Following thier adventures in an alternate Mobius, Junior, Heart and Cloud return to Mobius, just in time to face  new dangers, explore new worlds and defeat evil, both new and old. Enter the new saga that is: Mobius Frontier.

Map of mobius by Clyra The Wolf



Apallo "Junior" The Hedgehog

Crymson the Cat

Cryshan the Cathog

Crystan the Cathog

Heart the Hedgcidna

Cloud the Hedgehog (Male)


Ex-Guardian Rein the Hedgehog

Ex-Guardian Cloud the Hedgehog

Ex-Guardian Snow the Hedgehog

Kneedles the Undead

Story Arcs (Seasons)

Arc 1: Homecoming

  1. Episode 1: We're Back! The Demon Slayers Return!
  2. Episode 2: The Nightmare Rises! Castle Blacklust Obliterated!

Arc 2: Dark Ages

Arc 3: Rose's Revenge

Arc 4: Universal Tour

Arc 5: Return to Mobius 

Arc 6: The Final Act

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