Pallette the Cat
Pallette the Cat
Pallette is the Maverick Hunters' technician and Axl's resurrected ex-girlfriend






Layer the Cat (sister)

Love Interests

Axl the Fox (formerly), Vile the Weasel (hinted)


Being helpful, helping her friends, appreciation and respect, etc.


Being ignored, too much work, disloyal people, feeling useless, etc.

Voice Actor

Chris Simms

Pallette the Cat was the chief navigator for the rogue bounty hunter group Red Alert and ex-girlfriend of one of their top members, Axl the Fox. She was killed in battle when she left her position and got into a verbal confrontation with Axl, which lead her to being killed right in front of his own eyes. Pallette's sister is the provocative Layer the Cat, but she seemed oblivious to her behaviors. She has recently been revived by Metal Shark Player and works as a technician and navigator for the Maverick Hunters


Pallette and her sister, Layer, were enlisted as Navigators for the Maverick Hunters. Although Layer worked very well and achieved some great success because of her good looks, beautiful voice, and impressivew navigating skills, Pallette was quickly shunned out for being quite annoying and always skipping out of her work. Shortly after this, she joined the rogue group of Bounty Hunters known as Red Alert, and was more liked and successful there.

Pallette was eventually promoted to being top navigator for the group for her interesting navigational prowess that was seemingly unnoticed in the Maverick Hunters. When the boy known as Axl joined the team, Pallette instantly fell in love with him and they started a great relationship. As time passed, however, Axl began to think a bit too much of his abilities and not enough of Pallette. Although he really liked her, Pallette began to feel unappreciated and ignored. During a mission, Pallette reached her limit and left her post to have a talk with Axl. She was emotionally torn and mad at Axl for not thinking too much of her and more about his objectives.

Cyber-Elf Pallette

Pallette as a Cyber-Elf

Before Axl could even respond, his own target--Vile the Weasel--fired at Axl, but unintentionally hit Pallette, killing her. In her last dying breaths, she urged Axl not to return to Red Alert and remain with her. The moment left Axl heavily scarred, emotionally, but Vile (who was a Maverick Hunter at the time) was discharged and scheduled for execution, showing no remourse or regret for his actions. Layer would attend her funeral and drew a great animosity for Red Alert and Axl in particular, blaming them for her sister's death.

Following this, Pallette became a Cyber-Elf and wandered through as a spirit, giving Axl some of her power in the form of a Blizzard armor, and looked into the soul of Vile, seeing his true self and past, feeling sorry for him and forgiving him for his evil deeds. She later gave I the Hedgehog and her sister, Layer, an ID that once belonged to Red Alert alumnus Smokescreen before telling them not to kill Vile.

Sometime after the events of this, Pallette was unintentionally resurrected by the Nightmare Squad's Metal Shark Player and followed the squad back to Maverick Hunter HQ, rejoining the group and being reunited with Axl, Flame Hyenard, and Smokescreen, the latter of whom also joined the Hunters to help Axl stop Red, their former boss whom Axl had defeated before.

Pallette made great use of herself, making new power chips and upgrades for the hunters, as well as a new Ride Armor Platfrom system, which allows them to call forth any Ride Armor they choose when stepping on a randonly-place platform in stages.


Pallette was shown to be pretty sweet and very hyperactive. While she took her job pretty seriously, she always found a way to skip out to have fun with her friends, particuarly Axl. She also had a short temoer and hated being constantly ignored. It was this drawback that led to Pallette's ultimate demise. Since being reborn, she has become more calm, relaxed, and far more accepting & forgiving of other people, even some Mavericks when learning their true past.



Original Counterpart

Normal x8 palletteeyepiece
Main Article: Pallette

Pallette made her debut in Mega Man X8 as one of the three Navigators to choose as duing missions, mostly acting as a default for Axl. She specializes in analyzing stage routs and finding alternate ones. She also runs the R&D Lab and can make chips to be used as upgrades. If the player locates Rare Metals, Pallette will process them into upgrade chips.

Pallette is also an unlockable character after beating the game once and using her the most. Her gameplay is similar to that of Axl, but is unable to use his Copy Shot ability. She is the most upbeat of the Navigators, but like her Mobian counterpart, has a bit of a short temper and dislikes being ignored.


  • Despite being made and owned by Zeke, Gurahk controls her. This rule also holds true to her sister, Layer.
  • Although Pallette is supposed to be a cat, her original profile picture shows her lacking the ears and tail of one. Layer also has this problem. This issue was later fixed.

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