Mint the Pigeon (Minto za Pijon) is a female Mobian pigeon who is a pro skateboarder. She is widely respected by most skateboarders, due to her skills, however some judge her and call her a "Rat with wings.... and a skateboard," however sometimes she awkwardly/nervously claims they're "Just jealous". 
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Mint the Pigeon
Mint the Pigeon
Vital statistics
Title Mint the Pigeon
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Rock Pigeon
Fur/Feathers/scales Washed blue

Mint green

Attire Red goggles

Navy fingerless gloves


Black and pale blue striped tank top

Romantic Interests None
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First Appearance
American/English VA Aluna Francis
Seiyū (Japanese VA) Lee Soon-kyu (She can speak Japanese, so I guess it counts.)


Mint is a sharpy-spoken, witty pigeon who has a unique spurr to her personality. She usually trusts her cuter side to get her out of trouble, although it only works with the huge softies. She loves the people who admire or just generally like her skills with skateboarding, and shows them the equal amount of respect.





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