Neon Tiger
Neon Tiger
Neon Tiger is a solar-powered, yet ferocious beast that attacks and kills without prejudice.




Tiger-based Reploid

Love Interests



Guns N' Roses, wildlife, killing poachers and ungrateful creatures, serving his masters, the sunlight, etc.


Poachers, organic monsters, supreme darkness, annoying brats, government dogs, etc.

Neon Tiger is a solar-powered Maverick, created by Dr. Doppler using some of Vile's specs. Created to survey wildlife hotspots and keep poachers away, he now serves in the Maverick Army's Jungle Ambush Unit, extending his original motive to not just Mobians, but also Repliforce and Maverick Hunters.


After the reported failure of Vile and his control, Dr. Doppler learned from his mistake and perfected his designs, which he implemented on seven of his latest Reploids, one of whom was Neon Tiger. He was put to work at defending natural wildlife and nature preserves from poachers, killing any and all in his sights without prejudice or mercy. After a business deal between Doppler and Sigma was struck, Neon Tiger and the rest of Doppler's creations were enlisted into the Maverick Army. Tiger began extending his earlier jobs to now Maverick Hunters and Repliforce soldiers, and now showing his true ferocious nature.


Neon Tiger is quite easily angered and very ferocious a Maverick that will leave no survivors in his wake if angered or provoked. He also shows no prejudice in his onslaughts and attackings. However, he still has a love for wildlife preservations, but his hatred for villainous poachers and Mobians is quite strong, and he is not afraid to show it.

Abilities & Skills

Neon Tiger's main signature weapon is the Ray Splasher, a stream of yellow ray bullets that are fired and released from the end of his tail. His other and more significant weapon is his Ray Claws, sheathed and unshethed at will that can also be used as projectiles. Tiger uses them mostly for melee and are extremely devastating, especially when he uses them in a rampage-like state or way. Being solar powered, he is given an immense supply of power and as long as there is sunlight or solar energy nearby, running low on power is next to impossible for him. Neon Tiger is quite vulnerable to metal-based weapons and abilities.




Original Counterpart

Main Article: Neon Tiger

Neon Tiger first appeared in Mega Man X3, as one of the eight Maverick bosses working for Dr. Doppler. He was originally created to be a poacher hunter and protect what little wildlife remained on Earth before succumbing to the Maverick Virus. He used solar energy as a power source and was seemingly quite polite in nature before being infected. He later reappeared in Mega Man Xtreme 2 as a boss for X.


  • Neon Tiger's love of Guns N' Roses is an injoke, as in Mega Man X3, his level theme is nearly identical to the Guns N' Roses song, "My Michelle". However, this has proven to be a mere coincidence.

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