Quake Woman
Quake Woman
Quake Woman is a reserved and dedicated Maverick Hunter.





Love Interests



Friendship, feeling accomplished, being with others, doing her work, being useful, etc.


Nightmares, possibly dying, being deemed Maverick, feeling useless, perverts, etc.

Quake Woman, also known as "Tempo", is a Maverick Hunter that serves in the Femme Fatale Squad with some of her good friends. She is quite reserved and timid, but is always willing to be of help. She was once a mining Reploid before she was labelled Maverick for being allegidly responsible for a cave-in that killed a co-worker, and later taken in by the Hunters as one. Quake Woman still has fears of failing and being labelled Maverick once again.


Tempo was originally created for mining operations in popular mines. One day, she was mining for a rare dark substance later identified as Dark Energon when she had accidentally drilled a bit off-course and presumably caused a cave-in. Some of her co-workers were killed but she miraculously survived. Unfortunatly, her gloriful freedom was short-lived, as she was mistook for a Maverick and hunted down.

Isolating herself, she worked quite dangerously, trying to survive and dubbed herself "Quake Woman". All she could do was to survive by creating earthquakes and cave-ins to keep the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce off of her trail. She was eventually discovered by I the Hedgehog and her team. Quake Woman battled them and managed to neutralize all but I, but Quake Woman caused a cave-in that got herself buried under rubble, now more scared than ever.

I noticed how frightened Quake Woman was and realized she was not all evil, but merely misunderstood. Without a word, Iron Maxxima quickly got her out and Quake Woman, after much deliberation with Signas, was made a Maverick Hunter, as part of I's team. She dedicated herself to doing all she could to stop Mavericks and redeem herself as a Reploid.


Quake Woman is quite a shy and reserved Hunter, having low self-esteem in herself from the accident that happened long ago and not knowing much about friendship or love. She also has nightmares of that day and believed if she were to fail again, she would be labelled Maverick once more. However, she knows her friends will always be there every step of the way to help her through her problems and struggles throughout.

Abilities & Skills

Quake Woman's signature weapon is the Quake Drill, a drill-based weapon she can use as melee on one or both hands or use it as a projectile or bomb against enemies. She finds it especially useful in mining or stop minor earthquakes form causing too much damage. She can also use this to bury underground and ambush enemies or create large tremors to be used against enemies. Quake Woman is weak to water based weapons and powers, as well as explosive based weapons.



Original Counterpart

Quake Woman 01
Main Article: Quake Woman

Quake Woman is an original Robot Master that appeared in the Mega Man Archie comics. Known simply as "Tempo", Quake Woman was created by Dr. Noel Lalinde for geological surveying. One day, during her work, she was caught in a cave-in and severely damaged. Dr. Lalinde was heartbroken and removed her personality components, finding it much easier for her to go into work as a machine rather than a human.

Sometime after she, Mega Man, and Pharaoh Man helped stopped the terrorist group, Emerald Spears, Dr. Lalinde returned Quake Woman's emotions. Although she was glad to finally have a heart once more, she still had nightmares of the cave-in and still afraid she may lose her personality again.


  • Quake Woman, along with Roll, Blues, and Bass, are the onl;y characters who are from the Classic series but not a Mobian reincarnation of their original counterparts.

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