Remedy the Pheasant is a female mobian gamefowl who has a strong, brave heart. As kind as she may seem, she actually won't back down from sticking up for her friends.
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Harlequin the Finch

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Remedy the Pheasant
Remedy the Pheasant FDM
(Her headphones are hidden under the spines in this picture, and I apologize for FDM.)
Vital statistics
Title Remedy
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Golden Pheasant
Fur/Feathers/scales Mint green
Attire Patterned, long, sleeveless shirt

Black trousers

Pink and white boots


Romantic Interests Jeff the Cockatiel (Crush)
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First Appearance Roleplay: GENERIC SONIC RP 1
Appearances Roleplay: GENERIC SONIC RP 1
American/English VA Taylor Swift
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Remedy is, as previously stated, brave and fiesty, but as well as this, still young at heart and loves to mess around. Unfortunately for the consequences, she has been known to accidentaly screw things up for other people with this personality trait.



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  • Remedy's species was originally going to be a peahen, but the character's owner decided to scrap the idea, as her tail would then be a nightmare to draw.
  • Remedy's theme song is Hot Right Now by DJ Fresh and Rita Ora.

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