Orphan the Albino Hedgehog
Orphan the Albino Hedgehog1
Vital statistics
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Age tba
Gender Male
Species Albino Hedgehog
Fur/Feathers/scales White
Attire tba
Romantic Interests
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First Appearance
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Due to his bad childhood of being abused and harassed all the time, Orphan is shy and lonely.  Before met people like Junior and his love intrest Vinka, he was always alone, he had lost his parents in an accident. He wondered the streets until he found a new family who hid him from the public to protect him.

Later in his Adult years. He had saved an entire city from an invasion and was given a mansion as a reward. He still felt lonely inside but was happy that the world liked him.

Now he lives with Vinka who is his first and only love. They met though Junior who was friends with Orphan for  a while.


Love Intrest

Vinka the Porcupine (Budding Romance)





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