Petal Blossom
Petal Blossom
Petal Blossom is the first female Seedrian-based Maverick.




Seedrian-based Maverick

Love Interests

Wire Sponge


Plantlife, serving her cause, tearing Reploids apart, showing her skills, being with Wire Sponge, jungle duels, etc.


Urban life, defeat, death of comrades, pesky Maverick Hunters, being poisoned, being called a hippie, global warming, idiots, etc.

Petal Blossom is the first female Maverick created by Sigma's Maverick factories, as a way to test the waters and try throwing off Maverick Hunters and Repliforce. She's independent and touchy about being called a hippie, but is powerful nonetheless and a Maverick unlike many have seen before.


Closer to the end of the first Maverick rebellion, Sigma believed that some female company within the army's ranks would help as a distraction to teh Maverick Hunters, and advantage to their side. Though many of his supporters were quite skeptical and not too keen with the idea, Sigma still went along with it  and in his factories he created Petal Blossom, who gave a big edge in the Maverick Wars for the Mavericks. Impressed by the results, Sigma ordered the production and enlistment of more female Mavericks, which began to spread. Sometime after joining, Blossom gained a big crush and liking to fellow Maverick, Wire Sponge, and some deep frienships with others of her kind. She had found a home in the army, serving her master well and with undying loyalty as with several others.


Petal Blossom is usually very calm and nicely releaxed in battle, but can get rather emotional when her closest allies are hurt or nature is disrupted, from which she will go murdering relentlessly any Reploid and Mobian she sees until she is calmed. She is extremely loyal to her warlord's cause, like most Mavericks, and is a very valuable asset to the army. Blossom also likes to have some fun and spend time with jokesters and people that know how to cut loose sometimes. This is what she especially sees in Wire Sponge and how she came to fall in love with him.

Abilities & Skills

Petal Blossom's signature weapon is the Petal Shield, an improvised and upgraded version of Wood Man's Leaf Shield. The shield acts as both an offensive and defensive way of battle. Blossom activates it when cpncentrating her power and several petals fly around ehr to shield her for a few minutes. Unlike most shield weapons, she is able to walk around with it without losing it, as the petals can also be uysed as homing missiles whenever she chooses.

Aside from this, Blossom is in control of nature, able to fully control plantlife and fauna at will. She also has a modified Leaf Blade Chaosbalde which she often uses for melee combat. She also has a spiked vine whip and flower-disguised kunai for projectiles. Her hands can also turn into fully grown flowers to use powerful Solar Beams on her opponents. Petal Blossom is weak to fire and ice based weapons and powers.



Theme Song



  • Like most female Mavericks, Blossom is an original characetr created exclusivly for the Maverick Hunter X series.
  • Petal Blossom was the first female Maverick Gurahk created

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