OVER the Hedgehog
OVER the Hedgehog
OVER is a justice-bound Red Alert member and Maverick Hunter clone.





Love Interests



Justice, goodness, valor, beautiful women, serving the world well, helping out, destroying evil, etc.


All evil, dishonor, cowards, unmoral values, innocents dying, the "evil" Maverick Hunters & Repliforce, hurting a woman, etc.

Voice Actor

Crispin Freeman

OVER the Hedgehog is a member of Red Alert and a clone of all the Maverick Hunters' data thrown together, created by Red the Hedgehog. He is an honorable warrior that loves justice and sees the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce as an evil force meant to contaminate the world, and the Maverick Army and Red Alert are its protectors. OVER is currently hunting down X the Hedgehog, who he sees as public enemy #1, so he can bring him to justice.




OVER is made mostly with X's personality, with his love of peace and justice and dislike of extreme violence and warfare. However, unlike X, he is mostly gullible and doesn't mind fighting if it's the only way to achieve justice and full peace. OVER is also very noble and hates having to hit a girl, regardless of who they may be. He still hates X and sees him as the ultimate evil, and thus also comes in his allegiance with Vile, as the "enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Abilities and Powers

OVER is equipt with a complicated Battle Memory system which he can customize his own moveset and armors to best benefit himself. He has an artilery of guns, Chaosblade skills, buster upgrades, among other things. OVER also has Delta's incredible driving skills, Axl's Copy Chip ability, Smokescreen's Phase Shifter ability, and so much more that make jhim a formidable adversary for the Maverick Hunters.



Original Counterpart



  • OVER's creation was mostly contributed to Gurahk's wanting to play Rockman XOver, despite the negative feedback from fans.
  • OVER is Gurahk's first FDM-made character in over 2 months.

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