Project Predacon is the codename of an operation headed by Shockwave and the Maverick Army, to create an army of Predacons based on the most powerful "Pocket Monsters". Using DNA samplings and artifacts allegidly linked to them, Shockwave created Maverick clones, while still maintaining parts of their original counterpart's behaviorisms. There are a total of 52 Predacons through 51 species.


After failure to destroy the Repliforce's main outpost in Abel City at the beginning of the Sigma Wars, Shockwave pitched in to Megatron and Sigma Prime the idea of an army of Predacon Mavericks based on the most powerful of Mobian fauna. Both of them approved, and he and his "daughter" Twilight Buttercup led the operation to gather DNA samplings and artifacts connecting the Pocket Monsters, to clone them and program them.


These are the confirmed creations of Project Predacon thus far.

Normal Units

These Reploids are based off the more common yet powerful Pocket Monsters, with a few exceptions. They are allowed to be on the field with the other Mavericks, but most try to keep their distance and not to provoke them in the event of the Reploids betraying them.

  • Aurahk Lucario: Based on the Aura Monster, Lucario, and leader of the Predacons. An honorable but powerful fighter, he does not take any scrap from anyone and will attack without quarter is provoked. Aurahk also has found a fondness in chocolate.
  • Aerial Charblazer: Based on the Flame Monster, Charizard. As monsterous as he is arrogant, Charblazer shows little care for his companions and wants to destroy any Hunters at all costs.
  • Almore Frostess: Based on the Snow Land Monster, Froslass. This dark maiden attempts to lure unsuspecting victims into her lair for "fun times" and then freeze or kill them when their guards are down. Frostess may be the coldest and most dangerous ice-based Maverick there is.
  • Blade Excalitron: Based on the Blade Monster, Gallade. Serious and no-nonsense, he takes no prisoners nor excuses. Excalitron has a messed up sense of honor and feels those that do not face death or run away are cowards and marked for immediate death.
  • Blazing Ferness: Based on the Blaze Monster, Blaziken. She has a thing for fire-based Reploids but will roast any Reploids she sees as an unfit challenge. Constantly challenging herself, Ferness' power increases each day and can even be matched up to those like Vile or High Max.
  • Blitz Weazzard: Based on the Sharp Claw Monster, Weavile. Pompous and arrogant is all that describes this Maverick, as he is cold-blooded, heartless, and always wants to take the fame from everyone.
  • Duetine Ampinom: Based on the Long Tail Monster, Ambipom. She is often infatuated with simian Reploids and likes using her two-palmed tails for leverage.
  • Empoletron Maximus: Based on the Emperor Monster, Empoleon. As arrogant and condoscending as an emperor, Maximus tends to look down on even his own and feels he is greater than even Sigma Prime himself. His Chaosblade and battle skills can even attest to this, but some of his deceptive behaviorisms will come back to bite him.
  • Feilie de Greena: Based on the Embrace Monster, Gardevoir, and Excalitron's romantic mate. She tends to hit on others when he is not suspecting, but she draws the line at being called a "slut" or "milf". Feilie is ferocious in battle and will not  give quarter to even the most handsome of knights.
  • Hydric Buoyden: Based on the Sea Weasel Monster, Buizel. Full of himself and a real show-off, he has no beef with playing outside the rules or taking on any opponent he can find.
  • Meema Zoroark: Based on the Illusion Fox Monster, Zororark. Seductive and playful, Meema's shapeshifting and battling skills are very useful, but her personality is able to easily identify when using her disguises.
  • Oshen Scalchop: Based on the Sea Otter Monster, Oshawott. A young aspiring Maverick that brings everything to the table, he is mostly laidback and quite proud as well. Oshen's skills are very impressive to many, but his major weakness is his tendency to fall in and out of love quite easily.
  • Pika Shockblast: Based on the Mouse Monster, Pikachu. One of the more popular Mavericks, he is equally as powerful. With Chaosblade skills near equal to Zero and skills to almost outmatch X, he could be quite the most lethal Mavericks every conspired.
  • Primal Inferno: Based on the Flame Monster, Infernape. Primevil and ferocious, he seeks the burning and death of his opponent. Inferno trains almost daily and his fists alone can pierce a tank's armor, making him a formidable foe indeed.
  • Razor Scaldon: Based on the Discipline Monster, Dewott. He's a very secluded Maverick with little to no soul. His twin Scalchop Chaosblades leave x-like scars in armors and he is not to be taken lightly.
  • Roselyn Gardenia: Based on the Bouquet Monster, Roserade. As seductive as Playbunny and Meema, she lures in her victims when least expecting and then poisons them. Hard to resist, Gardenia takes full advantage of men's naivity and uses it against them. She is also formidable in the battlefield.
  • Slasher Samurott: Based on the Formidable Monster, Samurott. No-nonsense and strict on the battlefield, Slasher will take no excuses from anyone, but has a more direct sense of honor than Excalitron does.
  • Spark Railass: Based on the Mouse Monster, Raichu. The older sister of Shockblast, she electrifies quite literally and loves to hit on electric-based Reploids. While most are smart enough to stay away from her, Railass has still proven to be quite formidable and dangerous in battle.
  • Sultrie Playbunny: Based on the Rabbit Monster, Lopunny. To call this Maverick a "slut" or "whore" is actually a compliment. Though she is great in battle, she thinks of nothing more than sexual intercourse nonstop, even with her own Mavericks.
  • Sunny Leafianna: Based on the Flowering Monster, Lilligant. While at a first glance, she seems sweet and innocen, but Leafianna is as strong and deadly a Maverick as they come. With the powers of the sun and nature at her side, she is nearly limitless in power and it takes a lot of skill and luck to defeat her.
  • Swamp Marshgal: Based on the Mud Fish Monster, Swampert. Marshgal is a disgruntled and angered woman that can clobber even the most powerful armies in the world if they are unprepared. She makes her homes in the swamps where she can easily ambush and destroy targets as if they were nothing.
  • Windy Starhawk: Based on the Predator Monster, Staraptor. A tomgirl that has no limits to where the wind can take her, Starhawk controls powerful winds and can decimate Air Fleets in mere minutes. She also seems to have a crush on Storm Eagle.
  • Grimm Houndoom: Based on the Dark Monster, Houndoom. He looks for nothing but battle, and the open road to ride his Hover Hog on. Grimm Houndoom is a noble quiet Reploid that seems to only want to fight the S Ranked Hunters. His thrill for excitement fuels his will to fight. With his Flaming fist and his shadow sythe, he is almost an unstoable force. He even survived a total of 20 Hours fighting with the most powerful Mechanaloids, all without taking damage.
  • Aria Melodiess and Pirria Melodiess: Based on the Melody Monster, Meloetta. Because there was problems converting both the creatures' forms into one protoform, they were split into two twin units. Aria is quite sweet, innocent, and trustworthy, while Pirria is fiesty, deceitful, and sultry.
  • Austin Colteo: Based on the Colt Monster, Keldeo. A young stallion and beginner at Chaosblade skills, he is green but still a force to be reckoned with. Ambitious, good with the ladies, and full of potential, Austin is a moderate danger to the Hunters.
  • Blast Victini: Based on the Victory Monster, Victini. As ambitious as Austin, Blast has subtle ways of dealing with Hunters and Repliforce agents, to the point he's grown quite the ego. Despite this, he's still powerful and loves macarons.
  • Carolee Psychoplay: Based on the New Species Monster, Mew. She is known to be very playful and likes to pull tricks and pranks on other Reploids. Though not as powerful as her fellow Predacons, her shape-shifting and psychic abilities make her quite the threat.
  • Ilexia Celebi: Based on the Time Travel Monster, Celebi. With time abilities and a love for fruit and Mobian culture, Ilexia is one Maverick hard to judge. But when she steps in for battle, she puts friendships aside and is ready for the task at hand
  • Jerai Mellia: Based on the Wish Monster, Jirachi. She is a siren that concentrates all her wish powers on the third eye in her stomach to deal double damage. Mellia also wishes things on herself for her own personal gain, though she is somewhat of a sweetheart.
  • Splash Mannessy: Based on the Seafaring Monster, Manaphy. Fun-loving and adventurous, she enjoys hanging around the beach but has her limits, especially against perverts. She has a crush on Blast Victini but doesn't want to unveil it, fearing she may be abandoned for being weak or having emotions.

Super Soldiers

These Reploids are based off the most powerful and rare of Pocket Monsters. As such, many of these are rarely used, only for extremely special circumstances or as a last resort.

  • Arctic Kyurem: Based on the Boundary Monster, Kyurem. A cold-hearted and ruthless Maverick, he is able to become either Volt Kyurem or Blaze Kyurem when tapped into the powers of Volt Zekrom and Blaze Reshiram, respectively.
  • Atmos Cobalitron: Based on the Iron Will Monster, Cobalion. A noble but serious warrior, he expects all but the best from Colteo. He secretly likes Virginia, but never shows it due to his strict nature and Sigma Prime's strict policies on emotion.
  • Blaze Reshiram: Based on the Vast White Monster, Reshiram.
  • Burning Ho-Oh: Based on the Rainbow Monster, Ho-Oh. He sees himself as an almighty god and is near unstoppable, with only a few even surviving his onslaughts. He also sees much potential in Burnin' Kitsune as well.
  • Conteno Dialga: Based on the Temporal Monster, Dialga. Rival to Palkia, Dialga controls time and abuses this a bit, but knows his limits to it. He is a monsterous being that can wipe out armies in a mere blast of his own awesome power.
  • Elizian Virginia: Based on the Grassland Monster, Virizion. She is massively in love with Cobalitron and often shows it. A very calm and reserved warrior, Virginia is swift in battle, to the point many Repliforce warriors believe that her victims were destroyed by a phantom.
  • Ground Terracrusher: Based on the Cavern Monster, Terrakion. A joke-worthy but powerful brute, Terracrusher is one of the most physically powerful Mavericks around and can summon boulders to use against opponents when his Chaosblade hits the ground.
  • Spectral Palkia: Based on the Spatial Monster, Palkia. Rival to Dialga, he is perhaps more stuck-up and abuses his own spacial powers far more than Dialga does. Palkia is a massive pervert and attention seeker, thinking of himself as the be-all, end-all of Mavericks and Predacons.
  • Storm Lugia: Based on the Diving Monster, Lugia. While peaceful and reserved, she is easy to anger and will attack without mercy when offended. She also has a low tolerance to romance or incompetence within her own ranks.
  • Volt Zekrom: Based on the Deep Black Monster, Zekrom.
  • Holy Arceus: Based on the Alpha Monster, Arceus, and strongest of all the Predacon Super-Soldiers. Because of his strength, he sees himself as a self-proclaimed leader of the Super Soldiers.
  • Earthquake Groudon: Based on the Continent Monster, Groudon. In love with his former rival Deep Kyogre. He is always fighting along side her whenver they are called out for a mission.
  • Deep Kyogre: Based on the Sea Basin Monster, Kyogre. She is in love with Groudon. Always seducing him in the line of duty, Kyogre promises him a night on the town, if the mission were to suceed.
  • Skyflyer Rayquaza: Based on the Sky High Monster, Rayquaza. The high flying Dragon Rayquaza, she is jelious of Kyogre for taking Groudon's heart and secretly tries to undermind their relationship.
  • Flaring Entei: Based on the Volcano Monster, Entei. Married to Breezing Suicune, Entei uses his fire like strength to protect those who he call his friends.
  • Charging Raikou: Based on the Thunder Monster, Raikou. A non-trusting and powerful beast, Raikou is a much more serious and broody Maverick than his comrades. He is more concerned with the destruction of the Mobians and Anti-Maverick rebellions. He will stop at nothing to destroy all his adversaries, no matter what.
  • Breezing Suicune: Based on the Aurora Monster, Suicune. Married to Entei, Suicune enjoys pleasing her husband by taking him to hot springs that she creates with her water, and his heatpower. She's motherly and gentle even to Arceus
  • Sub-Zero Articuno: Based on the Freeze Monster, Articuno. The leader of the Super Soliders' Flying Trio, Articuno uses her ice to hide herself. She's shy and often quiet. But in battle. her brain kicks in to kill anyone whos ands in her way.
  • Lighting Zapdos: Based on the Electric Monster, Zapdos. A Lesbian Reploid Bird that secretly has a crush on Articuno, even though Articuno wants to stay straight. She fights with her extremely powerful wings, with lightning energy coming from her body.
  • Volcanic Moltres: Based on the Flame Monster, Moltres. The middle girl, Moltres secretly wants to join the good side, but she can't leave her friends. Something deep in her body tells her to fight for the greater good.
  • Kantur Psychoblast: Based on the Genetic Monster, Mewtwo. Perhaps the most relentless Maverick ever constructed, Psychoblast is used quite sparingly but is able to deal massive near-death damage to Reploids and Hunters in less than a mere minute. A silent assassin with no soul, he will do anything his masters say to annhilate the Hunters and Repliforce!


Normal Units

Super Soldiers


  • Project Predacon is also the name of the plotpoint of the first half of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, where Shockwave attempted to clone a Predacon army from the fossilized remains of his own original clones.
  • Though it goes without saying, the many creations and specimens of Project Predacon are based off of many Pokemon. In Japan, the full name of Pokemon is Pocket Monsters.
  • Many of the Reploids were created by Gurahk, but can be controlled by both him and ZekeKnight. Apallo the Hedgehog has also contributed images and Reploids.

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