Polar Frostbite
Polar Frostbite
Polar Frostbite is the cold-hearted and icy female brute of the Maverick Army.




Polar Bear-based Maverick

Love Interests

None, she has no interest in love whatsoever


Killing, arctic, pure destruction, solitude, etc.


Love, friendship, mercy, speaking, group activities, etc.

Polar Frostbite is the cold-hearted and icy member of the Maverick Army, currently serving in the Polar Cap Unit. Created in one of Sigma Prime's Maverick factories, she is a mostly silented, cold-blooded killer that thrives on the absolute destruction of her adversaries. With a pure homicidal mentality, absolute brute power and agression, and no remourse to speak of, Frostbite is undoubtably the most dangerous Maverick known to date.


Polar Frostbite was created as a female powerhouse within Sigma's Maverick Factories. After her birth, Sigma saw the dark and cold personality within her. Frostbite was immediately put in charge of the arctic stations of patrol, where she normally found "pleasure" in killing Reploids and Mobians alike, without sort of mercy, mostly by freezing them and then destroying their frozen bodies, whether they be dead or alive at that point. She has also fought Vile a number of times, where the two have often drew.


Polar Frostbite is a solitary Maverick that lets her actions speak for her, and does not speak that much. In fact, very rarely is she ever seen speaking in full sentences or monologues. Frostbite has a cold dark heart that is not against killing even her own kind. She kills others in many ways, some which many think are only possible in slasher and horror movies. Silent and deadly, she knows no mercy and will stop at nothing to ensure her enemies are absolutely destroyed.

Abilities & Powers

Polar Frostbite's signature weapon is the Frost Sphere, a powerful sphere of pure ice energy which she throws at foes. It is able to damage opponents, as well trap targets in ice, where they either are killed instantly or barely survive in most cases. She also has this same affect when her hands glow light blue to freeze her adversaries. In addition to this, Frostbite possesses pure strength unlike any have seen with a female Reploid, even effortlessly lifting and smashing Vile with one hand. Polar Frostbite is weak to Fire and Electric based attacks and weapons.




  • Frostbite is one of Gurahk's least favorite Maverick Hunter X characters to use, as he cannot have much freedom to use her for.
  • In addition to being cold-blooded, Frostbite is also said to bathe and shower in liquid nitrogen.

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