Based on the story of the upcomming fangame Sonic Elements Episode 1: Ice Aged, a new evil has disrupted the balance of the Seasons causing the  4 Courners of Mobius to freeze, overgrow with trees, burn up, and flood by rain showers. The first chapter in the 4 Part Saga Begins in Station Square at the end of Winter. Will the heroes find out who is causing this disruption?


Note: The Story of this RP series will not reflect on w the Game's story. But It will have a planned Storyline.

  1. Dont G-Mod
  2. Dont sway the story but adding sub-plots is ok just as long as it doesnt deprive from the plot
  3. This is a Fanon RP not a Canon RP
  4. Give time for people to edit.
  5. Have Fun


Apallo the Hedgehog (Apallo)

Junior the Hedgehog (Apallo)

Tremor the Fox (Zaya)

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox (Draon)

Ryan the Chimera (Draon)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)


Chapter 0: Prolouge

It was the end of Winter for the area of Mobius where Station Square was preparing a festival for the Arrival of the Spring...until th next day where it was snowing until a blizzard picked up....... now we go to our heroes.

Apallo: Hummmmm this is weird

Isaiah: What's up Apallo?

Apallo: Its April....and its still snowing

Tremor:.....GRAH! *slams the ground causing a wave*

Apallo: Something isnt right

Tremor:What might that be?

Apallo: It should have been spring by now

Isaiah: You're right, something is going on. *He unfurls his wings slightly and readjusts them*

Apallo: -looks into the sky-


Apallo: -is walking out of the city-


Apallo: -turns to Isaiah- What are you talking about? Im going to investagate the problems with the weather.

Isaiah AH: Wrong Isaiah, Apallo. I'm the one you were talking to.

Apallo: Well, either way Im going to find out what's going on.

Isaiah:No, no no. I was talking to the Same-name kid.

Apallo: Look if you two want to come along then follow me.

Tremor:That's why we're here.

Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Jack: Hi guys, what's going on?

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