Quick Man
Quick Man
Quick Man is one of the fastest Robot Masters and one of the Eight Sons of Wily




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly humanoid-Robot Master)

Love Interests



Racing, moving fast, fast thinking, hot girls, showing off, kicking ass, etc.


Slugs, slow movers, being tricked, losing, annoying people, etc.

Quick Man is a Robot Master made by Dr. Wily on Earth, remodelled into a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. He is one of the Eight Sons of Wily, and is one of the fastest Reploids ever. Although mostly evil, Quick Man also has a sense of goodness, following an incident involving Mega Man and Shadow Man.


During his second attempt to conquer the world and destroy Mega Man, Dr. Wily created eight powerful Robot Masters of his own. One of these new robots was Quick Man, made by using Elec Man as a base and using some lightweight materials. Because of this, Quick Man was able to travel at high speeds and gain a reputation of being one of the fastest robots ever made. Regardless, he and his seven brothers were defeated, and Wily's plan had failed.

After his defeat, Quick Man continued to try taking down his nemesis every so often, but always failing. During one incident, he encountered Mega Man trying to stop Wily and the sentient computer, Ra Moon (who had been using Wily all along). During this, Quick Man began to show regrets and hesistated to destroy Mega Man. At this moment, Shadow Man appeared and mercilessly killed him before being defeated by an enraged Mega Man.

Following his repair after this incident, Quick Man began a reputation in racing. He was one of the fastest and the best in the Battle & Chase Grand Prix and gained an intense rivalry with Turbo Man. Eventually, Quick Man's usefullness was deemed expired and he was sealed away in a warehouse with the other Robot Masters. A portal to this place was found by Gate, who was amazed at the technology he was finding. Impressed and eager to test out the untimely technology, he stole all the Robot Masters and other things made by Dr Light, Dr Wily, and Dr. Cossasck, and brought them to Mobius, where they were refitted to his own time and place.

When they awoke, Quick Man and his brothers were surprised at what happened to them and where they ended up, but at the same time were very pleased. With new enhancements and their own free wills, they formed the "Eight Sons of Wily", causing trouble wherever they went with teh ultimate goal of eliminating the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and more specifically, the Maverick Hunter X, who they originally mistake as their old enemy, Mega Man.


Quick Man is very cocky and impulsive, and is also a quick-thinker. Sometimes, he gets a little overconfident in his abilities and superspeed, which can ultimatly lead to his defeat many times. However, Quick Man does have a sense of good within him, unlike the rest of his brothers, due to his experience in the Ra Moon incident. He is still searching for a hottie to spend time with, when out of sight from his brothers.

Powers and Abilities

Quick Man's signature weapon is the Quick Boomerang. He can fire a few at a time for a cost of only minimal energy. They can either go in a boomerang-like pattern, or in a straight line. He also wields an arm cannon, but hasn't been seen using it that often.

Quick Man is also able to move incredibly fast and often uses this as an advantage in battle. He is able to use incredible close-combat skills to his advantage. Since becoming a Mobian-Reploid, Quick Man's speed has greatly increased and has gained new abilities, such as the Spindash, Homing Attack, Light Speed Attack, Chaos Spear, among other abilities seen with other speedy hedgehogs on Mobius.

Like the other Robot Masters, Quick Man is unable to be completely killed. Even if defeated or destroyed in battle, it is still possible to rebuild him, so long as one has all the necessary parts and equiptment to do so.






  • Quick Man's standard cruising speed is Mach 5, but his top speed is still unknown. It can be assumed he moved very fast, but he is able to travel at speeds that almost reach Sonic's top speeds.
  • Quick Man bears some sort of resemblence to DC superhero The Flash.

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