Poker the Echidna
Poker the Echidna
Poker is a gambling and powerful bounty huntress.




Echidna Reploid


Agility, good use of gambling-based weaponry, such as card & poker chip ammunition and dice bombs.

Love Interests

Smokescreen the Hedgehog (ex-boyfriend)


A good pay, helping out I, beating up Mavericks, cute hunks, casinos, gambling, intense training, etc.


Tedious jobs, no pay, getting left behind, heavy competition, seeing I or her friends get extremely depressed, accepting defeat, etc.

Poker the Echidna is a former bounty huntress who's now a Maverick Hunter, working in the Femme Fatale Squad. She is a powerful gambling-based hunter that likes getting a good payjob. She befriended I and several of her teammates during the battle against the Rebellion Army on Giga City.


Early Years

Much of Poker's early history is largely unknown. She was nonetheless a famous bounty huntress on Giga City before the Rebellion Army came. She also had a short-lived relationship with Smokescreen the Hedgehog, but they departed with a promise of meeting and doing 'it' once more. After this, job opportunities began to slowly dwindle and left her with extremely low business opportunities.

War With the Rebellion

When the Maverick Hunter, I, was sent to Giga City and defeat the Rebellion Army, she was instantly made a target by the army. Seeing this as her potential break, Poker engaged the young hunter in battle, but the fight was haulted after an alarm system went off. Later, Rebellion Soldier Wild Jango paid Poker as much money as she wanted. When fighting again, I was easily defeated, but Poker noticed that she had Smokescreen's old ID, which was given to her by a Cyber-Elf Pallette. Assuming that her old love had died, Poker ended her deal with Jango.

Poker would attempt to confront him herself, but was easily defeated. However, she was still able to limb to the helicopter port of Central Tower to help I take Jango down. After explaining to I about her relationship with Smokescreen, Poker was welcomed into the Resistance to defeat the Rebellion Army. Together with I and Layer, as well as additional non-combat support from Iris, Nana, Izzy Glow, and Alia, Poker helped battle the Rebellion in several missions, including a massive breakout on Tianna Island, protecting the Force Metal Generator, Geneva, several failed bouts with the rogue Maverick Vile, the discovery of Supra-Force Metal, and ultimately foiling the plans of Epsilon, who revealed the dark deceptions by his brother Sigma.

In the end, however, the entire civil war on Giga City turned out to be a manipulation on the part of Repliforce's Colonel Redips, who used them and their numerous new companions to get massive quantities of Supra-Force Metal and nearly kill them in the end. Infuriated, I and the girls went to the Far East HQ and after constant battles with several Mavericks and Repliforce warriors, they arrive to battle Redips, who overpowered them in the beginning but lost before retreating to the Space Station Babel. There, they fought Redips, transformed into a god-like entity and easily overpowered the lot of them before Vile came to even it up. This gave the girls a chance to remove the Supra-Force Metal fragments from Redips and allow I to finish him.

As a Maverick Hunter

As a reward for her duties, Poker and several of her comrades were accepted in as Maverick Hunters, part of their own Femme Fatale squad, led by I. Shortly after her introduction, Poker was reunited with Smokescreen, who kept his word to her (albiet off-screen) and Poker stayed loyal to her leader and friend from that day onward.


Before meeting I, Poker was a smooth talking bounty huntress that always stayed focus on her duties and her pay, as well as any other potential bounties to get. She absolutely detested doing small-time jobs or not getting paid at all. Since becoming a Maverick Hunter, however, Poker has been more focused on her comrades' well-being, stating that the relationship between her clients and/or targets is what's most important, not the paycheck of it. Nontheless, she still enjoys getting a good fee for her services without even asking for one. Poker is also quite cocky and anxious for a fight, which often leads to certain beatings, especially from Vile.




  • Poker appears as a female version of Spider, who is based off the Mega Man X: Command Mission character. Unlike Spider, however, Poker appeared throughout the entire venture and did not turn on her companions near the end.
  • Poker is named after the casino game of the same name, hence her choice of weapons.

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