This is a freejoin arcade-mode-styled roleplay based off Street Fighter X Tekken


A mysterioys box known as Pandora has crash-landed in teh Antarctic. Researchers from around the globe have gone to investigate. Many fighters want to get tehre first to obtain its power, whatever it may be. But this will not be easy. Who will triumph in teh uqest for Pandora?

Invited Users





Other Users




  1. You must follow the plot of each individual story
  2. When controlling Street Fighter or Tekken teams, their endings must be the same as in the game. No exceptions! ~ We've gone Rule 34 on all of you.
  3. Each story will see everyone fighting each other at least once.
  4. There's a limit of 12 Sonic teams and 12 solo characters.
  5. You may control tyhe Street Fighter and Tekken characters whenever you want, but you MUST control your own characters!
  6. Have fun!

Street Fighter Teams

  1. Ryu & Ken Masters
  2. Chun-Li & Cammy White
  3. Guile & Abel
  4. Dhalsim & Sagat
  5. Rolento F. Schugerg & Ibuki
  6. Poison & Hugo Andore
  7. Rufus & Zangief
  8. Vega & Balrog
  9. M. Bison & Juri Han
  10. Sakura Kasagano & Blanka
  11. Guy & Cody Travers
  12. Elena & Dudley

Tekken Teams

  1. Kazuya Mishima & Nina Williams
  2. Asuka Kazama & Emile "Lili" de Rochefort
  3. Heihachi Mishima & Kuma
  4. Paul Phoenix & Marshall Law
  5. King & Craig Marduk
  6. Hwoarang & Steve Fox
  7. Bob Richards & Julia Chang
  8. Yoshimitsu & Raven
  9. Jin Kazama & Ling Xiaoyu
  10. Lars Alexandersson & Alisa Boskonovich
  11. Bryan Fury & Jack-X
  12. Christie Monteiro & Lei Wulong

Sonic Fanon Teams

  1. Shine the Hedgehog & Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)
  2. Drake the Hedgebat & Maya the Echidna (Gurahk)
  3. Jimmy Canvas & Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk)
  4. Reggie the Bat & Sal the Echidna (Gurahk & Boombomb)
  5. Esmerelda the Echidna & Eric the Polar Cat (Gurahk & Sonicstar3000)
  6. Joseph the Wolf & Makoto the Dog (Gurahk & Sonicstar3000)
  7. JT the Androhog & Arturo the Hedgehog (SS3K)
  8. Flint the Weasel & Bane the Dynamite (SS3K)
  9. Tyler Lynch & Jimmy the Wombat (ZK85)
  10. Boombomb the Hedgehog & Sparks The Hedgehog (Boombomb and LTH)
  11. Selwin the Oni & Kailie the Devilgirl (Boombomb and SS3K)
  12. Surge the Hedgehog & Brittney the Bat (XxZKxX and Gurahk)

Solo Characters

  1. Akuma
  2. Ogre
  3. Megaman
  4. Pac-Man
  5. Cole MacGrath
  6. Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)
  7. Julius the Black Murderer (Gurahk)
  8. James the Blue Jay (SS3K)
  9. Doom the Dark Lord (Boombomb)
  10. Carnage the Hedgecat (XxZKxX)
  11. Siren the Hedgehog (XxZKxX)
  12. Gentun the Ninjafox (Gurahk)

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