This is a special roleplay based off of the Rival Schools fighting game series.


Hareta Asa is playing host to the 1st Annual International High School Scholarship Fighting Tournament, where the winning school and its staff & students will receive $10 million for college scholarships. There is lots at stake and no school wants to lose, but who will come out on top?


  1. All schools must have an equal and fair number of student competitors.
  2. No godmodding or cheating.
  3. Keep the sexual content to a low extent.
  4. You may include any school you would like, whether it exists or not.
  5. Do not shift the focus towards your characters all the time, it gets annoying.
  6. Have fun!


  • Gurahk
  • Boombomb
  • SS3K
  • Dark
  • Apallo
  • MaverickHunterSigma
  • Tynic The Hedgehog
  • Flametfh


  1. Hareta Asa High School
  2. Fujiwara Academy
  3. Stoneham High School
  4. Reading Memorial High School
  5. Emerald Island Academy
  6. Southtown High School
  7. Emerald Revenue Academy
  8. OmegaCorp Operator's Academy of Ars Magus
  9. Aoharu High School
  10. Victori Pollizi High School


Hareta Asa High School

Fujiwara Academy

Stoneham High School

Reading Memorial High School

Emerald Island Academy

Southtown High School

Emerald Revenue Academy

OmegaCorp Operator's Academy of Ars Magnus

Aoharu High School

Victori Pollizi High School



will begin when characters are ready

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