Nutra Millipede
Nutra Millipede
Nutra Millipede is a spunky and tomboyish Maverick Hunter






Magna Centipede (brother; deceased)

Love Interests

Magnet Man


Showing her stuff, electrifying results, kicking Maverick ass, helping her allies, training, etc.


Being put down, sexism & racism, being stuck in rocky environments, perverts, being called a show-off or a slut, etc.

Nutra Millipede is an ambitious and spunky Maverick Hunter, currently serving in its Femme Fatale Squad. Her older brother, Magna Centipede, often put her down as a weakling girl that didn't deserve to be in the Maverick Wars and she's out to prove him wrong, helping her friends along the way in any way possible.


Early Life

Millipede spent most of her life trying to get into the Maverick Army, after many refusals by her brother, finding her too weak to be a real Maverick. Since then, she started training hard in many places to try to prove her brother wrong and get accepted in the army. One day, she wound up on a Rebellion-controlled Giga City and was imprisoned on Tianna Island's POW Camp, where she and other inmates were constantly sexually harassed by the warden, Silver Horn.

Fighting the Rebellion

Millipede was then freed along witrh the other inmates by I and her allies, Poker, Iron Maxxima, and Layer. Millipede was accepted into their ranks, along with Repliforce soldier Arcee. Together, they defeated Silver Horn and rescued the Maverick Hunter Navigator, Nana, though Millipede showed a bit of fear against him.

During the multiple missions, Millipede found herself to be fairly useful, even neutralizing Vile once. She also used her magnetic powers to help the girls escape a frenzied Ulfat Factory. Millipede also showed her great ability to resist electricity and magnetism against Incentas, who was controlling the former, and used it against him. Millipede was also instrumental in helping shut down the jammers that the Rebellion stationed in the Vanallia Desert.

Millipede finally proved herself to her own brother in the final attack on the Rebellion's HQ, when Magna Centipede suddenly appeared. The reasons for why he was there is unknown, but it was most likely to assassinate the Rebellion Commander Epsilon, in case the girls were unsuccessful in that (which they were, as they later let Epsilon off the hook). Determined to finally show Centipede her full power, Millipede engaged him in battle. Centipede looked like he was about to win early on, but with encouragment from her new friends, Millipede was able to best her brother at his own game, using her powers to her fullest extent. At a last chance of redemption, Centipede attempted to fein mercy and offer her to join the Maverick Army. Millipede was not fooled, however, and killed her brother in a bloody and destructive mess.

Being a Maverick Hunter

After Epsilon was arrested, Nutra began to feel sad of having to leave her new friends, shedding some tears as she told the group how glad she was to have met them. However, the whole Giga City war turned out to be a manipulative ploy designed by Colonel Redips so that he could gain the Supra-Force Metal kept by the Rebellion so he could rule the universe. Travelling to the Far East HQ, the girls went through several trials to get to Redips, with Millipede handling the final blow to Bubble Man.

During the battle with Redips, Millipede was able to land some shots in on him. After defeat, Redips retreated to the Space Station Babel, with the girls in pursuit. Reaching the top floor, Redips used the Supra-Force Metal to transform into Great Redips. Though Nutra was able to deal damage to him, it was all instantly repaired by the Supra-Force Metal fragments powering him up, rendering all attacks useless. However, the girls would remove the fragments, allowing I to finish off Redips, with an unexpected assist from Vile.

As a reward for her bravery and contributions, Nutra Millipede, along with the rest of I's allies (except for Arcee and Sari) were enlisted into the Maverick Hunters in their new Femme Fatale Squad. Millipede became a great asset to I and her team, and began harboring a crush on Magnet Man.

Sigma Wars

Nutra Millipede was among the few survivors of the destruction of the Maverick Hunters HQ, but was heavily damaged in the battle where it was destroyed in.


Nutra Millipede is quite the spunky and tomboyish Maverick Hunter, striving to be a great battler and even better than her late brother, who viewed her as a weakling. She intends to focus on missions and training to be stronger rather than some of the girly and traditional things most females are into. Still, this doesn't make her a bad friend and Millipede is always willing to be with her friends whenever she has the oppertunity to.

Abilities & Powers

Nutra Millipede's main elements are electricity and magnetism, both of which she uses to her fullest extent and abilities. She is also immune to attacks of these two elements, and has several different ways to attack, such as pulses and waves, magnetic cripplers, wrist blades, bolts, and even beams of energy, just to name a few. She also has ninja-like reflexes and is very skilled in close-quarters combat. Nutra Millipede is weak to Earth-based weaponry and attacks, however.




  • Nutra Millipede is an original character created by Gurahk for the Maverick Hunter X series.
  • Nutra Millipede dislikes being in rocky conditions because neither her electric nor magnetic powers will work. It is also a small joke nod to the Pokemon series, where Electric-type attacks will not affect Ground-type Pokemon.
  • Nutra Millipede's "true" name is often brought into question. While most times, she is called simply "Millipede", some characters have also called her "Nutra" a few times. Gurahk has unveiled that this is all left to the reader's imagination.

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