Nana the Echidna
Nana the Echidna
Nana is a Maverick Hunter Navigator and one of Amy Rose's Helperoids






Helpful at Navigating and giving useful information for her Maverick Hunter comrades

Love Interests

X the hedgehog (crush, formerly), Zero the Hedgehog (crush), Armored Armadillo (formerly), Dynamo the Cat


Helping her friends, doing her duties, assisting the Maverick Hunters, etc.


Being wrong, slackers, sluts & whores (especially Layer), being wrong or useless, etc.

Voice Actor

Carrie Savage

Nana the Echidna is one of the 25 Helperoids created by Amy Rose. She was made as a computer systems operator, analysist, and counter-hacker against network intruders. She would later sign up with the Maverick Hunters as a Navigator to help guide them through the conflicts during the Maverick Wars.


Nana was created as one of the 25 Helperoids by Professor Amy Rose. Created as a computer operator to gatehr useful information and help stop hacker threats, Nana began to feel a bit unappreciated on her abilities and felt a bit unfulfilled in her duties. Therefore, she joined up with the Maverick Hunters where she began working as a Navigator. She instantly grew a small crush on the B-Class Hunter X and a huge attraction to the loyalist Armored Armadillo. Nana also grew an immense hatred for fellow navigator Layer due to her provocative attitude, but a great friendly bond to Alia, who also secretly liked X, though Nana is unaware of this. Nana still continues to act as a useful Navigator for the team as well as Repliforce.


Nana is very reserved and doesn't normally like to speak of anything apaert from the serious task at hand. She takes her duties as Navigator very seriously and is rather preserved as opposed to Cinnamon's cheery and overly happy & carefree attitude. Nana has a big distain for Layer, which sparked a rivalry between them while Layer was part of the Maverick Hunters.



Original Counterpart



  • Nana having a crush on X is loosly based off a semi-popular fan pairing between their Capcom counterparts.
  • The word "Nana" means seven in Japanese, hence the number 77 on her chestplate.
  • Nana was one of the first Maverick Hunter X characters created, along with Cinnamon.

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