Mission Maximal is the codename for an operation headed by Repliforce and headed by Reisa. As a way to counteract the Maverick Project Predacon, they used Pokemon DNA and physical specimens they borrowed and fostered to create a Maximal army. There are 29 specimens of Maximals.


Following the defections of several Maverick Army warriors--including Double and Twilight Buttercup--to the Repliforce and Maverick Hunters. Repliforce chose to counter the Mavericks' deadly Pokemon Predacons with similar warriors as Maximals. Reisa was charged with creating them and in 3 short months, the Maximal soldiers were ready for battle.



  • Azura Lundia: Based on the Aqua Rabbit Pokemon, Azumarill. A fun-loving and affectionate soldier, she has well-versed knowledge of the oceans and it's protection, but she has a bad temper problem that makes her unapproachable at times.
  • Crystal Diancie: Based on the Jewel Pokemon, Diancie. She is an accepting and peace-driven Reploid that fights only by command and not by choice. She has a huge crush on Wing Saber, who she sees as dreamy and galliant.
  • Noblus Greendor: Based on the Forest Pokemon, Sceptile. As his name suggestes, Greendor is anoble and valliant warrior that fights with a right sense of morality and honor. He is totally faithful to Repliforce's cause and will go to any length to show it.
  • Principe de Cielos: Based on the Wrestling Pokemon, Hawlucha. An honorable and aspiring wingsman, with great physical strength and knowledge of all Chaosblade combat forms, he is often said to be like a younger version of The Skiver.
  • Rugged Runtor: Based on the Hoodlum Pokemon, Scrafty. Runtor has a likeness to hip-hop music and beating people others, but is sensitive about comments regarding his size. In spite of this, he is very powerful that none should take lightly.
  • Slimtree Ivy: Based on the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy. Secluded and savy, Ivy tends to keep to herself. But when her comrades need her most, she is always there to assist with her grass powers and Attract ability.
  • Spinner Bardock: Based on the Handstand Pokemon, Hitmontop. An ambitious and spirited young soldier, he has all the tools to back it up, but his weakness is women, which he never hits no matter what. He also hates being called weak and will go on a rampage if the words are uttered.
  • Twirless Tahlia: Based on the Emotion Pokemon, Kirlia. She is a very cute dancer, but often gets feelings hurt when referred to as a slut or stripper. But regardless of this, she is quick, nimble, strong in Psychic powers, and pretty well-liked in her squadrons.
  • Rainbow Eevee: Based on the Evolution Pokemon, Eevee. She has a special ability to change her type and color pallette to the element she had used in battle. A total sweetheart and the youngest Maximal, she looks up to everyone in Repliforce.
  • Psyloke Gothica: Based on the Astral Body Pokemon, Gothitelle.
  • Magi Foxhound: Based on the Fox Pokemon, Braixen.
  • Mage Pyofox: Based on the Fox Pokemon, Delphox.
  • Zakashi Zeninja: Based on the Ninja Pokemon, Greninja. He is an extremely capable warrior, although his laziness and tendency to sleep on multiple occasions give off an opposing impression. He is the leader of the Maximals, bringing his unique style of command to the battlefield.
  • Demos Tyranus: Based on the Armor Pokemon, Tyranitar. He is a brute that has a tendency to badmouth most others he meets and is least kind to even some of his comrades, but doesn't pass up the time to destroy Mavericks.
  • Amei Abbei: Based on the Disaster Pokemon, Absol.
  • Aecihl Swellow: Based on the Swallow Pokemon, Swellow. An ace rookie with a spark of gold, he is very capable in the tightest of situations and is a most valued asset to Repliforce.
  • Dreidon Draddon: Based on the Cave Pokemon, Druddigon.
  • Sakura Megarin: Based on the Herb Pokemon, Meganium.
  • Darkness Umbrozz: Based on the Moonlight Pokemon, Umbreon. He's not much of a team player and often keeps to himself, but occasionally interacts with Abbei. His dark powers and emotionless behavior make him more Maverick than Repliforce.
  • Gargen Dastardos: Based on the Shadow Pokemon, Gengar. A trouble-making and selfish Reploid, he takes enjoyment in pulling pranks and torturing others, both Reploids and Mavericks. As such, he is feared by many too the point that even his own fellow Maximals despice him.
  • Voltoz Minexx: Based on the Cheering Pokemon, Minun. He's an arrogant and cocky Reploid that finds himself unstoppable at most times. But when things get dicey, he is always there for his friends, and vice versa. Minexx is also slightly perverted, but he does a good job at hiding this side of him.
  • Meggy Pluscila: Based on the Cheering Pokemon, Plusle. She is a curious type of girl that often enjoys learning about Mobian culture and getting to know more about the Maverick Army and Predacons more than the rest of Repliforce. She seems to be among the few that truly see the Army as misguided Reploids rather than heartless Mavericks.
  • Alexxa Delkitty: Based on the Prim Pokemon, Delcatty. As sultry and provocative as several Mavericks, she strikes as hard as one can expect. She has a special ability to imitate any type of weapon and power from her opponents, similar to X but not exactly alike.
  • Flaaisy Thunderlily: Based on the Wool Pokemon, Flaaffy. She has a fondness to wildlife and many different fabrics, which she sometimes uses to recharge herself. She also likes shopping and has a shy crush on Volt Catfish.
  • Lolitia Latias: Based on the Eon Pokemon, Latias. Contrast to Rollak's serious and uptight personality, Lolitia is playful and energetic that likes to mess around and be happy. Despite all this, she is an extremely powerful soldier that can easily win even the toughest of fights.
  • Rollak Latios: Based on the Eon Pokemon, Latios. Contrast to Lolitia playful and feelgood personality, Rollak is absolutely serious and quite uptight. He never wastes time when fighting Mavericks. Rollak is incredibly strong with no sense of mercy, thinking that evil Mavericks do not deserve to live.
  • Tepid Boarenzo: Based on the Fire Pig Pokemon, Tepig. While he may not look much at first glance, Boarenzo packs a mighty fiery punch that few can measure up to. He also has a fondness in sports, which he practices in his off-time.
  • Sleezy Noelsa: Based on the Sharp Claw Pokemon, Sneasel. Though quite flirtatious and sneaky, she possesses great ranged and closed combat skills that are best in wintry conditions, but only slightly weaker elsewhere.
  • Pyron Goten: Based on the Monkey Pokemon, Monferno. Goten is an ambitious, naive, and fight-obsessive Reploid with a big appetite. He gets shy around girls, but is always willing to prove his worth and protect his world.

Maximal Gallery

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