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You are reading Pina the Squirrel (2.0), an article which regards Chillverse 2.0 and Chillverse 2.0 ONLY. The article is by Apallo the Hedgehog and will be used in the rebooted timeline.

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Sushit the Phish

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Pina the Squirrel (2.0) is currently being written by ApalloTH. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.

Pina the Squirrel
  • 17
  • Grandma: Estele the Squirrel
  • Mother: Lisa the Squirrel
Love Interest
English Voice Actress

Tara Strong (2003-Present)

Japanese Voice Actress N/A

Her Bio

Pina the Squirrel was born on March, 16th 1996 on the Magic Region of Kem. She is the oldest daugher of her village and is a Shaman,  altough she does not have a sprit to protect her, she uses the arcane powers of Attack and Defenc Magic to Protect her and her village.

Her Main Vilian is the leader of the Black Mist Group, Kam the Chameleon.

She can be kinda sky and a clutz at times but she is a very skilled Shaman. And was born with the gift of the Magical Arts.

RP Series Info

Family, Friends, and Love Intrests



Love Interests

Harry the Armachidna


If You Still Believe06:02

If You Still Believe



put down your character's name if he/she is one of Pina's friends.

Photo Gallery

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