Technology is advanced. At times TOO advanced. Everyone is relaxing using this technology with miniscule care in the world....except one. He sees this as the opportunity to be ammused by such insignificant creatures going out of their way, betraying each other to survive. Gaining pleasure though the pain of others and watching them suffer. L.O.G (the self proclaimed Lord of Games) seeks out 32 competetors from the Chillversee. He will watch a two week cycle as the players fight for one of the sixteen spots in Round II. Who will win? Are L.O.G's intentions more heinous than they seem? Only 1 of these 32 players will be able to prove their worth to be sparred by L.O.G! To prove that you aren't just souless lifeforms with no purpose besides fighting for the amusement of people of his ranks...failure will result in terrible punishment...and when everything's revealed....our heroes will finally find the answer of L.O.G's plight and that is he right?

Is life all just a game.....?


  1. Despite what is said in the blurb no one will die without permission from the user.
  2. NO god-modding.
  3. No canon characters.
  4. Do not change everything to revolve around your character(s)
  5. Two characters per user.
  6. Only 16 users.
  7. One character must be male and the other female. Even things out.
  8. Everyone will get a partner. It does not necessarily have to be two characters of the same user.
  9. Crossovers are excepted if executed well, HOWEVER crossovers MUST be of video game characters


  1. Bluray the Fox
  2. Dokuro-chan the Angelic Fox
  3. Apallo The Hedgehog
  4. Jester of Knives/Alice the Rabbit

Chapter 1: Will Start When There is Enough People

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