Quickfreeze Royale is a project worked on by [deep breath] Sonicstar3000, LegionDX, ShenanigansShikra and Apallo The Hedgehog. It will cross over their projects.


Playable Characters

  1. JT (Legacy -Battlers)
  2. Shen Renite (Level Up)
  3. Kaylem "Blaze" Armian (Level Up)
  4. Mumei Jiga (Project;Tanoshimi)
  5. Takeshi Koizumi (Timeleapt)
  6. Hikari Kuchiki (Chillsona)
  7. Juri Kumagai (Chillsona)
  8. Chris Izumi(Kingdom Hopes)
  9. Patty Wolfe (Kingdom Hopes)
  10. Max Tyson (La Vale)
  11. Bronson Blaze (La Vale)
  12. Fujiwara Kusanagi (Project;Tanoshimi)
  13. Ryuji Meltdown (Nimbus Buster)
  14. Genoshi Berry DX (Nimbus Buster)
  15. Suezo Kondo (Timeleapt)

Assist Characters

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