Paris the Red Mage
Paris the Red Mage
Paris is the eldest and wisest of all the Light Warriors






Spectacular magic skills and assortment of weapons, but somewhat weak in physical attack and pretty slow in speed

Love Interests



Helping the others, defeating evil, research, magic, beautiful women, etc.


Evil, Gill's immature behavior, darkness, prostitutes, cowards, weaklings, etc.

Paris the Red Mage is an experienced mage and the oldest member of the Light Warriors, a legendary group of warriors that defend their medieval fantasy world from any evil that graces the land. Despite living in a long-near-forgotten timeline, the Light Warriors sometimes find themselves within the present-day, an environment unfamiliar to them. Paris is the elderly adviser of the group, but is very powerful in battle, though very slow as well.


Paris was a very famous and wise Red Mage that had taught much of his art to many young mages in the town of Yorksfir. He had become a renowned wizard throughout the land and many people visited him for assistance and advice. One day, he was approached by Cornelian squire Luke and young White Mage Lily, on the secret and story of the four legendary crystals. Paris was very shocked to see that the four crystals were unearthed and that the prophecy of four Light Warriors emerging to free the land of all evil was being fulfilled.

Paris revealed that Cornelian knight Garland had fallen from grace and has given into the dark temptations. He is now controlling a dark army bent on controlling the world and ruling the Cornelian Kingdom. In order to defeat him, the four crystals must choose four Light Warriors to help return light to the crystals. They soon met a young thief named Gill and the four crystals then chose the warriors. Paris was chosen to hold the Earth Crystal. Paris and his new allies have since been roaming the land, to slay the evil forces of Garland and restore light to the crystals.


Paris is very wise, being the oldest of the group, and Luke sees him as the father that he never had. Paris often uses his experience to help the younger warriors train better and give them some sort of inspiration and advice. He sees a lot of potential in the warriors, but feels they're not yet ready to be donned as heroes or legends.




  • Paris based off the Red Mage class from the original Final Fantasy game.
  • Originally, Paris was supposed to be based off the Black Mage class, but Gurahk was unable to find a convinient way to make it work, so instead, he went for the Red Mage.

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