The Chill Project is mainly a Hacked Game Project made by Apallo The Hedgehog, for Chill Sonic Fanon's Chrismas and New Years weeks. It is a celebration for Chill's First Chrismas and New Years (duh...)


When a Scientist thought of a way to help  bring in Christmas and the New Year in by brining in his creations, Mobiamon. Over 6 Years later, they have become popular, and with the creation of the Legend Series and a new Contitent on Mobius called Chilllen. But with evil groups like the  Caibon Corps  have been using the good man's Creations to comit crimes and evil actions everywhere.

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((Note this is an alternte Mobius with Human Versions of Mobians))

But there are heroes in the making ready to start thier adventures and to save Mobius from the  Caibon Corps.  And one will become Champion. Journey into the  Chillen Contitent  find the Legend Series Mobiamon and save the world.


Main Cast

  • Prof. Boom - One of Dr. Marond's Assistances in charge of the study of Mobiamon on Chillen. 
  • Apallo Sunburst - A mysterious trainer who you will meet in various locations in your adventure.
  • Riolina "Rio" Psylocke - A woman who travels along with Apallo watching over the main heroes.
  • James Kyostar - A boy who traveled with Rio and Apallo before he got seperated and is currently in an unknown location
  • Pence- The Male Hero
  • Sara-  The Female Hero
  • Chuck O. White - The Stuck up jerk of Chiillen who joins the Mian Villians to try to mess with Boom and his assoicates.
  • Sigma - A Trainer who lives in the same town as Pence/Sara. He has lived with them for years and is always competive

Caibon Corps.

  • Jeffory Caibon - Leader of the Caibon Corps. His motions are unkown.
  • Corps. Admin JT - Prof. Boom's Brother who is in the Caibon Corps. as a Spy getting info for our heroes
  • Corps. Admin Nigela - A Power House Admin, Nigela is the lead Admin of the Caibon Corps.
  • Ixius - The Chief of Science for the Caibon Corps. 
  • Nexia - The Only female on the Corps.

Mobiamon League Leaders

  1. Bluray - Electric Type Leader
  2. Zaya - Ground Type Leader
  3. E.C Eternal - Fire
  4. Pheonix - Grass
  5. Gavers - Normal
  6. Zeke - Fighting
  7. Tynic - Steel 
  8. Koggeh - Dragon

Mobiamon League Elite 4 and Champ

  1. Gurahk - Electric and Steel
  2. Suika - Water and Psychic
  3. Lux - Dark and Ghost
  4. Legion - Various
  5. ??? as the Champion

Legend Series

  1. Psyrio
  2. Kyostar


Apallo The Hedgehog

  • Producer of Game
  • Spriter
  • Story and Plot Head


  • Spriter
  • Lead in Music

Tynic The Hedgehog

  • Spriter


  • Battle Spriter


  1. ThunderTouch Badge - A sign of braving the Storms.
  2. EarthStomp Badge- The Symbol of being sturdy duing an earthquake
  3. FistMaster Badge - For facing Raw power, you are rewarded with the sign of strength and valor.
  4. ArticeFreeze Badge -
  5. Leaf'sHope Badge
  6. InfernoBlaze Badge - This Badge is for the hottest of the hot.
  7. IronTank Badge - Tough as Nails Hard As Steel.
  8. DragonSlayer Badge - Firece Knight, you and your Mobiamon have bested the DragonKing.

Stamps (Due to Change)

  1. ShockStomp Stamp - For getting the first 3 Badges
  2. Defender Stamp -
  3. HanuntedWave Stamp
  4. RainbowAssult Stamp

Features (If Possible) 

Possible Features

  1. Fakemon
  2. Day & Night Feature
  3. New Soundtrack

Features that could Happen

  1. A New Map
  2. Some newer Trainers.

Trailer Songs

Psyrio Trailers

Wrapped In Gangnam Style (Wrapped In Black Gangnam Style)03:55

Wrapped In Gangnam Style (Wrapped In Black Gangnam Style)

The First Theme for Psyrio's First Trailer

Beta Trailers

Sonic Youth ~His World (Solaris) Remix Mashup~04:23

Sonic Youth ~His World (Solaris) Remix Mashup~

*SPOILERS* Final Trailer's Main Theme

Kyostar Trailers


Sprites and Screenshots by the Staff


  • The game hack has a chance of a short animé.
  • The trailer song for Psyrio is an inside joke among the creators of the hack, due to "Psy" being in her name.
  • 2 of the Legendaries in this game do in fact have genders. Psyrio is female, Kyostar is male and the yet-to-be-created legendary is genderless.
  • The Hack will be done on Pokemon Ruby, due to it being the easiest game to hack. Until recent problems occured, the hack will be on FireRed or Leaf Green
  • Most of the Sprites will be edited Pokemon Sprites or Sprites from Demikids (Light and Dark Versions)

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