Reisa the Wolf
Reisa the Wolf
Reisa is an elite and sexy soldier that is in love with Colonel.





Cup Size



Capable fighter and trained in Emerson Combat Systems martial arts, carries Chaosknives and several Energon Pistols and boasts nice sexy agility.

Love Interests

Colonel the Hedgehog


Justice, saving innocents, cute men (especially Colonel), helping those in need, etc.


Being raped, evil Mavericks, ugly boys, getting caught, failing everyone, etc.

Reisa the Wolf is a member of Repliforce, serving in it's K-9 Elite Unit as a highly-trained and accomplished warrior and fighter. Formerly an exotic dancer at a strip club in Abel City, she joined Repliforce after being saved from a mugging and rape by Colonel the Hedgehog, who she is secretly in love with.


Reisa worked as an exotic dancer at the most popular strip club in Abel City. SHe loved her job and got paid quite well. However, during the Maverick Wars, rogue and perverted Mavericks attacked the club and killed everyone but Reisa. Taking her back to their hideout, they intended to rape her until a squadron lead by Colonel swooped in and rescued her. After falling madly in love with him, Reisa chose to help protect herself and those around her and enlisted within the Repliforce. After rigorous training, she was accepted in and became a valued asset towards the army.


While once a playful and sultry Reploid as an Exotic Dancer, Reisa's own character was changed after the Maverick Wars began. She became more dutiful and serious in her duties to defeat the Mavericks than ever. She still showed signs of her playful side during missions, in doing sexy poses or taunting her opponents, playfully and sensually. However, she still sticks to her duty more than anything. Reisa is totally infatuated with Colonel and will do anything to win him over, even if it means returning to her immoral ways.




  • Reisa is an original character made for Maverick Hunter X and not an incarnation of any character from another franchise.

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