Repliforce insignia

Repliforce is a reploid military force that dedicates itself to balancing war conflicts between Reploids and Mobians. Originally created and formed on planet Earth, they reformed on Mobius after a failed coup d'etat destroyed them. They are close contacts with the Maverick Hunters and one of the main protagonist groups in the Maverick Hunter X series.


Repliforce was created shortly after the first Maverick uprising on Earth in the year 21XX, as a separate army to assist the Maverick Hunters. However, one night, Sigma visited the General and told that the Maverick Hunters were bound to betray his squad and encouraged him to destroy them first. Though General refused to betray the humans, his mind was changed quickly when the Sky Lagoon crashed and Repliforce was blamed for the incident.

Enraged by this, Repliforce declared its wish to build their own nation of Reploids. The Maverick Hunters saw this as a coup, which left Mega Man X and his friend Zero to unwittingly destroy their former comrades. In a last ditch effort to see through to their ambitions, General and Colonel created the Final Weapon, a large cannon meant to destroy all of humanity. Colonel and his sister, Iris, were ultimately killed, leaving the General severly wounded. Realizing his mistake, he gives up his life to stop the Final Weapon. Any surviving members of Repliforce, such as Mattrex and The Skiver, were killed during teh Sigma Virus outbreak.

Some time after this, Tikal the Echidna and Chaos forgave their sins and wre able to reincarnate all of Repliforce as Mobians and send them to Mobius, in the year 20XX. There, Repliforce reformed as a military force, assisting the Mobian incarnations of the Maverick Hunters. At first, though, many members mistook X and Zero as being the same ones that killed them on Earth. They have been quite active, helping the hunters win several Maverick conflicts, including the civil war against the rogue mercinaries, Red Alert.

Notable Members

K-9 Elite Unit

Maritime Unit

Air Force Unit

Aerialbot Platoon

Polar Unit

Freeze Man Platoon

African Assault Platoon

Lava Ridge Platoon

Maximal Platoon

Headmaster Platoon

Former Members




  • The idea for Repliforce to be the military group within Maverick Hunter X was from ZekeKnight, who felt that it should have been Repliforce as military in the original series, instead of the Maverick Hunters.

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