Metal Man
Metal Man
Metal Man is a deadly Robot Master and leader of the Eight Sons of Wily.




Echidna-Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)

Love Interests



Frisbees, killing, making people miserable, bringing down his adversaries, pure victory, etc.


Dogs, failure, incompetence, showing mercy, playing by the book, sparring worthless lives, setbacks, etc.

Metal Man is a tenacious and deadly Robot Master, created by Dr. Wily and the first robot he ever made specifically for combat, later remodelled into a Mobian-Reploid by Gate the Hedgehog. He is the leader of the "Eight Sons of Wily" who wants to completely destroy the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and more specifically, kill his arch-nemesis X, who he originally mistakes as old enemy Mega Man.


During his second attempt to conquer the world and destroy Mega Man, Dr. WIly created eight powerful Robot Masters of his own. One of these new robots was Metal Man, made by using Cut Man as a base. However, Metal Man had a design flaw that caused him to be very vulnerable to the Mega Buster. It was because of this that he was easily defeated by Mega Man, and his seven siblings would follow that fate.

Humiliated and angered at this encounter, Metal Man continuously attacked Mega Man to try and avenge himself and show who was better. However, he failed every single time. Metal Man was eventually deemed outdated and no longer useful, and so was sealed away in a warehouse with all the other Robot Masters. This warehouse would be unintentionally discovered by Gate, who was amazed at what he was seeing. Impressed and eager to try this technology out for himself, he stole all the Robot Masters and other technology made by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Cossack, and remade them to fit his time and place.

When they awoke, Metal Man and his brothers were surprised at what happened to them and where they ended up, but were also very pleased. With their new enhancements and free wills, they formed the "Eight Sons of Wily" and began causing trouble for all of Mobius, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce, and most specifically, the Maverick Hunter X, who they originally mistake as their arch-nemesis, Mega Man.


Metal Man is one of the more deadlier and cunning Mavericks that the heroes ever had to face. He shows very little remorse or mercy in his actions and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Metal Man is extremely intent on completely destroying X and the Maverick Hunters, and will reach no limits to do so. Metal Man is one of the dirtiest players and has often broken the rules to get his way. He cares only for the best interest in himself and his brothers, and that's all.

Powers and Abilities

Metal Man's signature weapons are the Metal Blades, saw-shaped shurikens made of ceramic titanium that he throws at his enemies. They are really painful and can take a real beating or even kill Reploids that come in to face him unprepared. Metal Man also uses them for melee, and is incredible in close combat.

Originally, Metal Man had a flaw that rendered him very weak to buster shots and giving him a weak armor overall. Since being remodelled by Gate, however, Metal Man's armor has become more resilient to many attacks done from the X-Buster or other abilities by the Maverick Hunters, giving him a better advantage than before. Other weapon enhancements he has received include creating a larger Metal Blade for twice the decapitation and having his hands turn into buzzsaws and chainsaws for even more death and gore.

Like all of the other Robot Masters, Metal Man cannot be completly killed. Even if he's defeated or destroyed in battle, it is possible to rebuild him, should one have all of the necessary parts and equiptment.






  • Metal Man doesn't like dogs because they think he's playing with them and try to take his Metal Blades.
  • Metal Man's personality was more darker and villainous so that Gurahk could make him seem more of a threat than in the games, where he was not taken so seriously due to his weakness and overpowered weapon.

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