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Red Alert is an illegal gang of Reploid bounty hunters that capture and/or kill "Mavericks" for the highest bidder. They are a major rival to the Maverick Hunters, and currently working partners with the Maverick Army after a truce with Sigma.


Red Alert was formed during the Maverick Wars, as an illegal gang to take down several Mavericks. However, most Reploids that they labelled as Maverick were mostly innocent Reploids or Mobians that did nothing significant or nothing at all to be warranted as Mavericks. Red Alert grew a reputation of this gang-mentality, especially with the mostly incompetant Navigator Pallette and addition of the shape-shifting Axl, who quickly became a pivital member of the group.

Throughout its history, their leader and namesake, Red, constantly strived to take down the Maverick Hunters and their commander, Sigma, after a significant history of hatred between them. During their feud, the members engaged some of the Maverick Hunters in battle, though some would sometimes result in losses for them, including Pallette. Eventually, Sigma would turn Maverick and work out a truce with Red to supply some materials and captured Reploids in exchange for the secret to using Axl's abilities. When Axl learned a part of this, he quickly left and went rogue.

Red learned that Axl left the gang and wanted him back dead so he could better know the full secret to his abilities. After his Red Scorpio Mechaniloid failed to bring him in, he challenged the Maverick Hunters to a "duel", knowing that they had saved Axl and would try to keep him safe. Much to his surprise, the Hunters called the services of Repliforce to help them. Red soon took matters into his own hands by hiring other bounty hunters, Clarice and Spider, to personally take them down. Clarice captured the Hunters' medic Cinnamon to lure them into their base, which he set to self-destruct. Red would soon confront Axl, but lost as he was seemingly killed in the explosion.

Unknown to everyone, Red actually survived the incident and began plotting behind-the-scenes on revenge and recruiting a newly-reformed Red Alert to assist the Maverick Army in what was to be the final weeks of the Maverick Wars.

Known Members

Former Members

  • Smokescreen the Hedgehog (left the group and went rogue)
  • Axl the Fox (defected to the Maverick Hunters)
  • Flame Hyenard (captured and defected to the Maverick Hunters)
  • Pallette the Cat (Navigator; died, resurrected, and then defected to the Maverick Hunters)
  • Several other members killed on missions
  • Several otehr members that were killed during the conflict with the Maverick Hunters


  • Red Alert is named and based off the gang antagonists from Mega Man X7.

See Also

  • Maverick Hunters, an organization of Reploid bounty hunters that defeat actual Mavericks
  • Maverick Army, a military group of Mavericks that support Red Alert
  • Repliforce, a military group of Reploid that oppose Red Alert.
  • Team Bionicle, another group of illegal bounty hunters consisting of Reploids and Mobians

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