Metal Shark Player
Metal Shark Player
Metal Shark Player is a sneaky and dangerous Maverick Hunter and Reploid reincarnater.




Hammerhead Shark Reploid

Love Interests



Useful data, collecting DNA data, reviving useful Reploids, swimming through junk, doing his own thing, crushing his foes, a nice crunchy meal, etc.


Useless data, unneeded distractions, someone better than him, worthless junk, government restrictions, intense heat, water pressure, purified water, etc.

Metal Shark Player is a sneaky Reploid created by Gate the Hedgehog. Originally designed to work at a Recycle Research Lab, he joined the Maverick Hunters as a member of the Nightmare Squad after the Copy-X incident. Player has an incredible talent of gathering and using DNA data of Mobians and Reploids, as well as resurrecting deceased Reploids.


Metal Shark Player was created by Gate to work as a member of a Recycle Research Team. He was to oversee analysis and control of reploid DNA and he was very skilled at his work. Eventually, he became really obsessed with his work, he discovered his own hidden talent of being able to control DNA data and revive deceased Reploids. Though the government had banned the idea of reincarnating and revivng dead Reploids, Gate urged Player to continue his work. Eventually, Player's activities were found out and he was arrested and sentenced to jail for over 20 years.

Metal Shark eventually escaped prison and was summoned by Gate to be one of the eight investigators during the Copy-X Incident. He was stationed at the Recycle Research Lab he once worked at, where he had activated many trash compactors to fend off any intruders. The Maverick Hunter Zero had managed to make it past the compactors, but Player brought back the deceased Mavericks Sting Chameleon, Boomer Kuwanger, and Flame Mammoth to help him out. He proved to be a formidable opponent for Zero, but was ultimatly felled when Zero used his own Metal Anchor against Metal Shark.

Player was later rebuilt along with the other investigators, after Gate had redeemed, and were all placed within the Nightmare Squad in the Maverick Hunters, with Commander Yammark as the leader.


Metal Shark Player is shown to be a mostly stubborn and sneaky Reploid, often ignoring jurisdiction of higher officials, excluding Yammark and Gate. He will constantly continue his work despite the risks. He is rather dangerous, being a shark and will attack anyone without hesitation. Player is very unpredictable in his motives and actions and often hard to keep in line.

Abilities & Skills

Metal Shark Player's signature weapon is the Metal Anchor. It acts as a heavy melee weapon taht most Reploids would have trouble holding. It also acts as a flying artillery weapon with a bit of a ricochet effect. It bounces off most things it hits. Most reploids and targets that are hit when it's thrown are almost always killed instantly, and not even Player himself is immune to his own weapon.

Metal Shark also has a genetic ability and talent of being able to revive already destroyed Reploids and Mavericks. Not always intentional though, but acts as a good defense and guard. He constantly continues this line despite the many threats and dangers warned by his peers and the government. Metal Shark is also quite cannibalistic in battle, often going for direct dismemberment and chewing up Reploid parts. Being a shark, Player is also capable of "swimming within metal junk. Oddly, he is quite weak to water based attacks, as well as fire based attacks.



Original Counetrpart



  • Metal Shark Player is often referred to as either "Metal Shark" or "Player". Either nickname works for him.
  • Metal Shark Player's dislike of purified water is an in-joke in that real-life sharks only like swimming in salt water.
  • Metal Shark Player is the first Maverick to be killed by his own weapon.

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