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IMG 2424-1-

WTF!? Why am i not in the sea?

IMG 2424-1-
I am dead now...
Vital statistics
Title Murrbles the marble fish
Age 4
Gender Nobody knows. (Bi)
Species Marble Fish (found on Earth)
Fur/Feathers/scales EVERY COLOR
Attire WTF is attire?
Romantic Interests Wants to fuck but is un wanted!
Hobbies {{{hobbies}}}
Favorite Color {{{color}}}
Favorite Food {{{food}}}
Favorite Drink {{{drink}}}
First Appearance A weird looking fish!...Is that a marrble for a body?
Appearances A fish with a marrble as a body...
American/English VA It is an English animal found on Earth... somewhere
Seiyū (Japanese VA) whhhaaaaaaa........
(Don't read this cos it is rubbish! can if u like)

He was a very nice fish! Here is his will... Rosie gets everything... WOW that was nice of him. *throw real will in the bin* well i am going to da bank cya! So I went into the bank and shot loads of people and took all the money :D . But anyway here is more about my lovely fish of a friend MURRBLES!!! <3


He looked a bit like a fish... (Just look at the picture lazy!) Don't look at the random house, ?, camera, arrow and bin in the picture... that is his house... or something... I SAID DON'T LOOK!


One summers day a marble fucked a fish (not a good idea!) and 2,154,927 months later this ... thing ... was born. All the way through his 4 year life he smoked and got drunk a lot! No girls ever loved him. In fact i have no idea hat gender he really was... lets just say "he" was bi for now! Now where was I? ... Murrbles was a talkative marble fish and "he" screamed a bit. "he" found it comforting after "his" parents ditched "him". "he" had no friends, home, life, T.V. (WTF?!) , food, love, education and he was once on a save the fish advert but he was never seen again. When "he" met me "he" was happy for a day or so... then like i said i killed "him" ut no one gave a shit!


"He" had none...


They ditched "him" after he broke al the mirrors they owned...


No school excepted Marbled fish...

==THE END!==

... I hope this did't make you too sad!

(Me and RavenGirl have made a Murrbles channel... called Murrbles... please SUBSCRIBE)

Also... don't FUCKING TOUCH my page! Make no edits!!!....Sonicstar3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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