Warning: This fic may not be for the faint of heart, as it could be considered a bit freaky.

The Fic

"Are you even sure he's dead?"


"...Alright, then"

The two mobians continue to move forward whilst holding a gurney, on that gurney was a recently killed civilian, the two felines put him down onto an operating table and inspect the state of his body "Judging by the state of the stab wound, it appears this man brought up a bit of a fight.", hearing this, the one man looks at the other, "Maybe we might meet his killer one day, you'd never know." saying this sentence, he picks up a small and sharp scalpel and begins to cut through the deceased mobian's chest, the golden-blond hairs twirl around them, with a scarlet color at the tips they were cut from.

A feisty vole walks in "Oh, Hola Senor, whatcha doin' today?" 

"Oh, Angel! I was looking for you a few hours back, we're making a new automation.", The Mexican peers at the man on the table, "Oh, wow, what a Prince Charming!" She turns and smiles at one of the operators, "Yep, his fiance must've been a lucky woman"

Now that the man's body was cut open, both men inspected on the heart, and got a sharp needle and small, light scarlet thread, the heart was still making squirms, both men as a result had to tie both holes in the heart together. The heart begins to slowly pump a little, one of the operators holds his right arm down and cuts it off from half way up the bicep, the inner nerves flop down like wire.

The other man has been finding an automated arm, this arm is a light grey color, with a jagged end at the top to enable it to fit in and tie with the currently loose nerves. With one rough shove, the arm went in, though some blood  and muscle had managed to find it's way out.

One final part of the enhancement project, was a pure adrenaline shot what had also been composed of highly flammable oil, both mobians take a needle each and put it into both sides of his lungs and forehead.

Slowly, the blond mobian starts to come to his senses, opening his eyes, the blurry image of both professors and the white-haired vole from the other side of the room, he does not remember a thing of his past life.

"Ugh... Where am I... what am I...?"

"Welcome to the cartel of NESTS"


"You, polar cat, will be given the new NESTS Codename, of Zeta."

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