiver and Skyshadow walk in-

Skiver: Ah, good, you're both in here, that saves time.

Arcee: Nevermind. What is it?

Skiver: Skyshadow has been promoted to Corperal. He can now lead his own small squadron. Normally he would pick his squadron, but his options are few, therefore, you two both get to be with Skyshadow from this point on.

Arcee: (salutes) I am honored.

Nightscream: I hope I won't be a third wheel now.

Skyshadow: Where did you get that idea? -chuckles-

Skiver: -nods- I'll leave you to it then, do as you please for the moment. The mission will commence soon,so get yourselves together. -walks out-

Arcee: new buster upgrade's done. I'm ready to rip.

Nightscream: You know me, I'm ready to ambush the enemy.

Skyshadow: Alright then...

Arcee: Though lately, we're the ones getting ambushed. Ever since this war began.

Skyshadow: The Commander has been given instructions about that. We'll find out soon. The Colonel is in and doing work, that much I can understand.

Arcee: Then we should get to work finding out how they're doing this....

Skyshadow: Orders were that we'd receive instructions directly from the Commander when it's time. All we need to do is be ready. Before you say anything, I think the Colonel thinks something's up, which is why he's keeping everyone else in the dark.

Arcee: We need to could the Mavs be so cunning and know everything we're doing before we even do it? And why are they so obsessed with a bunch of Nintendo pets?

Skyshadow: I was just hitting on the first part. Perhaps we have a mole, and the Colonel is trying to figure out who it is if there is one. As for the pets, no idea. Perhaps the Hunters have figured something out.

Arcee: It can't be Elpizo....he may be crafty, but he's not high enough to pull this off....

Nightscream: You don't have to be. Elpizo's been absent since you saw him, so it can't be him anyway.

Skyshadow: Let's just wait until we have more information, alright? The Colonel's on it, so we don't need to worry about it.

Arcee: Hmm.....

Skyshadow: Don't you trust the Colonel?

Arcee: I do...but I just don't know they keep ambushing us consistantly.

Skyshadow: That's what the Colonel's probably investigating. Maybe that's why we're sitting here doing nothing.


Colonel: -growls as he views the security tapes- So it was you after all... -copies all the information down to a mass memory uinit, puts it in his coat pocket, shuts down the machine while hurrying to the General's office- General!

General: You've found something?

Colonel: Not just something... -shows General the tape that reveals Double giving the Mavericks access to the communications network-

General: could I have been so blind? Sigma intentionally planted a mole within our ranks, a young cadet to keep suspicions away. Double as in double agent. That explains the repeated ambushes of our operations....

Colonel: There's more, but it pales in comparison to this. We need to fix the comm system, and the only way to do it is to reboot the network, and kick the Mavericks out. But I can't do that on my own, you need to give me the permissions to do it. We'll get on with arresting Double as well, but this takes priority.

General: Very well. But we must be quick....

Colonel: We can order for his arrest while I reboot the system. I'll need the codes.

General: I'll try to get a fix on his location....(looks at all the locations of the base from the cameras) He is not at the base....and neither is Sari....

Colonel: This is bad...he could already be aware that we are aware... But this is also a good thing, I can shut down the network without him knowing and he won't even know what happened until we grab him.

General: In the meantime, I'll contact Arcee. Perhaps she can search for Sari, and Double as well.

Colonel: Right. I'll need the codes to shut down the network. I need to move fast before Double gets back and figures out that his cover is blown, if he hasn't found out already.


General: (over commlink) Arcee, come in!

Arcee: Arcee here! What is it General?

General: Do you know where Sari is?

Arcee: Last I heard, she was on a date with Double. Why, what's up?

General:.....Then Sari could quite possibly be in danger. We have discovered that the double-agent within our ranks is Double himself.

Arcee: Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

General: He hacked our database and gave Sigma our entire communications network. The Maverick Army has been hearing all of our calls. You are assigned to capture Double, dead or alive! And watch your back, in case this call is intercepted. We need more time before Colonel reboots the network.

Arcee: Roger that! I'm on my way!

Skyshadow: Whoa, where are you going?

Arcee: Double's date with Sari could be a trap! I have to help her!

Skyshadow: Oh, orders from on high I take it?

Arcee: (nods) Double swiped the entire comm network. That's how they all know what's happening. And I don't think Sigma's happy, if he heard all that....

Skyshadow: Not like he can do anything about it. Go, but be careful. Not only for yourself but for Sari as well. I'll tell the Commander for you.

Arcee: (nods and flies off)


Sigma Prime: DOUBLE, YOU FOOL!! The idiot forgot to erase the evidence on the security feed, and now Colonel plans to reboot the system and strip us of the tactical advantage that we currently possess!

Elpizo: And our hands are tied in this situation. No matter what we do from here Colonel will reboot the system and kick us out. And we have no idea where to strike if we wanted to, because they didn't give any orders... I've told you, their Colonel is a brilliant bot.

Sigma Prime: Then we must put an end to him. Cyber Peacock, Split Mushroom, assemble the elite of our Mavericks and raid the Repliforce's base! Destroy Colonel before he can reboot the system!

Elpizo: That would not work. He's probably already in the process of it now. By the time they get there it'll be already too late. We need to save our forces for what Colonel plans to do.

Sigma Prime: Then, may I ask how we plan to retain the tactical advantage we have managed to secure? Need I remind you Project Predacon is at risk here?!

Elpizo: Nonsense, this tactical advantage and Project Predacon aren't linked in such a way losing one would affect the other that adversely. Besides, Project Predacon is already beginning to materialize according to Shockwave. As for retaining the tactical advantage, there's nothing we can do. Double lost it when Colonel found the tapes.

-Just then, the Repliforce communications network shuts down-

Spur Ponica: Uhh, boss. The phoneline's dead--

Sigma Prime: GRAAAH!!!! (suckerpunches Elpizo and electrocutes Spur Ponica)

Elpizo: GAAAAH!! -falls over, taking the blow-

Spur Ponica: AAAAH!!!

Sigma Prime: (begins stomping on her before kicking her aside) We have lost precious time and resources! I will not accept failure any longer! Peacock, see if any of the backup data Double sent survived. If it did, then perhaps we can begin anew...

Elpizo: Ugh... -barely manages to stand up- I think I'll retire to my quarters, and rest... -hobbles to his room- Ooowwwww...

Sigma Prime: Let that be a lesson to all of you, to never fail or anger me get to work!

Everyone: R-Right...! Sigma Prime sir!

Sigma Prime:.....


Double: We're lucky this place isn't off-limits to Reploids.
Sonic Adventure - Pleasure Castle (Twinkle Park) Theme - EXTENDED-010:17

Sonic Adventure - Pleasure Castle (Twinkle Park) Theme - EXTENDED-0

Double & Sari's Date

Sari: Yeah. Since Sigma blew everything up, Mobians don't trust us anymore.

Double: Yeah.....(Sari....if only I could tell you the truth....)

Arcee: (doing recon on top the tower) Found 'em. Anyone copy?

Skyshadow: This is Skyshadow, I copy.

Arcee: I have a visual of them. Sari's safe, for the moment. I'll try to take Double down without being seen, and keep ya posted when I can.

Skyshadow: Roger that. Be careful.

Arcee: Will do. Arcee out.

Double: (stomach growls)....I'm hungry.

Sari: Me too. Let's get a bite to eat!

(the two cross over to the snack bar and start enjoying some drinks, fries, and ice cream together)

Arcee: You're not fooling me Double....once I got a good aim, you're scrap!

Double: Mmm!! This is delicious!

Sari: You can say that again!

???: Yo man! WAZZUUUUUP!!!

Sari: (gasps) Maverick?! (wants to get her weapons ready)

Double: (crud! Think quick, think quick....) S-Sari, wait! That's Wire Sponge! He's my friend!

Wire Sponge: His best friend! Ever since he was built, we've been tight! (secretly takes off Double's tracker and smashes it without anyone noticing) 

Double: Yeah. You and Sari are practically the only guys that are nice to me.

Wire Sponge: Heard you were on a first date, so I wanted to drop by and say 'hi!'

Double: I'm glad I could see ya, pal! Later!

Wire Sponge: (prances off)

Sari: Your friend's....intresting.

Double: (chuckles)...w-w-wanna go for some rides?

Sari: Sure!

(the two began riding some roller coasters, the carosille, boat rides, and others; Arcee still in close watch)

Arcee: Arcee to Skyshadow. Looks like General was right. Double is the spy, and his friend is Wire Sponge.

Skyshadow: Skyshadow here. The General doesn't give direct orders like that for nothing. I'll send Wire Sponge's name up the chain now.

Arcee: Roger....the two are heading into the glass house now, and I can't sneak in undetected. Guess I'll have to wait outside.

Skyshadow: Roger. If you can, take this as an opportunity to move into a position so that you're less likely to be detected when they exit.

Arcee: Will do. Arcee out.


Double: Whoa....look at me! I look good!

Sari: Ooh! Look at this! My necklace looks small...and my head's bigger.

Double & Sari: (laugh and start cracking jokes)

Sari:....Double? If I went Maverick, would you still love me?

Double: (blushing) Uh?

Sari: (looks serious)

Double: Umm, well, I err......(gulps).....yeah. Of course....(shaking nervously)

Sari: Because if you ever went Maverick.....then I know I'd always love you....

Double: (blushing more) mean it?

Sari: (nods)

Double: Sari.....

(they eventually walk out and sit on a good place at the Pleasure Castle to see the fireworks)

Arcee: (in full position) Now for the right moment....

Double:.....Sari. I....I gotta t-t-t-tell you something.....

Sari: Yes?

Double: when you'd always love me even if I were Maverick....r-r-r-r-right?

Sari: Of course.

Double: Well....the truth is........

Sari: What? What's wrong?

Double: Sari....I am a Maverick....always have been.

Sari: (gasps , speechless)

Double: I was sent get better in battle.....and kill Repliforce from within......but I've also always loved you. Ever since I first met ya......but now you hate me after tha-

Sari: (kisses him, out of nowhere)

Double: !?

Arcee: (was about to shoot, when she sees it)

Sari: Y'know....I kinda knew already, the minute I saw Wire Sponge.....but I coulda helped ya sooner if ya told me.

Double: S-Sari....

Sari: I will always love you, Double, no matter who you are.....

Double: And......I...I'll always love you too....

Double & Sari: (embrace to kiss compassionatly)

Arcee:.......(sighs and retracts her buster) Arcee to Skyshadow. Tell the higher-ups that if taking in or down Double means I have to break Sari's heart.....then they can go frag themselves!

Skyshadow: ...You know someone has to do it.

Arcee: Well I'm not doing it! I won't break her heart, not like this! (flies off)

Skyshadow: -sighs-

Twilight Buttercup: Kitsune? Where are you?

-an explosion suddenly occurs nearby-

Twilight Buttercup: (goes to investigate) Kitsune?

Burnin' Kitsune: -laughs and jumps around in the smoke- Whoo! I seriously needed that! Yahoo!

Twilight Buttercup: Kitsune....why do you always keep exploding and diving all the time?

Burnin' Kitsune: Because if I don't, I pass out. Donno what happens if I don't do it for a long while, but it can't be good. 

Twilight Buttercup: But.....why not? It's not fair to you, having to risk yourself all the time.....I wish you could be fixed of that....

Burnin' Kitsune: Risk myself? Darlin' I have a feeling doing this is what keeps me alive!

Twilight Buttercup: So do I....but I wish you could live like a normal's not fair. (looks saddened)

Burnin' Kitsune: Like a normal person? That's boring! Snore! I'd take this over that any day! If I was normal, I'd be boring!

Twilight Buttercup: But you have to do this all the time...don't you get tired or.....lonely?

Burnin' Kitsune: Of course I sleep, when it's too boring I fall asleep. As for being lonely... I feel like I deserve it.

Twilight Buttercup: No one deserves to be alone....

Burnin' Kitsune: Everyone around me dies, Buttercup! Whether if it's in battle or by my own explosions trying to get the job done. You were lucky.

Twilight Buttercup:......(tenderly hugs him, crying)

Burnin' Kitsune: ...You don't like it when someone mentions death, do you?

Twilight Buttercup: No. Besides....I've grown....attached to you. Would me find the other Predacon specimens?

Burnin' Kitsune: Um...sure, I really don't care and you're not boring, so...

Twilight Buttercup: Oh thank you. (looks modest and shy)

Burnin' Kitsune: Heheh... -seems uncertain-

Twilight Buttercup: Come on.....(skips along)

Burnin' Kitsune: Heheh... -follows her-

General: Arcee disobeyed orders, didn't she?

Colonel: She did... Perhaps we should examine this phenomenon, that she spoke of... It's an across the board issue, and banning such things will not help morale. If anything it would cause more disobedience which is the exact opposite of what we want. Perhaps I should speak with Zero and get his thoughts on the situation.

General: (nods)

Colonel: -leaves for his own office-

Reisa: (looks at him)....

Colonel: -notices- Hm? Something the matter, soldier?

Reisa: (blushes) Ummm...nothing....

Colonel: Ah. Good then. -keeps walking-


Magma Dragoon: Sir, Sari and Double will be returning in approximatly 10 cycles.

Colonel: See to it that Double is arrested upon arrival. He's the mole that you speculated about earlier.

Magma Dragoon: And what about Sari?

Colonel: She's unrelated. Pay no mind to her unless she intervenes. Follow standard procedure in that situation.

Magma Dragoon: Yes sir....(leaves)

Colonel: -goes into his office and sits down at his desk, and initiates his personal communicator- Initiate call to the Olympus.

-On the Olympus...-

Armored Armadillo: Commander, we are getting a communication from's Colonel.

Zero: I'll take it in my ready room. Well-timed as always. Axl, you have the bridge. -walks to an office adjacent to the bridge-

Axl: Ten-four!

Zero: -enters the ready room and sits at the desk- Put it through.

Colonel: Zero, it has been a while since we have talked one-on-one.

Zero: Indeed, it has. What is it that you have to discuss?

Colonel: We have found a mole in our ranks, but there's a problem -- one of our own has fallen in love with him. It's becoming an across the board issue, and we need to find a way to deal with it.

Zero: You should be relieved to know that it's also been a problem with the Hunters as well. Most famously during the Vile operation. Perhaps we should re-examine our response to Mavericks.

Colonel: Re-examine?

Zero: Following the events of the Vile operation, and during the Jakob incident, I began to wonder about how we define Mavericks. We see them as criminals that deserve no less of a punishment than death. I think we're failing to realize something here. That Mavericks are also Reploids. We kill our own kind because they think differently, or have been misled. There are the few that make the concious decision to be Maverick, but some probably didn't, such as Vile.

Colonel: ...Are you suggesting that we should reach out to them?

Zero: Yes, show them that there's a life better than what they're working for. How much of a liar Sigma is. Perhaps these infatuations are not a threat, but an opportunity.

Colonel: That may be true, but thinking about it like that may become a double-edged sword. Trying to change someone and they'll only change you.

Zero: We haven't seen anyone go Maverick for those reasons, in fact, Vile settled down due to Pallette's feelings for him.

Colonel: Some may in the future, though.

Zero: That's their decision to make. Perhaps they may even get the idea to flee from the war together.

Colonel: Hmm...I may not like it, but it is probably our best decision.

Zero: This should be encouraged on the basis of saving as many Mavericks as possible, and destroy those who do not want to cross over.

Colonel: I understand. Thank you Zero. I know I can always count on you.

Zero: Don't mention it.

Colonel: I see that now you have assumed command fo the Hunters? Can't say that I'm surprised.

Zero: -shrugs- Doesn't feel any different than from before Signas showed up.

Colonel: -nods, knowingly-

Zero: Also, we were wrong about the enemy. They are searching. They are searching for these animals called Pocket Monsters, and they are to become the basis for super soldiers -- Super Mavericks.

Colonel: Hmm... I see.. We'll have to devise a strategy to attempt to deal with them.

Zero: -nods- What do you intend to do now?

Colonel: Now that the communications network has been rebooted, I can talk about it. We are planning to mount an assault on the enemy before they are able to impilment their weapons against us. We're planning something special for when we succeed. I would like you to assist.

Zero: Where is the assault happening?

Colonel: The Abel Missile Base. That's the nearest base to here. If we can succeed in taking that base back, we'll be in a stronger position in the long haul.

Zero: Understood. When is it happening?

Colonel: Soon. I suggest that you begin moving now in that direction if you aren't already.

Zero: Right. Is there anything else?

Colonel: Not at this time.

Zero: Thank you. Zero out. -ends communication and gets up to exit his ready room and re-enters the bridge-

Axl: How'd it go?

Zero: It's X's lucky day.

Axl: What, he's finally getting it from Alia?

Nana: At least he has something worthwhile......(looks saddened even still)

Zero: -sighs- Get your brains out of the gutter... I'm talking about his pacifistic views.

Axl: So....he finally got to you.....(looks on the scanners) Still no sign of Smokescreen....

Pallette: Maybe he's cloaking his position for some reason....

Zero: He could be on his own undercover mission. We'll have to ask him when he returns. He might go to Repliforce seeing the destruction, we should expect a call.

Axl: Alright....wherever you are, Smokey....stay safe, and be careful....

Cinnamon: Axl.....


Double: What happens if they find out?
Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 12 Sewers02:54

Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 12 Sewers

Double Arrested

Sari: Don't worry, Double. I'll defend ya until the end.

Double: Thanks, Sari. I'm glad to be your boyfriend.

Sari: (smiles)

Magma Dragoon: (walks out) Double, stop right there! You're under arrest!

Double: Scrap.....

Sari: (gets in the way) Get away, Dragoon...sir!

Magma Dragoon: Sari! He's a double-agent! A traitor! A plant-

Sari: I know....but he's also my friend! My love! And I won't let you take him!

Magma Dragoon:....Colonel, Sari isn't cooperating. Your orders?

Colonel: ...Bring her to me. Put Double in the brig for now.

Magma Dragoon:....Sari. You're coming with me. (grabs her and tries pulling her)

Sari: Let go of me! UGH!! (tries to break free)

Magma Dragoon: (to Mattrex) Dinorex, put Double in the brig.

Mattrex: Hmph. I'd yell at you if it wasn't the mole. -grabs Double and hauls him away- You'll be plenty bored in a cell, Maverick. Rust in it.

Double: (shaking) 


Sari: (lightly shoved into Colonel's office)

Magma Dragoon: I didn't want to do that.

Sari: Pardon me if I don't buy that scrap!

Colonel: Then buy this. Double gave the Mavericks our entire communications network. He gave the enemy the ability to ambush our forces no matter where we went because they'd be listening in. If I hadn't been able to figure that out, and reboot the system, we all would have been dead in a matter of days.

Sari: I know all this, you think Double hasn't told me squat? He isn't even evil, he's just misguided! He mostly came here for extra training cuz only Wire Sponge and Cyber Peacock were kind to him! No one else liked him, they all mocked him, thought he was useless!

Colonel: That brings me to my next point. It would do you good to allow me to finish without barging in with your emotions. May I continue or are you going to shout again?


Colonel: Wise move. I've just had a discussion with Zero about this very topic. The prime example being that of Vile the Weasel, who was conditioned to be a war machine through extreme pain therapy when disobeying his master. We believe that the phenomenon of Reploids having feelings for Mavericks and vice-versa could allow for us to get some to turn to our side. That the idea is to turn as many Mavericks as possible, so we won't have to destroy them.

Sari: So....what's gonna happen to Double...?

Colonel: Double's case is somewhat different. He could have killed us all. His only option is to reject his Maverick status, serve some time, and fight alongside us as a true Repliforce soldier, if he wants to live--if he wants to stay with you.

Sari: And, if he says no?

Colonel: Then he'll have to die. Either by execution or rusting in the brig. Either way we'll have to make him spill what he knows about the enemy to help us fight them.

Sari: That isn't fair! His friend works for Sigma! They're so close, they're like brothers! You can't do that!

Colonel: "Works for Sigma". Think about those words for a minute. Sigma, the one who razed the entire planet under our noses, the one who cheated death to toss more innocent lives into death. That's why we're in this damn war to begin with!


Colonel: War isn't fair. War is hell. If you're gonna fight in war, you better get used to that.

Sari: (starts to cry)

Colonel: I'm sorry, that's just how it is. Doing what you want would be both weak and foolish. We can't defeat Sigma if we're being pansies about things like this. Being pansies like this lets him win. You want to let him win? He's only going to take even more innocent lives.

Sari: No....but I don't want Double to die....(Maybe....maybe Wire Sponge....if I get him over to our side....)

Colonel: Then, that brings me to my final point, get him to turn. That's the only way he's coming out of this alive and free.

Sari:.....Maybe I can also get someone else too.

Colonel: Deal with Wire Sponge another time.

Sari: But Double shouldn't turn on his best friend!

Colonel: And you don't think, that when Reploids go Maverick, best friends have to point guns at each other?! Ask the Hunters! Their friends turned on them! Is that okay?

Sari:........(walks away) Maybe....but Wire Sponge is different. If I could just find him...

Colonel: Don't worry about Wire Sponge for now. Turn Double and maybe Wire Sponge would be more apt to follow.

Sari: I'll try.....

Twilight Buttercup: There's some airborne specimens dead ahead.

Burnin' Kitsune: Alright...

Twilight Buttercup:.....Over there!

Burnin' Kitsune: Hm?

Twilight Buttercup: Now we have to find a way to get--AAH!!

Burnin' Kitsune: NGH!!

(the two are shot from behind by Repliforce Air Force fighters)

Burnin' Kitsune: Shootin' me why don't ya? -engulfs himself in flames- I'll blow ya outta the sky!

Twilight Buttercup: Twilight to Eaglyde. We may need back up....

America Eaglyde: It's on its way! I'm sending myself and a few others now!

Burnin' Kitsune: WAH-HAH! -zooms off in pursuit of one of the fighters- IMMA ROAST YOUR BEHINDS!

(Arcee, Skyshadow, Nightscream, and a few others are in sight and on their position)

Arcee: There they are!

Nightscream: We need to finish them quickly.

Twilight Buttercup: (uses Twilight Ray to blast some fighters)

(America Eaglyde, Air Man, Gravity Antonion, and a few others are in sight)

America Eaglyde: Skyshadow. We meet again.

Skyshadow: Indeed...

Arcee: I'm shooting you down Eaglyde!

America Eaglyde: That's Commander Eaglyde to you! Antonion, scrap her!

Gravity Antonion: With pleasure! (charges at her)

Arcee: (barely blocks)

Nightscream: -disappears-

Gravity Antonion: (uses several gravity bursts)

Arcee: (barely dodging and fires at him)

Gravity Antonion: GRR!!! Prepare to be dissected!

Nightscream: -reappears behind Antonion- Not going to happen, nerd! -blasts him-

Gravity Antonion: AHH!! Ambushed, and insulted?! I am a scientist!

Twilight Buttercup: (catches a Staraptor) Got it!

Arcee: (charges into her and makes Twilight drop it)

Staraptor; (wings damages) STAAARRRRR!!!!

Nightscream: Not a warrior. That means you fail on the front lines! -attacks Antonion again-

America Eaglyde: (dives down to grab for it)

Arcee: (slashes at her with arm blades)

America Eaglyde: (ignites Chaosblade and parries)

Burnin' Kitsune: -looks at Arcee and smirks- I think I can have some fun today! -speeds at her, grabbing her away from Eaglyde, and starts a power dive, imbued in flames- WAHAHAAHAHAHA!! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!

Arcee: UGH!!!! (struggling to break free)

Twilight Buttercup: (catches the Staraptor)

Skyshadow: Arcee! Urgh...he's wanting to make an explosion...and hitting anything will make him go off, with all that fire there... Hope you break free. -sighs and turns to the enemy-

Nightscream: -continues to ambush and insult Antonion-

America Eaglyde: We've got what we need....but we'll stick around for the fireworks....

Arcee: Gotta...get loose...and fast....

Burnin' Kitsune: Nuh-uh-uh~! -holds on tighter- You're not getting away from me that easily! -laughs maniacally as they crash into the ground, causing a large explosion-

Twilight Buttercup: (covers her mouth, dropping Staraptor),....oops!

Burnin' Kitsune: -standing over a battered Arcee, as if nothing happened- Yeah-heah! Explodin' is my game!

America Eaglyde: Kitsune, grab that specimen!

Arcee: (isn't moving)

Burnin' Kitsune: Right! -takes off and grabs the Staraptor- Got it!

Skyshadow: Arcee! -flies down to her-

Twilight Buttercup: (hugs him)

Burnin' Kitsune: What's up...?

America Eaglyde: Okay, you two lovebirds, let's get outta here! Fall back!

Burnin' Kitsune: Right, right...

America Eaglyde:...Skyshadow. Join us. We were meant for each other! We need you....I need you....

Skyshadow: ...A world built by Sigma is not for us... Come to me instead! I need you too...but I cannot let Sigma have his way...he'll destroy us in the end...

America Eaglyde: Maybe, but this is my chance to prove myself, and I won't throw it away for such a lost cause like Repliforce!

Skyshadow: Prove what? What are you trying to prove?

America Eaglyde: That I'm not just some stupid fangirl! I joined because I wanted to battle alongside my idol, Storm Eagle - to show what I'm truly made of! Now that I'm commander, what would all my hard work be for if I defected? NOTHING!

Skyshadow: We may know two different Storm Eagles, because the Storm Eagle I know is a Hunter still after faking his own death and free the hostages that Sigma used to force him into following him... He apparently knew what Sigma was doing was wrong, and still is wrong.

America Eaglyde:.....

Skyshadow: In fact...he's one of the Hunters still in recovery after the base fell... Critical condition last I knew...

Gravity Antonion: This fool spills nonsense, Commander! Ignore him!

Skyshadow: There are things you don't know about people you care about if you're on the wrong side of the fence. I'll ask the Commander to pass along to Storm Eagle that you spoke of him.

America Eaglyde:.....I'll think about it. Retreat!

(the Mavericks retreat)

Skyshadow: -flies down to Arcee- Arcee!

Arcee: (groans)

Nightscream: She took major damage from that pyromaniac...

Skyshadow: Take her back to the ship...

Nightscream; Right. -picks her up-


Skyshadow: Let's go...

-they leave-

Twilight Buttercup: This was all we could find father....
Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Original Video Game Score) - Hospital02:17

Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Original Video Game Score) - Hospital

Daughter-to-Father Talk

Shockwave: It will most certainly do. These are all the specimens required for Project Predacon.

Burnin' Kitsune: Cool. Is it explosions time yet?

Shockwave: Indulge yourself....

Twilgiht Buttercup; Umm...father May I speak in private?

Shockwave:....Very well.

Burnin' Kitsune: Well, I think I'll take another dive while you talk. I'll be back. -walks out-

Twilgiht Buttercup:" Father....the way Kitsune's's killing him. He needs to keep blowing himself up or he dies! I was wondeirng....could you fix it?

Shockwave: You mean me to rewrite his entire programming and remove the caviot of his charging flame attacks?

Twilight Buttercup: Please father?

Shockwave:....Your request is.....highly illogical.

Twilight Buttercup: Huh? But...but why?

Shockwave: Burnin' Kitsune was designed by Dr. Doppler to be a reusable missile that never expired, never kamikazed. To remove that programming would not be strategically sound. He has destroyed a good chunk of our and Repliforce's troops. A valued asset like that cannot be removed.

Twilight Buttercup: What if he dies overusing it or botching it? 

Shockwave: Then we shall perfect his designs and create a better Maverick warrior. Either way, it is best he remains a war machine, in order to destroy our hated adversaries.

Twilight Buttercup: Father, please--

Shockwave: My decision is final! Now leave my labratory, before I decide to logically use you as target practice for Hardtop.

Twilight Buttercup: (scared; slowly and nervously leaves)

Shockwave: (continues working on the Predacons) Perhaps I did make a mistake in her. She is growing a conscience. I must report this to Sigma Prime and Lord Megatron, once my work is completed....

Chapter 4: Operation: Hunters


Colonel: -at his desk stroking his chin, smirking- Heheheh...Sigma...two can play the game of deception.

-Aboard the flagship above...-

Skiver: All hands, we're rolling out. We're taking a few capitals with us on an attack vector. We're taking the fight to the enemy before they are able to use their super weapons against us.

Silverbolt: Sir, Arcee is still outcold....

Skiver: And we are only taking four other capitals with us. There is a strategy involved where her absence would be negligible. We will proceed on schedule. I will see her later on.

Silverbolt: Very well.

Skiver: Prepare the Aerialbots for assault. The objective is to take down as many enemies as you can, put on a show.

Silverbolt: Understood!

Skiver: -nods and makes his way to the bridge-

Silverbolt: (moves out and assembles his troops)

-the five capital ships move out-

Jetfire: (nods)

Skyshadow: Approaching target...

Jetstorm: Alright! Bout time!

-Sigma airships begin an intercept course as the Repliforce ships approach the Abel Missile Base-

Nightscream: Inbound Mavericks.

Skiver: Looks like they took the bait. Now we have to make them believe it. All forces, scramble!

Silverbolt: Roger that! (leads the Aerialbots)

Skyshadow: Nightscream, let's go.

Nightscream: Roger.

-they leave for battle-

Silverbolt: On my signal, my breathren....

-the two sides make contact, engaging each other in an intense firefight, the Sigma forces outnumbering Repliforce's-

Silverbolt: NOW!! ATTACK!!
Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 20 Titan Battle01:44

Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 20 Titan Battle

Repliforce's Aerial Assault!

Skiver: Capitals, we need a wedge! Form up!

-the capital ships form a V and attempt to enter the enemy lines-

America Eaglyde: (flies down) Defensive positions!

Starscream: Defense? Is this truly a time to cower from doom?

America Eaglyde: Head-on assault will only create more losses! Defenseive positions, now!

(the Sigma airships prepare a more defensive formation)

Skiver: Just a little longer... That's exactly what we want... -taps a button on his console-

-the Repliforce ships begin taking heavy damage-

America Eaglyde: (What are they up to?).....Cease fire!

Skiver: (They know something's up now...) Fire! Fire! Take down as many as you can!

Silverbolt: Alright! Aerialbots, COMBINE!!

(the Aerialbots assemble to form Superion)

America Eaglyde: Now, attack!

Starscream: About time! (leads the Seekers to battle)

Skiver: Phew...we got it... -checks his console, and smiles- We won.

-suddenly, the Sigma airships are attacked from behind as many more Repliforce airships arrive-

Starscream: They flanked us! Eaglyde, you idiot! How could you lead us into this?!

America Eaglyde: Split up our forces! You lead half our squadron to the back, and I'll take out the front!

Starscream: I do not guard the rear!

America Eaglyde: Just do it!

Skiver: Continue the assault! Blast them all out of the sky!

-the Repliforce airships pummel the Sigma airships on both sides, causing them to quickly become heavily damaged-

America Eaglyde:......Retreat. All forces, fall back!

Starscream: Oh she did a spectacular job leading us!

America Eaglyde: (blasts him with a rocket launcher as the Mavericks retreat)

Skiver: Open a channel to the lead flanking ship. -channel opens- Nice work, Jetfire. That timing couldn't have been better.

Jetfire: Thank you, sir! I'm sure the Mavericks are going to be looking pretty dumb right about now.

Skiver: Very true; however, that is exactly why we cannot let our guard down. The enemy will want to return for seconds, and we'll have to stonewall them. The weapons that we'll need will roll in once the ground forces clean up here. 

Jetfire: We can just pray they do well, and the Hunters too.

Skiver: -nods- One thing is for certain, when the Mavericks return, it is paramount we repel them. We are not just sitting ducks anymore. We are competent. We are competitive.

Jetfire: Yes sir....


Zero: Seems like the attack was a success. Now, to join up with them for the counterattack or cause another distraction...?

Storm Eagle: Zero, I'd say that we should meet up with them, but there are personal reasons involved...

Zero: I understand.

Armored Armadillo: Sir, I second that motion. If we go to support them, they'll stand a better chance at repelling the counterattack.

Zero: Noted. Axl, your thoughts?

Axl: A part of me wants to help, Zero....but that's what the Mavs want. They'll think of something, try to ambush us somehow....I wanna help them, but....

Zero: Hmm...

Squid Adler: I think the time for ambushes are over as of now. The enemy has just been completely insulted. They would not be in the mood for an ambush, they're probably too busy trying to take away the critical victory Repliforce just got. If there is any resistance, it would be minimal.

Zero: Sound. X, what do you make of this?

X: We shouldn't put it past Sigma. He's plotting some way to counter this. Nevertheless, I still think we should try to help them, but stay on alert.

Zero: I see. Storm Eagle, set a course for the Abel Missile Base, all ahead full.

Storm Eagle: Roger. Abel Missile Base, all ahead full.

-the Olympus turns and flies off toward the missile base-

America Eaglyde: (pacing back and forth outside the missile base) How could I have been such a fool to let that happen to me? I fell for one of the dumbest tricks in the book. Prime is gonna slag me up for this!

Burnin' Kitsune: Um, 'scuse me ma'am, but those ships were not on our scanners at all before they attacked. We should have seen them coming sooner than we did. And any idiot knows, that you can't prepare for something you can't see.

America Eaglyde: (sighs) Whatever. But if this keeps happening, I am so scrapped!

Burnin' Kitsune: Let's hope that doesn't happen. Prime sees what goes on, and he saw that. If we didn't see those ships then neither could he. But, anyway, gotta take another dive, be right back. -flies off-

America Eaglyde; (sighs)

-she gets a call from command-

America Eaglyde: Yes?

Elpizo: This is Elpizo. I have received some comments about one of your soldiers. Bunin' Kitsune, I believe is his name, yes?

America Eaglyde: What is it?

Elpizo: I've done some digging around on him. I have found some...unsettling things about his programming and functioning. I feel obligated to let you know so you can deal with him properly. You are already aware that he isn't a normal Maverick.

America Eaglyde: Yes, I am.

Elpizo: You are also aware that he has an obsession with exploding, and crashing into things, diving, and the like.

America Eaglyde: Mhm...

Elpizo: Well, I have found, that those things, are what keeps him alive. The energy that is released is what helps power his core. He survives explosions through his fire attribute, which converts into energy. If he doesn't do it at least a few times a day he'll pass out. If he doesn't do it for more than a week or so...he could shut down.

America Eaglyde: Wow...poor thing....

Elpizo: He was dubbed by his creator, a "living reusable missile". Very befitting for a Maverick whose primary function is to charge into things and explode.

America Eaglyde: How did you find out about this? And why are you telling me this, sir?

Elpizo: I have the authority to find out these things. On the basis of proper care for our kind, I felt it was necessary to work it out with this case. It caught my attention when he nearly buried some of you while collecting specimens for Project Predacon. Insight to how he thinks, and perhaps why he did it, and why he is so explosive-oriented.

America Eaglyde: Okay. I understand....

Elpizo: Good. Now I'm afraid Prime is going to have yet another tantrum. -sighs- Speaking for command, I say that you are not at fault. We didn't see those extra ships. They're getting clever, and Prime doesn't take too kindly to being outsmarted. I'm afraid he'll take his anger out on you when it's the enemy just being clever. I'll be going now.

America Eaglyde: Alright. 

Elpizo: I hope he doesn't punch me in the face again... -ends call-

America Eaglyde: (sighs)

-an explosion occurs, and Bunin' Kitsune bounces back to Eaglyde-

Burnin' Kitsune: WHOO-HOO! Ahhh...that was refreshing...

America Eaglyde: I heard of your specs from Elpizo...

Burnin' Kitsune: Did you now? I don't know my own specs, there are just some things I know I need to do. Like keep out of water. Ew. Water.

America Eaglyde: Basically, you have to keep dropping and exploding things a few times a day to keep from passing out. But if you don't do it for over a week.....

Burnin' Kitsune: Something worse happens, That I don't want to think about.

America Eaglyde; You go offline....I hope Twilight doesn't find out....

Burnin' Kitsune: ...Well... I'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen. And keep out of water too...

America Eaglyde: (hears a siren on her wrists) Maverick Hunters!

Burnin' Kitsune: Didn't we blow them up already? They should be gone, right?

America Eaglyde; Some of them survived.

Burnin' Kitsune: Aw well that's just swell! Want an explosion done right, have to leave it to the explodin' Maverick! Where are they?

America Eaglyde: (looks up) Hmm?

-the Olympus flies over them-

Burnin' Kitsune: That must be them! Haha! I've had yet to blow up an airship! -flies off to chase it-

America Eaglyde: Get them!

Axl: We have an incoming!

Burnin' Kitsune: Yahoo! -ignites and flies fast, quickly catching up to the Olympus-

Squid Adler: It's ignited itself...seems explosive! If whatever that thing hits us we might not be in the air anymore!

Zero: Where is it?

Squid Adler: Off the starboard aft, coming in fast.

Zero: Shoot it down!

Armored Armadillo: It's too erratic, I can't get a fixed lock.

Zero: -gets up and takes over Armadillo's position- Give me a visual. Now! -given a grid visual, and works on the console- Show me the angle of the laser cannon I'm using. -proceeds to aim the cannon meticulously but quickly, trying to compensate for Kitsune's erratic movements-! -blasts the laser cannon at Kitsune,scoring a direct hit, and causing him to explode several times-

Burnin' Kitsune: WAHAAAAAAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! -explodes several times falling, making a larger explosion impacting on the ground-

America Eaglyde: Whoa! What power!

Burnin' Kitsune: Waaarrrgh...well, that was fun...haha...

America Eaglyde: This is gonna be harder than I thought....

Burnin' Kitsune: Didn't think they could hit me with the way I fly...that had to take some... -slowly gets up- ...phenominal targeting capability...not provided by any normal system... Haha...

Twilight Buttercup: (flies down) Kitsune!

Burnin' Kitsune: -shakes his head out- Heya Buttercup. Just got blasted and exploded for trying to blow up that ship. Amazing how I was hit. I like it! They don't just go down like some stupid slut. -laughs- Wonderful! Excellent! -to Eaglyde- Ma'am, I know you may not share the same sentiment, but this is my idea of fun! Hahaaa~! So much fun!

Twilight Buttercup:.....

America Eaglyde: I'm sending reinforcements. Twilight, you try bringing that craft!

Twilight Buttercup: Roger! (flies up and attacks the Olympus)

Squid Adler: We've got more incoming!

Zero: Storm Eagle, Axl, you two go down and find out what's attacking us. Armadillo return fire.

Storm Eagle: Roger. -gets up-

Armored Armadillo: Aye.

Twilight Buttercup: If I's in there, I will flatten her for good!

Axl: (flies out)

Storm Eagle: -also flies out-

America Eaglyde: (Storm Eagle!)

Axl: Alright, who's this?

Storm Eagle: No idea... Vastly different from the Mavericks we've seen before I can say that much.

Twilight Buttercup: I's never mentioned me? I'm Twilight Buttercup, made by Decepticon scientist Shockwave, and helped the army achieve success in Project Predacon.

Storm Eagle: She has never met you...she was built by Gate. She was built from the design of X, using the original algorithims of Copy-X.

Twilight Buttercup: Oh no

Storm Eagle: Confirmed. The only one she briefly mentioned was having some sort of coniption fit with Optic Sunflower before taking her out. Axl can attest to that.

Axl: Or maybe there's a reason I never mentioned you.

Twilight Buttercup: I may say the same for you....(uses her Twilight Ray)

Storm Eagle: -evades- Hmph. -uses Storm Tornado-

Twilight Buttercup: Ugh!

Storm Eagle: -blows her away by flapping his wings to cause a wind-

Twilight Buttercup: (blown away) AAAAHH!!

America Eaglyde: (flies up) Storm Eagle. We finally meet, for real....(bows)
Mega Man X - Storm Eagle (Rock Metal Cover)02:34

Mega Man X - Storm Eagle (Rock Metal Cover)

Eagle vs. Eaglyde!

Storm Eagle: I know you from somewhere...? Let me rephrase that, am I supposed to know you?

America Eaglyde; I saw you in high school, defending my school. I idolized you, so I wanted to be in the Army to fight with you. I'm America Eaglyde, commander of the Aerial Assault Unit!

Storm Eagle: You have misread my actions... -sighs-

America Eaglyde: What do you mean?

Storm Eagle: Armored Armadillo and I were forced into joining Sigma initially because he had captured several communities of people, and if we didn't agree, he'd order the execution of them all. We knew that Sigma's plans woiuld only lead to destruction, so we made a plan. We faked our deaths at the hands of X, so that under the suspicion that we had been slain, free the hostages before Sigma would murder them all in cold blood. Later, we assisted X in his fight against Vile. Because of these actions, I now lead the Maverick Hunters' Redemption Squadron.

America Eaglyde:....

Storm Eagle: You may have idolized me, but you misobserved. You wanted to mirror me, but to mirror someone you'd have to know that person. You don't know me. If you did, you wouldn't be a Maverick.

America Eaglyde: Even so, I have achieved too much just to throw it away. I want to prove to everyone I'm more than just a dumb fangirl!

Storm Eagle: You've proven to be a misguided fangirl if anything... Do you not have any shame in the murder of more innocent lives than even the amount of Mavericks that have ever been slain until now?

America Eaglyde: Anything it takes.

Axl: I've heard enough! (arms his weapons)

Storm Eagle: ...Then Sigma truly has made you callous. You cannot be a fan of a Hunter, yet serve a Maverick. En garde. -readies-

America Eaglyde: I'll show you what I can do, but don't expect me to hold back!

Storm Eagle: Good. You're just like the rest of the Mavericks. Ready to die for a gilded master. -blasts a Storm Tornado at her, suddenly-

America Eaglyde: I am....not like them! (fires Liberty Twisters at him) I'll show everyone what I'm really capable of!

Storm Eagle: -casually evades the twisters- Not doing a very good job of it. You're not even showing independent thought. Just as bull-headed as Mammoth.

America Eaglyde: (gasps) I...I'm sorry. I'm just nervous, I'm fighting my hero I'm afraid I'll mess up and mess up bad! I may get demoted, and Starscream takes over to screw up again!

Storm Eagle: Not all warriors are meant to be leaders.

America Eaglyde: Maybe, but it doesn't hurt to try. (charges at him, with powerful Sky-fu techniques)

Storm Eagle: -ducks underneath and blasts a Storm Tornado at her from below- I was talking about Starscream.

America Eaglyde: Tch. Try telling him that! (shooting rocket launcher ammo at him)

Storm Eagle: -blows the wind at them so that the rockets hit each other- He's simply a moron if he can't understand that. He'll get himself slagged sooner or later.

America Eaglyde: (ignites her Chaosblade) Hope so.

Storm Eagle: -dashes at her with breakneck speed and hits her face with an elbow strike-

America Eaglyde: AAAHH!!! (starts to descend at an alarming rate)

Storm Eagle: That ends her. Axl, I think we're done here.

Axl: So we just leave her to rust? She admired you. She may've been Maverick, but her spark was anything but!

Storm Eagle: Right...Zero's new Maverick Directive... -dashes down at blazing speed, and grabs Eaglyde centimeters from the ground and returns with her-

America Eaglyde: I don't believe it....rescued by my own hero!....I think I'm gonna faint.

Storm Eagle: Mavericks are still Reploids after all. Heh.

America Eaglyde: (sighs and faints)

Axl: Well....

Sigma Prime: Eaglyde was defeated and captured by the Maverick Hunters?

Elpizo: Apparently so. Her opponent was apparently formidable.

Sigma Prime:.....Storm Eagle.

Starscream: Yes, my liege. I saw it myself. He annihilated her, and then took her prisoner.

Sigma Prime:.....You bore witness to her capture and defeat, and yet did nothing to prevent it?! (angrily fires beams at him) IDIOT!!!!

Elpizo: -speaks softly, almost timidly to Sigma- His, um, record reveals that...he is a power monger... In other words...if it would benefit him to gain more influence and power....he'll do whatever it takes....

Starscream: Not true, sir! I always wish to take one for the team!

Sigma Prime: Do you take me for a fool? Soundwave has kept me informed of your treacherous activities! And if another one will face personal lay-offs!

Starscream: Y-yes...Sigma Prime....(limps out)

Sigma Prime: (shakes head) Any word from Double?

Elpizo: No sir.

Spur Ponica: 'Fraid to say it, boss, but he got found out and captured by the enemy.

Sigma Prime: Did he now?

Spur Ponica: I'll get him out,no sweat!

Sigma Prime: (blasts her across the room) You will do no such thing. He is a lost cause, and a casualty of war. His limited usefulness has ended, and therefore we no longer need him. For now, he can rust on Prison Island for all I care!

Elpizo: The Double Operation has failed, and shall be terminated immediately. I will go and cut off his communication access now. -proceeds to leave-

Sigma Prime: If we have not heard from Double in some time, it stands to reason it is already cut off. But indulge yourself.

Elpizo: I would rather not put ourselves in a potentially vulnerable position if I can prevent it. We've had a couple of unchecked loopholes, I am simply being careful so we don't have any this time. -walks off-

Sigma Prime: Hmph.

Cyber Peacock: ...Well I can't go on trying to hide from what's coming to me...

Split Mushroom: Hmph. You're gonna get slagged!


Double: (locked in a cell) I'm cold....I'm hungry....I'm alone....I want out of here!
Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 08 Leaper Ambush02:59

Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 08 Leaper Ambush

Double in Prison

Mattrex: Quiet, Maverick! -growls menacingly-

Double: Please! I want out! I'm not that bad a person, really!

Mattrex: You nearly killed us all! And you're not that bad?! If that were true Sigma is the incarnation of evil itself!

Double: I'm sorry, I did what Prime told me to! But he hates me; they all hate me!

Mattrex: Not my problem!

Double: Please...let me outta here! I don't wanna die!

Mattrex: Not my decision.

Double: Just tell him I want out, and I won't do anything bad again! I promise! (crying)

Mattrex: Pfft! Try saying something we can't guess! Of course you want out, Maverick!

Magma Dragoon: Mattrex, that's enough!

Mattrex: Hmph. Honestly, what you did would've paled in comparison to what could've happened if the Colonel didn't figure out this trechery when he did. First we have a Commander skip out on us and now we got an idiot that nearly spelled out the destruction of the planet's only defense against this new breed of Mavericks! -breathes heavily- Ugh...

Magma Dragoon: Perhaps....but even some Mavericks do possess the potential for change.....Double. We need you to tell us all you know about Sigma Prime's army and intentions.

Mattrex: His redemption may very well depend on what he'll spill.

Double: Well....he wants his new be a world without organics. Bring in a world that only Reploids exist in....

Magma Dragoon: Those were Iris' dying words to the old Zero...(to Mattrex) Coincidence?

Mattrex: ...Can't tell... Maybe an idea taken further than before...

Double: He planted me into Repliforce to steal their intel and destroy them from within, and to get more training because everyone hated me for my skills. I-I was good up close, but my aim was off, so I had to go to Repliforce to improve my efforts.

Mattrex: Hmph... You're not helping your cause, but you are a terrible liar anyway....

Double: (shaking, now scared)

Magma Dragoon: Continue....

Double: No! I'm scared now, you'll all kill me if I go on anyway!

Mattrex: Either we'll kill you or Sigma will for failing and getting captured. We're probably more likely to let you live than he anyway.

Double: (still scared)

Mattrex: Knowing the Colonel, he'd probably make an offer. But he also had a talk with Sari. You do realize you nearly caused her death, right?

Double:......I....I didn't....I'm sorry! (crying) I'll tell you everywhere the Maverick outposts are if ya let me out, I swear!

Mattrex: Hmph. That's for the Colonel to decide. You can talk to him.


-Colonel walks in with Sari-

Mattrex: Speaking of which-- Colonel, sir!

Colonel: Status report.

Magma Dragoon: Double says he knows where the Maverick outposts are. But only if we set him free.

Sari: D-Double....your hands.....

Double: Sari....I'm cold....hungry....I don't wanna die...

Colonel: Hm. Double, I will let you out of here if you would join us for real. Join our cause. Though you would have to serve some time in here, you will avoid being executed if you join us for real. That and give us those locations.

Double:....? You mean it?

Colonel: You have no other options. If you want to be able to stay with Sari, you'll do as I say.

Double: Oh thank you sir, thank you! I will! But.....what about my friend, Wire Sponge?


Colonel: We'll deal with him another time, when we are actually able to. You will serve your time in here, and give us those locations during that time. Sari, we will give you hours where you will be able to see him at a later time.

Sari: Okay.

Double: (shaking, now even colder than before)

Colonel: -notices Double's shivering- ...Who made it that cold in there? I didn't tell anyone to make it cold in there.

Magma Dragoon: Mattrex...?

Mattrex: I'm not that cruel. I thought he was just whining...

Colonel. Get the temperature up. Now.

Magma Dragoon: (tries to put the temperature up)

Mattrex: ...Why is nothing happening?

Colonel: Something's wrong...

Mattrex: ... -starts roaring- FROOOST WALRUUUUUUUS!! -storms out to look for Frost Walrus- MURDEROUS IDIOT! GET YOUR BROKEN CHASSIS TO THE BRIG!

Frost Walrus: WHAT THE F*** IS IT YOU--Oh. Hello Colonel.

Colonel: This cell is much colder than normal, and I told no one to make it that cold. I demand to know why.

Frost Walrus: Okay, I made it that way, so what? Maverick kids are as annoying as normal kids, and I hate Mavericks as much as the next person!

Sari: Are you crazy?! Any lower and he'll die!

Frost Walrus: That's the general idea, moron!

Mattrex: You made him even more annoying, a**hole! I thought he was just complaining! You don't know how pissed I am with you right now...

Frost Walrus: Pff! Big whoop! What are you gonna do about it?!

Sari: (fires energy ball at him)

Frost Walrus: (backhands it) Pah-lease!

Mattrex: I don't need to do anything until the Colonel tells me to.

Colonel: Commander Frost Walrus, I order you to return this cell to normal, immediately. -brandishes Chaosblade-

Frost Walrus: Fine....(fixes the heater)

Magma Dragoon: (turns it on to 89 degrees)

Double; Phew! Much better!

Colonel: -returns Chaosblade- I want to see you in my office later.

Mattrex: Like I said, a**hole, I didn't need to do anything about it.

Colonel: You too, Mattrex.

Mattrex: -gulps- Y-Yes sir...

(a growling is heard from Double)

Double: Oops....still kinda hungry.

(everyone falls over, comedically)

Colonel: Dragoon, get this bot some food already. Walrus, Mattrex, with me. -walks out-

Mattrex: -follows him-

Frost Walrus: (follows)

Chapter 5: Unleash the Beasts


Smokescreen: (sneaking inside) Okay...I'm in....
Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 11 Stealth03:08

Transformers Fall of Cybertron OST - 11 Stealth

Smokescreen Infiltrates Kaon

(Smokescreen hides from plain sight, as Dr Doppler walks through the wall with some Mavericks)

Tunnel Rhino: We are currently tracking Vile's location as we speak, doctor. 

Toxic Seahorse: pretty soon, he'll be wishing X did kill him with that damn charged shot!

Dr. Doppler: Excellent. Once he is retrieved, I will rewrite his entire programming and memories, to ensure he follws my will alone and will not be so pathetic as he is.

(they finally pass by and Smokescreen continues recon)

Smokescreen: Shockwave's lab's just ahead. (speedily stealths his way through)

Shockwave: (in a conversation with Lumine) Hence forth, it will be more logical to eradicate Twilight Buttercup before her sentience fully grows a conscience not unlike the Maverick Hunters, X and I.

Lumine: I don't see her becoming rebellious, her ignorance is holding from what I can tell, but indulge yourself if you wish.

Shockwave: She has become too attached to her mate, Kitsune, and has delayed my development of Project Predacon. What I suggest is to send her to fight her rival, I the Hedgehog, and leave her there with no back-up. I will find much better assistants for the Predacons to be unleashed.

Lumine: She is none of my concern. If you need permission you got it.

Shockwave: Very well. Ensure that all receive this news, all but Twilight...

Lumine: Right, right, I will...

Shockwave; (leaves his lab, failing to notice Smokescreen sneaking in)

Smokescreen: (sees all the Predacons) Whoa...

(one of the Predacons in the containers starts to mysteriously stur)

Smokescreen: (heads to a console and starts downloading and uploading all the specs of the Predacons to the Maverick Hunters) Just in case I don't make it, at least I can let the others know how to stop these things....

????: this?! (breaks the support and begins punching the glass tube which he's encased in)

(the alarm sounds as Smokescreen finishes up)

Smokescreen: Scrap! Better get going! (runs out the door to see Shockwave and several Mavericks in his way) Double scrap!

Shockwave: So you attempted to use my creations against us? 

Smokescreen: No, the thing got free on its own--(hears glass shattering and quickly fights his way out of the crowd and runs off)

Shockwave: Silver Horn, survey the perimeter. Lock this area down and find him! 

Silver Horn: Right! He's not getting away from me! -runs off-

Shockwave: (enters his lab and sees one of the Predacons had freed himself)

????: I?
Aurahk Lucario

Aurahk Lucario

Shockwave: A Predacon, cloned from DNA of a creature known as Lucario.

????: Predacon....(aura forms in his hands) I....I hear a that my name?

Shockwave: It is most logical. (nods)

Aurahk Lucario: Aurahk what I am. And I pledge undying allegiance to you...and your masters, Shockwave....

Shockwave: Aurahk Lucario, because you are the first of my creations to be created, completed, and released, it is most logical that I make you leader of the Predacons....

Aurahk Lucario: (bows) I am honored....

Smokescreen: (trying to escape and hide from Silver Horn and the Decepticons) Man, these 'Cons are persistant! (phases through a wall)

Silver Horn: C'mon kitty kitty kitty~ I won't hurt you...much... -laughs-

Smokescreen: (hiding within the armory, quiet)

Silver Horn: You can't even leave if you wanted to, got guys and sensors all over the perimeter, you've got nowhere to run! -starts banging down each door he sees, closing in on the amrory- C'mon out and face your fate!

Smokescreen: (phases through a package of gunpowder)

Silver Horn: Okay, kid! Now you're pissing me off! -beats down doors then floods the rooms with a Tidal Wave, a few rooms away from the armory-

Spur Ponica: (gets washed up) AAAAHH!!!

Smokescreen: (rushes out to help her)

Silver Horn; Ah-hah! I found you little bugger! -grabs Smokescreen-

Smokescreen: UGH!! Bug off asshole! (shoots his feet)

Silver Horn: Ngh! Little idiot! -starts hammering him into walls, slinging him around like a towel-

Smokescreen: (taking heavy damage, so he phases through a wall upon impact and swims to save Spur Ponica) Hang in there, hot stuff! (running off)

Vehicons: (trying to stop him)

Silver Horn: Hmph! -sends another Tidal Wave at them- Be destroyed, fool!

Smokescreen: (phases out the locked door, and escapes)

Spur Ponica: (unconscious)

Silver Horn: Damn! He got away! -storms off to find Smokescreen, not even caring for Spur-

Shockwave: Do not bother. He has escaped beyond retrieval. However, we have strategies to discuss and a Predaking to unleash....


Nana: (depressed, pressing a few keys).....

Armored Armadillo: -running precautionary weapon dianostics-

Squid Adler: -communicating with Gravity Beetle, who is in Engineering, about engine efficiency-

Dynamo: -enters, looking for something- ...Where's Zero?

Armored Armadillo: Even an idiot would know that he'd be in his ready room, Maverick.

Dynamo: Can it, I don't need your sass!

Nana: Oh. Hey Dynamo. How is our prisoner doing?

Dynamo: Still out like a light. Eagle really beat the tar out of her.

Armored Armadillo: You would know, wouldn't you?

Dynamo: 'Ey, I said, I don't need your sass, Armadillo!

Armored Armadillo: Sass? I don't have "sass", Maverick! Of course, I wouldn't expect you to know the difference.

Dynamo: I don't care what it is, I don't need it, so can it!

Nana: (looks frustrated, glares at Armadillo)

Armored Armadillo: Hmph. Respect your superiors.

Dynamo: Uh-huh, Zero, X, Axl, and Storm Eagle. That list doesn't include you, ballbering!

Armored Armadillo: Why you--! I'd have you "escorted" off this damn bridge!

Dynamo: Wanna start another fight? I'm right here, do it! Do it!

Nana: (walks right up to Armadillo, breaking the conflict)

Dynamo: ...Hello?

Armored Armadillo: ...Can I help you?

Nana: Yeah. You can grah off. (kicks him right in the bearings)

Armored Armadillo: Ngh!! -falls over, comically-

Dynamo: -breaks out into hysterical laughter- This bot got owned in one shot by a chick! Not so tough now are ya?

Nana: I'm not done...(proceeds to kick the scrap out of him)

Armored Armadillo: -yelling in pain-

Dynamo: -falls over, unable to contain his laughter- This bot's gettin' pinap'd! Hard! So hard! Scrap just got real, bots!

X and Axl: (run in and sees this)

X: What's going on?!

Dynamo: -still laughing hysterically-

Axl: Nana? What...are you doing?

Nana: Making him pay for what he did to me, and how he has mistreated particular  Hunters. I can't believe I ever fell in love with him!

Zero: -walks out of his ready room slowly, apparently extremely ticked off about something-

Armored Armadillo: -slowly gets up- Ngh...

Nana: (about to kick him down until she sees Zero, then returns to her station)

Zero: I heard every word, and his punishment isn't over yet. -slowly walks over to Armadillo, menacingly- ...Dynamo may be an idiot, he may be lazy, and he may not take much of anything seriously...but that's MY BROTHER you're talking scrap about! -punches Armadillo straight in the face, making him fly across the bridge-

Dynamo: Aniki...

Nana: (giggles)

Zero: Dynamo, with me in my ready room. -walks back to his ready room-

Dynamo: -follows him-


Armored Armadillo: Ugh... If even Zero hit me I guess I deserved it...

X: You deserved more than that Armadillo, I should've finished you before....

Armored Armadillo: Hmph. That cat has no sense of duty. At least we do.

X: And you have no sense of valor. 

Armored Armadillo: And he does?

X: I rest my case....

Armored Armadillo: Hmph...



Dynamo: You...wanted to see me, Aniki?

Zero: -sighs- Am i ever going to make you stop calling me that?

Dynamo: Probably not. You are my older brother after all.

Zero: -sighs- Well, anyways, I've combed back through our surviving records, and apparently X needs a lieutenant, a replacement should there be need, like how I have Axl relieve me when I'm not on the bridge. I want you to be X's lieutenant.

Dynamo: ...Does this mean I'm being promoted?

Zero: Your loyalty has become beyond reproach since you've joined us, despite Armadillo giving you're a hard time, and despite you're laziness issue. I'm promoting you to Lieutenant Captain. You will answer only to X, Axl, and myself. X needs one, and I think you would fit the mold.

Dynamo: Thank you A--I mean, sir!

Zero: -chuckles and taps a few buttons on his small console- I just sent a notification to X. You are also bridge staff now, you'll be working with X most of the time, if not all of it. You two may work well together. Go and get oriented.

Dynamo: Yes sir! -rushes out-

X: (waiting for him)'re my lieutenant huh?

Dynamo: Guess so...

X: Well, I think you'll do really nicely as my right-hand guy.

Dynamo: Realy?

X: Absolutely!

Dynamo: Awesome! That's what's up!

X: (nods) We better get started with scouting and searching for Maveirck outposts, and I think our fangirl may know....


America Eaglyde: (awake, in energy chains) Let me go right now!

X: I don't think so!

Dynamo: This botette, thinks, she can squak her way out!

America Eaglyde: (trying to get free) My unit will come to my rescue. You can't hold me forever.

X: We don't intend to. Tell us where Sigma's outposts are!

America Eaglyde; Like I'll tell you that!

Dynamo: Probably not for us, but mayber for her hero.

America Eaglyde: Not gonna work, Hunter scum!

X: We're not scum as some think we are. It's Sigma and his crums that are--

America Eaglyde: That's Sigma Prime to you!

Dynamo: Or maybe there's another bird she's infatuated with...

America Eaglyde: Wha--?! (blushes) How did you--N-No! That's ridiculous!

Dynamo: Haha! You just said it! -laughs-

America Eaglyde: When I get outta this, I'm gonna--

X: I'm not asking again. Tell us where Prime's outposts are....before I'm forced to interrigate with less civilized methods.

Dynamo: Maybe she'd tell her crush. Worth a shot.

X: Dynamo, please don't ruin it.

Dynamo: Fine, fine.

America Eaglyde:.....Fine. I'll talk. (begins to explain where the other outposts are)

Dynamo: Well that wasn't so hard now was it? X, I suggest we request Zero to have her crush come over after the next battle. Follow the new Maverick Directive.

X: Dynamo, stop please. You shouldn't tease anyone like that so constantly....

Dynamo: I'm actually serious this time. -whispers in his ear- Could make a turncoat out of her. These kind of things kind of can work that way, if you haven't noticed.

X: But you don't have to....nevermind. You do have a bit of a point....

Dynamo: Called personal experience, remember that?

X: Hmm.

Dynamo: Aw well. -shrugs-

Nana:....huh? Commander, I have a message! It's....the entire Maverick, Decepticon, and Red Alert database!

Zero: What? And it's coming to us? Send it down to Gate so he can make sense of it.

Nana: Roger....


Flame Hyenard: (looks on radar) Speak of the devil! YAHOO!!!

Zero: Pick him up.

Flame Hyenard: (brings him in)

Smokescreen: (still carrying an unconscious Spur Ponica) Hey guys. Miss me?

Axl: Smokey! Great to see ya still kickin! We haven't heard from ya in so long!

Smokescreen: I phased out to avoid getting in the blast. but I needed to know what Sigma and the Mavs were up to, so I went onto recon. Shockwave's Project Predacon is finished, and its leader busted out. I barely escaped.

Zero: Wonderful. See Cinnamon for repairs. We need all hands battle-ready at any time. Especially now that there's a Predacon on the loose.

Smokescreen: (runs to the infirmary)


Zero: Something up?

Axl: Have you noticed Cinnamon's changed since getting that Iron Maiden armor?

Zero: I don't see her enough to notice anything.

Axl: She's become a bit too active. More ambitious.....and one night, she snuck in, teasing me. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but them...she asked me to make love with her! I told her "not tonight, I'll think about it"...but I'm not ready for it. I'm worried she's changing for the worse. And more, I may say or do something to her and she'll be motivated to cheat on or break up with me. And after that...I could lose everything else...

Zero: Hm... We can't really worry about such things at such times.

Axl: But--.....

Zero: Consider the mission at hand, Axl. Just keep me posted, see how this develops.

Axl: Fine.....(waks off, a bit depressed)

X: (overheard everything) I'm concerned too. Cinnamon may end up trying to actually kill people, or get as reckless as Axl is. Or worse....

Zero: We can't do anything about it as it stands. Sorry, we have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

X: And what happens if Cinnamon becomes said fish, huh?!

Zero: Whoa, X, calm down. What do you expect me to do? Lock her up? That'd only accelerate said process.


Zero: X, you gotta think these things through. Could be nothing for all we know, which isn't a whole lot. We can't do anything but watch and see if there is a threat or not.

X: Maybe--

Nana: Commander, Alia's reporting an incoming. I have a transmission.

"Listen, I! I am issuing you a challenge. I wish to fight you and settle the score with you! I will defeat you and deliver your body to father and Sigma Prime, and I hope you say yes so you can finally have the courage to die with valor!"

X: Buttercup...

Zero: Hm? What's this about?

X: Twilight Buttercup was made from I's schematics, and the two don't like each all.

Zero: How did this happen?

X: Weeks before the Lumine incident...

Zero: How did I's schematics get into Maverick hands?

X: Shockwave's too clever, he found some way....Double must've downloaded the blueprints and gave them to him.

Zero: I see... Now the question, is why? Why would they need them? They can build all sorts of Mavericks, why off of I? What's weirder is they didn't go for yours, X.

X: (notices I rushing in)....

I: What's this about? Who is this Twilight Buttercup?

Zero: A Reploid made from your schematics. Apparently she has a grudge against you for something.

I: I never heard of her...

Zero: Probably manufactured events by Shockwave, her creator. It'd make sense. Whatever the case, she requested for a duel. Go and fight her. If you get into trouble we'll come in and finish the job.

X: Be careful out may not know her too well, but she knows you very well...

Zero: Which is why I'm willing to lend assistance when she gets into trouble, X. May even send in you and Dynamo to finish the job so we can move on. We are to be present for the battle after all. Let's try to get this over with quickly.

I: Right.


Twilight Buttercup: (waiting patiently)

I: -dashes up-

Twilight Buttercup: I knew you'd make it!

I: Well, I have perfect attendence! -giggles-

Twilight Buttercup: It's time we finally finish this rivalry, and I beat you for good!

I: Yeah, about do know I haven't even heard of your name until today, right?

Twilight Buttercup:.....Wait, you don't remember me? Did you get bumped on your head or are you just dumber than I am?

I: I never met you. I have fought a lot of Mavericks, but I never seen anyone like you, but Optic Sunflower was really close.

Twilight Buttercup:....I beat up you and your team?

I: Which team? The large party or the pair?

Twilight Buttercup: YOUR SQUAD!! ARE YOU THAT DENSE?!?!?!

I: We only had to run from one enemy. His name is Vile, my brother's rival. Only Reploids like X and Commander Zero could take him on.

Twilight Buttercup: YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SO STUPID YOU MAKE THAT FAT CAT LOOK LIKE A GENIUS!!!!!!!! (takes a moment to calm down) Nevermind! Maybe I can jog your memory when I finish you! (gets in battle stance)

I: You sound so crazy you make Flame Hyenard sound sane. -brandishes buster-
Break You Open (Airplay Edit) ~ Lyrics04:20

Break You Open (Airplay Edit) ~ Lyrics

I vs Buttercup!

Twilight Buttercup: (surrounds into a light aura and charges at her from multiple angles)

I: -activates Ajout form and uses Fire Storm, allowing Buttercup to slam herself into the fire balls as I keeps reproducing them-

Twilight Buttercup: (takes some damage, then unleashes some Twilight Rays)

I: -protects herself with Leaf Barrier, then throws it at Buttercup following it up with Plasma Shock-

Twilight Buttercup: (takes heavy damage)

I: ...You could never have beaten me. Commander Zero doesn't train losers.

Twilight Buttercup: Anybody there? This is Twilight. I need help! (no one answers her call, all she gets is static) Hello?

I: Commander Zero thinks your "rivalry" thing has been manufactured...made up.

Twilight Buttercup: Wha-?!

I: I don't quite get it either...guessing you can't call in help, can you?

Twilight Buttercup: You...must be jamming....(faints, too exhausted to speak)

I: ... -communicates to the Olympus- I to Olympus... I think Buttercup has been betrayed by her own kind...

Zero: Understood. We're sending in X to take her in and assess her situation. Be prepared to leave with him.

I: Roger.

X and Dynamo: (teleport nearby)

I: X! -points to the downed Buttercup-

Dynamo: Betrayed, you say?

I: Y-Yeah...

X: We better get her to the, Cinnamon's gonna be busy this morning....

I: U-Um...she tried to call in for back-up...she couldn't...

Dynamo: We weren't jamming...we don't even know how to use the jamming yet...which means...

X: They left her for dead....

Dynamo: Not just left...this botette was placed to be executed...

X: Let's get her out to the infirmary....

I: Right.

Dynamo: Better move. The sky might turn purple soon.


Aurahk Lucario: My breathren....they are nearly ready....

Shockwave: Indeed. And with the seeming demise of my former assistant, they will be of greater use to us than she was.

Aurahk Lucario: Lord Megatron, if one does not mind. I would wish to demonstrate my power to our enemies, as the full use of my allies will not be for a while....

Megatron: If you feel yourself ready...then indulge yourself....

Aurahk Lucario: (nods and leaves)

Megatron: I am sure he will be of great use....


Slash Beast: Any new readings?

Solider: No sir.

Slash Beast: Ugh! So boring! It's too quiet too!

Solider: Wait a something...a single unit...high energy levels...looks like a Mav!

Slash Beast: Wheeljack, incoming! Watch your back!....Wheeljack, do you read?

Wheeljack: Ugh....(beaten badly)
Pokemon X & Y Super Music Collection Battle! Mewtwo03:07

Pokemon X & Y Super Music Collection Battle! Mewtwo

Battle With Aurahk Lucario!

Aurahk Lucario: Is that all you have?

Solider: ...Wheeljack, downed...

Slash Beast: All Units, battle stations at once!

-soliders scramble to their battle stations-

Aurahk Lucario: (jumps down)

Springer: What the hell is this guy?

Sandstorm: Very soon, he'll be dead! Let's crush him!

Aurahk Lucario: I am Aurahk Lucario, and I will lead my Predacons into victory!

Sandstorm: Hah, and rule with savagry? Takin' a step back in civilization!

Aurahk Lucario: Hmph.....(from his hands a blue sphere is formed, which he fires) AURA SPHERE!!!

Sandstorm: -dodges playfully- C'mon, is that all you got?! -kicks down a damaged tree on him-

Aurahk Lucario: (sidesteps)

Sandstorm: -instantly tackles him- KYAA!

Aurahk Lucario: (reverses it and lays down powerful punches and kicks) HAAAA!!! (uses a DynamicPunch)

Sandstorm: Ack! Heh! -kick-throws him into a tree and gets up- Haha, not bad...but not good either, hah!

Aurahk Lucario: HHAAAA!! (attacks ferociously and powerfully, yet still honorably)

Sandstorm: -takes the blows, cosmetically not well, but laughing about it-

Aurahk Lucario: You have no resolve....impressive. (lands a Hi-Jump Kick)

Sandstorm: -slammed into another tree, the wind knocked out of him and appearing heavily damaged, but still smiling- No say that when you don't give your opponent the opportunity to show it...haha... Repliforce Army: the bots that have steel gurdurs land on their heads and still fight. But that ain't nothing compared to a beatdown from the Colonel or Commander, whoo boy... My turn. -shouts and charges him, landing various elbow strikes and grapple throws-

Aurahk Lucario: (crashes into more trees but lands onto his feet, shooting more Aura Spheres)

Sandstorm: -takes them and is sent flying, but also lands on his feet- Heh...

Slash Beast: (charges at Aurahk Lucario)

Aurahk Lucario: (kicks him back a bit)

Sandstorm: Commander, this one's pretty good, but I took his attacks...ready for the finishing, sir!

Slash Beast: Do it!

Sandstorm: Hiyaaaaaahh!! -rushes Lucario and and slams him into a tree, in a pin-

Aurahk Lucario: UGH!!

Sandstorm: Had enough yet?

Aurahk Lucario: (gets out) Not even close....(uses Force Palm on him)

Sandstorm: Ngh! -whacks him in the face-

Aurahk Lucario: NGH!!

Slash Beast: (tries to ambush from behind)

Aurahk Lucario: (jumps up, making Slash Beast strike Sandstrom instead)

Sandstorm: Ngh!!

Aurahk Lucario: (fires some Aura Spheres and leaves)

(the base is devastated, as is the unit)

Slash Beast: Damn cheater!

Sandstorm: And the bot talks up honor! He should have a chat with Silverbolt!

Springer: I'll track him down! (runs out in a jeep to get after him)

Sandstorm: Ugh... Ouch...

Wheeljack: Looks like Sigma's Pred's all finished.

Sandstorm: Yep...


Sigma Prime: Project Predacon was a total success. I must commend you Shockwave. You have done well.

Shockwave: Thank you, my liege. The regular specimens will be ready for release momentarily.

Sigma Prime: Excellent. (turns to Doppler) Doctor, how goes your hunt for Vile?

Doppler: He's been quite evasive... We'll get his location but he's been quite fiesty... Perhaps I made him too well initially and now he's taken it to a much higher level than even I had anticipated...

Sigma Prime: Soundwave, triangulate Vile's position. That should narrow it down....

Soundwave: (nods, and complies)

Elpizo: That just appears to be a waste of time and resources. He obviously has no interest in joining our cause.

Sigma Prime: We will simply reprogram him into a mindless slave, ot just eradicate hm and use his remains to create a more valuable and loyal follower.

Elpizo: So you want to remove what makes him powerful? Not much different from our drones in my opinion.

Sigma Prime: You assume too much. I wish to make him stronger, faster, loyaler--

Volt Catfish: And studdlier!

(everyone gives him an extremely awkward look)

Volt Catfish: What?

Elpizo: ...This is why some need to shut up.

Sigma Prime: Soundwave, you have his coordinates?

Soundwave: (shows a section of coordinates in Westopolis)

Sigma Prime: That fool thinks he can hide in that glorified bland Call of Duty city of ruin? This will be easy....Doppler, rally your men and retrieve Vile - dead or alive!

Doppler: Yes sir...

Chapter 6: A Vile Experience


(Twilight Buttercup, Spur Ponica, Smokescreen, and Storm Eagle are getting checked on)

Cinnamon: (humming a Japanese tune)

Zero: -walks in- How are they?

Cinnamon: (wags her tail) Doin great chief! Ponica's recoverin' nicely, but Twilight will need some more rest. I may need to scan her neural net for any additional problems.

Smokescreen: Hey Cinnamon, mind giving me a massage back here. Feel kinda--

Cinnamon: Don't push it, Smokey. I give that stuff to Axl only.

Smokescreen: Eh, it was worth a shot.

Zero: How are Storm Eagle and Smokescreen?

Cinnamon: Smokey's fine, but Storm Eagle took a bit of damage.....speaking of, what are we gonna do with Big Bird in the cells?

Zero: We're going to keep her there for the time being. I'd like to get Skyshadow over here after the next battle, as per Skiver's request. Perhaps she'll change sides after her ordeal today. Maybe she'll be reasonable, and we won't have to take stronger measures.

Cinnamon: Gotcha.

Zero: Keep me posted on their status, I need our people battle-ready as soon as possible. We don't know what we're up against or when we'll have to fight.

Cinnamon: Aye-aye chief!....but can I have some quality time with Axl afterwards? Pleeeaaaaase?

Zero: Ugh... No special treatment. Axl needs to be ready to either fight on the field or take command of this ship at a moment's notice. Perhaps after the battle, but not before.

Cinnamon: Fine....

Zero: Good. Anything else?

Cinnamon: No.

Zero: Good. -walks out-

Cinnamon: (sighs)

X: We've got some Maverick readings Westopolis.

Zero: That's one of the hardest-hit Mobian cities... Suggestions?

Squid Adler: We might want to make a stop there. Repliforce isn't exactly relying on our presence, but those spikes could mean anything from an infestation to a rally point. We should at least check it out.

Zero: I see. Others?

Axl: The readings suggest they're not just trying to kill Mobians....they're looking for something...or perhaps...someone....

Zero: Hmm... Whatever it is they can't be allowed to have it. What do you make of this, X?

X: Agreed. We need to go stop them!

Zero: Right. Nana, set a course for Westopolis, all ahead full.

Nana: Roger!

-the Olympus starts flying towards Westopolis-


Zero: Something up, X?

X:....I think Sigma's looking for Vile.

Zero: ...Why do you say that?

X: Doppler wants to torture or use Vile in some form again. I just know that they're planning something for him...

Zero: ...I understand. I'm going to send you in to investigate then.

X: Alright. Dynamo, Sheldon, Rock, you're with me!

Dynamo: Yes sir!

Mega Man: Alright!

Shield Sheldon: Understood!

Zero: Prepare yourselves. We'll arrive in about half a mega cycle.

Mega Man: Got it!


X: Alright. Let's do this!
Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog Music Extended30:00

Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog Music Extended

Theme of Westopolis

Dynamo: Right.

(X leads the three into battle)

-they go in to see Vile taking on several opponents at once, appearing to be working overtime fighting them off-

Shield Sheldon: Looks like you were right X. They were after Vile!

Dynamo: Are these bots really desprate already? C'mon...that's lame...

X: No....Sigma wants something with Vile in some way....

Dynamo: Maybe they're grasping at straws trying to gain some sort of tactical advantage over us, and all they came up with is forcing a war machine with a will that's too strong to work for them. -shrugs-

X: Sigma knows he can't control Vile like he must be planning to either brainwash or reprogram him...or worse....

Pallette: (can be heard shuddering in fear from the ship)

Shield Sheldon: We won't let that happen! We promise ya, Pallette!

Dynamo: He's too strong to fall this easily, Sigma needs to get to a repair bay, real quick... It's stupid...

X: No...Sigma's too smart to fall for this....

Dynamo: I meant Sigma's insane if he thinks he can capture Vile, let alone reprogram him! Sigma's got a malfunction if I ever saw one.

X: I know, but Sigma's not as stupid as you think Dynamo. Take it from someone who knows....

Dynamo: Then how would throwing an army at Vile help with capturing the bot?

X: It takes an entire army to stand up to Vile, Dynamo. He was once your partner, you should know that by now.

Dynamo: And I also know that even an army can't bring Vile to a point to being captured. I know enough to know that throwing an army doesn't help at all, just wastes resources for his target practice.

X: I'm sure Sigma knows this, but remember he has Doppler by his side, so he knows all of Vile's weaknesses. 

SHield Sheldon: Or he could just be wearing Vile down....

Dynamo: Well, whatever it is, we can't let Sigma do what he wants! I say we jump in and make sure Vile doesn't get captured, 'cause it'll be bad news bears if Sigma has his way!

X: (nods and runs in to help, the others following)

Vile:-still fighting off his assailants-

Metal Man: (throws several Metal Blades)

Vile: -ducks underneath them and counters buster shots-

Metal Man: You're only wearing yourself out, Vile! We'll eventually get you and you'll be finished!

Mega Man: Not a chance, Metal Man!

Metal Man: Mega Man, Mega Man X!

Vile: -teleports behind Metal Man- You were saying? -cuts him down with Chaosblade-

Metal Man: (cut in half) You're getting weak....

Vile: Says the torso. -stomps on his head to knock him out- Who's next?

(an Aura Sphere nails Vile from behind)

Vile: Ngh! -whirls around to face his assailant- Nobody hits me without paying for it.

Aurahk Lucario: Prepare to die!

Vile: Ah, we have a brave fool in our midst. Doesn't even know who I am, pathetic.

Aurahk Lucario: I am no fool....I am the Predaking! (charges in with Close Combat attack)

X: That must be the Predacon Smokescreen was talking about.

Vile: -matching his movements in both speed and power- Some king you are! Where's your army? You're going to need it!

Aurahk Lucario: They are near....(uses Force Palm)

Vile: -uses an electrified fist to counter it- Newsflash -- I am an army! -the collision causes an explosion, causing Vile's attack to continue as a coursing electric attack, electrocuting his opponent-

Aurahk Lucario: NGH!! (stands on his feet) You don't deserve to live, you have no honor!

Vile: I've been told that before. There's one thing I have to do; however, before I go. So you're stuck with me until that happens, beast.

Aurahk Lucario: I am Aurahk Lucario! (fires a powerful Aura Sphere)

Vile: -holds it back with Chaosblade- Exactly. A beast! -slashes, sending his attack back at him-

Aurahk Lucario: (easily sidesteps, then activates a staff) Prepare for my BONE RUSH!! (charges and slashes ferociously)

Vile: -blocks each attack, matching him move for move- What is this? Dynamo could best you as a staff user easily! And he's a lazy bum!

Dynamo: -mutters- Thanks for the vote of confidence...

Aurahk Lucario: Hmph.

Vile: -initiates a power blow, snapping Aurahk's staff in half and then following up with a kick to the face- Hah!

Aurahk Lucario:....Hmph!

Vile: -blasts Aurahk in the face- What's the matter? Crown's gotten to your head?

Aurahk Lucario: (aura surrounds him more strongly than ever)

Vile: Aw, is the royalty getting tired? If the king can't make me sweat his men shall surely be target practice!

Dynamo: ... -whispers to X- I have a bad feeling this Maverick might push him into using his lifeline...the way he's egging him on...

X: That aura.....

Aurahk Lucario: (chuckles) Hardly.....

Vile: Good! I like a challenge. Put your treasure where your mouth is, puppy king! C'mon!

Aurahk Lucario: (charges at him and attacks with more power)

Vile: -scoffs and teleports at the last second, evading the attack-

Aurahk Lucario: HNGH!!

Vile: -reappears behind him- Tsk tsk tsk... Such simple children's games... -impales him with Chaosblade-

Aurahk Lucario: AAA!!

Vile: For a king, you sure make yourself vulnerable often. -rips blade out of his body and kicks him down- Pathetic. Your army is nothing if you're this stupid on the battlefield, and they wouldn't be fully at fault!

Aurahk Lucario: (pants)

Vile: Hmph... Guess you're not as fun as I thought you'd be. Oh well. Bring on the next contestant, Sigma dogs!

Aurahk Lucario: HAAAAH!!! (uses Metal Claw on his head while his guard is down)

Vile: -takes the hit, turns around and flexes- You would've been better off if you stayed down like a good dog... You might've lived...

Dynamo: -to X- ...I think this has gone for long enough, don't you think, sir?

X: Perhaps, but Vile's being resilient....

Vile: If you want me to give you hell...then so be it. I'll give you a taste of what I live every day! -arm begins to glow yellow, as he balls his hand up into a fist-

Aurahk Lucario: (impales him with a Metal Claw)

Vile: Ngh... You're pissing me off you know that? -nails him straight in the chest with a Supra-Force Metal boosted punch, damaging his armor and core-

Aurahk Lucario: (knocked back)

X: Vile!

Vile: -the energy fades from arm- I know that voice... So how long were you there, X?

X: Long enough.

Vile: I see... If it were anyone else I'd ask if they came for a fight...but I know you better, so why are you here? -kicks Aurahk down-

X: We came to investigate some large Maverick sights. I figured those spikings had to do with you, and it looks like I wasn't wrong.

Vile: Hmph, well I do draw a crowd, don't I? -chuckles shortly-

Mega Man: Hmm.

Vile: What is it?

Mega Man: I get this feeling we got company soon....

Dynamo: We should return to the ship, then. Vile, it would be in your best interest if you came with us.

Vile: And how do you know that, kitty?

Dynamo: Because you're getting tired, man. I think they call it a "war of attrition", they want to capture you.

Vile: Like hell that's going to happen!

(suddenly, diozens and dozens of new Mavericks appear)

Aurahk Lucario: My brothers and sisters....they have arrived.

Shield Sheldon: Predacons.

Vile: Hah! Weaklings! The whole lot of them! I'll make them extinct before they can even rise! -cackles-

Austin Colteo: (poses with his Sacred Sword Chaosblade)

Vile: Hmph... Is that supposed to be impressive or something? I didn't get that memo.

Dynamo: -whispers to X- X... I think we should be doing something by now... Vile's not being resiliant, he's putting up a front, he just used some of his Supra-Force Metal -- his lifeline...

X: Vile, let's get out of here.

Vile: -looks at X, about to protest but stops and thinks- ...Fine. These dogs aren't worth my time anyway.

(all the Predacons attack them and deal quite some damage to them)

X: Nana, bridge us out!

-They're teleported out-

Mega Man: Whoo! That was a lot of beasts.

Vile: Worthless vermin. The only one that was worth my time was the one that called himself their "king". Not much of one at that either.

Mega Man: You didn't even fight any of the others!

Vile: Watch your mouth, stupid blue boy! If I recall, you didn't even fight at all! You just watched me lay waste to everything up 'til that stupid royal puppy! It would be in your best interest to not talk like that to me again.

Mega Man:....

Vile: Smart play. You're smarter than that royal puppy at least.

Zero: -walks in- Being a tough critic, are we?

Vile: Hah. I suppose.

Zero: Surprising nobody. But it's better to keep you out of Sigma hands if we can help it.

Vile: Really? And why are you so concerned?

Zero: Not me specifically, X was the one who was worried.

Vile: Hm?

X: I couldn't take any chances. I know Sigma would find a way to control you.

Vile: Hmph. He's even more stupid than I thought if he actually believes that.

Zero: Regardless, in the event he somehow did, it would mean the end of us.

Vile: Hmph, if keeping out of his reach pisses him off...then be my guest, keep me away from him. I wanna watch him squirm in his frustration! -laughs-

Smokescreen: Heh....

Zero: I'm glad you find humor in that... It's actually funny if you think about it, picturing Sigma like that... Of course, that'd mean we'd be painting a huge target on our backs...

X: Right.

Zero: Honestly, that doesn't change much. X, I'll leave Vile to you. I have enough on my plate already, but don't hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

X: Understood

Vile: Hmph. So you're gonna babysit me is that it?

Zero: Maybe. Though I can't imagine why.

Vile: So elusive that reason is. Hmm. Oh well, better than Sigma's malfunction of a plan.

X: Hmm.

Zero: ...X, that was sarcasm. I don't think I need to tell you these things.

X: I know it was sarcasm, but I'm still not sure.

Vile: Pfft! Not sure? I need to be watched or else I'd somehow go missing, right? What are you thinking about?

X: There could still be a possibility that Sigma's figured out how to control you. I'm not sure any of us can take that chance.

Vile: If you're that worried... Sheesh...

Pallette: (walks in)....

Zero: -smirks and walks out-

Vile: -notices Pallette- ...

Pallette: Vile....(smiles)

(X and the others also leave)

Vile: -looks away, as if embaressed-

Pallette: I was worried....

Vile: Pfft... You're talking about me here...

Pallette: You don't think Sigma or Doppler haven't learned how to control or use you now?

Vile: They could try, but they won't succed without me kicking, screaming, and fighting like all hell broke loose.

Pallette:But they wouldn't stop until you were exhausted....I don't want to take that chance.

Vile: They'd lose their best bots doing it. It'd only work once. 

Pallette: I don't know....(looks very concerned)

Vile: Well, like I said earlier. If playing this game of keep away will make Sigma squirm, then be my guest. I wanna see how pissy he gets when he becomes increasingly aware that he can't get what he wants... -laughs-

Pallette: (hugs him)

Vile: -hugs back awkwardly- (Not this again...)

Pallette: (smiles)

Vile: Heh...

Pallette: How long are you gonna stay?

Vile: Well... If everything went my way not long, but seeing the situation with Sigma, I'm not sure if I'm going anywhere for a while...

Pallette: I'm glad. I'd rather have you be with me than Cinnamon. She's changed alot since that upgrade she got.

Vile: Upgrade?

Pallette: She installed some Supra-Force Metal in her to get a battle form, and since then, she's been more aggressive and clingy to Axl than I was...and I never thought that was even possible!

Vile: ...I have a bad feeling that energy did more than give her a battle form.

Pallette: Maybe...

Vile: Why did she install the Supra-Force Metal in herself anyway?

Pallette: She wanted to help, but now she's asking Axl for sex. Not even I would sink that low!.....yet. (winks)

Vile: Sounds like she and Axl might wind up like Zero and your sister to me.

Cinnamon: (listening in)....

Pallette: Huh? What do you mean?

Vile: ...Hold up. Someone wants to watch. I've been alone enough to know if someone's watching me. -still holding Pallette with one arm, readies cannon with other- Show yourself!

Cinnamon: (goes into Iron Maiden armor and comes out) Looking for trouble, punk?

Vile: I'd ask the same, considering your terrible espionage act.

Cinnamon: Are you accusing me of being like your stupid sister, Pallette?!

Pallette: What?-

Vile: Ahem, I was talking about her sister. You trying to blame her because she's the softer target or something? Because that's not going to fly with me. Just saying.

Cinnamon: Just what are you accusing me of? Being a whore like Layer?! Or a murderer like you?!

Vile: Okay, where did that come from? I can tell you one thing, we weren't talking about me just a second ago.

Cinnamon: You think that I'm just an insane monster that's using Axl, but I'm not!

Pallette: Then why do you keep begging him to screw you, huh?!

Cinnamon: You wouldn't understand even if I tried to explain!

Vile: I don't think you're the problem, I think the Supra-Force Metal you used is, though.

Cinnamon: Tch! You should talk! You have the exact same stuff!

Vile: You used it in a way that is contrary to your design and purpose. If you stop rolling your panties into a bunch and think about it, it'll start to make sense. I used it as a buff and a crutch, but also because I was designed to fight, so using it in that way had no effect on me. You created a paradox within yourself by using it to completely change your role. Your processor can't handle it, so this is its defense from complete meltdown. This is why when Redips used all that Supra-Force Metal to transform himself, he went mad.

Cinnamon: I'm nothing like that madman! He wanted to use it to kill us all! I'm using it to help kick Sigma's sorry ass! (frying pan retracts from her hand)

Vile: -sighs- Do you really want to do this? Are you serious?

Cinnamon: If you want a fight, you'll get one!

X: (runs in) What's going on here?!

Vile: Whoo, the peacemaker arrives just in time...

Cinnamon: This asshole's trying to pick a fight with the wrong maid--

X: I think it's you that's picking a fight, Cinnamon! Stand down!

Cinnamon: But...but...

X: That's an order!

Cinnamon: Grr...

Vile: -pushes cannon up, standing down- For once...I didn't feel like meeting that challenge. Especially with Pallette watching...

Cinnamon: That's what's wrong with you, X! You've gone back to being soft and hiding away from Sigma, instead of trying to scrap him like you nearly did before! We're running like cowards, and not running to fight!

X: A direct head-on assault is suicide. That's what strategy is for!

Cinnamon: What kind of half-assed  excuse is that?!

X: Cinnamon, what has gotten into you?!, stupid question. That Supra-Force Metal's made you lose sight of your own judgment! Transform back! That's an order!

Cinnamon:......(transforms back)

X: Ever since you got that Iron Maiden armor, you've changed, and not for the better! You've become more headstrong, more aggressive, and dare I say, more slutty than you ever were! No wonder Axl can't look at you the same anymore! In this state, you're in no condition to be neither a medic nor a Hunter!

Vile: I think this is the part when Pallette and I relocate...

X: (on wristcom) Zero, may I have permission to exercise my authority as Captain?

Zero: ...For what reason? What's going on down there?

X: Cinnamon's judgment has been clouded. She's insisting we attack, head-on....I want the Supra-Force Metal extracted from her. Until then....I am confining her to quarters.

Cinnamon: What?! You can't do that!

X: My decision is final!

Zero: ...I stand by your decision, X. I'm heading down to my office. I want you and Gate in my office after Cinnamon has been confined. Inform Cinnamon that more incidents will result in more severe disciplinary action. That is all.

X: Understood.

Cinnamon:.....Fine. (storms off to her room and slams the automatic door shut, heard crying)

Vile: ...I'm sorry, Pallette, but I think I need to help them with this. X? I think my input would be useful to you, when it comes to the Supra-Force Metal. I was just talking about it with Cinnamon before she pulled out her weapon.

X: (nods) Thanks Vile....

-Later, in Zero's office...-

Zero: -sighs, exhausted-

X and Gate: (enter)

Zero: Alright... So what do we have so far?

Gate: I'm afraid it's worse than I originally pressumed. The effects of the Supra-Force Metal have become permanent. Although we can still try to remove the metal from her bio-structure, Cinnamon will still retain the Iron Maiden armor and possibly all other features given to her, including her neural net.

X: We should have done scans before, and I'm regretting that we didn't...

Zero: -exhales heavily- ...If we are able to remove the metal, what will become of her behavior?

Gate: I surmise she could remain the same......but there is a small chance the girl could lose her own mind, memories....and become a blank.

Zero: Hmm... So we are left between essentially murdering her, or allowing her to become a danger to the ship, or worse, Maverick... Is it possible to keep a copy of her memories and mind prior to her infusion with the metal, so that in the event she does become a blank, we can reload it?

Gate: Perhaps. But it could worsen it. I insist on her immediate demise--

X: NO! I won't let any of our friends die anymore! We can't lose anymore, and Axl would never forgive us!

Gate: The boy is mature enough to understand that sacrifice must be made in war.

X: I don't know why I bothered sparring you, if you talk like that!

Gate: Simple, because you have no backbone!

Zero: X, cool your gaskets and think about it. We're between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to take her out either, but if she continues on this track, there's a strong possibility that she'll go Maverick and at that point we'll have no choice but to take her down. You of all bots should know that.

X: And what about Axl? He loves and cares for her, even after how she's been acting!

Zero: He's in the worst danger. If she does go Maverick, he won't be able to defend himself properly. Also, he is aware, that this isn't the same Cinnamon that he fell in love with, and that he can't look at her the same. I'm sorry, X. We'll try to save her, but if we can't, we can't. That's the reality of it.

Axl: (listening in, is heard crying outside a bit)

X:....Axl? (looks outside)

Axl: (walks to Cinnamon's room, trying not to cry)

Zero: -sighs- X, go try and talk to him. Gate and I will hammer out a plan on how we can best try and save her.

X: (nods)

Chapter 7: Cinnamon's Lust


X: Axl?

Axl: Why do you guys wanna kill her? She may be acting like Layer, but she's still the same nice girl I know. I know that there's a reason she's acting this way and I doubt it's cuz of the metal.

X: We can't take that chance. It may be it, and need to know why!

Axl: Then I'll find out! (walks to her room)


-Back in Zero's office...-

Zero: How severe would backing up Cinnamon's mind be, in comparison to leaving her as is?

Gate: She could remain a coward even in her battle armor, and would still be quite worthless. It would not give us any damage.....but it would still allow us to die if we are in the state we are in.

Zero: Thing is, she was never designed to be a warrior to begin with. She's our only medic, while you do an excellent job with repairs, I'd rather not take time away from your main focus of creation.

Gate: Even so, she could become far too attached to Axl and be a bigger disgrace than she was to begin with. Keeping her this way would increase our chances of winning the war, but her aggressive behavior would only increase that she take every single bit of it on anyone she saw, and attack civilian-class Mavericks without prejudice.

Zero: If she doesn't try killing one of us first... Especially if she takes on Vile, it would be suicide... Hmm...

Gate: We are left with little choice. She would be useless to us if we reverted her back, but dangerous to us if left alone. The most possible and logical solution is to finish her.

Zero: That is our last resort. If it is possible to save her, however slim, the option should be attempted. We cannot afford to lose more of us than we have. Hmm... What about if a new body was built for her, and her mind were to be rebooted in that body?

Gate: (laughs) Preposterous! What kind of use would she be in a new body? Besides, I have been unable to locate the resources necessary for creating a new body, ever since the old base was destroyed!

Zero: More use than a potential bomb running around just waiting to kill anyone and everyone. She could be rebuilt to be a greater healer than she already was. Regardless, can it be done, with few drawbacks?

Gate: You ask too much. She's a simple spoke on the wheel. There'd be no use for her at all, nonetheless!

Zero: If you haven't noticed, we are few. We need to last for as long as possible, and aside from her you are the closest thing we have to someone that can keep us alive and combat-ready. But, that isn't be your primary work, your primary work is creating weapons and devices for the war effort. Also, Cinnamon is one of us, and I want to keep as many of us alive for as long as possible. -gives a serious glare- I'll ask you again, can it be done?

Gate:.....I don't know. It's never been done before.

Zero: That's what you do best -- doing things that have never been done before. Go make the preparations for the backup, and also I'd like for you to also prepare a stasis pod for her. I'll handle the resources portion after the coming battle, we'll find something.

Gate: I will try. But do not expect her to be any useful when I'm done.

Zero: Your creation seemed useless until I sent her to Giga City, don't give me that.

Gate: Because I was made to be a warrior, Cinnamon was created to be a sorry excuse of a nurse that thought she could be a fighter by dressing up as a glorified French maid!

Zero: Then don't make a body that'd be for a sorry excuse of a nurse, make a body that a brilliant doctor would have. Bundle the knowledge in there. And also, not everyone can fight. You are a living example of that.

Gate: Because I have a way to be useful....nevermind. I will get to work. You should notify her.

Zero: I should. Thank you, Gate. That will be all. Dismissed.

Gate: (leaves)


Axl: (enters Cinnamon's room)

Cinnamon: (crying on her bed) 

Axl: Cinnamon?

Cinnamon: Go away, Axl!

Axl:.....what has really gotten into you? You're being so brash, so aggressive, and so.....

Cinnamon: Just say I'm a whore!

Axl: No, you're not....but I don't wanna lose the sweet, innocent, and kind Cinnamon I fell in love with.'re being a bitch to everyone....

Cinnamon: I...hurt innocent and defenseless Mavs....didn't I? (sniffs)

Axl: (nods)

Cinnamon: I....I didn't mean to....the power's all got to me....all I wanted was just to help everyone. I didn't wanna be just a stupid nurse that couldn't do anything....

Axl: But you're more than that. I know you wanted to help, but acting as rash as that....and I could lose you. And I'll never forgive myself for that. But on that note, can you stop asking for sex? I'm....not exactly ready.

Cinnamon:....oh now you say that!

Axl: What's that supposed to mean?

Cinnamon: You're the one that peeps in on me when I'm transforming or getting dressed, you little perv! 

Axl: Huh?! (blushing) Wh-wh-what--how d'you--?

Cinnamon: I'm not that dumb, Axl. I know ya wanted me. (winks)

Axl: M-m-maybe....

Cinnamon: (giggles) all seriousness, though. The real reason is.....because I want to know how to have sex. So that we could one day....

Axl: (blushing) You mean a .....

Cinnamon: (nods)

Axl:......well, imagine that. Shoulda told me that before.

Cinnamon: I guess I acted a little hasty then....

Axl: Ya think? (winks and pulls her in)

Cinnamon: WHOA! (holds him) So does that mean yes?

Axl: You bet. 

(the two begin to make out as X and Zero walk in)

X: !

Zero: Um...lock the door if you're going to do this...

Axl & Cinnamon: Ah!

X: (smirks) Sorry, is this a bad time to tell you? Should we tell them after they're finished interfacing?

Zero: -smirks- Probably. We don't want to ruin their energy flow.

Axl: H-hey now, you don't see me picking on you guys and your girls!

Zero: Gee, I wonder why?

Axl: (groans)

Zero: -chuckles- Hey, you do know we're just messing with you, right?

Axl: Eh.

Cinnamon: (giggles and cuddles with him) I just wanna do anything I can to help. I'm sorry I overreacted the way I did....

X: Umm, about that....

Zero: ...Could you try to explain it, X? I don't want to say something wrong and cause more problems.

X:....Cinnamon. We're thinking of either trying to extract the metal from your body or extracting your mind before this into a new body. You'll be the way you were.....

Cinnamon: Wh...what? But why?

Zero: The metal is causing problems... It's damaging you, especially your nueral net, causing your aggressive behavior, which translated to possibly being a threat to the ship and its crew -- us. Gate pressed that you should be destroyed, but I convinced him for the option that X just described. Eventually, this thing is going to kill you, and if we remove the metal, that could also potentially kill you, because the damage has become permanent. What X just described is our best option so that nobody has to die, even though we're not sure if it'll work, I insisted that we should try it.

Cinnamon: You don't get it! I reprogrammed myself because I wanted to do more than just be a doctor! I wanted to be a fighter and help! I don't want it all taken away from me! We can't afford having one out of the field or the lab! Please, give me a chance!

Zero: It's too risky. You forced yourself to do something that you weren't wired to do. You're not "just a doctor". You're our doctor, and as of now, our only doctor. We need you in the lab to keep the rest of us in the best shape possible to fight the enemy. If you get hurt out there, who'll take care of you? Gate? More often than not he'll be busy designing weapons to help the war effort, and he doesn't exactly have the most esteemed opinion of you right now, just a heads-up.

Cinnamon: NO! It's not fair! I WON'T GO BACK TO BEING WEAK AND WORTHLESS!! (runs off, crying)

Axl: Cinnamon! (tries to follow her, but X stops him)

X: Let her go, for now....

Zero: ...That's exactly what Gate thinks of her... -groans and facepalms, then walks back to his office, exhausted-

(suddenly, he is tackled and pinned down by a mysterious female assailant)

Zero: Ngh! What the--?! -struggles to get free-

Iris: Gotcha!

Zero: Ugh... -groans and relaxes- Why right now...?

Iris: (gets off him) What? No, "good to see you" or "Hey, Iris. Looking good today"?

Zero: Sorry... It's been stressful lately... -exhales heavily and runs fingers through hair-

Iris: It's about Cinnamon isn't it?

Zero: Yeah...coupled with the fact that Armadillo and Dynamo's conflicts haven't been getting better, and we're about to enter combat soon... We can't fight in this state of affairs...but the drums of the enemy sound when you're the least prepared...

Iris: I see....she's not taking it well.

Zero: We noticed... The alternative is what Gate's been pushing for... She's become a danger to the ship, she could possibly go crazy or worse...I don't want that to happen, especially with Vile on board...

Iris: You actually believe that crap Gate said?

Zero: Not the part about her being useless, but I can't ignore the danger she poses to the ship... She almost picked a fight with Vile, which would've been suicide had X not intervened...

Iris: I'm not trying to defend her actions, but the do you know it will even work? It's never been done before.

Zero: I have faith. It's better than the alternative... It has to work. I can't afford to lose even one of us, Cinnamon or otherwise. We all need to survive if we're going to wage this war.

Iris: I feel that Cinnamon will be able to control it. She never wanted to hurt anyone or start a fire. All she wanted was to--

Zero: She thinks not fighting is being useless. She's wrong. What do you think that's saying about Alia or Nana? X'll be the first one to get in her face telling her the contrary. We all have an important role to play, and she probably has one of the most important, I might even say next to my role.

Iris: Perhaps, but she thinks that she could really help in the field as well. And I don't hate her for that.

Zero: Her intentions are pure, but it's too risky. She's our only doctor, if she gets injured what would become of us then? She's not thinking this through.

Iris: Just give her a chance. She'll do--

(suddenly, a couple explosions are heard and the alarm sounds)

Zero: Like I said, too risky. -rushes to the bridge- Report!

Smokescreen: Cinnamon resisted the idea and left, (glares at Gate) thanks to a certain scientist's actions.

Gate: Force is the only way you get bots like her to do things right.

Zero: Force is what we use on criminals, and now you're making her feel like one. This is what makes bots like Vile.

Nana: I hate to be the bearer of even more bad news, but Eaglyde's escaped and compromised our own database.

Zero: -facepalms- Great! Armadillo, go and detain her.

Armored Armadillo: Aye. -rushes out-

Zero: This day just gets better and better... -sighs-

Nana: I'm locked onto Cinnamon's signal! She's headed for....Arkham City.

X: But that's an all-Maverick city! She could kill every civilian in the city!

Zero: More like she could be killed. It's an all-Maverick city because there's a large asylum for insane Mavericks with killing impulses worse than Vile's and processors more scattered than Hyenard's. If she somehow gets in there... We'll need to send an away team for a search-and-rescue operation. The Olympus will remain on its present course. X, I believe you would be best suited for this kind of op.

X: (nods) Axl,'re with me. And Axl, don't worry....she'll be fine.


Zero: X, be aware that Axl's emotions could interfere with his duties. If you find that he's been emotionally compromised, I give you authority to execute the proper response.

X:....I understand.

Zero: Take the shuttle. -goes to sit down in the command chair- The Olympus might be in combat when you come back, so be advised.

X: Got it


Cinnamon: (flying in, as Iron Maiden, taking down any attacking Maverick she saw)

-Larger Mavericks begin to swarm her-

Cinnamon: (hands transform into drillbits as she attacks)

-a very large grounded Maverick, decked out with large double-gatling guns, notices Cinnamon in the air-

Maverick: Protect...the asylum...! -engages all of them, shooting at Cinnamon-
Batman Arkham City Soundtrack - Track 18 - Bring Her Back to Me02:09

Batman Arkham City Soundtrack - Track 18 - Bring Her Back to Me

Battle With the Guardians!

Cinnamon: (wings are shot down, but barely manages to get up)

Maverick: -slowly marches towards her, gatling guns active- Protect...the asylum...!

Cinnamon: (activates a sort of blender-like weapon that fires like a fruity plasma cannon)

Maverick: -takes the hit, exhibits damage, but continues as if it didn't feel the damage- Protect...the asylum...! -eyes start blinking, as if transmitting a signal-

Cinnamon; (continues to shoot, then activates a toaster-like blaster and fires)

Maverick: -taking damage, some guns fall off its body but continues advance and assault- Protect...the asylum...!

-other voices saying the same thing echo from elsewhere in the city-

Cinnamon: Huh?! (looks around, while continuing her assault)

-a similar, heavily armored Maverick with large and heavily armored forearms/fists on treads turns the corner and heads for Cinnamon-

Gatling Maverick: Protect...the asylum...!

Armored Maverick: Protect...the asylum...!

Cinnamon: (fires featherduster missile at the Armored Maverick)

Armored Maverick: -takes little damage from the attack, readies a hand to grab Cinnamon- Protect...the asylum...!

Gatling Maverick: -continues firing at Cinnamon-

Cinnamon: (fighting for all she has left)

-another similar Maverick, decked out with tesla coils, bumbles in from another direction, charging its coils-

Coil Maverick: Protect...the asylum...!

Armored Maverick: -getting in position to grab Cinnamon-

Gatling Maverick: -laying down surpressive fire-

Cinnamon: (decides to lay down non-stop physical attacks on them all)

-the Mavericks take little damage, as the Coil Maverick blasts Cinnamon with an electric attack-

Cinnamon: AAAH!!! (crashes into a building)

-the Mavericks make a final advance, with the Armored Maverick in lead, droning on with the same chant-

Cinnamon: (panting) Need to act fast....but how....?

Armored Maverick: Protect...the asylum...! -raises its fist and slams it down on her-

Cinnamon: (screams in pain)

Amrored Maverick: -snatches Cinnamon up in its fist, squeezing tightly-

Cinnamon: (screaming, trying to break free)

Armored Maverick: Protect...the asylum...! -slams fist into the ground, trying to knock her out-

Cinnamon: UGH....(trying to get up and free)

Armored Maverick: -hits her head with free hand- Protect...the asylum...!

Cinnamon: UGH!!

Armored Maverick: -takes the weakened Cinnamon to a small prison camp across what appeared to be a larger fortified prison-

Cinnamon: (groans)

Armored Maverick: -throws her into an open cell where small Mavericks attatched magnetic chains to her limbs, chaining her to the back wall-

Cinnamon: This must be my punishment....for trying to help my friends....(starts to cry)

Armored Maverick: -drives away as the door slammed shut, revealing the Gatling Maverick being repaired by the smaller Mavericks that just chained Cinnamon-

Cinnamon: (watches intently)....Maybe....maybe they were right...I'm too important to be a fighter. Why didn't I listen? I feel so selfish. I wasn't helping my friends....I was only hurting them.

Gatling Maverick: -after being fully repaired, marches away, revealing a sign in front of the larger prison, which read: "Arkham Asylum"-


-Strange and unnatural sounds and screaming can be heard erupting from the building-

Cinnamon: (gasps)

-With X's away team...-

X: We're here...Arkham City.

Dynamo: Donno why Aniki is so concerned about the asylum here, he should be more worried about its guardians...

X: It's occupants are as dangerous, if not moreso, than the guardians. If Cinnamon was here....

Axl: I'll go on ahead! (rushes off)

X: Axl wait! (groans and follows him)

Dynamo: Don't be stupid! -follows as well-

Axl: Cinnamon! Cinnamon, where are you?!

-the street begins to echo: "Protect...the asylum...!" as the Coil Maverick turns the corner ahead-

Dynamo: This is what I was talkin' about! If ya wanna find your girl better hope you're lucky against these things!

Axl: I don't believe in luck.

Dynamo: Well come up with something good real quick! -activates Chaosblade-

Coil Guardian -charges up its coils-

Axl: (grabs his Glass Gas Cannon)

Coil Guardian: Protect...the asylum...! -blasts Axl with its electric attack-

Axl: AGH!!

X: (fires a few Shadow Runner projectiles)

Coil Guardian: -takes the damage, but continues to charge and fire- Protect...the asylum...! -eyes blink, sending a signal-

X: (shoots a charged up Sniper Missile)

Coil Guardian: -a coil falls from its body, but still able to attack- Protect...the asylum...!

Dynamo: -looking for an opportunity to attack-

Axl: (pulls out the Mega Mortar and fires away)

Coil Guardian: -sustains heavy damage, but continues as if it was just a minor glitch-

-the Armored Guardian starts rolling in from another direction-

X: (shoots the Moving Wheel ammo to the Armored Guardian)

Axl: (activates his Blizzard armor and begins firing atomic snowballs from his weapons)

Coil Guardian: -finally falls, revealing the Gatling Guardian marching in behind it-

Gatling Guardian: -activates weapons-

Armored Guardian: -takes the damage, but raises arms to attack-

Dynamo: Dang it man! No good! I can't get close, and I can barely scratch these things with my buster!

Axl: (still trying to destroy them)

X: (shoots some Volt Tornadoes)

Guardians: -taking damage and continuing attack- Protect...the asylum...!

Dynamo: Is that all you bots can say? -tries to speed past the Armored Guardian's arms to take a few slashes at it-

Armored Guardian: -takes the damage, turns and swats Dynamo away-

Dynamo: GAH!!

X: Damn....they don't stop!

-suddenly, the team is bombarded with what seems to be large mortar shells-

X: (gasps)

-behind them, a similar Asylum Guardian decked out with large mortar launchers can be seen from a ways away, lobbing the projectiles at the team-

X: We're surrounded!

Axl:  Now what?!

Dynamo: Ugh... Well... Maybe we shou-- -gets smacked by a mortar shell- GAH!!

Axl: (takes out a Nucleon Charge Rifle and begins sniping the Mortar Guardian from afar)

X: (ignites X-Saber and hacks away at the Armored Guardian)

Armored Guardian: -takes the damage and reaches down and grabs X-

Mortar Guardian: -takes the damage but still continues to lob its projectiles-

Gatling Guardian: -laying down surpressive fire, continuously firing at them-

X: UGH! (uses Soul Body to break free and attack)

Armored Guardian: -gets knocked back, and swings its arm in counterattack-

X: (jumpdashes and fires a charged buster shot at its back)

Armored Guardian: -takes the hit, and slowly turns around, trying to keep swinging its arms-

X: (fires a charged shot at its head)

Armored Guardian: -does not take the hit well, taking a few seconds to get moving again-

X: (uses Marooned Tomahawk on the Guardian)

Armored Guardian: -practically shuts down, its arms suddenly dropping and going limp-

X: (sighs) Finally....

Axl: (shooting with all his might)

Mortar Guardian: -losing armor pieces and launchers, but keeps firing-

Axl: (firing Ice Gattling attack)

Dynamo: Ngh... Hey! X slapped one of these things down by hitting 'em in the face! Try it! -coughs as he tries to get up-

Axl: (goes for an icy headshot)

Mortar Guardian: -shuts down, its arms drop to the side falls upon its legs, due to its feet being locked into the ground-

Axl: Got 'em!

Dynamo: My turn...! -jumpdashes into the Gatling Guardian's face and stabs it, and follows up with a slash combo-

Gatling Guardian: -shuts down, falling over forwards, almost landing on top of Dynamo-

Dynamo: Whoa! -barely gets out of the way- Not today, yo! That's wassup!

X: Alright, now--huh?

(the trio see Cinnamon in her Iron Maiden armor, running to a large asylum)

Axl: Cinnamon!

-Cinnamon is stopped by two Asylum Guardians, one decked out with missile launchers on treads, and the other decked out with cannons on legs-

Guardians: Protect...the asylum...! -begin attacking-

Cinnamon: (evades and hands transform into buzzsaws and begins hacking at the limbs)

Guardians: -barely take damage, and turn to blast her-

Cinnamon: AGH!

Axl: (runs over) Cinnamon!

Cinnamon: A...Axl?!

Dynamo: Axl! C'mon, let's take her and get out of here! -dashes in and slashes aside a missile fired at them-

Cinnamon:...I need to get in there. (grabs her blowdryer gun and shoots the guardians' heads)

Guardians: -don't take the attack well, taking a few seconds to get refocused-

Dynamo: No you don't! There are bots more insane than Hyenard that have worse killing impulses than Vile in there! Either you'll get killed or you'll let all hell break loose! We don't need either of those!

Cinnamon: I heard screaming, and I feel like there may be some in danger...(contineus firing)

Dynamo: That is the danger! We need to get out of here, now!

-the Missile Guardian shuts down-

Cinnamon: No! (rushes inside)

X: Cinnamon!

Dynamo: Urgh! C'mon! She's being stupid!

Cinnamon: (looks around)

-in damaaged cells, many half-mangled and insane Mavericks are attacking their prisons, but are powerless in their chains-

Cinnamon: (gasps)

-a bird-like Maverick spots her-

Maverick: Ooooh...there's a girl in here... Those bumbling tank idiots won't get in my way this time! -cackles maniacally and thrashes against the bars-

Cinnamon: (walks past)

-suddenly, the Mavericks in the other cells take notice of what the bird Maverick just said-

Mavericks: A girl?! -the Mavericks get even crazier, trying to beat down the bars- MINE! MINE! MINE!

(suddenly some walls smash  and Bane appears, free)
Bane the Guerrila



-some sirens go off, with the announcement throughout the city: "PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED, PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED", as other insane Mavericks break free-

Bane: Senorita, you will learn to fear me!

Cinnamon: Bane!

-the bird Maverick tries to jump on Cinnamon from behind-

Cinnamon: (does a matrix like move to dodge)

Bane: (swats the bird away and the green Venom is activated, making him stronger)

-the bird screams and activates its electric wind currents-

Bird Maverick: GRAAAAAAHHH!! -launches electric tornadoes everywhere-

Cinnamon: (dodging)

Bane: (grabs Cinnamon and then throws her through the wall)

Cinnamon: AGH!!

-a large bear-like Maverick bashes through walls, with forearms as large barrels for busters with large movable claws at the end of them-
Batman Arkham City Soundtrack - Track 05 - This Court Is Now In Session02:17

Batman Arkham City Soundtrack - Track 05 - This Court Is Now In Session

Arkham Brawl!

Bear Maverick: -roars- Where dat chick?! -starts firing fireballs-

Cinnamon: Ugh....(tries to get up)

Bear Maverick: -spots Cinnamon- Oh-ho-ho! Yeeeessss... Giiirrl.... -bumbles over to her with jittery claws out-

Cinnamon: Hands off, creep!

Bear Maverick: -laughs, not hearing her, grabs her with his claws-

Cinnamon: UGH!

Bear Maverick: Iiiiiiit's Christmaaaas! -cackles and starts walking off with her- Yeaaaahhh!! Imma score toniiight! -uses free buster to blast randomly-

X: (runs in) Hands off, pal!

Bear Maverick: Oh-ho-ho! -blasts at X, not caring-

X: (dodges and fires the Aiming Laser)

Bear Maverick: GAAH! -fires randomly, flailing its arms recklessly-

Cinnamon: (able to get free).....I'm ending this....(rips apart parts of ehr armor and then rips the Supra Force Metal out of her) AAAAAGHH!!! (collapses, comatose)

X: Cinnamon!

Axl: (flies down) Cinnamon!

Bear Maverick: Aaaaahh... -goes to pick Cinnamon up again- Yeeesss...

Axl: (gets in his way, with the Riot Cannon) Hands off her, asshole! (shoots at him constantly)

Bear Maverick: Graaah!! -returns fire- DIIIIEEEE!!!

Axl: (dodging)

Bear Maverick: -starts charging him, barrels coursing with extreme heat, roaring- MIIIINE!!

Axl: (blasting with the Riot Cannon)

Bear Maverick: -charge is deflected, charges right past through the building-

Axl: (pants and turns to Cinnamon) Cinnamon?

Dynamo: -rushes in- Guys! You won't believe what just went down outside!

X: Now what?!

Dynamo: Them Guardians...they somehow got repaired and they were owning these prisoners!

X: What?!

Dynamo: It's insane the damage those things can take! They're tanks! Check it out!

X: Dynamo, we gotta leave now!

Dynamo: I'm not the one you need to get to leave. The other guy is.

X: Uh?

Dynamo: Ahem, Axl?

Axl: (holding Cinnamon close)



Cinnamon: (in the infirmary, waking up) Ugh....

Dynamo: Cinnamon?

Axl: Easy, Cinnamon. You lost a lot of energon; good and bad...

Cinnamon: I...I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused....

Dynamo: Aniki! Aniki! She's awake!

Zero: -walks in- Quit calling me that! -sighs-Though that's not as bad as twisting Gate's arm to repair Cinnamon...

Cinnamon: Hey Commander....

Zero: I've decided to halt our progress due to your current condition. I want you to get fully rested and functional before we go into battle.

Cinnamon: Commander....I want to remain in my current body. But...I'll only battle when it's neccessary. When I was in Arkham, I saw the way the Maverick mechanics were repairing and helping one of the Guardians. It's then I remembered that my purpose as a medic is more important than my role as a fighter.

Zero: -smiles- Now you see my point. What Gate doesn't understand, is that we're not expendable. I'd even consider the medic to be almost as important as the leader, in different respects. I'll see if now you can retain your body, but if it's still a hazard to your well-being, we may need to move forward with the new body. I want to keep everyone alive for as long as possible, including you.

Cinnamon: (nods)

Zero: Good. I'll be waiting to hear about your recovery. -starts to leave-

Axl: I was worried....

Cinnamon: Now you know how I feel. (smiles)

Dynamo: Haha, lucky bot, I could lose an arm and not have a babe to worry about me. -laughs-


Dynamo: What? Was that bad to say?

X: No...not at all...I just think we need to give these two a little space.

Dynamo: Oh, right. -heads out-

Axl & Cinnamon: (making out)

X: Heh...(leaves)

Dynamo:-sighs- I'll get myself rested for the rumble I suppose...

X: Good idea.

Dynamo: -heads to his quarters-

Nana: (walks by, humming)

Dynamo: -looks at her as she passes, and sighs- ( she'd fall for a bum like me...)

Nana: (humming)

Dynamo: -spins his Chaosblade hilt, bored-

Nana: Oh! Hello Dynamo.

Dynamo: Uh! H-Hey Nana...

Nana: Something up?

Dynamo: not really... (She wouldn't care so much, if even Aniki doesn't even see me as special...)

Nana: You sure?

Dynamo: U-Um... -looks away, blushing-

Nana: Something wrong?

Dynamo: U-Um...n-no...

Nana: Okay then.

Dynamo: Um...uh... So...why do you like Armadillo? Since I was accepted into the Redemption Squad he's given me nothing but crap... Eagle's been working to minimize the problems...but he hasnt' been able to recently...which is why you noticed our problem...

Nana: I thought he was noble, dutiful, and extremely dreamy....but all of it was a lie....all he cared about was his own self and his job. Never anyone else...

Dynamo: An uptight soldier is what he is.

???: I heard that, lazy cat! -a battered Armored Armadillo marches up- The prisoner was quite uncooperative... -pushes Dynamo out of his way-

Dynamo: Urgh!

Nana: (growls)

Armored Armadillo: Hmph. Surprising you can last on the battlefield. -walks back to the bridge-

Dynamo: -sighs-

Nana: Asshole....

Dynamo: Tell me about it... But it's nothing new I guess...

Nana: Yeah. Well, I'm off.

Dynamo: W-Wait...

Nana: Yes?

Dynamo: U-Um... (Oh c'mon Aniki...what did you do...?) Wh-What do you think of m-me...?

Nana: Umm....I think you're nice and very well versed in combat, despite your lack of discipline.

Dynamo: Hehehe... -blushes, and whimpers- I think you're really cute...

Nana: Huh?

Dynamo: Uh! -turns a beat red- Uuuhh...

Nana: (blushes)

Dynamo: -stuttering immensely- I-I-I th-think y-y-you're r-r-r-really c-c-c-c-cute...

Nana: (blushing) That....that's very sweet of you...

Dynamo: R-R-R-Really...?

Nana: (nods)

Dynamo: Eheheh... -rubs back of head and chuckles nervously, still blushing-

Nana: (smiles and walks off)

Dynamo: Hehe... -walks off also-

Chapter 8: High-Stakes Turkey-Shoot

America Eaglyde: (in the prison) So I got caught again, big deal. Prime still has your database and precise coordinates! It won't mean anything to ya now!

Squid Adler: I'm not sure sure about that. I corrupted the outgoing files. What were you saying?

America Eaglyde: I know you did, that's why I made an anti-virus in the disc, making it easy for Peacock to decrypt them. But it won't matter! You'll lose anyway!

Squid Adler: I call your bluff. There was no way you could have by the time Armadillo stormed in to beat the tar out of you. And by the way, "courrupted" doesn't mean "encrypted". Corrupted is like corroding a bot's core, making it junk, can't repair it. Unless if you're calling that half-written program of a coded mess your anti-virus, well, good try.

America Eaglyde: I'm not too good a liar. However, I know for a fact Cyber Peacock can repair the mess you made and get it back as I originally sent it before you got in the way, old coot. Corrupted or not, you lost. We always find a way around your stupid trolling, so don't act like you own this place cuz you don't, grandpa!

Squid Adler: I know I can't fix that corrupted data, and even if he can, it'll take forever and a day trying to get it even half of it back together, and by then it'll be obsolete. So put your panties back on and quit taking that Pea-wee-cock.

America Eaglyde: (sticks her tongue out, menacingly) (Keep laughing, asshole...)

Squid Adler: Well, with you acting like that does make me look old in comparison I guess.

America Eaglyde: (sighs, depressed) (Captured twice, I'm surely kicked out of the army now. I let Prime down...I let my peers down....but worst of all, I let my hero can I even call myself a Maverick--call myself an actual Reploid--anymore?).....

-Squid Adler gets a communication from Zero-

Zero: We're moving out. Increase containment level to volitile.

Squid Adler: Yes sir. -flips some switches and doubles the strength of the force-field and charges the air inside with a strong electric charge- Your attacks will only cause the air to give you a nice jolt, Don't expect to get out anytime soon. I assume you want to look as best as you can for your crush.

America Eaglyde: (still looks depressed) I'm a failure as a Maverick...

Squid Adler: Under Zero's new Maverick Directive, Mavericks are still Reploids, and we shouldn't be simply slaughtering our own kind, we instead offer them a chance to live. I don't know how Zero came to that situation, but you should be glad with the way we're operating now as opposed to when Sigma led the Hunters. Mavericks were just destroyed back then.

America Eaglyde:.....

Squid Adler: You do know that both Storm Eagle and Zero were Sigma's closest apprintices, right?

America Eaglyde: Uh?

Squid Adler: Grandpa has a story to tell. Back in my day, Storm Eagle and Zero were both very well-established Hunters, both having the privilage of having Sigma's tutelage on being a good Hunter, and were prime examples of what Hunters should be and how should they act. I don't know why he didn't offer Zero a place in his plan, but my guess is that Zero was too good at what he did, and would be able to find a way around whatever he could throw at him. Storm Eagle, on the other hand, had a moral system to keep, and a guiltier concience. Sigma used that to his advantage to pull him into his grand plan. It took two Hunters to do what Zero could do alone. Do you know this part?

America Eaglyde: Some of it, but carry on.

Squid Adler: Storm Eagle and Armored Armadillo resolved that the only way out of what they knew was certain death was to fake it, and free the hostages used by Sigma to turn Eagle. They went on to also help X when fighting Vile. The rest is history. They knew that they were not going to survive with Sigma taking a sudden Maverick turn. It was never about being "good enough" for them, they just did. That's how Zero operates as well. He does not worry about how good he is, he just does. The greatest of us worry the least on the approval of others, and simply do what they do best.

America Eaglyde: That was all that happened while I was in boot camp?

Squid Adler: Probably before that even, is my guess.

America Eaglyde:...

Squid Adler: Well, I better get strapped in. I have a feeling this will be a bumpy ride. -flips another switch and straps on a harness- You'll be fine, in there, it's almost like artificial gravity. Beetle perfected the system.

America Eaglyde: Right.

-on the bridge...-

Storm Eagle: Now approaching battle zone.

Zero: Stay on course. We're going to turn this stalemate into a checkmate.

Cinnamon: (appears to be doing some equations and formulas)

Gate: What are you doing?

Cinnamon: I'm trying to develop a synthetic formula for Force Metal.

Zero: Cinnamon, could you please do that later? We're about to go into battle.

Cinnamon: I know, but seeing as how I've commited myself to being off the battlefield--

Zero: You need to be ready to recieve patients. After we finish here you can go back to your formula.

Cinnamon: (nods)

Zero: Good. Just in case damage to the ship causes damage to us.

Storm Eagle: One minute until contact.

-the Olympus flies up behind a large Sigma fleet in a stalemate position against the defending Repliforce fleet-

Zero: Red alert, battle stations! -lighting turns red and an alarm sounds- All hands to your harnesses, this may be a bumpy ride. -straps in himself as the others do likewise-

Armored Armadillo: Sir, we are in firing range.

Zero: Fire at will.

-the Olympus begins to exchange fire with the Sigma fleet-

(the Sigma Fleet begins to counter attack)

Armored Armadillo: They're returning fire.

Zero: Storm Eagle, evasive manuvers. Armored Armadillo, continue firing, aim for critical areas of their ships.

Armored Armadillo: Aye.

Storm Eagle: Manuvers with a ship of this size?

Zero: Yes. -smirks-

Storm Eagle: -nods- Aye sir. -pitches the Olympus up and tilts it-

-the Repliforce fleet begins to attack the Sigma fleet once more, taking advantage of the situation-

(Sigma's ships begins attacking on both sides)

Zero: Dive now!

Storm Eagle: -with the ship fully upside down, makes the ship dive-

-the Olympus makes its way to the damaged front end of the enemy fleet, making some final blows on several of them-

X: We got 'em!

Zero: Let's see if they decide to turn tail. Keep hammering them.

Armored Armadillo: Aye. -continues firing upon the surviving enemy ships-

(the Mavericks begin departing and hammer on the Olympus)

Dynamo: This isn't that safe...!

Zero: Push through!

-the Repliforce fleet advances, providing cover fire for the Olympus-

Nana: Aah! (falls down from the impact of the attacks)

Dynamo: Nana! -unstraps and rushes over to her-

Zero: Steady...!

-the Olympus begins to enter the Repliforce fleet, as the fleet protects the Olympus from further damage while still hammering the fleeing Sigma fleet-

Nana: (feels dizzy)

Dynamo: Nana! Nana! Are you okay?!

Nana: Uhh....feel dizzy...

Dynamo: I've got you... -holds her as another blow throws him into the wall- Ngh!

Nana" WHOA!!

Dynamo: Ooww... That smarts...

Nana: You okay?

Dynamo: I'm just glad you're okay, don't mind me.

Nana: (blushes)

-Armored Armadillo's console beeps-

Armored Armadillo: Sir, we are being hailed. It's Commander Skiver.

Zero: Put him through.

-Skiver appears on the viewscreen-

Zero: Hello, Skiver. What do you need?

Skiver: First, I'd like to congratuate you on your offensive back there. Well-executed. Secondly, I highly advise you take this opportunity to get your ship repaired. We'll clean up here. It is confirmed that the enemy is in full retreat.

Zero: I think I'll take you up on that. Would you mind sending Skyshadow over to work with our prisoner?

Skiver: Not at all. He'll be reporting in when your ship enters the dock. Our fighters will assist you with guiding.

Zero: Thank you very much. Zero out. -communication ends-

-Later, when the Olympus is docked and being repaired...-

Nana: (wanders around)

Dynamo: -leaves the medbay, recovered from his injuries- Ugh...

Nana: Dynamo...

Dynamo: Oh...hey Nana...

Nana: What's up?

Dynamo: Not much, just got my back patched up.

Nana: I'm glad.

Dynamo: Heheh... -blushes-

Nana: (blushing) Thanks for, uhh.....

Dynamo: Y-You're welcome...

Nana: (looks absolutely shy)

Dynamo: U-Um... (Dang it, Aniki, what did you do?) -looks nervous-

Nana: (stares at him)

Dynamo: -stares back at her- Umm... Uh... I...I, uh...

Nana: (holds his hands, smiling)

Dynamo: Uh! -smiles and squeezes her hands gently-

Nana: (face draws closer to his)

Dynamo: -kisses her-

Nana: (kisses back)

Dynamo: -holds her tight-

Nana: Mmmm...


Armored Armadillo: This way, Skyshadow. -leads him to the brig, where Eaglyde is-

Skyshadow: Thank you...

America Eaglyde:....

Skyshadow: Eaglyde...

America Eaglyde: Skyshadow...

Skyshadow:, um... How've you been holding up...?

America Eaglyde: Been better. Got beat up by my idol....

Skyshadow: I heard about that...

America Eaglyde: Now I feel like crap.

Skyshadow: -looks at her sadly-

America Eaglyde: Some Maverick commander I turned out to be, huh?

Skyshadow: You use the word "Maverick" like Reploids and Mavericks are two different things... I don't like that...

America Eaglyde: I bet Prime's fired me already....

Skyshadow: ... (What am I supposed to say here?) He would...

America Eaglyde:....

Skyshadow: ...I'm sorry...

America Eaglyde: (looks at him)

Skyshadow: -looks at her-

America Eaglyde: (blushing) You're even cuter up-close...

Skyshadow: -blushing- You too...

America Eaglyde: You mean it?

Skyshadow: Heck yes!

America Eaglyde: (blushing immensely, happy)

Skyshadow: Stay with me, Eaglyde... I can't imagine what Sigma will do to you if you go back to him...

America Eaglyde: You don't even have to convince me! (jumps up and embraces him)

Skyshadow: -hugs back tightly and swings her around by spinning-

America Eaglyde; Whooaaaa! (laughs)

Skyshadow: -laughs as well- (Arcee's gonna hate me for this...but I don't care right now!)

America Eaglyde: (kisses him)

Skyshadow: -kisses back-

America Eaglyde: (cuddles to him)

Skyshadow: -holds her tightly- C'mon...let's go...

America Eaglyde: (nods)

Skyshadow: -leaves with her-


Arcee: (hanging back) Wonder what's taking Skyshadow....

Skyshadow: -walks up with Eaglyde under his arm-

Arcee: Oh speak of the devil--(sees Eaglyde) What is she doing here?!

Skyshadow: The Hunters captured her, twice, and did a good job at keeping her. Sigma probably has already removed her, so now if she went back she'd probably get killed, so... Yeah.

Arcee: How can we even trust her?

Skyshadow: Because Mavericks are still Reploids.

Arcee: (still looks suspicious)

Skyshadow: Don't give me that. Zero, the Colonel, and the Commander all helped set the scene to get us to where we are now.

Arcee: She's already compromised the Hunters' database, how do we know she won't do the same?

America Eaglyde: You don't. But....I'm already done with Prime. Besides, I still have a bone to pick with Starscream!

Skyshadow: The Hunters have dealt with the breach anyway. And Starscream... What if I told you that Starscream was the Commander's last student?

America Eaglyde: I'd say he was bad taste, in students...and otherwise.

Arcee: THAT'S IT!! (tries to charge at her, but gets restrained by some soldiers)

Skyshadow: Arcee... You know that the Commander doesn't take students anymore because of Starscream...

Arcee: (sighs)

Skiver: -walks up- What's with the commotion up here?

Arcee:....Nothing. (walks off)

Skiver: ...Hm. I see you have succeeded, Skyshadow. Good work.

Skyshadow: Thank you sir.

America Eaglyde: (stands up straight)

Skiver: Carry on then. -walks off-

America Eaglyde: (sighs)

Skyshadow: You weren't the first to have this kind of resistance... The Hunters have it rougher. -walks with her towards his quarters-

America Eaglyde: I know I did some bad things to Arcee, but what can I do to win her trust?

Skyshadow: I'm afraid that'll be next to impossible. She's already chomping at the bit to kill Commander Magma Dragoon for dropping the Sky Lagoon and murdering her partner.

America Eaglyde: Perfect.....

Skyshadow: We can make it work though...I hope...

America Eaglyde: Really? How?

Skyshadow: Um... Putting myself in the line of fire? -smiles nervously-

America Eaglyde:....You're joking, right?

Skyshadow: If all else fails...

America Eaglyde: (sighs and hugs him)

Skyshadow: -hugs back-

America Eagllyde (smiles)

Epilogue: Setting the Clock


Colonel: -enters General's office- General, the defense has been successful, we have successfully repulsed the enemy counterattack.

General: Excellent work. Are we ready to proceed?

Colonel: That brings me to the reason why I am here. We are ready for the final phase. We have determined that all of their drones are built on the Moon, and are transported down via the Orbital Elevator. We are in a strong position to destroy the Orbital Elevator outright in the night. I require your permission to use the required equipment to carry this final phase to fruition.

General: Very well.

Colonel: Then, I request permission to use the Enigma Cannon.

General: Permission granted, old friend.

Colonel: Thank you, sir. -salutes- I shall commence immediately. -leaves-


Elpizo: -sitting against a wall, having been thrown into it by Sigma, groans- Oww... I think I need to see the doc after that beating... (For no reason at that...this bot hates the cold hard truth...)

Sigma Prime: (storms in) I am not taking anymore chances. Attack from all directions of the planet! No more holding back! Elpizo! Contact Red Alert! With Cyber Peacock finishing the defrag of the database, we will need their assistance in annihilating Zero and his Hunters!

Elpizo: -coughs and struggles to stand- This isn't a good time, my lord... We must regroup before initiating any sort of re-engagement... I'll do as you ask, Sigma Prime, but blind offense isn't going to help us... They have demonstrated high aptitude for defense... -starts hobbling away-

Sigma Prime: Then do you have any better ideas? if so, tell it!

Elpizo: Our brute force tactics are obviously being negated by their strategy of divirsionary and stonewalling tactics... I suggest as opposed to what we have been doing, we try a battle of attrition--chip them away a little at a time, we can send enough drones so that they'll run out of soldiers faster than we will...

Sigma Prime: (chuckles) An excellent thought....carry it out.

Elpizo: Yes my lord... -walks off-


Colonel: -sitting in the command chair- Is the target set?

Operator: Yes sir. The coordinates have been entered into the computer.

Colonel: We need to be fast in order to succeed. Raise the cannon, and have it aimed as quickly as possible!

Operators: Yes sir!

-as the area shakes, a closed off and fortified area of the base opens up and reveals a large planetary cannon, and turns to aim at its target-

Operator 1: Target locked -- the Orbital Elevator!

Operator 2: The trejectory, angle, and power levels have all been configured.

Colonel: -nods- Good. Begin the charging sequence.

Operator 1: Aye sir!

-the cannon lights up as it begins charging its energy-

Operator 1: Now charging at 21%!

Colonel: Can this be done faster?

Operator 2: We're trying to feed more energy to the cannon, but it may not be enough.

Colonel: We need this done as quickly as possible, we don't want the enemy to figure out what we're doing!

Operator 1: Now at 36%!

Colonel: Shut down all non-essential systems and direct the power flow to the cannon!

Operator 2: Yes sir. We should have a 10 to 15% boost if we do that.

Colonel: Do so.

Operator 1: 45%

Colonel: Hurry!

Operator 2: It should be done in a matter of seconds!

Operator 1: 60%!

Colonel: Come on...

Operator 1: 74%...81%...90...98...! We're fully charged sir!

Colonel: FIRE!

Operator 1: -slams on the "FIRE" button-

-the Enigma Cannon blasts a powerful beam of energy, and flies straight to the Orbital Elevator and goes right through it, causing the Orbital Elevator's carts and systems to falter, not only causing the initial large explosion, but also to disintegrate in smaller explosions both ways-

-On the Maverick base...-

Elpizo: -falls over- OW! What was that?! Report!

Split Mushroom: W-We must've taken some sort of major damage, s-sir...!

Elpizo: Give me a damage report before Prime has your core for a midnight snack!

Split Mushroom: -frantically works on the computer, and suddenly looks pale, scared for his life-

Elpizo: Well?

Split Mushroom: ...Th-The...O-Orbital E-Elevator...h-has b-b-been...d-d-destroyed...

Elpizo: ...What? (Scrap! Prime's going to be even more pissed now!) This can't be...!

Cyber Peacock: -screams, seeing his busted computer- That made me lose the scrapheap of a database!


Elpizo: I can't prevent what I don't know exists. We don't even know what was used or even who did it concretely. Mushroom! Perform a diagnostic and prepare a report, immediately!

Split Mushroom: Y-Yes sir! -rushes off-


Elpizo: I will perform to the best my abilities can offer. I suggest you take a breather before you destroy the base. Mushroom! Peacock! We need to know what just happened, on the double! Meet me in the conference room when you're done! -marches off to the conference room-

Cyber Peacock: Why me too?!

Split Mushroom: Shh, Prime's pissed, just do as you're told...

Sigma Prime: (growls)

-Back on the Repliforce base, the cannon has already been retracted, and Repliforce's units are becoming fully mobilized-

Colonel: -standing on a balcony, exhausted, and exhales heavily- Well...we're back on the board... Now we need to push them back...

Wheeljack: I can just see the looks on their stupid faces!

Colonel: Knowing Sigma he'd be blaming his own troops for it, while I am the one that's angering him. -chuckles- Of course... Our war isn't against Mavericks... It's against Sigma. Heh, reminds me of the duels we used to have. Years down the road... We may look back on this day, as the start of the Sigma Wars.


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