12/20/11-2/7/12 SHORT NOTICE : IF GADZOOKS IS SEEN EDITING THIS PAGE AGAIN HE WILL BE REPORTED. PERIOD. This Roleplay is about how Lightning fought alongside a huge force of heroes, trying to get the Chaos Emeralds back from Eggman's huge new secret base, and all of Eggman's new allys. But once Lightning got to Eggman (and Co.), he was surprised that Eggman had used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to make a machine that wipes memory. Eggman 'tested' his new machine on Lightning, and it worked. The heroes started retreating after they found out about Eggman's new machine. Sonic was distressed when he found out that Lightning had vanished, but he knew he had to retreat with the rest of his force.

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Lightning The Hedgehog (Pandaboy2) - Confused, but originally good

Sonic the Hedgehog (anyone) - Main hero

Miles "Tails" Prower (anyone) - trusty friend of Sonic's and a good mechanic

Knuckles the Echidna (anyone) - another partner of Sonic's, and the guardian of the Master Emerald

Amy Rose (anyone) - comes along

James the Wolf (Pandaboy2) - good friend of Lightning's, comes along to help find Lightning

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400) - comes along and helps because he feels bad for Lightning

Falco the Eagle (09jhero) - decides to join Lightning's army of heroes and later tries to find Lightning. Also he suffers from short term memory loss after being exposed to Eggman's machine, but not for long enough.

Apallo Hedgehog (Not the Apallo u know of but Teen Apallo) (Apallo)

Lunas Hedgehog (Young Lunas) (Apallo)

Luna the Hedgehog

Finn the Wolf

Emily the Seedrian

Lizzy the Hedgehog

Jur the Hedgehog

Cammie Stewart

Sammy Nooken

Rocky the Rat

Lou the Hedgehog

Klonoa the Hedgehog

Abby the Hedgehog

Cici the Hedgehog

Dana Solo

Moon the Echidna (Maryxgil)

Luger the Echidna (Maryxgil)

Shine the Hedgehog (GurahkWeavile) - future son of Silver and Amy; sent to the past to alter the future. He has a big crush on Fetalia, and temporarily lost his powers when he arrived. Shine was temporarily mind controlled by Lien-Da to be her provocative boyfriend, but has since been freed and now Fetalia's Boyfriend.

Fetalia the Dark (GurahkWeavile) - Centuries-old daughter of Mephiles from the future; sent to the past to alter the future. She has a big crush on Shine, and has since been in a love traingle with Boombomb and her now-boyfriend, Shine.

Brittney the Bat (GurahkWeavile) - Pretty girl that likes the company of boys (especially cute and hot ones). Joined the heroes to help save her friends, Joseph and Jimmy.

Donovan the Cougar (Mr.Zaya)

Zero the Wolf (ZX)

JT The Androhog (Sonicstar3000) - Jumps in at points messes with peoples minds through boredom. (Was once in Neutral now in Heroes) More info here

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk) - Leader of the New Star Wolf.

Angel Caroso (Gurahk) - Recon and land specialist of the New Star Wolf.

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk) - Ace pilot of the New Star Wolf

Ivy Prower (Gurahk) - Chief Mechanic of the New Star Wolf and duaghter of Tails & Cosmo

Dash The Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97) - Here to help Sonic and friends.

Miles Sprite Prower (Sonicsmansion97) - Comes along to help Dash

Taco The Echidna (Sonicsmansion97) - Only wants to show Dash whose the better hero by coming along

Meha The Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97) - Dash's sister who comes only to help her brother.

Miles Reysa Prower (Sonicsmansion97) - Sprite's sister who comes along to show everyone she's strong too.

Army the Hedgehog (Flowrider 77, Pandaboy2 is also allowed to ) - always ready for adventure helps lightning

Boombomb the Hedgehog (Boombomb) - CIA Agent that would do anything to protect the people he loves.

Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk) - a female Junior Pro Wrestler and model. She has a big crush on Jimmy.

Sigma Hale (MaverickHunterSigma) - An Administrator of the OmegaCorp Mercenary Organization, an independent military force bent on enforcing justice.

Ciel Mackenzie Hale (MaverickHunterSigma) - An Administrator of the OmegaCorp Mercenary Organization and Sigma's "sister". (Honestly, I'm not sure if I am going to include her, if I even get involved at all.)

Eryka Capoeira (MaverickHunterSigma) - A maintenence officer of the Mobian airforce.

Rik The Speck (mr.gameandfight) A speck that ran away from eggman's awe

add more characters..


Nexter the Echidna (Pandaboy2) - an old friend of Lightning's, now a loner

Shadow the Hedgehog (anyone) - gets in the way of the mission rather commonly

Natalie the Hedgehog

zero the tanuki(mailjesuru)- a master theife, speaks with a heavy brittish accent.

Target the Eagle (RioFan01) - She enjoys picking sword fights with people, putting the mission at halt at times just to let people pass her.

Grasstorm (Sonicsmansion97) - Ally of Dash's but steals plans from Sprite.

Waterfall (Sonicsmansion97) - Ally of Grasstorm's but rips up the plans.

Fireblast (Sonicsmansion97) - Ally of Waterfall's but fights with Dash.

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk) - A typical boy that enjoys the company of girls (especially the cute and hot ones). He was captured and trained to become evil by Eggman.

Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk) - Junior Pro Wrestler that wrestles in Japan and numerous indy promotions in the US. He was captured and trained to become evil by Eggman.

Falco the Eagle/Nemesis (09jhero) - decides to join Lightning's army of heroes and later tries to find Lightning. Also he suffers from short term memory loss after being exposed to Eggman's machine, but not for long enough.

Necro the Corrupted (Pandaboy2) - Used to want revenge on Lightning, desides to join Lightning and start a new beginning for his life.

Cheryl Valder (MaverickHunterSigma) - A gun for hire who'll sell her services to the highest bidder. (I'm probably just going to pull another Chuck Testa anyway.)

Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk) - Son of Shadow and Rouge, and biggest rival to Shine. he is from the same time period as Shine, and cares about being the strongest and in most part, defeating Shine.

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk) - Daughter of Tikal that is thousands of years old, residing in the same timeline as Drake, who is her partner. She has amazing light powers and speed, but her combat needs work; has a crush on Drake

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Dr. Eggman (Masterman64) - main enemy

Mysterious Creatures (anyone) - they attack the heroes rarely. 2 so far.

Lien-Da the Echidna (Maryxgil) - Leader of the Dark Egg Legion troops in the Eggman Empire

neon the tenrec(mailjesuru) - a former G.U.N. agent with a grudge ageinst sonic

Metal Dash (Sonicsmansion97) - tries to ruin Dash's plan to assist

Zant (Sonicsmansion97) - Attacks Dash and Grasstorm

Bio-Rik (mr.gameandfight)

Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk) - powerful demon that is able to control darkness, fire, ice, and hypnotize and seduce people into sex.

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Sonic: *slides on the smooth, metal floor and trips one of Eggman's robots then jumps up and nods at Lightning* You can go, we'll hold them off.

Lightning: *does a electric dive-roll through one of the robots* Alright. *Quickly gets up and starts running towards the large metal door*

Moon: *slashing Eggman robots with her blades*

Luger: I'll get the door. *hooks his cybernetics up to the control panel for the door and hacks it so Lightning can get through*

.*door opens*

.*neon is standing inside*

neon: the docter is paying me big money to destroy you. plus i can get revenge on sonic for cutting off my tail!

Falco: C'mon. We can take this guy!

neon: hahaha! *readys for battle* bring it! *charges at falco.

(Falco dodges Neon and hits him hard in the stomach)

Falco: Hah. I thought that you were supposed to be tough.

neon: ha, im just warming up! *throws a gem at falco, which explodes at his feet* theres more where that came from!

Falco: Hey!

(Falco reaches into his backpack and grabs a small explosive that makes smoke and is mildly painful. He throws it at Neon)

Falco: Take that!

(Falco runs up and kicks Neon during the distraction)

Falco: Hah. If thats the best you've got then you might as well step out of my way!

Lightning: *nods at Falco as a "Thank you" for the distraction* *runs through doorway, then slides to a stop as a huge robot slams it's foot right in front of him* Whoa whoa whoa... *rolls to his side as a giant laser bolt smears the air where he was, then shoots 3 lightning bolts at the giant robot*

Giant Robot: *lightning bolts disappear as they hit it's armor* Most destroy. *stops his foot at Lightning*

Lightning: *does a back handspring out of the way, then runs under the huge robots legs to another huge door*

Giant Robot: *huge mouth opens a a huge wave of fire splurts out at Lightning*

???: *dives at Lightning and shoves him aside, and jumps away as-well* Need a little help?

Lightning: James?! Long time no see buddy!!! *gets up*

James: I'll hold this... thing off. You go. *unsheathes sword and leaps at the huge robot*

Moon: *still fighting robots* Eggman must have something big, he's got a lot of security.

Sonic: *breaks Mach 1 and runs through a robot and skids to a stop next to Moon* Exactly why we're here. *continues fighting*

(Falco enters through the doorway)

Falco: (to Lightning, while fighting) Do you know where Eggman and the Chaos Emeralds are, or are we just gonna keep fighting until we find 'em?


Falco: (grinning) Never mind. Lets just keep fighting. I'm havin' the time of my life!

Lightning: *ignores his second comment* He should be in the Control Room. *sparta-kicks a robot, then punches through another robot*

Falco: Well then. Lets head there. C'mon.

Donovan:...And why am I here?

Falco: Umm, probably for the same reason as everyone else, to get the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman.

Luger & Moon: *are now standing back to back fighting the robots*

Luger: Hopefully so.

Donovan:That shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Falco: I'm gonna try and get to the Control Room. Who's coming with me? Lightning? This is your mission after all.

Donovan:I guess I can.

(Luger and Moon look at each other, then Moon nods)

Luger; I'll go too.

Falco: Alright. Lets go. Lightning, you coming?

Donovan:*grunts* I hope we're lucky enough to find it before something happens...not saying anything WOULD happen.

Lightning: *smiles* Of course! That is, if you guys can catch up!!! *drives foot in ground, and a huge spike of lightning comes up from under the huge door, and the door collapses* C'mon! *starts running as fast as he can through the huge hallway*

Luger: *runs after him, though not as fast*

???????: (lurking in the shadows).......

Luger: *thinks he hears something and looks*

???????: (disappeared)

Luger: Hmm. *keeps running*


Luger: *catches back up to the others* I can't shake the feeling we're being watched...

Falco: Hmm. I'm getting that feeling too. Lets stay on guard.

(Falco sees a large door ahead)

Falco: Look. It's the Control Room. Lets go in.

Luger: *hacks the door open*

Donovan:Wow.*runs in*

(Falco follows him in and sees a massive monitor with glowing symbols on it. Eggman stands behind it)

Falco: Woa. What is that thing?

Eggman: That, is my latest invention.

Falco: What does it do.

Eggman: How about you have a look at it.

(Falco looks at it and it starts glowing. Falco quickly looks away)

Falco: (feeling dizzy) Woa.

(The rest of the group enter to see Falco looking really sick)

Luger: *rushes over to him* What happened?

Falco: (panting) Don't... Look... Into....

(Falco begins throwing up)

Luger: *supports Falco* We need to get you out of here.

Falco: (speaking between throwing up) No... Must.... Destroy.... Machine.

Eggman: No one's going anywhere!

(He pushes a button and all of the doors close)

Luger: *narrows his eyes* What do you want?

Eggman: Just for you to look into the monitor and then I'll let you go.

Falco: Don't.... (begins throwing up again)

Eggman: Hmm. It doesn't seem that young Falco looked long enough. I still need a test subject. So who wants to volunteer?

(Nobody replies)

Eggman: If someone doesn't volunteer then I'll use it on all of you...

(a strange time portal appears behind the group a strange white hedgehog enters from it)

?????:'re Doctor Eggman, huh?

Falco: Who.... Are..... You?

?????: My name is Shine, hero of the future! I've come to help save my world! And you're the first to feel my pain, Egg-Head!

Eggman: Enough of this. I was looking for a test subject and now I've found one!

(Eggman aims the device at Shine)

Shine: (shields his own vision with his mysterious PSI powers with one hand and uses his other hand to cover his eyes for good measure)

Eggman: Grrr. Enough of this. I'll just pick someone randomly.

(Thinks for a second and points at Lightning)

Eggman: How about you?

(Eggman points the device at Lightning)

Shine: Not so fast! (uses his Psychokenesis on the machine and starts disassembling it)

(Eggman quickly points it at Shine and Shine becomes dizzy. Eggman then proceeds to point it at Lightning)

Eggman: (To Shine) Hmph. You're not even worthy of being hit by the full blast of this thing.

(While it is pointing at Lightning, Eggman activates it)

Eggman: Hah!

Shine: Ugh.....(tries to fight out of his dizzyness)

Falco: (While throwing up) Don't... Resist.... You'll..... Start..... Throwing.... Up.

Shine: Eugh! Didn't see...or hear that...(starts feeling strange)

Falco: Lightning.... Look.... Away!

Shine: Gotta....stop him....for....the sake future.....(feels sick)

Falco: What..... Do...... You...... Mean?

Eggman: Stop talking and start watching my genius invention doing its work!

Falco: What.... Does..... It.... Do?

Eggman: (chuckling) Lets just say that you two are going to suffer some side effects.

Shine: No.....feeling...weak....

???????'s voice: Still need my help, never change....

Shine: Huh?

Eggman: Enough of these games. I will use my machine tonight! Get ready Lightning.

???????'s voice: (laughs) What a joke! A clown like you couldn't even match up to my power, you're just getting lucky with these boys!

Lightning: *elbows a Robot down* Huh? Oh, hey Egg-face. And, I don't think your gonna "test" anything on me anytime soon. *starts running superfast around the room, randomly*

(Pandaboy2: Sorry, i was gone, my friend was over)

Shine: (pants heavily)'re in trouble....

Luger: *is still holding up Falco*

???????'s voice: Need a hand, kid?

Eggman: Stay still, little hedgehog... *carefully aims cannon at Lightning*

(a dark shadow speeds through most of Eggman's machine's, malfuntioning them and lands in front of the gang; it takes the form of a very attractive and sexy, yet dark female)

???????: I don't think so!

Shine:...Fetalia....right on time...UGH!!

Luger: It might've been nice a little earlier, but I can't complain.

Fetalia: Too cocky, I gotta help you again, Shine! You never change do you?

Shine: (weakly smiles)

Eggman: Bahh! To much pesky little animals. Let's make this a little easier... *clicks a button, and a laser net falls from the roof, and lands on the small group, all but Lightning* Now...

Lightning: *skids to a stop* *starts running towards the trapped group*

Eggman: Just one more step.... *fires the cannon at Lightning, a bolt of pure dark purple flies out of the cannon, and goes inside of Lightning*

Lightning: GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *falls the ground, and body starts glowing purple*

Shine: Urgh! I can't use my psychokenisis to get us free....too weak....

Luger: *struggling with the net* Come on...

Fetalia: (electrocuted) ACK!!!!

Eggman: *laughs evily* Anyone else? *aims cannon at the now powering down net*

(Pandaboy2: This is when they retreat)

Lightning: *groans and head lifts, complete confusion writen all over it* *then expression turns into complete rage* *jumps up, and goes through the roof. The sound of running footsteps can be heard above*

Luger: *throws the net off* This is probably a good time to get out of here. *smashes the door panel this time instead of hacking it*

Fetalia: Hmph! I can handle this!

Luger: If you stay, you'll end up like him. *points at Falco*

Fetalia: (charges up a sphere of dark energy) This will be too easy!

Luger: Please, let's regroup with the others.

Fetalia: Shut up! This idiot's too easy and you treat him like a big threat to the world?!

Luger: That man put bombs IN my daughter! And clearly he did something to Lightning, Falco, and Shine! You're going to get yourself or someone else killed if we don't do this right!

Fetalia: (groans) Fine! You win! Let's go!

(They head back to where Sonic and the others are)

Shine: Ugh.....

Moon: You're back. But where's Lightning?

James: *runs up* yeah, where's Lightning?

Falco: Eggman.... Used..... A machine..... On him. We..... Should...... Get out..... Of here.

-A Loud Knocking is Heard-


Shine: Ugh...feeling....weak....

Fetalia: I keep tellin' ya to be more careful and not be so careless. No one ever listens to me, now do they?

-The Knocking is louder-


Fetalia: (runs to the door and answers it) What's wrong?!

Lunas And Apallo:-fall out-

Lunas: Please Help My Big Bro Apallo. And Me too. We were tricked by Eggman.

(Note Apallo Is Really Famous as the chamipo of the Elemental Tournament)

Fetalia: Okay. What happened?

Lunas:-puts his brother on the ground and poinsts out wounds on him-

Fetalia: So this idiot got lucky on him, too. Amazing....

Lunas: HE ISNT AN IDIOT! -ahem- Sorry about that but anyway He Had Our Family's Elemental Powers Sapped from him too And I managed to steal this data for soem Elemental Egg Titan Blueprints as well

Fetalia: I wasn't calling this guy an idiot, by the way.


Shine: ugh....still weak....can't help.....

Fetalia: Don't waste your breath, Shine! Just rest a little....

Apallo: -still Knocked Out- -groans-

Fetalia: (helps him out)

Falco: Shouldn't we be..... looking for..... Lightning?

Apallo:-fur darkens to a gray orange-

Lunas: He's Losing Power.

Fetalia: Damn! What can we do?!

Apallo:-manages to go into Thunder Form- (he turns grey yellow) Electricity.......

Fetalia: My dark powers can sort of heal some of the wounds or fatigues from you guys....but I don't knwo how to make sure you all are fully recovered)

(A massive army of Eggman robots heads towards them)

Falco: Uh I think.... we should probably..... go.

Fetalia: Pff! I can handle this!

Falco: Yeh, if you had.... some backup. But Shine and.... I can't fight and Apallo's..... powers aren't working..... right.

Fetalia: (groans)

Falco: We should..... probably run.

(Falco throws up again)

Falco: Uggh.

Fetalia: (Ugh...buzzkill...) Alright fine! Let's go!

(The group begin to run from the robots. Falco falls behind, so he starts flying)

Shine: (tries running fast, but is somehow slowing down)

Falco: (pointing at a hole in the wall made by a robot) Who here can.... fly?

Shine: (trips and falls behind)

Fetalia: (gasps) Shine!

Shine: I' fine! Just go! Save...yourselves!

Falco: If I fly.... out the window..... I can probably...... carry Shine.

Shine: Go! Before....they get you....

Falco: No way.

(Falco flies back and grabs Shine)

Falco: I hope you're.... not afraid of heights.

Shine: (panting) I'm...slowing you down....just get outta here....

Fetalia: No way, Shine!

Falco: Can anyone blast a... hole in the wall?

Fetalia: Right here!'

Apallo: Wait. I can

Falco: Then I hope nobody minds if.... Shine and I catch the early flight..... out of here?

Fetalia: Do it!

James: And do it fast! *leaps at an incoming robot and jabs his sword through it*

Apallo: -shoots energy from his hands and destroied th erobots in a single blow-

Fetalia: Not bad....

Falco: Ready Shine. If anyone else can.... fly, feel free to..... follow us.

(Falco and Shine fly out of a hole in the wall)

Fetalia: (turns into a shadow and flies after them)

James: *looks at the army of incoming robots* Ehh, it's worth the risk. *dives out of the window*

Chapter 1: 2 Days Later

James: *sitting at the edge of a cliff, mumbling to himself* i should have done something...

Moon: *comes up behind him* Still no sign of Lightning?

[In a house beside the cliff, Falco awakens after being asleep since the attack)

Falco: Wha? Where am I?

(Sonic walks in)

Sonic: Oh hey Falco, you're awake.

Falco: What happened?

Sonic: (frowning) We attacked Eggman's base, remember?

Falco: (looking surprised) We did?

Sonic: (looking confused) Yeah. Are you sure you don't remember?

Falco: I can't remember much over the last few days but I can remember everything from before that.

Sonic: Hmm. (shouting outside to James, Moon and the others) Guys, get in here.

Shine: (unconscious)

Fetalia: (praying for him)

Falco: (after noticing Shine) Who's he and what happened to him. Speaking of that, what happened to me?

Fetalia: Dammit! That idiot doctor's given him amnesia!

Falco: Amnesia? I've only forgotten a couple of days.

Sonic: Is there any other memories that you can't remember anymore.

Falco: (thinking hard) Actually, there are a lot of blanks in my memories. (pointing at Shine) Is that what happened to him too?

Shine: (coming to), did anyone get the number of that tankor?

Fetalia: Shine! (hugs him tight) I'm so glad you're okay!

Shine: ACK!! Thanks, Fetalia! Can you...let go now?

Falco: Hey, where's Lightning?

Fetalia: Shine, do you remember everything?

Shine: (thinks really hard)....yeah. But....(looks at his hands; his gloves are no longer glowing light blue) That machine...took all my I can't do anything....

Fetalia: Ooh, the nerve of that guy!

JT: *Simply watching from afar* Hmph...

James: *walks in* Maybe i can whack some memory into Falco... *slowly unsheathes sword*

Fetalia: You sure that's a smart idea?

Apallo: -walks in in bandages- Hey Guys.....

Fetalia: Whoa...

James: No. But it would be fun. Hey Apallo. You doing Alright?

Apallo: Yea..... My Powers are Returning. And Then My Body will heal itself. Hehehe. Grrrrhhhh-clentches side-

James: Well, when's lunch? I'm getting hungry. *sheathes sword*

Falco: Seriously guys, where's Lightning?

Lunas: Good morning everyone

Apallo: Well if it isnt my Kid Genius Brother Lunas

James: *sighs* We don't know where Lightning is, or what happened to him.

Luger: He just ran off after Eggman hit him with that thing.

Up behind Apallo comes Jesse. "Dude, what happened to you?" he asks.

Falco: Hi Jesse. Where have you been?

Apallo: I got ambushed by eggman's Metal Apallo and he drained my powers

Falco: Metal Apallo? Cool!

Shine: You too?!

Falco: I guess I'm lucky that I don't have any Chaos Powers, or I probably would have lost mine too!

Fetalia: Whadda we do now?

Falco: Well if Lightning's gone missing, I suppose we should go look for him, cuz he'd do the same for us.

????????: Help! Someone help me!!

Apallo: -runs to the voice-

Falco: Who's that?

(Falco follows Apallo out towards the voice)

????????: Help!! My friends have been taken!

Fetalia: (follows the cries fro help)

Falco: (shouting to the voice) Hello, can you hear me? Where are you?

????????: I'm over here!

(Falco follows the voice)

Falco: (while walking) What's wrong? Are you ok?

James: *sets down an apple that's half eaten and unsheathes sword* Huh? What's going on?

????????: My friends....Joey and Jimmy....they were taken by Dr. Eggman....

Fetalia: Why that little--!!

Falco: What's your name?

Brittney: I'm Brittney....Brittney the bat.

Falco: OK Brittney, you'll be ok. We'll find your friends. We're looking for one of our friends too. Um

(Falco thinks for a second)

Falco: Lightning.... Yeah that's his name, I think.

Falco: (thinking) How could I forget Lightning's name?

Brittney: oh, thank you! But we gotta hurry, before Eggman trains them to be perfect fighting machines!

Falco: Fighting machines? How can he do that?

Brittney: Painful and stressfl training! If we don't hurry, those two could die!

Falco: Then lets go!

(Falco walks over to Shine)

Falco: Are you sure that you haven't suffered any memory loss um....... Shine right, cuz I think that machine is messing with my memory.

Shine: I'm positive, but I can't use my Psychokinesis or run as fast as I normally can.

Falco: Hmm. I wonder why I'm losing parts of my memory and you're just losing your powers. Maybe it effects different people in different ways. Wait a minute, Lightning must have been effected by that machine, but did he lose his powers, his memory or what?

Fetalia: I dunno....but we gotta destroy that machine and fast!

Falco: But then Lightning will still be missing. Maybe we should split into two groups. One group could look for Lightning and the other could try and stop Eggman.

Shine:......I'll help look for Lightning.

Falco: So will I. Who else wants to search for Lightning?

JT: (This "Lightning"... I've heard of them... Where they in the harrier during my creation?)

(Falco looks up and spots JT)

Falco: Hey, who's that?

JT: Well, Eggman called me Operation "JT" But that's all I'm going to say... For now... Sayanora! *Disappears*

Falco: Operation JT?

(Sonic walks up to Falco)

Sonic: Did you say something.

Falco: Yeah. There was a guy up on that rock over there.

Sonic: Hmm. Are you sure it isn't just a symptom of your memory loss?

Falco: No. There was definitely someone up there.

Sonic: (not believing him) Ok......

(Sonic walks away from Falco)

Sonic: (to James, Fetalia, Brittney and Apallo, far enough from Falco so that he cant hear them) I think that machine is making Falco go crazy. He says that he's seeing figures on the rocks who just vanish when someone else arrives. Eggman might have planted some sort of bug in his brain with that machine. I think we should ditch him, it's not very safe to keep him with us, who knows what Eggman might have done to his brain. And we should probably stay away from Shine too.

Apallo: Eggman also dreain my family's powers

Fetalia: Wait, leave Shine hanging and vulnerable?! Are you crazy?!

Sonic: It's just a suggestion, but Shine might not be in full control of himself.

(Falco walks over)

Falco: Hey, what are you guys talking about?

Brittney: Uhhh....nothing?

Falco: (looking suspicious) Ok. So are we splitting up and looking for Eggman and Lightning or what?

Fetalia:......(looks over at Shine, who's unaware of what's happeneing)

Falco: (sees Fetalia looking at Shine) Seriously guys, what's up?

Fetalia: (sighs) It's nothing....

Falco: (still a bit suspicious) Well I'm going to get some rest. We'll begin the search tomorrow.

(Falco leaves and enters the house)

Brittney: 9sighs in relief)

Sonic: So, if we're gonna ditch those two, we should probably do it during the night. Who's with me, and remember that you can't trust either of them.

Brittney: I am!

Sonic; Fetalia, Apallo?

Fetalia:....yeah. (turns around and sort of cries, but makes sure no one sees it)

Sonic: We should leave soon. Shine and Falco are both inside, but should we leave now, or in the middle of the night?

Fetalia:....tonight. (wipes the tears from her eyes, still making sure no one sees her crying)

Sonic: Then lets go get some rest.

(He stops Fetalia as she goes inside)

Sonic: Oh Fetalia, if you're going to say goodbye to Shine, try not to make it obvious ok.

(Sonic goes in to rest)

Fetalia: (goes inside) Shine.....I'm sorry....

(In the middle of the night, Sonic wakes up Brittney, Apallo and Fetalia)

Sonic: (over Fetalia's bed) Ready?

Fetalia: No...I need to say good-bye to Shine....

Sonic; You can't without making him suspicious. We have to go now, sorry.

Fetalia: You don't understand, Sonic. Shine's my partner. He's the only friend I have in the world, the only one was there when I awoke and found my father dead centuries before. To have to be separated from him like''s unbearable...I don't know how I can handle it. I wanna get that Assman, but...

Sonic: (chuckling) Assman? (puts on a serious face) I know how you feel. Lightning was one of my best friends and he's gone AWOL. But if we get Eggman we can save Lightning, Shine and Falco. What do you say?

Fetalia: (just silent)

Sonic: (sighs) I'm going now. It's your choice. Come if you want.

(Sonic leaves)

Fetalia:.....(goes to Shine)

Shine: (asleep) Mmmm......

Fetalia: Shine....I know you can't hear me, but....(puts her hand on his chest) I have to go now. I'm sorry to have to leave you hanging, but I'm afraid of losing you if you come. I don't want to leave you, but I promise I'll get your powers back and kick that Assman's eggs right in!

Shine: (stilla sleep) Fetty....

Fetalia:...(smiles and kisses his forehead) Good-bye Shine...I love you...(leaves to catch up with Sonic)

Brittney:....(smiles and follows her)

(Luger and Moon glance back at Shine and Falco then follow the others)

[The next morning Falco wakes up. He looks for everyone and realises that they're gone. He wakes up Shine]

Falco: Shine, wake up.

Shine: (groans) Wha? What happened?

Falco: I dunno but everyone's gone.

Shine: What?!

Falco: Yeah, they're all gone. It's just us. We should look around for a note or something.


Falco: What?

Shine: Last night...when I was dreaming...I heard Fetalia say...she had to leave....and she was afraid of losing me, so I couldn't come....

Falco: Hmm. They're probably long gone, so we have no chance of catching up with them. Maybe we should just stick with the plan and search for Lightning, but we should keep our eye out for everyone else too.

JT: *Feels a disturbance in his head during a rest* Ugh!!... This is wierd, I've never felt this before... Something's wrong...!

Shine: No...there's more....

Falco: Like what?

Shine: She promised....that she would regain my powers....and then kissed me...and she said that.....

Falco: What did she say?

Shine: Her exact words were: "Good bye Shine...I love you...."

Falco: It sounds like she left without a struggle, but she didn't want to. I wonder what happened. We'll probably find some answers if we begin searching for Lightning and those guys. Lets go.

JT: *Disturbances continue to occur, leaving loud pulse noises* Damn... Grrr... *Kneels down* Where are these coming from!?


JT: *Begins to control the pulses, and takes them away* *panting* Right, let's carry on with what I was here to do.

Luger: It still doesn't feel righ t just leaving them.

Moon: I don't like it either, but we are doing this to help them.

Fetalia: Yeah....

JT: *walking through a large feild* "Lightning"...Just who is "Lightning"?

[Back with Shine and Falco]

Falco: Are you ready to go Shine?

Shine: Yeah....but I can't do much without my powers. So you'll probably be on your own for most of the search.

Falco: Yeah well I can't rely on my memory any more so I need you in case I forget something important. Also it can be helpful to have an extra pair of eyes on a search.

Shine: Okay....

Falco: Well then I guess we should be leaving now. C'mon. Shine: Right!

Falco: Lets go.

(Falco walks out)

Shine: (follows him)

(The two start walking along the cliffs)

Falco: So we have three targets, Lightning, Eggman and the other guys. Who do you want to look for first?

Shine:.....let's find Lightning.

Falco: Ok, lets think. Where would Lightning be?

Shine: (tries to think)

Falco: I'm kinda relying on you here. I can barely remember anything about Lightning at all, thanks to Eggman.

Shine: Hmmm.....well, I don't know much about him. In my timeline, the dude's dead along with nearly every other hero. Sorry....

JT: Oh, It's him again.

Shine: Huh? Who are you?

Falco: I've seen him before, I think. My memory's acting up again.

JT: Apparently, I'm a side effect of the bird's memory loss. Says Sonic.

Shine: Side affect?

Falco: Oh yeah. You were that guy up on the rock. Wait, what do you mean 'says Sonic'?

JT: You should have recognised. Sonic + Knuckles = Me! Simple math!

Falco: So you're a mix of Sonic and Knuckles. Your name, is it PJ or something like that. I can't remember.

JT: *laughing* PJ!? That memory eraser must have taken a part of your brain's thinking side, too!

Shine: I don't have time for this! We have to find Lightning!

JT: He's probably dead. Just like in your timeline! You need some commonsence!!

Shine: There may still be a chance he's alive! And if we don't hurry, it might be too late!

JT: My point exactly. Just who is "Lightning"?

Shine: Huh?

JT: It was a simple question. Who is lightning, what happened, when, where, I just want to know about the weather!

Shine: This is no time for riddles!

JT: Well, it IS 2:15 PM. So it's mandatory.

Shine: Whatever!

JT: Well, I better get back to the dungeon to feed Lightning

Shine: What?!

JT: *laughing* Whoa! You're so gullible!! I don't even work for Eggman anymore.

Shine: (growls) You're wasting our time!

JT: Yeah, sure, Time Waits for no one etc. etc. But here's one more clue, In 3 words...

Shine: Spill it!


Shine: Space?

JT: Ugh! What the hell!? I can't even hear myself THINK from your voice! It sounds like nails on a chalkboard!!

Shine: What are you talking about?

JT: UGH. Again! Your voice! It's irritating!

Shine: (growls) Enough of this!

JT: ...COLONY...


There, Also, Bird? Refer to me as JT. *Leaps into the air*

Shine: Space Colony Ark?

Falco: JT? I prefer PJ. Space Colony Ark, I should know that from somewhere but I can't remember where.

Shine: Well, we gotta find a way to get to space to find it!

Falco: How could Lightning get to the moon unless PJ was talking about something else...

Shine: Well, it's the only clue we've got!

Falco: But how do we get there?

Shine: that's the problem

Falco: If only we could find the others. We could probably borrow Sonic's friend Tails' plane.

Shine: How can a plane even reach space?!

Falco: I dunno but he's done it before. Hmm, do you have a super form?

Shine: I...don't think so....

Falco: (frowning) Is that a no or are you not sure whether you have Chaos Powers yet?

Shine: I don't have my powers, remember? So even if I could go super, it wouldn't do me a lot of help.

Falco: You don't? (under his breath) Stupid memory. (to Shine) I guess we should try and find the others then huh.

Shine: Guess we got no other choice.....

Falco: Lets check the forest. We have no where else to search anyway.

Shine: Right!

(They enter the forest and begin exploring)

Falco: Do you hear something?

Shine: Yeah....

Falco: We should stay on guard.

Shine: (nods)

  • Then they see a tree come crashing down*

Shine: Whoa!! Look out!

Falco: Who's there?

Lightning: *walks up behind the tree* I suggest you run.

Falco: Who are.... wait a minute. Lightning?

Falco: (thinking) I can't even remember what he looks like. Is this Lightning?

Shine: Lightning?!

Lightning: Alright. *thrust both hands forward, and a HUUUUUGGGEEE bolt of lightning flys out of it towards both of them*

Falco: Duck!

(Falco dodges the blast by jumping out of the way)

Falco: Lightning, what are you doing?

Shine: (starts to run away) What is this guy's problem?!

Falco: I don't think he was like this before, but I can't be sure of anything anymore.

Falco: (to Lightning) Lightning buddy, what are you doing?

Lightning: Your not fooling me. *leaps in the air, landing with his feet both driving into the ground about 3 inches and 2 walls of lightning come out of the ground on both sides of Falco and both start flying at him*

Shine: Eggman's machine must've turned him evil!

Lightning: You two are the evil ones here!!! *starts rapidly shooting lightning bolts at Shine*

(Falco jumps in front of the lightning and is tossed back into a tree)

Falco: (in pain) Shine.... do something!

Shine: No powers.....I'm screwed!

"Maybe it's time I dropped in?" said a voice behind them.

Falco: (still in pain) Who are you?

Shine: Huh? Who are you?

"Who do ya think?" asked Jesse, stepping between them and Lightning. "Why don't you attack the guy here who can do crap, eh?"

Falco: (manages to get to his feet) I can still fight, I'm just not the best fighter, never have been.

Shine:'re Jesse!

{C}????: Rakuretsuzan!!! *cames= a voice from above, and a green motion is fastly approaching Lightning posistion from above.*

Shine: Huh? Wait, you must be...

Falco: We should try and reason with him. He's our friend and we don't even know why he's trying to kill us.

Falco: (to Lightning) Lightning, why are you doing this?

Lightning: I'm not letting you hunt me. *grabs Jesse by the neck and throws him into a tree*

????: *the Rakuretsuzan finally hits Lightning, making him unable to put his full force behind the throw. Leave a silloutte of a wolf with a sword behind*

Jesse hits the tree, falls right back onto his feet, and then says, angered, "Negotiations are out the window."

Shine: Wait, you're Zero, aren't you?

????: *the dust clears and a black wolf with a green energy sword is standing there.8 ((I would put the description of his armor in there, but it's wasy to long, read about it here)) Yes I am.

Lightning: *groans* I'm doomed. My whole life is doomed. *the sound of complete distress and sadness is easily found in his voice, and he runs away into the forest*

"Um, okay, what was that about?" Jesse asks, very annoyed.

Shine: Wow....I never thought I'd be able to meet the Zero!

Zero was look a little bit puzzled " Am I really that famous or something?"

Shine: You bet you are!

"Okayyy then." Zero saying it as if it was no big deal.

"Really," Jesse says, "because I've never heard of him."

Shine: He's especially legendary in my own timeline, and you don't even know who he is?!

"No, I don't, you know-it-all," Jesse says spitefully.

Zero simply said" Who cares if I'm famous or not, we are letting that hedgehog get away"

Shine: Huh? Oh, yeah!

James: *comes running through the forest, and long scar across his face* i think i found h- *sees all the ruined terrain* oh....

"No, you think?" Jesse asks, annoyed.

Shine: Why would Lightning attack us?

James: I don't know, but it looks like that machine enhanced his powers.. *looks around*

Shine: Whatever the case, we gotta warn the others about this and fast!

JT: How Gullible..!

Shine: You! You tricked us!

Falco: You little-. Wait, where's Lightning?

(Apallo (User): Guys Let me catch up ok ineed a recap)

(Pandaboy2: Ok.)

JT: You were actually gonna go up to SPACE COLONY ARK?!? *heavily laughing*

Falco: Thats it.

(Falco lifts up his fists)

Falco: Lets see you fight!

JT: I thought you'd never ask!

(JT leaps down)

JT: Let me do something first...

(JT begins to analyse fighting styles of people around him)

"This is gonna suck," Jesse says, entering a fighting stance as well.

Falco: Don't worry Jesse, I've been watching those Sherlock Holmes movies. I just have to analyse him before the fight begins.

(Falco thinks and sees the whole fight play out in slow motion, where JT wins)

Falco: Um, on second thought....

JT: Scared? Chicken. I thought you were an eagle!!

(JT smirks)

JT: Well, It's nice to see that you're evading your own death!

Shine: (gets into fighting stance) (Dang, without my powers, this guys' gonna kick my ass in a hurry!)

Falco: (angry at Jt) Thats it PJ!

(Falco sees the fight slowing down again and sees himself winning. He then starts fighting for real and begins beating up JT)

Falco: Hah!

Jesse hesitates, then steps in to assist Falco.

Falco: (enjoying himself) Jesse, stand back. Sherlock Holmes has taught me well.

"Suit yourself!" he exclaims, stepping back. "But just don't run out on a bridge and try to hang him or anything!"

Falco: (laughing) Ohh. Thats what I wanted to do. How about I jump off of a waterfall with him instead?

"Good plan," Jesse laughs.

JT: So, Falco, isn't it?

Falco: Yep. Falco the Eagle, the guy who beat up PJ!

James: Give a little less talk, and more action, would ya? *unsheathes sword and starts slashing at JT*

Falco: Dude, either you are the weakest person on earth, or my powers are getting stronger somehow.

(Falco punches JT in the face)

Falco: Boom. Hah hah.

JT: Whoa! Not all at once, could you? Those sword slashes make you look like a hooligan!!

(JT turns to Falco)

JT: Want me to put that on your tombstone?

Falco: Um, in case you didn't notice, my powers have like tripled for some reason. I'm kickin your butt!

JT: No, I simply havent attacked...


(Falco's eyes begin glowing green and a green aura forms around him)

Falco: Woa. Eggman's machine must have enhanced my powers. But why only now?

(Falco punches JT)

(where i s apallo in athis part?)

(Apallo is off with Sonic and Fetalia, because they ditched Falco and Shine ~~09jhero~~)

JT: You... son of a...

(Picks up rocks from the floor and starts throwing like crazy)

(Does it count as g-modding if Falco's powers have been tripled by the machine, but it was only triggered by Lightning's attack? ~~09jhero~~)

(Only if nobody can hit back)

(In that case...)

(Falco charges at JT and knocks him backwards into a tree)

Falco: Take that!

JT: You want karma?

(JT picks the tree from the ground and throws it towards an unexpecting friend

Shine: Incoming!

James: *hears something then looks backwards* Uhhh..... guys, we should sorta stop fighting now...

???: RAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *shoot a shockwave out of mouth towards Falco*

JT: Why should we stop? Carpe Diem!!

(The blast hits Falco and he is knocked into JT)

Falco: Ow.

???: *slams ground with tail, creating a shockwave flutter across the ground knocking everyone down*

Shine: UGH!! Wha-?! Who the--?!

(Falco tries to use his new powers)

Falco: Hey, my powers are gone.

James: Then hit it normally! *leaps at the creature, and slashes at it's tail*

???: *slams tail against James' chest*

James: *flys backwards into JT* sorry...

Shine: Damn....why do my powers have to be gone at a time like this?!

Falco: Who are you?

(Falco flies towards the figure and punches him)

JT: Don't worry James, I guess I'll have to help you...

~Changed JT from Neutral -> Heroes~

Shine: (runs up to the creature and punches it)

Falco: Who are you?

(Falco flies up to him and punches him again)

JT: Damn it... Falco, Hurry up and finish it!

Falco: Hey, with my new powers gone, you're the most poweful person here!

JT: (Points down at James) Problem...

Falco: What are you doing?

JT: Being crushed by James...

Falco: What?

JT: He was hit by that thing then he fell on top of me... Maybe because you hit me into a tree?

Shine: I really wish I had my powers right now!

JT: You could at least use your head!! Help me out of this!

Falco: Yeah. (whispering to Shine) Look, there's no way we can beat this guy, but PJ might be able too. We should get out of here before we're killed.

Shine: Right! (tries to free JT)

(Falco helps and JT is freed)

Falco: We should leave now!

JT: What? You're gonna leave? If we worked together then maybe we can beat this idiot!

Falco: Shine can't fight and I just lost all of my new power, and most of my old strength too.

JT: Well, What do you want ME to do?

Shine: Help us beat it, that's what!

JT: Fine!!

(JT lashes out at the monster)

Zero: Kougenjin! *Zero sends a vertical energy crescent sent from the Z-Sabre that can pierce armor and shields and sends at the moster*

((Maryxgil: Um, so any ideas on what I can do or how I can get back into this since my characters left with Sonic?))

((09jhero: You can always just change the scene to your team. Like meanwhile this happened or something like that))

Shine: Wow! That was super-cool!

Zero: Shin Messenkou! *Zero punches the ground and a series of projectiles shoot from the floor up and most of them hit the monster*.

Falco: Can you teach me to do that?

Shine: Me too!!

Zero: *has a ghost of smile of his face* Maybe.* charges up the recoil rods, then uses them to give him a gigantic boost into the air.*

JT: (jumps back) Wow, really? It's a nice make of a saber...

Zero: *when he had reached the highest point of his jump he said* Rakuretsuzan!! *he preformed the said moved, rocketing down towards the beast, having the point of his Z-sabre below him*

JT: Be careful, that's quite big...

Falco: Seriously. Teach me how to do that.

Zero: *rams his Z-Sabre home, into the monsters head*

(The monster suddenly slashes at Zero and hits him)

Falco: Hang on Zero.

(Falco flies up to the beast and punches it, causing it to start chasing him, giving Zero time to recover)

Falco: (while the creature is gaining on him) Uh guys. I need some back up!

JT: I'm on it!

Zero: *was knock back into a tree* Arrgh* His Z-Sabre was stuck in the monsters head, his primary weapon was gone, he had to think of a way to get it back* Got it!

Falco: Anytime now would be nice!

(Moon and Luger had split off from the rest of the group in order to broaden the search when they hear all the commotion)

Zero: *rushes forward to where the beast was, jumped into the air, and slashed the monster three times with a combonation of his Chain rod and shield boomerang, with the shield bommerang essentailly a buzzsaw.*

JT: That's it, I'm going in! GRRRRRRRGHHH

(Moon and Luger are watching behind a tree, whispering to each other)

Moon: It's Falco and Shine, and they're in trouble.

Luger: But what if Eggman did do something to them? How do we know which side is which?

JT: (hit down on ground by monster) Damn It!! Falco, do something, Try Something!

Zero: *disengages his shield boomerang from his chain rod, shoots the chain rod into a nearby tree branch, then swings with the shield boomerang on the side that the monster is on, then cuts the monster, leaving half a meter deep cut in the monster.

JT: The monster's getting ticked off!

Zero: Then we should put it out of it's misery!

(The creature suddenly begins healing its injuries)

Falco: Crap, oh wait, I can't believe I forgot about this- oh right. Never mind.

(Falco grabs a smoke bomb from his backpack and throws it, which stuns the creature)

Falco: The effects are only temporary. We need more back up.

Moon: It's clear the monster is evil. *jumps out and attacks it by surprise*

Falco: Moon? What are you doing here?

Shine: Wait, so does that mean--?

Falco: Sonic and Luger. Oh wait, you were talking about Fetalia.

Moon: We were passing by and noticed you guys needed help.

Falco: So who else is here?

Shine: Tell me Fetty's with you!

JT: Fatty? Who?

Shine: Fetalia. My friend and partner!

Moon: It's just Luger and I. The group split up. I'm sorry, but I assume Fetalia went after Eggman.

Falco: So, they went looking for Eggman huh. Well we found Lightning.

Zero: Right now, we need to worry about that monster, that smoke has almost disappeared! We need to do something!

Shine: I can try to see what this does! (runs up to the monster and delivers a vicious kick to it)

  • the monster stamped it foot on the ground sending a shockwave to meet Shine before it got to him.*

Shine: AAAAAHH!!!!!!!

Zero: Crud!! *Caught Shine, then put him on the ground* Looks like the monster is wise to us now!

Shine: I think maybe we should run now!

Zero: I've still got one last trick. But I need all of you leave the next 50 meters, or you'll be hit by it.

Moon: Ok. *grabs Luger's hand and runs far enough away*

Zero: First things first. *Perfroms multiple Zerodasshus to run up to the beast on grab his Z-Sabre from it head, then jumps of and stands 20 meters away from the beast.*

Falco: (after flying away a bit) What are you planning on doing?

Zero: Heh heh, let's just say that you'll need to come back and get me after I've finished.

Falco: (to Moon) Hey, where's Luger?

Moon: He's right here. *points at Luger who is standing next to her*

Falco: (looking confused0 Oh, right.

Shine: (thinks for a bit, then runs off)

Falco: Hey, where are you going?

  • the beast makes a shockwave by stamping it's paw in front of Zero, but he stands his ground, barely.*

(Falco follows him)

((Let me put my edit in plz))

Zero: *Charges his energy until the red parts of his armour thurn into a moving rainbow colour.*

(Falco grabs Shine before he gets away)

Falco: Shine, where are you going?

Shine: I gotta find Fetalia! She's resilient, but she's not immortal!

(The creature attacks the two of them)

Falco: Zero!

Shine: Cr*p!!

Zero: (I have to do it now.) *Uses his chain rod to pull the beast back infront of him*

{C {C {C {C}(The creature prepares to finish off the pair, when the same energy from earlier returns to him) Falco: What, my powers are back! (Falco begins attacking the creature by smacking it in the face very fast)

Falco: I'll try and buy you some time. Charge up now!

Zero: Hold him off for one more minute!

Falco: Ok.

(Falco begins flying around the creature, annoying it. The creature starts chasing him around in circles)

Falco: Um, are you almost ready?

Zero: When I draw my sabre, bolt for it!

Falco: Can everyone here either run or fly?

Luger: I'm pretty sure.

Zero: Almost there, 10 more seconds!

Falco: Shine, you need a lift?

(Luger and Moon start running away from the area)

Jesse sees Luger and Moon run past, and follows them. "What the heck's goin' on?!"

Luger: Zero's about to try something big on the monster.

Shine: Thanks, Falco....

{C}Falco: (shouting from a distance to Jesse) You should probably run! Falco: (to Shine) No problem.

  • the monster starts to pund the area in front of Zero, but gets blinde before it can do anything.

Falco: (shouting) Finish him Zero!

Zero: *nods his head* Sayounara , kemono! Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei!!!! (Zero launches two giant crescent waves from his saber repeatedly, which covers the entire area in front of him kills the beast instantly.)

(Falco flies back over to Zero)

Falco: Can you teach me how to do that?

Shine: (stands up and runs off to find Fetalia) Fetalia!! Fetalia!!

"Nice one!" Jesse exclaims from a distance.

Falco: Shine, wait!

Zero: Thanks. Maybe lat-- *falls unconscious*

Shine: (I gotta find her before Eggman gets her! I will change the future!)

Falco: Zero! Uh. Jesse, Luger, stay with Zero. Moon, we'll go get Shine.

"Fine," Jesse mutters, checking Zero's pulse.

Falco: Moon, c'mon.

(Falco flies after Shine)

Zero (voice): Model Zero: Shutting down. Reasons: Critcal energy levels, critcal damage, time until safe to reboot, 10 hours.

Luger: *goes over to Zero* That's not good.

Moon: *runs after Falco*

Shine: (still running) Fetalia!!

Moon: *shouting* Shine we need a plan!

Shine: (ignoring them)

((Try to make them find a way to reboot Zero quicker))

Luger: Maybe we can jump start him. *hooks Zero up to his own cybernetics*

"Don't screw yourself over," Jesse mutters.

Shine: (running faster to try to find Fetalia)

Luger: I'll try not to. *sends energy from his power supply to try to start Zero like you would a car with a dead battery*

Moon: *thinking* I might have to use force. *runs faster*

Zero (Voice): Energy: Incompatable, use different energy source.

Luger: Jesse, do you have anything electronic with you?

Shine: C'mon, Fetalia! Where are you?!

((Big hint, he doesn't run on anything electronic))

Luger: Unless it's incompatible because he uses organic energy...

Moon: *is starting to get tired, but manages to catch up with Shine and tackle him*

Shine: AAAAH!!!

"So what, are you gonna plug me up to him?" Jesse asks sarcastically.

James: *is tied to a tree by ultra strong vines, and mouth is tied up by a cloth* *is very far off in the woods*

Luger: It's tempting but I have no idea how that would work. Does anyone have any sort of energy powers?

"Me and you are the only ones here, and I don't have energy powers," Jesse says.

They notice Zero's un-ignited energy weapons.

Luger: Maybe we can charge him off his own weapons then. *picks one of them up and inspects it*

"I really feel like stealing one of these," Jesse laughs, examining another.

Luger: Ok let's see... *hooks one of Zero's weapons up to him and carefully ignites it*

Zero (Voice): Shield Boomerang Activated.

Jesse, instinctively, stands back.

Luger: *does the same* Well if he's activating anything that's a good sign.

The shield boomerang starts to spin rapidly, as it functions.

Zero (Voice): Energy: Half compatible. To access compatible energy, use the subtanks. Energy reserves: 5%

Luger: *after inspecting Zero some more, activates his subtanks*

Zero (Voice): Subtanks depleted. Energy reserves: 96%. Time remaining: 10 minutes.

Shine: Get off me, Moon! I gotta find Fetty!

Moon: You can't just run off by yourself and do it.

Shine: I can and I will!

Moon: No you won't! That doesn't help her.

  • a large scorpion like creature scattles next to james*

James: *thinking*this is gonna turn out bad...*

Creature: *pokes James with it's spikey tail then jumps back*

Zero (Voice): Energy Reserves: 99%. Time remaining: 10 seconds.

"That means until he boots up, right?" Jesse asks.

Luger: Should be.

Zero (Voice): Energy Reserves 100%! Rebooting!! *a pale green beam of light shoots up from Zero, then Zero openes his eyes.*

"Freakin' finally," Jesse mutters.

Shine: Then what am I supposed to do, huh?!

Zero finally gets up from his energy deprived rest "Man, what was I drinking?" as he said with a slight pain in his voice.

Luger: Whatever it was, it sure works. *points to where the monster used to be*

Zero: Ah yeah, that why I charged up my energy, or I would been here for two weeks. *looks around* Where did everybody go? *still looking a bit dizzy for the reboot*

"They're after Lightning," Jesse says.

"Simple lets go!" Zero replied shaking the dizzy feeling off.

Moon: *to Shine* You're supposed to let us help you.

Creature: *plasma ball slowly forms in the two tips of his tail*

???: *shoots a Cyber-Wave down at the creature*

Creature: ?! *stumbles, then runs away into the forest*

???: *jumps down from the tree James is tied* *unties the cloth that was tied around James' mouth*

James: Would you mind untying the rest of me?

???: I don't pick sides, boy. *runs through away through the forest*

James: wasn't that... Nexter? Probably.

Luger: *to Zero* Well some of them. Moon and Falco are after Shine, who is after Fetalia.

Shine:....whaddya have in mind?

With a bit of a on his face he replied " Well, then we better set of after them!" Then he jumps up, in conjuction with the Zerodasshu gained massive height and landed on top of a tree.

"Now we're talking!" exclaims Jesse.

Zero cracks his metal neck joint then he exclaimed " Rettsurokkunro^ru !" Then blazed off using jumping, the chain rod and the Zerodasshu ability.

Jesse follows him across the ground.

Zero dropped lower in the sub-canopy can called out to Jesse, " I think I see them up ahead!" Then used a combonation of the recoil robs and Zerodasshu abilite to boost him back to the tops of trees.

"I got it!" Jesse exclaims.

Zero then gained a massive speed boost, then they caught up with Shine and Moon.

Shine: Z-Zero!!

Zero then jumped down from the trees, landing perfectly on his feet. "Now I've been told that you ran off Shine, is that right?"

Shine: Yeah. I have to find my friend and fast!

Zero replied calmy with "You should plan about what you are going to do, if you rush and act on impuse, you'll end up like that monster back there."


"Monsters act with only instinct and the monet as their guide, however you know better, if you decide to go after your friends then be my guest, but stay if you want to think it out and have the help of your friend." Zero replied with a calm voice.


Zero said " Okay, lets start to a make a plan!"

Shine: Whaddya have in mind?

Luger: One thing though. Earlier you guys said you found Lightning. Where is he?

"We lost him," Jesse interrupts.

Luger: You lost him...?

Moon: So we need to find him again...

Shine: He attacked us and then ran off....

Luger: So maybe Sonic was right...

"Right about what?" asks Jesse, concerned.

(Luger and Moon looked at each other, now feeling a little guilty)

Moon: Well, Sonic suggested we leave Falco and Shine behind since they were hit by Eggman's machine. He didn't know if we could trust them.

"Do you even know what that machine did?" Jesse asks.

Shine: Yeah, it stole my powers!

Luger: We know it messed up Falco's memory.


"And how hard were you two hit by it?"

Shine: i tried to shield my eyes with my PSI powers, but it stole my powers and caused me to pass out. Now I can't do jacksh*t!

Moon: PSI powers involve your mind, so it's like that machine stole something from both of your minds.

"So what I make of this's robbing people of mental apilities, like memory, and I think your PSI abilities may have safeguarded your memory, too..." Jesse says, deductively.

Luger: So if Lightning attacked you the machine either stole his ability to think straight...

Moon: Or it stole his memory and he doesn't remember we're his friends.

Shine: I meant my Psychokinesis....and my superspeed too!

"So it takes memory and powers," Jesse says solemnly. "Killer combo."

Luger: What's our next move? We need to find the others and/or Eggman and Lightning.

"I vote we split up. Half of us find our missing crew, and half of us take Eggman -- I want to go for Eggman," Jesse adds.

Shine: Why bother. if no one even trusts us?

Luger: I thought you wanted to find Fetalia?

"I don't even know who that is," Jesse remarks.

Luger: She was with our original group, her and Shine are very close. Anyway I'll go with you to find Eggman.

Moon: I'll go find Lightning.

Shine: Why bother trying to find someone that doesn't trust you?

"Just do it," says Jesse, who doesn't have a reason for Shine at all.

Shine: (sighs)

Luger: If it's any consulation, she didn't want to leave you.

Shine: That's what she said....but I doubt that's true....

Luger: I don't know what else to tell you. Let's go.

Jesse briefly puts his arm around Shine in a consoling sort of way, but doesn't say anything.

Shine: (sighs) Fine....(walks after them)

Jesse goes up to Luger. "So how do we find Eggman, anyway?"

Luger: He was proud of that machine he used, so I don't think he would have abandoned his base.

"Let's sneak attack on him. The fewer the better for a sneak attack," Jesse mutters.

Shine: I second that!

"Okay, Shine, you go look for...whoever it was, and me and Luger will sneak into his base," Jesse suggests. "Right, Luger?"

Luger: *nods* Alright, come on.


"Let's do it." Jesse starts walking then stops. "Hey which way to his base?"

Luger: *starts walking in front* I know where it is.

"Fine, just watch for security measures like cameras or trip-wires," Jesse says, cautiously.

Shine: (runs off to find Fetalia)

Zero: And if you lot get caught, I'll draw his attention, leaving you lot time to grab what you can and make your escape. In otherwords, back-up.

Shine: I gotta set the record straight!

"Yeah, you do that," mutters Jesse.

Zero: Go! Time is of the essence! *then uses the same technique as before to launch himself into the treetops.*

Jesse pushes Luger along. "Let's move."

Zero dashes above the treeline, until he reaches where the trees end at the aforemention base.

"Stop. I'll go in alone, you two can distract if I'm compromised," Jesse says.

"You sure that you don't need help? said Zero, just making sure.

"I'm good," Jesse says, wallrunning up the side of the base, and up to a vent cover, which he unhooks, climbs in, and shuts behind him.

Zero was just sitting on the treetops, unmoving.

Jesse crawls in through the vent, and looks through a vent cover. "Lots of guards here," he whispers into his comms unit.

Luger: *is standing at the entrance, keeping watch* Copy that.

Jesse continues crawling thorugh the vents. "You got plans of this place?"

Luger: Unfortunately, no. It's times like these I wish Lien-DOS was here.

"You're tellin' me," he mutters, dropping through a vent opening into a seemingly unoccupied room.

(Jesse can hear Lien-Da outside the room barking orders at a guard)

"Looks like this exit is unsafe, moving back into the vents," he mutters into the comms unit. Then he wonders why he's even telling them as he jumps back up into the vent.

Luger: *thinking* That voice sounded so familiar...

Jesse crawls through the vent, and drops down into the next room, taking out the lone guard. "Do you think I should dress up as a guard?"

"You can if you want to." replied Zero.

Jesse takes his time dressing up as the guard, then hiding the knocked-out body. He removes his comms with the words "Going dark," then steps out into the hallway to head for the control room.

Lien-Da: *is walking down the hall and sees him* Did I not order all guards to their posts?

"My mistake, ma'am," Jesse says.

Lien-Da: *narrows her eyes* See that it doesn't happen again. *walks off*

Jesse hesitates, then continues on into the control room, and shuts the door behind him. He speaks into his pocket where the comms link is as quietly as he can. "I'm in the control room, no sign of Eggman, and there seems to be a large machine of some kind in here..."

Luger: Do you think it's the one he used on Lightning?

Unfortunately, since Jesse doesn't have the comms link in his ear, he cannot hear it. Instead, he examines the machine carefully. "Looks harmless to me..."

Shine: (groans) If only there were a faster way to get to her!

Falco: (walks up to Shine) Dude, Jesse knows what he's doing, I think. We'll find Fetalia, Sonic and Apallo. They're probably on their way here now anyway.

Shine: (sighs) Yeah....

Falco: Do you think we should go help Jesse?

Shine: I guess....

Falco: (C'mon then)

(Falco leaves to follow Jesse)

Shine: (reluctantly follows him)

(Pandaboy2: So, whats going on here? i had to go, but now i'm back o_0 and i see a lot happened?)

(Gurahk: We'll let ya catch up)

(09jhero: There was a big fight and Shine went crazy)

(Pandaboy2: Well, i see you guys found a way into the Control Room o_0 Anyway, so James is still tied up to that tree?)

(Pandaboy2: Well, i guess i'll do a snipit with James. Lol. And DARN IT! :( i just finished reading what i missed in Control, AND IT'S PAUSED NOW :( Curse you slow reading!!!)

James: *a bird settles on his head* Hey little birdie.

Bird: TWEET!!!

James: i got it, be quiet.

Bird: Tweet... *settles down*

???: *laughs* Well, well, well. Who do we have here? James? *shadows form up into Necro*

James: Necro?!?!

Bird: *raises head to see Necro* TWEET! TWEET!!! TWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!! *flys to Necro and starts pecking his neck*

Necro:*punches it off* Who else would it be? I See you have been pre-captured.

James: What do you want?

Necro: Bait. *shoots a plasma bolt directly above James, and the top part of the tree tumbles down*

(four strange and high-tech space craft jets are seen entering the planet's atmosphere)

~Can I have a recap? -User talk: Sonicstar3000-~

JT: James!!

(JT Holds the top of the tree up for as long as he can)

(a flash of darkness shoots across the tree) (james is free)

????: im not sure whose side anyone is on here, but my gut told me to free him. im zero, a master thiefe.

JT: Is this the same Zero from before? The one with the armour and the Z-Sabre?

James: *reaches for his sword, but feels nothing* wheres my sword???

Necro: Ask the one that tied you up. *looks at JT, then Zero* I'll be back... *forms into shadows and disappears*

(Pandaboy2: I'm back.)

JT: Who the hell was that idiot?

[Back by the control room, Falco and Shine approach the Main Control Room]

Falco: Jesse, are you there?

Jesse slides his comms unit back into his ear, and says, "What, what's the problem?"

(the spacecrafts are entering the amosphere towards the direction of Eggman's base)

Clyde: Team Star Wolf, report in!

Kyle: This is Kyle. I'm perfectly fine.

Angel: Angel here. Sexy as ever, and doing great!

Ivy: This is Ivy, all systems go, Clyde!

Clyde: Remember, guys, this Eggman's smart, so we gotta be careful! And don't look into the machine!

Everyone: Got it

Clyde: Okay! Star Wolf...LET'S MOVE!!!

(all four ships--called Wolfen's--accelorate towards Eggman's base)

(As Falco and Shine prepare to enter the main control room, Falco trips on a trip wire and all the doors are sealed shut)

Falco: Crap! (shouting) Jesse! You in there?

Shine: We're trapped!

Falco: Yeah, and Jesse's trapped in there with that machine.

Shine: Damn! (punches the wall in frustration)

Falco: We need to get out of here!

[Outside of the building, Sonic and the others watch]

Sonic: Someone's already in there.

Brittney: Oh no.....

Fetalia: We have to hurry!

Sonic: Wait, it could be Eggman trying to lure us into a trap.

Fetalia: Yeah....

Brittney: (notices the Wolfen's overhead) What's that?

Falco: (from inside) Hello? Anyone? I'm using a voice amplifier so you can hear me. We need help, fast!

??????: You won't be getting it, though....

Falco: (pausing) Who's that?

Sonic: (from outside) Sounds like Falco and Shine are in there.

Fetalia: (gasps) Shine! (turns into shadow form and dashes in)

Brittney: Fetalia, wait!


Falco: Do you think anyone's out there?

JT: Even though he once tried to kill me, He's a friend now...

Falco: PJ?

Jesse is trapped inside the control room, and he notices the machine boot up. He exclaims into his comms unit, "We're compromised!"

Falco: Oh cra-

(Falco collapses)

Falco: Ow, I think the machine is trying to finish what it started, wiping my memory!

Jesse mutters, "Oh that son of a b--" but he intterupts himself by throwing up on the ground.

Falco: (while in pain) Look away and stop resisting!

Jesse looks away, but unfortunately for him, he'd already looked long enough for it to not matter. With one final puking, he collapses.

Falco: Must.... resist....

(Falco collapses too)

(Outside, Sonic hears everything over the voice amplifier)

Sonic: What's going on in there?

JT: We need to get inside, Sonic!

Shine: Great! Now it's me alone against two mindcontrolled kids!

JT: Not the way you think it is!! (Runs in)

Joseph & Jimmy: (chuckling and ready to fight)

Shine: (goes into a fighting stance)

Falco: (waking up looking confused) What? Where am I?

Shine: Falco! Little help here?

Falco: Huh. Who's Falco? Who are you?

"I tihnk he might have hbeen talking to me, man," Jesse mutters groggily.

Falco: Who are you guys? Why can't I remember anything?

(Outside an Eggman ship arrives)

Eggman: (over transmitter) Hello, friends. Prepare to die!

Joseph & Jimmy: (prepare to finish them)

Shine: Damn you, Eggman!

Joseph: Shall we, my master?

JT: If I have to turn myself back in to Eggman I Damn well WILL!

{C {C {C}(A hole is made in the wall and Eggman steps through it, accompanied by several robots) Eggman: Hello, now who here can't remember anything? Falco: Me. Eggman: (grinning) That's because they wiped your memory. Falco: Them? Eggman: That's right.

Jesse mutters, "And what about me?"

Shine: Don't listen to him, Falco! He's lying!

JT: (Kneels) Damn... Damn..! DAMN!!!

Jimmy: May I and Joey ffinish him, Master?

Eggman: Wait one moment.

Falco: I don't know who to believe?

Eggman: Believe me, I'm an old man, why would I want to trick you?

Falco: I can't decide!

(Falco throws a smoke bomb on the ground and flees through the hole while everyone's distracted)

Shine: (soughs) Falco!!

(As Falco flees, Sonic spots him)

Sonic: Falco, where are you going.

Falco: (shouting) Who are you?

(Falco runs off)

Sonic: What's going on?

Brittney: No...Eggman must've wiped his memory clean! {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C Sonic: Eggman! (Sonic runs in to fight Eggman)Jesse hasn't moved from where he was standing. He's still shocked from his complete amnesia.

Joseph: May we now, Master?

JT: DAMN YOU! (Attacks J+J)

Both: (dodge and kick him hard)

JT: (Stumbles back) You sons of... (Falls unconcsouis...)

Both: (turn to Shine) You're next!

Shine:....I've failed...the future is doomed me....

Jesse decides to protect Shine, and steps in front of him.

Shine: Jesse!

Joseph: out of our way! (punches him)

Jesse stumbles back, but swings back at Joseph. "I'm not gonna take this!" he yells in a tear-stricken voice.

Joseph: ACK!!!

Brittney: (rushes in) Joey! Jimmy!

Jimmy: Huh? Intruder! (gets teary-eyed)

James: *runs in next to Jesse and unsheathes his sword* What'd i miss?

"Who the heck are you?" Jesse responds.

Shine: His memory's been erased completely, same with Falco!

???:-knocks on something- Britt is that u love?

Brittney: Huh? Who's there?

???: Its me your fionce owwwwww


Metal Sonic: (bages in and grabs her)

brittney: (screams) Lemme go! Let me go!!

James: Call me James. *leaps at Metal Sonic and slices his hand off*

Brittney: (falling) AAAAAHH!!!!

Luger: *runs and catches Brittney*

Brittney: Luger!

Joseph & Jimmy: (growl)

JT: You guys go!

Shine: Butr my powers--

JT: GO!!!

(looks at J+J)

JT: If I try I can win! You're just my replacement, There's no way you two can beat me!

Shine: (nods and runs out)

Luger: *takes Brittney and runs out*

Josdeph & Jimmy: (smirk and charge at him)

{C {C}(Sonic arrives) Sonic: Alright. Time for a fight! (Sonic looks around) Sonic: (confused) Hey Shine, where's Fetalia?

Neos: -falls to the groiund-

Shine: I dunno, I thought she was with you!

JT: Come and get me!

Jimmy: (superkicks him)

Sonic: She went looking for you!

Shine: (running around) Fetalia!! Fetalia!!

Brittney: I don't like this....

Moon: *comes back* There's no sign of Lightning anywhere.

Sonic: Lightning?

Moon: *to Sonic* Yes, I was off looking for him.

Neos: Give her back!!!!!!!!!!!! -struggles to levatate at high speeds to Her kidnaper and tackles him then is knocked out- B-brittny....

Fetalia: (found unconscious in a room, naked and filled with and covered with colorless liquids)

Shine: (runs to her) Fetalia!!

Sonic: Shine, wait!

Shine: (tries to shake her awake) Fetalia! Fetalia!!

Apallo: Guys we have companyl

Metal Apallo Blue: Sonic And Apallo Found Begining Mission

Sonic: Uh, Shine. If you're gonna free Fetalia, do it fast!

Shine:.....(grabs Fetalia, her clothes, and runs out)

Apallo: -holds back Metal Apallo Blu- Guys.......any time now

Brittney: Do it!

[Meanwhile Falco explores the forest where he first encountered Lightning]

Falco: Hello? Is anyone there?

As Jesse has fled from Eggman's base as well, he too is lost in the forest. His eyes are completely coated in his tears. He hears Falco's call and calls back weakly, "Who are you?"

Metal Apallo Gre: Target Undefined. Seeing as Intruder. Beginig battle mode

Star Wolf: (attacking Eggman's basefrom the outside)

Kyle: Man, there's just no end to these guys!

Ivy: (shooting Robot Fighter Jets whilst being chased by more) We're not giving up!....right?

Clyde: Not one bit, Ivy! Press on!

Angel: (blasts an entire pack with a single charged shot) Hmph! Too easy!

Kyle: This guy can't hide forever! We're breaking in, no matter what!

(Falco finds Jesse)

Falco: Hey, you were at that place...

"Where the heck are we?" Jesse asks, tears still filling in his eyes.

Falco: I dunno. I can't remember anything. Can you even remember your name?

Jesse lets his tears loose now. "No, I don't! I don't know anything!"

Falco: I think one of us is called Falco. I think its you though, because I'm an eagle.

Jesse says between his tears. "So then that makes you, uh, Jesse? Sounds like a girl's name..."

Falco: Jesse? Forget that. I'm picking my own name, um....

(Falco tries to think of a name)

Falco: I know, this is a really cool one. Brace yourself for..... Nemesis! What do you think?

"It sounds violent," Jesse responds, and then keeps right on crying.

Falco/Nemesis: Yeah, that's why its cool! We should probably go searching for people who might have known us.

Jesse (or as he thinks his name is, Falco) sighs, manages to stop crying, and then says, with obvious fright in his voice "Alright, 'Nemesis', let's look around..."

Falco/Nemesis: Ok.

(Falco/Nemesis hears something in the trees)

Falco/Nemesis: Hey, what's that?

"Falco" gulps, and says, "I hope it's something good..."

Falco/Nemesis: I doubt it. Brace yourself!

"Falco" backpedals a little, and weakly holds up his hands in a crappy fighting stance.

Lightning: *jumps down, head facing the ground* you two again?

"Don't kill me," whined "Falco".

Lightning: I Thought you were tougher than this. *stands up*

"You-- you know who we are?" asks "Falco" hopefully.

Lightning: Well, you 2 sorta tried to kill me. But i might've known you.

"We tried to kill you? Why would I do that?" "Falco" tears up even further.

Lightning: don't ask me. My memory was wiped too, ya know.

"But I didn't know, I don't know anything," cries "Falco". "All I know is my name, and that's because somebody yelled it at me."

Lightning: I Only made up a nickname for myself. "Sparky". That's all i got. This is why: *points hand towards the sky, and shoots a giant stream of lightning at the sky, and it makes a giant sound that sounds like a wip cracking*

"Falco" is briefly amazed, and says, "That's awesome. I don't know if I can do anything like that..."

Lien-Da: *can be heard leading a group of soldiers into the woods to look for those that had run off*

Shine: (still carrying a naked Fetalia back to the hideout)

"Falco" falters. "Did you hear somebody else just now, Sparky?"

(Lien-Da and the troops see "Falco" and the others)

Lien-Da: *quitely to the troops* Wait here for my signal, I'll handle this. *steps out where Falco, Jesse, and Lightning can see her* Why hello there!

Brittney: (running out quickly)


Shine: Hang in there, Fetty! We're almost there! I just wish I had my powers right now.....

"Who are you?" asked "Falco" hesitantly to Lien-Da, tears still visible on his eyes.

Lien-Da: You don't remember? I'm your friend.

"You know who I am?" he responded, a bit more optimistically.

Lien-Da: Yes I do. Your name is Falco, and you were a part of the Dark Egg Legion. But those hedgehogs you saw earlier, they took your memory.

"Falco" (really Jesse, but is now completely sure Falco is his name) sighs a breath of relief. "Thank you, uh... what's your name?"

Lien-Da: My name is Lien-Da, now how about you come back with us?

"Thank you," says "Falco", and then he says, "I'll come with you."

Shine: (overhears them and runs in, still carrying Fetalia) Jesse, don't! She's lying!

Lien-Da: No! It's one of the hedgehogs that stole your memory!

Shne: Don't listen to her, Jesse! It was Eggman that did it!

"Falco" backs up toward Lien-Da and makes sure to avert his eyes from the naked Fetalia. "Stop being confusing!" he says, a bit angrily. "Who are you and who is Eggman?"

Lien-Da: I don't know where he's getting these ideas. Eggman is nothing but a kindly old man.

Shine: No!! He stole my powers and stole your memory! He's gonna make my future a living hell! Jesse, that girl is nothing more than a double-dealing, no good little WHORE!!!!

Lien-Da: *looks insulted* You see how mean this guy is?

Shine: Jesse, I know you better than to trust her! Everything that she says is a lie!

{C}"Falco" cries out, "Stop being confusing! I thought my name was Falco! And why do you have to be so insulting!"

Shine: it's not! I'm saying the truth! Everything that she's saying is a lie. Your name is Jesse....and my name is Shine.....

Lien-Da: Why should he believe you? Come on Falco, let's get out of here before he tries something.

Shine:.....(She's still unconscious) Wait....(drops Fetalia) I have a better idea....(smirks)

"Falco" distrusts Shine from the moment that he frops Fetalia, so he backs up to Lien, not taking his eye off of Shine, in case he tried something.

Lien-Da: *looks at Shine, suspiciously* What idea?

Shine: (meets her face=to-face)Ypou tell him the truth--the real truth--and I promise to give you something....unforgettable. (winks)

Lien-Da: *glares him in the eye, then whispers* How about this. *slaps him and starts yelling, making a big scene* How could you do that to a girl!? You are sick!

"Please calm down," cries "Falco".

Shine: OWWW!!!! Hey, a reliable source from my time has a long record of you and I know you'd like it!

Lien-Da: I know all the tricks, boy.

Fetalia: (froans) What?....Shine...

Shine: Fetalia! (runs to her)

Fetalia: Don't! The machine....

"Let's get out of here before he comes back," "Falco" whispers to Lien.

Fetalia: S-Slut! You....turned me into a slut!!

Shine: Eggman did WHAT?!?! OOoh, it's on now!! (enraged)

Lien-Da: *to "Falco"* Good call. *leads him back to where the troops are waiting* Look everyone, we got our friend back.

Troops: *cheer, although some of them aren't that great of actors*

Shine: (chases after them)

Fetalia: (goes for her clothes but somehow, her arms retract against her own will and force her tot strut back to the base) Oh no! Not again!

"Falco" quickly slides behind the troops. "Thank you, Lien," he says.

Shine: I won't let them have their way!!

Lien-Da: He's coming! *orders some of the troops to stay and stop Shine while the rest go with her and "Falco" back to base*

Shine: Jesse!! Don't go with her! She's using you! You'll just let the whole world down!!

"Let's get out of here," mutters "Falco", and he follows Lien's lead.

Lien-Da: *looks over her shoulder and smirks at Shine, who is now surrounded by troops*

Shine: NO!!! (tries to run after them, but notices a shadow of Fetalia stops them) Fetalia!

Fetalia:........(still naked) This is what your master is making me....what you are: a whore!

"Can we leave faster?" mutters "Falco" to Lien. "Those two are really annoying me."

Fetalia: The making my body strive for sexual acts and impulses. I can't stop it!

Shine: No!!

Zero then arrives on the scene, with his 'WTF' on, "Uh, what are you doing?"

Shine: Eggman's machine is making Fetalia look like a slut! She can't control her actions!

Lien-Da: Ugh. Soldier, call a hover-pod for us.

(The soldier pushes a button on a wrist watch and a large floating disk approaches them)

((How large is the disk before you do anything?))

"Good, let's get out of here," mutters "Falco".

Fetalia: (grabs them both before they can escape) I can't stop my sexual impulses....but I do have some control on who I unleash them on...(kisses Lien-Da)

"Oh god!" "Falco" exclaims, accidentally elbowing Fetalia in the face.

Fetalia: Owww!! (falls onto the disc)

Zero called out, "Jesse!" *looks at "Falco", "Falco!", looks at Falco, "Why are you going with them? They are the people who erased your memories!"

Shine: (points to Lien-Da) That slut tricked them, that's why!

"How many people are in on this?" asks "Falco", but again, he has a moment of hesitation. Yet again, he agreed that Lien most likely was right.

"You know that I can't let you leave," Zero then draws his Z-Sabre.

(Everyone knows that Jesse thinks his name is Falco and that's why I'm putting it in quotations, right? ~~Wikf9400~~)

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Shine: I'm absolutly useless.....I couldn't even save the world....much less my own friend.....I....I don't deserve to live.....

???: Don't say that , Shine!

Shine: Huh?

(Shine sees what appears to be adlut versions of Silver and Amy Rose, but no one else can see them)

Shine: Mom? Dad?

{Falco and Jesse watch Shine)

Falco/Nemesis: Who is he talking to?

Amy: You have to believe in yourself, Shine. We believe in you....and we're proud of how strong you've become....

Shine: powers....they're gone....I can't--

Amy: They were never gone....just lost, that's all. If you your heart....then your true power will never die!

Falco/Nemesis: (to 'Falco') These are crazy. But how do we know that Lien-Da isn't crazy too? You can go with her, but I think I'm gonna make my own way.

Shine: (looks at his heart and then his disappearing parents) Y-You're right! Everything depends on me.....(stands up) Eggman! I'm never gonna give up!If you wanna fight.....then bring it!! (a bright blue light shone where he was)

Falco/Nemesis: Ok, I'm outta here. (To Jesse/'Falco') Follow if you want, mate.

Shine: (the light fades and Shine is still standing there, determined; at first glance, there is nothing that has changed, but upon closer inspection, you can see his gloves glowing light blue)

Falco/Nemesis: That's it. Bye.

(Falco/Nemesis flies off)

Shine: (uses his Psychokinesis to throw the robots into the walls and each other, destroying them all)

At this point, "Falco" about freaks out. He just wanted to get away from these people. And he wanted to know if Lien was right.

Target: (Walks towards Shine) Erm, hi.

Shine: (smirks and lifts her up with his Psychokinesis)

(Falco/Nemesis watches the scene from atop a tree) Falco/Nemesis: (caling Jesse/'Falco') Falco, are you staying or leaving?

"Falco" sighs. "If these people are wrong, I'll come find you!"

Falco/Nemesis: Ok.

(Falco/Nemesis flies off)

"Falco" stood and wondered, would he have been right to go with Nemesis? But if he had, how would he have known if Lien was right about him?

(In the sky, Falco/Nemesis is thinking)

Falco/Nemesis: (thinking) Hmm. What's the point of trying to rebuild my old life when I'll never remember it all anyway. Maybe I should build a new life, keep the name Nemesis and restart everything.

Suddenly "Falco" realized that he didn't want be Lien's stooge, and he didn't want to be some useless soldier. That's what he believed he would do to him. He believed this to be his past, and he didn't want a part of it anymore. "Nemesis, wait!" he called out, running after him, at least, from the ground.

(Falco/Nemesis hears him, but believes it to be a trap, so he begins flying faster)

"Please," he exclaims after Nemesis. He tries to keep up, but Nemesis is faster.

(Nemesis/Falco gets suspicious and flies down in front of 'Falco')

Nemisis/Falco: What?

Lightning: *runs up to the two with a bag of popcorn* this stuff is good. *eats a handful* and i don't even know what it is!

Nemesis: It looks good. I'm starting a new life, you want to come with me?

Lightning: *sighs* i guess it's my only choice, being hunted down by everyone and all that junk.

Nemesis: Can you remember any names or anything that we might have said while we were fighting you?

Lightning: *snaps* one of you yelled "Lightning" at me, i guess that's my name. And one of you two is Jesse i think.

Nemesis: Well, he's called Falco so I suppose that is me, but I don't really like that name. I'm keeping Nemesis. Are you gonna keep Lightning?

Lightning: It's better than Sparky. So, sure. *sees some of the soldiers running after them* we better get going.

((Apallo; Guys um i need to kow what are we gonna do about my Metal Apallo Copies in the Rp? because u went on without me and idk what is happing))

(Ok, we'll wait for u to catch up a bit)

(The drones are still on the loose, but the story is more focused on Falco, Jesse and Lightning at the moment)

"Falco" mutters, "Alright, let's get out of here. I don't want anything to do with them."

Nemesis: Lets go!

Star Wolf: (breaks into the base)

Lien-Da: *watching from the now air-born hover disk*

Solder: Ma'am, we've sent a group to reclaim Jesse and the others.

Lien-Da: Good. *sees Luger* But there's something else I'm concerned about...

JT: (Regains conciousness) Hm..? Where am I? Did Eggtwerp escape? Is Falco ok?

"Falco" sighs. "Where do we go?"

(A lone troop attacks the trio and Nemesis punches him, knocking him out)

Nemesis: I say we get some disguises.

(Nemesis puts on the uniform)

Nemesis: Now I can find out exactly what's going on.

JT: Falco? Are you OK?

"Who are you?" answers "Falco". "How do you know me?"

Nemesis: (in disguise so no one can recognise him) Who are you? (points his gun at JT's head) I want answers!

(At the base)

Luger: We're missing several people.

Moon: I'll go look for them, hopefully I'll have better luck this time.

Luger: Be careful.

Moon: *kisses him then runs off towards the forest*

Nemesis: (to JT) Who are you, where did you come from, why were you looking for us and who are we?

JT: ! Falco! Y-Your voice!

"How do you know us?" asks "Falco", looking a bit menacing in his costume that he used to break into the base.

Nemesis: Hey, stop talking to him, talk to me!

Moon: *behind a tree* I see what appears to be two legionnaires talking to some kind of echidna-hedgehog hybrid, but something's off.

Fetalia: (now dressed) What's up?

JT: You... You aren't Falco, are you?

"No, he's not." "Falco" didn't want to say that it was him, in case it was some kind of trap.

JT: (kneels) Darn it...

Moon: *pulls Fetalia behind a tree* What? Get down, don't let them see you.

"What do you want?" asks "Falco", trying to be reassuring, and puts a hand on JT's shoulder.

JT: (Angrier) You want to know what I want?

"Yeah," he says, trying even harder to sound nice. "I do."

JT: Fine... I want my FRIEND BACK! (punch)

Fetalia: (to herself) Yeah, that'll solve it!

"Falco" stumbles back and falls to the ground. "I don't know who your friend is!"

Nemesis: What does your friend look like?

JT: He's the real Falco!!

"Then why did you just punch him?" "Falco" says a bit angrily.

Nemesis: Oh for gods sake, we're obviously talking about different Falco's. What does your one look like? Oh and you two in trees, don't think that I can't see you.

Fetalia: Dammit!

Moon: *comes out next to JT* Well don't make any moves, legionnaires.

Falco: (pointing his gun at all three of them) Now, what does your Falco look like?

Moon: How do we know you don't plan on kidnapping him?

JT: How do we know you haven't already!?

"We don't even know who he is!" "Falco" exclaims, a little annoyed.

Nemesis: I'm trying to help you!

Moon: You're part of the Dark Egg Legion, you're wearing the uniform!

Nemesis: Oh for the love of-

(Nemesis takes off his helmet)

Nemesis: This is just a disguise.

Moon: *stares* You're our Falco...

"Dude I thought you were Jesse," "Falco" says.

Moon: No... Jesse is an orange echidna.

Nemesis: Falco? No, that was my old life. Now I am Nemesis!

"Falco" takes off his own helmet. His eyes are soaked in tears.

Moon: Jesse! Don't you two see what Eggman has done to you?

Fetalia: I think they do now.....

"Falco" is crying. "I don't know what whoever has done to me! I don't know!"

Nemesis: I don't care who I was. I am Nemesis and I will destroy you all!

(Nemesis charges up his gun)

Fetalia: (charges her dark energy)

"Falco" pushes his gun to the side. "Please stop this!"

Moon: *draws her blades* You don't care that you had friends before?

JT: Grr... (JT kneels)

JT: (Starts turning purple, with yellow eyes... Trousers change brown) You... Nemisis...

"Please don't fight!" "Falco" exclaims. "If you're going to go, Nemesis, then go, but I'm not coming, with you or with them!"


JT: I will kill you!

Moon: Wait, you can't. He's confused.

JT: Shut up! You can't tell ME what to do!? (shoves Moon)

"STOP FIGHTING!" "Falco" yells, now extremely angry.

Moon: Ugh! *looks really mad for a second, then stops herself* Do what you want then, but I'll have no part of it.

Nemesis: Fine, I'll stay with you guys for now, but I'm not Falco anymore, I'm Nemesis.

JT: I. Am Puncishment!!

Nemesis: So do you guys have a base or what?

Boombomb: (Walks in like nothing happened, then sighs) So operation JT was a failure, I shouldda known. someone like eggman can never create a successful creation. (Shuts eyes) Try not to get in his way next time, hes in punishment form. He wont take you nicely...

Punishment : (Throws a rampage)

"Oh no," "Falco" says, hiding behind Moon.

Moon: *into her com* Luger, I've found them but now we've got an issue.

Lien-Da: *through the com* I'm sorry, Luger's a little tied up right now, this is his daughter speaking.

Moon: What!? Lien-Da! What have you done?

Nemesis: What is going on?

Shine: (through the com, in a trance) Is there something wrong, sweetie?

Fetalia: Sh-Shine?

"Your friend sounds like he's in a trance," "Falco" says, very frightened.

Lien-Da: *still through the com* He is. And pretty soon, my dear father will be too.

Shine: Everything'll be ours soon baby...just like you....

Lien-Da: Isn't he sweet? Now I'd better get back to wiping minds. Have fun meeting your doom. *hangs up*

Nemisis: Who's the father?

Moon: *turns off her com in anger* She's talking about Luger! *has a tear in her eye*

Fetalia: (crying) That slut....she stol him! She stole Shine!

Nemesis: Shine? I can almost remember....

Boombomb: Seriously? you cant be ok mooded when this monster is among us.

Moon: *wipes her eye* I'm getting Luger back, and no monster's going to stop me! *draws her blades*


"Alright," "Falco" mutters. "Let's stop this."

Boombomb: Please put your weapons down, I'll help, I have guns. If I havent mentioned Im a CIA agent yet then I should have.

"What the heck is the CIA?" "Falco" asks.

Fetalia: (still crying)

Moon: *retracts her blades* Can you hold him off?

Fetalia: (sobbing still) WHy.....? Why does this have to happen to me?

"Falco" puts his hand on Fetalia's shoulder. "It's okay."

Nemesis: (to Fetalia) I'll help you get your friend back.

Fetalia: Huh? (stops crying)

"We'll help you," "Falco" says.

Nemesis: I promise that I'll help you find your friend.

Fetalia: My friend....has been be Lien-Da's guy....

Nemesis: Well then, where is she?

Brittney: (flies down) Shine's been be Lien-Da's provocative boyfriend....

Fetalia: (cries again)

Nemesis: Ok, I'm gonna find this Lien-Da and I'm gonna save your friend.

(Nemesis flies off and then returns)

Nemesis: Um, where is she?

"I want payback on her too. She lied to me about myself..." "Falco" says, crying a little.

Nemesis: Then you can come. Fetalia, where is Lien-Da?

Fetalia: (turns to a shadow and boosts to the base)

Britteny: Follow us! (flies after ehr)

"Falco" follows her without a second thought, since he is now practically blinded by rage.

(Nemesis flies after Brittney)

Moon: *runs after them*

Brittney: Hang on, guys! I'm coming for ya!

Lien-Da: *at the base, sees them through hi-tech binoculars* They're coming, just as expected.

Shine: (cuddles her, still in a trance) Forget them, baby....I'm all you need to worry about...(smirks)

Lien-Da: Oh I know. You'll protect me from them won't you?

Shine: Oh, I'll do MORE than that! (makes out with her)

(Flowrider 77 : I hope you won`t mind if I take part from now on sry for bad time editing)

??? : It`s wonder why you and this creepy b*tch fit so good together. *a black hedgehog with a kind of streetwear jumps out from a hidden corner* OK! Seriously! Lien-Da!! What have you done with him?

And where is Eggman?

(Nemesis and the others arrive and Nemesis puts his helmet back on before arriving))

Nemesis: Hello, Lien-Da. I've heard that you stole one of my friend's friends and I want him back.

Reysa: Dash... we made it

Dash: Coolio!

Sprite: Now what?

Taco: Let's hurry up and find Sonic so we can get this over with...

Meha: I don't see him

Lightning: *outside, listening*

Meha: We're doomed...

Reysa: Yep...

Dash: Don't say that

Sprite: Yeah!

Taco: We'll find Sonic before troble comes

Dash: It's about to be the next day anyway... let's search tomarrrow

(Back with Nemesis and Lien-Da)

Nemesis: Hand over the weakling now!

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--Boombomb 21:38, January 12, 2012 (UTC)===Chapter 2: Distrust=== {C {C}Necro: *silently walks up behind Lightning* Brother!

Lightning: *flips around* who are you? *gets in a fighting stanc just in case*

Jimmy: (watching intently)

Necro: *looking confused* i'm your brother, Necro. Don't you remember? We went on adventures together!

(09jhero: Is it ok if I bring Hero into this?)

[Meanwhile, Hero trains in the dojo when his trainer comes in]

Trainer: Hero, you are required to go on a quest.

Hero: A quest master?

Trainer: Yes, a mind wiping device had caused chaos across Mobius and the machine must be destroyed.

Hero: I will do as you ask master.

(Hero leaves the dojo and mainipulates the wind in order to travel down towards the others)

(Pandaboy2: It's fine.)

Lightning: No. I lost my memory if you've been paying any attention. *gets out of his stance*

Jimmy: Hmmm....

Necro: Hmmm.... Well, come brother. Lets get out of here before the orange echidna comes and trys to kill you again.

Lightning: ?!?!?!

Jimmy: Not so fast!

Lightning: *slowly walks backwards away from both of them* What is going on?! Explain!!!

Necro: He is trying to stall so that echidna can come and kill you!!!

Jimmy: Master Robotnik will be happy once I bring to him your heads!

Necro: *glances at Lightning*

Lightning *glances at Necro*

Necro: This is where the adventures resume. *smiles*

Lightning: *smiles, then jumps in the air and shoots 3 large lightning bolts at Jimmy*

Jimmy: (somersaults to dodge 2 of them, but gets hit by the third)

Necro: *jumps up and before Lightning lands, he gives Lightning a boost back up in the air with his feet*

Lightning: *does a front-flip, and in mid-flip, he grabs Jimmy by the shoulders and slams him against the ground*

JT: I smell bromance.

Apallo: -wakes up- What happened all i rember i was holding back a yellow Metal Apallo and then poof)

JT: (looks at Apallo) A lot.

Sprite: Can we go find Sonic now?

Dash: Yeah... we have to go before... you know

JT: Actually, I don't know

Apallo: Well i think the metals are after me and you guys.

Neos:-wakes up- Brittiny!

(A Metal Apallo prepares to shoot Apallo from behind when Hero appears and slices it in half)

Hero: Alright, what is going on here?

Apallo: This isnt one of them....... this is a drone (i got 1 min left in class but i;ll be back in like 2 hours or less)

Orgional Metal Apallo: heh heh heh Im so glad the Late Dr, Eggman decided to make a robot army of me led by my siblings the Metel Element Generals. But Alas, we had o dispose of him. -snaps his fingers-

Red metal: Fire

Blue Metal: Water

Yellow Metal: Thunder

White Metal: Light

Black Metal: Dark

Light Blue Metal: Ice

Green Metal: Nature

Brown Metal: Earth.

All Metals: The Metal Element Generals, Back Bone of Metal Apallo Army. QWe serve our Elder Brother.

Metal Apallo: Vry Good Brothers and Sisters. -warps them and thier armies to different places on the world- I came here to give u all a invitation. and A Contest. If you all Defeate Each one of the generals one by one in a group i will come out to battle you all but you wont survive long enough to even make it to me! -warps by Quantam Control-

Apallo: Stop! -hists him but just misses before he warps away-

Hero: What just happened? Never mind. Does anyone know where Falco and Lightning are?

Moon: *comes up looking very stressed out*

Hero: Moon! What happened?

Moon: Lightning, Falco, and Jesse are missing again, and Luger is... he's... *breaks down*

Hero: Missing? Eggman's machine must have got them. Are you sure you don't know where they are?

Moon: *crying* I was with them earlier but we were separated. They don't remember who they are.

Hero: Damn, the machine got them. Is anyone with them who still has their memory?

Moon: I...I don't know.

Hero: I need to find them. Will you help me?

Moon: I guess, but you don't understand! Lien-Da has Luger! She's tried to kill him before, there's no telling what she'll do now! And if she wipes his memory....

Hero: (sighing) Then we'll go look for Luger first.

(Meanwhile with Falco/Nemesis and Lien-Da)

Nemesis: Hand over all of your prisoners!

Lien-Da: *laughs* Are you supposed to scare me?

Nemesis: (still wearing his Lien-Da soldier armour) Well, you don't know who I am and I'm holding a gun, so yeah.

Lien-Da: *snaps her fingers and twenty gun-wielding legionnaires surround her*

Falco: Ok, so now the odds are even.

Legionnaires: *attack Falco*

(Nemesis flies up into the air and starts shooting, but one of them shoots his wing and he falls)

Nemesis: (on the ground) What are you going to do with me now?

??? : Soldiers FIRE!!! *the dark hedgehog jumps in front of Nemesis and attacks with a fire blast*

  • some of the legionnaires were burnt away but most of them just jump away*

Army : Are you ok? Don`t worry Army the Hedgehog is ready to help!

Shine: (smirks) Ready to die now?

Fetalia: Lien-Da, I want the Shine I love back!

Lien-Da: You want Shine? Have him. Shine, take care of her.

Shine: WIth pleasure, honey! (lifts Fetalia up with his Psychokinesis and starts to choke her)

Fetalia: (having trpouble breathing) Shine....stop.....

Army : (aiming Shine with his large Revolver) Stop it Lien or i`ll shoot!

Lien-Da: He's not going to stop now.

Shine: 9tightening the grip on the Psychic Choke)

Fetalia: Shine...(coughing) Don't you remember?....we have our world.....our future....

Shine: SHUT UP!! (tightening more)

JT: (!) Shine, what the HELL are you doing!?

Joseph: Miss Lien-Da was able to make him hers. And trust me when I say, she makes him feel like a real man!

JT: He's mauling Fetalia, I have to do something!

Joseph: (kicks him in the chest) I don't think so!

JT: Damn it! SONIC BOOM (Huge pulse)

Joseph: UGH!!!!

Dash: What?!

Sprite: Ahh!

Meha: Oh no!

Taco: *growls* Nice going, big shot!

JT: Great. Now time to help her! (Leaps up towards Fetalia)

Dash: Le's go crash this party!

Sprite: Ok!

Taco: I'll get the big one... *jumps on top of JT* I'm gonna take you out!

Meha and Reysa: Guys! Stop it!

Shine: (to Lien-Da) When I'm done killing this b****, babe, wanna have some....real fun?

JT: You take that back you son of a- (Kicks Shine during his leap)

Shine: GAH!!!!!

Fetalia: (released, falls down and tried to regain her breath)

JT: Fetalia... Are you OK?

Fetalia: (panting) to save him....he's....being controlled....

Army: Leave it to me! Don`t worry .* attacks Shine with a whirl-attack*

JT: Ok, I'm on it! (Assists Army)

Shine: Grrr!!!

Boombomb: Uh. Lets just watch for now, its not bad enough a fight yet...

Army: JT! Are you ready?

JT: Army, I was BORN ready!!

Army: Alright......* use earth-taming to take up a kind of ramp*

Now spinn your head AS FAST AS YOU CAN !!!!


Lien-Da: *stands ready, wondering what they're doing*

Shine: Relax, baby. One Psychic Knife should cut them wide open....(charging Psychic energy)

JT: Uh Oh. Army, Plan B!! Plan B!!

Army: No worry... *Army grabs JT next to him rolling now towards the ramp, flying far in the air* I know this looks strange, don`t make such a face NOW! TWIN METEOR!!!! * Both dash towards earth to fast to be seen by

Shine: WHAT?! (haistly fires a horrizontal Psychic Knife attack

JT: We need to dodge that thing!!

  • suddenly JT found himself right in front of shine*

Army : Too slow Shiny , Air Bending! *Army pulls Shine just some millimetres from air into his whirlattack and

whirls him very hard in the air*

Shine: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JT: (blocking sun) The next airplane flight should take care of him...

Fetalia: (gets up and looks royally ticked)

Army: I hope the whirl also whirles around his mind! *now pointing towards Lien-Da* You`re next!!

(Flowrider 77 :alright im off for now , next day i`ll be here . It`s your turn Wolf9400)

JT: Fetty, tell me!

Lien-Da: *pulls out her whip*

Fetalia: (growls and pulls out a sword made entirely of dark energy) Let's dance!

Boombomb: I wouldnt mind dancing with ya.

Lien-Da: *whips at Fetalia*

Fetalia: AAAH!!! (growls and slashes her)

JT: Ah! That guy! He's been Stalking me!

Lien-Da: Urgh! *gets a large tear in her clothes* How dare you, this is real leather! *attempts to use her whip to get the sword out of Fetalia's hands*

Fetalia: GAH!!!! (growls)

Shine: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crashes into both girls)

Lien-Da: Oof! *gets knocked down to the ground*

Fetalia: UGH!!!

Shine: (wakes up and looks to see who he landed on)

Boombomb: Nice timing... (kicks whip out of Lien-Da's hand sword away from Fetalia's)

(Gurahk: Dude....the sword was already out of her hands.....)

Boombomb: (Helps Shine up) That was one fall you had there! Are you alright?

Shine: (hits him with a Psychic Punch)

Boombomb: (Stays extremely still like nothing happened the wipes his nose) Blood..? That was strong...

Lien-Da: *still laying on the ground but laughs*

Shine: (helps her up) Sorry, babe....

Lien-Da: As you can see, Shine is still under my control.

JT: Grr...

Boombomb: Hm. You must be a real B*tch to do something like that.

Shine: (smirks and makes out with her)

Boombomb: You disgust me... (Punches Shine in the cheekbone)

JT: You're lucky. That could have gotten gross...

Shine: OWWW!!!

Lien-Da: *chuckles* Shine may not be the brightest but your reactions make it all worth it. *kicks Boombomb*

Boombomb: (Still barely moves) Ouch... I dont hurt ladies. but I guess I have an acception, (Kicks Shin then slaps her with the back of her hand.) Especially for a monster like you...

Lien-Da: *straightens back up having bent over from Boombomb's attack, she then simply turns around and starts walking off*

Shine: (follows her, smirking)

Fetalia: (crying)

Boombomb: Hey dont worry, Shes Obviously ugly if she needs to hypnotise someone to get a date with them. (Smies at Fetalia)

Lien-Da: I've got some business to attend to with another hostage. *goes into a room where Luger is tied up* {C {C}Boombomb: Your terrible Lien-Da, I sure hope you give up soon, before its too late... (Takes blazer off and puts over Fetalia's shoulders) {C}JT: Do you realise what you've done!?

Fetalia: Shine....


Moon: *finally makes it there* Where is she!? {C}Boombomb: Shine. Youve just lost possibly the most nicest girl you will ever meet, she fights for you, she loves you. I HOPE YOU GET OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN DELUSIONAL STATE AND REALIZE YOUR TERRIBLE MISTAKE, (Is about to throw rock then looks at Fetalia, drops the rock) hm... * shuts eyes* Im getting fired up.

Shine: Huh? (feeling weird)

Boombomb: Come to your sences Sunshine..?

Moon: *looks at Boombomb like he's crazy then shakes her head* Where's Lien-Da?

Shine: Going to our little friend, Luger.....wanna pay him a visit?

Moon: *starts steaming* Take me to them!!

Shine: (leads them to Lien-Da and Luger)

Fetalia: 9stays behind and continues sobbing)

JT: Moon no!

Moon: I have to get Luger! *goes with Shine*

Lien-Da: Well would you look who it is? Were you going to be my latest step-mother?

Moon: *flustered with anger* Give him to me.

Lien-Da: I can't release him yet, we're just getting to the best part! You're just in time to watch me wipe his memory and turn him into my slave.

Boombomb: Fetalia theres no point just sitting here and sobbing (Walks over to her and wipes a tear off her face) theres gonna be a way to get him outta that state, but I'm gonna need your help for it...

Shine: But I'm still yours alone, right baby?

Fetalia:......what do you have in mind?

Lien-Da: Oh don't be so jealous, Shine. Luger's my father. *starts hitting buttons*

JT: (Leaps in) Stop this right NOW!

Shine: Good, cuz you're mine forever!

Boombomb: Im not sure actully, but I know you'll be important. maybe kidnap him and put him in a brain scan machine to see whats wrong with him, theres some brain scanners at the CIA. Lets go...

Fetalia:.....this better work!

Lien-Da: *points at JT* Shine, take care of him, please.

Moon: You wretch! *lunges at Lien-Da*

Boombomb: Not if we work a plan... Fetalia, Distract Lien-Da. JT, Grab Shine with me while Lien-Da is distracted

JT: Shine, Ready for Round 2, then?

Lightning and Necro: *jumps in*

Lightning: *kneeling on the ground* Time to crack this party wide open.

Lien-Da: *kicks Moon back* With one button press the memory wiper will be ready!

JT: I don't think so (Punches Lien-Da point blanc in the face)

Fetalia: (shoots dark energy at Lien-Da)

Lien-Da: Agh! *falls down*

Moon: *crawls over to where Luger is and starts untying him*

Fetalia: I'll make you pay for steakling MY MAN!!!! (shhoting more energy spheres at Lien)

Boombomb: *Grabs Shine while covering his mouth* Hurry, He's struggling! we need to get him to the truck!

Lien-Da: *rolls over, trying to avoid the spheres and starts feeling around for her whip*

Moon: *finally gets Luger untied and his mouth uncovered and they kiss*

Fetalia: (grabs the whip before she can and smirks)

Lien-Da: *narrows her eyes and starts kicking Fetalia*

Moon: *leads Luger back to where the others are trying to get Shine*

Luger: *glances back at Lien-Da sadly*

Fetalia: ACK!!! (growls and whips her)

Boombomb: *Throws Shine into boot of car* Okay Fetalia, we can go! I got him..!

Fetalia: No....I wanna teach this wh*** some manners!!

Army: Sorry for interdiffering you but you`re not the only one you wants to kick her ass!

Nemesis: Guys seriously, we need to get out of here before more legionnaires arrive!

(Twenty more legionnaires arrive and point guns at the group)

Nemesis: (sighing) Too late. Ok, how about you let these guys go and take me.

Nemesis: (whispering to Fetalia and Army) Go, I have a plan.

Fetalia: (growls)

Nemesis: C'mon, take me. I have no memory and I make a good soldier.

(The legionnaires grab Nemesis)

Nemesis: Guys, go.

Army: Good luck boy. Here take this *Army throws a lightning grenade*. Don`t worry we`ll come back! I promise.

Nemesis: I can't. They'll take it. (to Fetalia) I hope you get your boyfriend's memory back.

Fetalia: (blushing) First off, he was hypnotised, not mind-swiped! And second, HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!

Nemesis: Goodbye.

(Nemesis is taken by the legionnaires)

Army: (in mind) We`ll definetly return!

(Nemesis is taken through a door, which then closes)

Lien-Da: *gets up, brushes herself off, and walks out* At least we got something out of this...

Fetalia: I'm not done with you! (still has Lien's whip)

Lien-Da: You're not worth my time. But I want my whip back.

Fetalia: Nuh-uh-uh! You've been a bad i'm gonna punish you...(smirks)

Lien-Da: *karate kicks her*

Fetalia: OWW!!! (growls and starts choking her)

(Nemesis sits in a dark room)

Nemesis: I know someone's there. What are you planning on doing?

Dark Egg Legionnaire: *hitting buttons* We're going to hypnotize you for the grandmaster.

Nemesis: So you're gonna turn me into her new love doll?

Dark Egg Legionnaire: Nah, she was just doing that to bug that dark girl.

-back outside in front of the base where Lien-Da, Fetalia and Army are-

Army: c`mon don`t be so childish. Give her the whipe.

Lien-Da: Just.. give it! *keeps kicking*

Fetalia: (holding onto the whip tight; whips Lien with it)

Lien-Da: Urgh.. why you... Legionnaires!

Fetalia: Aww, how cute....hdiding behind your b*****es!


Nemesis: So where is your great leader?

Dark Egg Legionnaire: She's- *hears Lien-Da* Hold that thought. *runs outside*


(The Legionnaires grab Fetalia)

Lien-Da: *takes the whip out of her hand while she's restrained* Trash like you is not worth my time.

Fetalia: You s***!!! GIVE BACK SHINE!!!!!!

Lien-Da: Your stupid friends already took him! Not that it'll do you much good. The hypnotizer doesn't have a reverse setting.

Fetalia: You think this guy can hold me?! (electrocutes the Legionnaire)

Legionnaire: *falls over*

Lien-Da: I'll give you one last chance to leave with those idiots on the truck, we have what we need.

Fetalia: But I don't! Tell me how to bring Shine abck to life and I promise to leave you alone for good! If not.....well....let's jsut say you'll be seeing my dad soon.....

Lien-Da: *sighs* Fine. *throws a small device at her* This is was an emergency device we made incase one of us got hypnotized. Just take it. Honestly that Shine was starting to annoy me.

Army: Fine! I guess you`re not so mean as you seem to be.

Fetalia: Annoying? You sure? He looked like he was enjoying you; almost got turned on.....but I digress.

Boombomb: I'll be back Fetalia...

Army: I`ll come with.

  • Drives truck to CIA


Nemesis: So when do I get to meet my new mistress?

Dark Egg Legionnaire: She should be finishing up with our guests right about now.

Lien-Da: *walks out of where the others were and into the room* So what do you have for me?

Boombomb: I have a bad feeling that I left her, Stop im getting off...

Driver: Alright then...

Army: Thanks* gets off*

Fetalia: (runs after the truck)

(Back with Nemesis)

Nemesis: So activate the machine before I'm rescued, go on.

Lien-Da: Gladly. *pulls a lever*


Boombomb: Fetalia! What are you doing!

Moon: *jumps off the truck to help Fetalia*

Fetalia: i got the device to cure Shine!

Army: Seriously? Show me!

Fetalia: (shows her the device)

Boombomb: *Runs over to Fetalia* Are you sure its not a trick..?

Fetalia: (looks over at Shine)....I'm positive!

Moon: *looks at it* Besides, Shine's already hypnotized, what could it do?

Fetalia: Only one way to find out.....I hope this works.....(uses the device on Shine)

(The device does, in fact, work)

Boombomb: Looks like its working! Who did you get it from? Luger? JT?

Fetalia: Lien-Da.

Shine:....(groans) Wha....what happened?

Boombomb: Looks like your back. Hehe, You were in a trance... and you made out with Lien-Da! *Laughs*

(guys.... wait for me)

Shine: Huh? I.....I MADE OUT WITH A SKANK?!?!?!?!

Moon: *laughs a little at Shine's reaction*

Army: Oh my, such pervert natures.....So what`s next?

Shine: (coughing and struggling to breathe) UGH!! YUCK!! I know it!! I'm gonna get AIDS!!! UAAAGGH!!!!!

Moon: *rolls her eyes*

Luger: *is just sitting there thinking, looking a little sad*

Boombomb: Sure did. You were the one who insisted on making out with a skank, not the skank herself, you smirked then you made out with her. Tounge to Tounge..!

Shine: AAAAH!!! that's even worse!! (rolling on the ground as if he's getting a heart failure)


Boombomb: *Laughs out loud with hands in pockets*

Army: Haha ...,very funny Serious now: What`s next defeating Eggman or getting Nemesis back??

Moon: Didn't Nemesis say he had a plan?

Boombomb: Actually I dont know what were gonna do next... *looks up at the moon* Perhaps get some rest..!

Moon: That sounds like a good idea. *walks over to Luger* Are you ok?

Luger: *was still thinking about Lien-Da* Am I a bad father?

Army: No you`re not! How impolite hehe.. forgot to introduce myself

Army:(gives hands with Boombomb) The name is Army the hedgehog, nice to meet you!

Boombomb: *Shakes hands* Boombomb the hedgehog! Pleasure meeting you Army!

JT: I sure hope he's got a plan...

[In Lien-Da's base, the machine stops after sucessfully getting Nemesis]

Falco (once again): What? Where am I?

(A loud noise is heard as some of the other heroes break into the factory)

Falco: What? What was that?

"Me," said a voice that seemed to echo around the room. The vent cover in the wall behind him fell off the wall, and out hopped Jesse. "I'm not gonna stand idly by while they take my only friend away."

Falco: Who are you? Where am I?

"What, you don't remember me?" Jesse responded, but he pretty much already knew what had happened.

Falco: Why should I? I can't remember anything except just waking up here.

Jesse sighs. "Come on, I'll tell you on the way," he says, taking Falco by the arm.

Falco: Oh, ok. I'll follow you.

(Falco follows Jesse)

Jesse hops up into the vent shaft, then helps Falco up behind him. "Alright, Jesse," Jesse says, "I'm Falco, and that's about everything I know too." Obviously, Jesse's mind was still wiped and he still thought Falco's real name was Jesse. Also, he still thought "Nemesis" was a stupid name.

Falco: Dude, Jesse is a stupid name. I can't remember anything and I still know that!

Boombomb: *relaxing at home in his boxers* *realizes falco wasnt with them* Oh god! FALCO!!! *Puts pants on then gets in care* (YES WITHOUT SHIRT)

(Back with Falco and Jesse)

Falco: Are you sure my name is Jesse. Did I not have any other name or anything?

(a Wolfen blasts the wall down)

Falco: What the hell? What is that?

Angel: (lands her Wolfen) Hey, boys.

Falco: Hi. (looks at the others) Who are you guys?

(the other Wolfen's land)

Ivy: We're Star Wolf!

Falco: (staring at Ivy) Hi, what's your name?

(Just saying that this is based after Control)

Kyle: Back off, birdbrain!!

"We supposed to know you or something?" Jesse says angrily, stepping in front of Falco.

Falco: What did I do?

Kyle: Don;t you be playing innocent, you know exactly what you did!

"No we don't!" Jesse interrupts. "I've got about 5 hours of memory and he's got none!"

Falco: If you know who we are, can you please tell us.

Kyle: Hmph!

Clyde: So the machine did get you! That's why you don't remember us.

"I don't have a reason to trust you," Jesse says. "The last person I trusted was a dirty liar."

Angel: Awww, c'mon, boys! You can trust us! (winks)

Falco: (ignoring Angel) Why don't you guys like me?

"Just saying we can trust you and winking doesn't work for me. So unless you've got anything else to say, I'm taking him and leaving.," Jesse says, annoyed.

Falco: (looking at Ivy) Can someone give me some answers please?

Ivy: (sighs) I'll tell ya....

Falco: Well.....

Ivy: (tells them everything)

Falco: So, I'm evil?

(Suddenly Falco twitches)

Falco: What the- Oh hey Clyde, Kyle, Angel and Ivy. What are you guys doing here?

Kyle: Well, not here to save you.....

Angel: 9sighs)

Jesse seems confused, but unlike Falco, his mind doesn't snap itself back into place. "I don't understand..."

Falco: Oh hey Jesse. I didn't notice you there. to Star Wolf) So where is everyone else?

Clyde: Beats me.

Falco: Woa. My head hurts. I can't remember anything over the last few days.

Angel: Eggman's been mindwiping other people and their memories. I heard it even stole Shine's powers.

(Falco twitches his head again)

Falco: What? Who are you guys?

Ivy: Huh?!

Falco: (looking at Ivy) Um, hi.

Angel: How come he doesn't remember all of a sudden?

Falco: How come I don't remember what?

Angel: Letmme, sweetie. (tells him everything)

Falco: Oh, right.

(Falco twitches his head again)

Falco: What just happened? I was talking to you guys and then....

Clyde: You somehow forget everything again. Angel reminded you.

  • Boombomb Arrives

Boombomb: Crap! Shouldda bought a shirt!!!

Falco: What's happening to me?

Ivy: I dunno...maybe it's a sideaffect of the machine....

Falco: Can you guys help me get out of here before I forget everything again?

(He starts to change, but struggles and faints)

Kyle: Once he wakes up, he'll forget everything all over again!

Clyde: Jesse, could you get him out of here! We can take you guys on our Wolfen!

Boombomb: Falco! What are you doing here!!!

JT: He's going through his "Memory Crisis" Phase

Jesse picks up Falco. "It's about time we got outta here," Jesse said, seeming to understand what's going on.

Kyle: Get on!

Jesse gets Falco over near the Wolfen and loads him on, then jumps on.

Clyde: Star Wolf, let;s move!

Army:(just behind Boombomb) Do whatever you want. I gonna blow up this crappy base! You go out I´ll handle this alone....*stays and load his revolver*

Star Wolf: (accelorate their Wolfen's out of the base)

JT: (Walks out with the others)

Boombomb: Darn it... Something weird is going on...

Necro: *still in the base* We should get outta here.

Lightning: Probably.

Yellow: heh ehheh!

Joseph & Jimmy: (smirking)

Brittney: Guys, please! Snap out of it! Remember what you were!

Joseph: We do.....

Jimmy: And we won't be weak again!

-Meanwhile Army is running through the base trying to find Lien-Da or Eggman-

Legionnaire: Alert invaders!!!

Army:Outta my way!! Hyaaahh!!!

  • Army attacks the enemies with sportive kicks and punshes the legionnaires faint one after the other*

Joseph: Huh?! Who are you?!

Army:(Stops next to him for a while, watching him with a scary face of anger) Your worst nightmare!

  • then he goes on fighting with a grenade chain hitting through his enemies and went on running*

Neos: I found Brittney! -runs to her-

Brittney: Neos!

Jimmy: Get lost!! (jumps up and superkciks Neos)

(Falco wakes up nearby)

Falco: Where, where am I?

(He falls back unconscious)

Kyle: (sighs)

Luger & Moon: *saw Boombomb leaving in a hurry and followed him to the base*

(Falco wakes up again)

Falco: I don't think my plan, worked too well.

Jesse is confused at Falco's words. "Dude, what are you talking about?"

Luger: *goes over to Falco* Are you ok?

Falco: (laughing) Do you not remember me saying that I had a plan when I let Lien-Da take me. I thought if I was hit by the machine twice, I might be cured. But now sometimes I can remember everything and sometimes I can remember nothing! And yeah, I'm fine.

"Well good for you, but I still got nothing," Jesse says sadly.

Luger: A double dose of the machine had strange effects on your brain apparently.

Falco: Yeah, bad idea.

(Falco's head twiches)

Falco: Huh, where am I?


"This really sucks," sighs Jesse. "You're remembering things sporadically, and I remember nothing. Real fun."

Luger: I'm not sure which is worse.

"I don't know," Jesse sighs.

Moon: We should probably get out of here. And someone hold onto Falco so he won't run off again.

Jesse puts his arm aroung Falco. "Let's go."

(They started going but ran into some more legionnaires)

Jesse lets go of Falco and steps in front of him. "i probably shoulda expected something like this."

Luger: They seem even more persistent than they used to.

Moon: *draws her blades and starts fighting them off*

Jesse stays back with Falco, not really wanting to get involved.

Apallo: Guys....

"What?" Jesse asks.

?????: Jimmy!!

Luger: Who's that?

Moon: *has gotten most of the legionnaires in the hall* Huh?

Jimmy: Oh, it's you.....

?????: Jimmy, please! Ya gotta remember who you are!

Jimmy: I do remember....and I thank the master for changing me!

Moon: *knocks out another legionnaire but there is another coming up behind her*

Luger: *hits the one coming up on Moon with his blaster, they then go over to see what's going on with Jimmy and ?????*

Army:There you are! You don`t want to miss the trouble don`t you?* Army arrives where the other Heroes are by

fighting through the legionnaires* (sees Jimmy) You again! Are you friendly?

Apallo: Guys......

Jimmy: Master Robotnikm helped me be stronger, Tammy! Join us and you can be strong like me too!

Tammy: And risk the saftey of the world?! Never!!


Apallo:-backs away from hat he is lookign at.- GUYS! WE HAVE COMPANY!

Metal Apallo Y.: Kakakakkakakkaka! Welcome to my domain. And Well Done For Getting this far.

Brittney: Not good.....

Metal Apallo Y: -shocks Jimmy shorting out his entire body- Dont Bother He's Gone. And NOw It's Your Turn

Army:(looks with abit of anger): So....he was with Robotnik....!

Tammy: Jimmy, no!!!

Brittney: (scared)

???: *jumps in front of Metal Apallo Y* I Personnally don't choose sides, but i sometimes stick with one. *puts his hand on Metal Apallo's chest and shoots a cyber wave out of his hand* Call me Paradox.

Ivy: (jumps out of her Wolfen to help them out)

Brittney: Ivy!

Army: Great! More allies.

Luger & Moon: *stand ready*

(Falco regains his memory)

Falco: What the- Oh sweet, a fight!

"Don't," Jesse warns.

Falco: And why not?

Metal Apallo Y: Heh We've been equipped with a fail-safe program. -blast Paradox with an electrical beam-

Falco: Stupid robots. They're the one thing thats ass I can't kick!

"Don't," Jesse said, with a lot more emphasis than the first time.

Falco: I can't anyway. Who can fight it?

"Do I have any, uh, special powers or anything?" Jesse said, wondering that if he did, would he be able to fight them?

Falco: Uh, that would be a no, I think. Just think of something!

"Well, I don't know," said Jesse, backing up subtly. Much unlike his ordinary personality that he once had.

Moon: I'll fight if I have to, but...

Falco: Well, we do kinda need someone who can fight robots!

Paradox: *gets up* Your looking at one. *shoots a cyber wave at Metal Apallo then rolls behind it and jerks out a wire*

Falco: Yes!

Jesse ducked behind Falco. Until he knew what he could do, he definitely wasn't getting in any fights.

Joseph: Coward! You will fight like a man!

Jesse gulped. He really, really didn't want to work, and he voiced this opinion with a brief "No."

Zero appears out of nowhere (as usual) and shoots Paradox multiple thimes with a powerful, highly charged shot to start off, then followed up with some weaker charged shots.

Joseph: Huh?! Who are you?!

Falco: (to Jesse) Ok how about you get out of here. You can follow me.

"Good plan," Jesse said eagerly.

JT: (runs back in) ?

Moon: *looks at the people fighting* Regrouping is probably a good idea.

"I don't want to die not knowing who I am," Jesse says with evident sadness.

Moon: *nods* Ok, let's go. *starts running*

Jesse runs after Moon, tears clouding his vision.

Moon: *as they run makes sure Jesse doesn't get attacked*

"Where are we even going?" Jesse yells, trying to keep up with Moon.

Moon: Anywhere that's outside of this base.

"So you know where that is right?" Jesse exclaims back.

Moon: I have a pretty good idea...

"You just take the lead!" He followed Moon as closely as he could.

(Eventually they reached a large metal door)

Moon: This probably leads to the outside.

Jesse hits a button on the wall. "Let's hope you're right."

Moon: Good, it is. *steps outside and looks* We're clear.

"Where do we go from here?" Jesse asks, with a bit of a trembling in his voice.

Moon: *looks at Luger*

Luger: Well, we could always go back to the CIA base.

Moon: That's if they'll let us back in, I don't know where Boombomb is.

"Any plans that we know will work?" asked Jesse, a bit more uncomfortable at this point.-

Metal Apallo Y:-reboots- Fool. We wer orgionally the ultimate Metal Sonic. But Brother forced the Creator to improve us and infuse us with Elemental Energy.-power dies out and a yellow gem fallsout.

Fetalia: (grabs it and looks at it) Hmmmm........

Boombomb: Huh? (Walks near Fetalia, but is being very quiet)

Fetalia: This gem....

Boombomb: Wha-whats wrong with it... it looks like a chaos emerald to me...

Fetalia: Huh?

Boombomb: Talking to yourself? (Smiles nicely)

JT: It's definitley an Emerald. (peers closer)

Fetalia: Well....we got one of these at least....

Boombomb: Hm... JT, arent you looking for Falco or something?

Paradox: *gets hit hard in the chest and the force sends him into the ground* *groans* You don't want to make me angry... *coughs up a little bit of blood*

Boombomb: Havent heard from Shine in a while... Have you, Fetalia?

JT: Nah... I'm pretty sure Falco regained his memory after his Crisis.

Boombomb: JT... Leave... You have no buisness here. I suppose you have somewhere else to be anyway.

JT: No worries, there's a battle you're ignoring.

Boombomb: Go stop it then...

(Hero arrives at the scene)

Hero: Finally! I found you guys. Please tell me one of you has lost your memory!

Fetalia: A few have, but I think they remember we're all on the same team....

Hero: And where are they gone?

Shine: (runs to them) Hey guys!

Hero: Hey Shine. Was his memory wiped?

Shine: No, but my powers were stolen, but they're back now....

Fetalia: And then that wh*** Lien-Da made him her--

Shine: Don't remind me, PLEASE!!!

Hero: Ok..... sounds awkward. Well then, who doesn't have a memory?

"I don't," Jesse said sadly and audibly.

Army: I know a way to end this Memory Crisis.

Army:*grabs the Emerald fast* :Leave it to me!!! Run as fast as you can! I´ll give you ten minutes!!

until this time everyone will be rescued and the base with maschine blown up!!!!

  • use Chaos control to cover his whole body in a powerful mecha suit, his super form for 10 min.*

Army: It`s time to finish this once and for all!!!

"I think we should run now," Jesse says, a bit scared.

Moon & Luger: *both nod*

Jesse turns around and runs aimlessly.

Shine: Don't have to tell me twice! (dashes off)

Luger: *running* We can figure out where to go after we get as far away from here as possible.

Jesse kept running. He didn't care where he ended up, as long as it wasn't here.

Fetalia: (turns to shadow forma nd dashes off)

Brittney & Tammy: (reluctantly run off)

(Falco fies off and Hero runs off)

Star Wolf: (accelorating after them)

Boombomb: Fetalia no... Don't do that...

Fetalia: (stops) What?

Boombomb: don't leave...

Shine: (stops and looks back)


Boombomb: I'm dieing now. I need you to go, kill a man named Doom.

Fetalia: WHy are you asking me this?

Boombomb: (blood dribbles out mouth) You'll find out... (smiles then falls)

Shine: (growls, jealous

Boombomb: I can't get up... Never mind Fetalia, let me die... I'm not letting anyone die on my watch! (pciks him up)

Boombomb: drop me... Drop me Fetalia, I was there for you on your time of trouble, THats because I knew you were made for each other, that doesn't neccisserily mean you have to be there for me...

Fetalia: I'm returning the favor....

Boombomb: why, I'm nothing anyway, there's no point on saving me I'm garbage. Go live your life with shine and leave me to die... Your wasting your time on me. Anyway

Fetalia: You like me, don't you?

Boombomb: (goes silent for 5 seconds) drop me...

Fetalia: Answer my question

Boombomb: If you really want me to, then... Yes...I do...but you hate me so thats why I didn't wanna say so...

Fetalia: I don;t hate you....

Boombomb: hehe, that's nice... But there's no point. I'm going to get angry in a minute this virus will overpower me... I guess this is good bye then...

Fetalia: Not today! (runs off, still holding him)

Boombomb: hm... (hugs) I would want to kiss you if shine wasn't with you... Thank you... So much...

Fetalia: (chuckles and blsushes a bit)

Shine: (getting REALLY jealous)

Boombomb: when I'm dead I'm gonna miss that laugh... And lots more things about you too...

Fetalia: You're really sweet, Boombomb.....

Boombomb: Thank you -Argh- Your... Sweet too... Shine must be really lucky...

Fetalia: (smiles, blushing)

Boombomb: Hehe... (Shuts eyes) Im gonna miss everything... But you the most.

Shine: (runs over to them)........

Boombomb: Shine..? is that you? If it is, this could be good-bye from me... your an awesome friend. and I really liked to tease you when you made out with Lien-Da.

Shine: Boombomb....

Boombomb: Y-(Cough)-Yea... Buddy..?

Shine:......thanks for helping me and Fetty out. It means a lot to me.

Boombomb: Anything for a friend... (Opens eyes) huh..? You look angry, or jelous... why?

Shine: (blushing) Uhh...well, y'see, uhh....

Fetalia: You think he's gonna steal me away, is that it?

Shine: (blushing more) WHAT?!?! N-n-nn-no!! I-I-I-I mean--

Boombomb: Whats up..? Shes not gonna date a dead man... is she?

Fetalia: You're not gonna die.....

Boombomb: Hehe... Lets hope so...

(Falco flies back)

Falco: Fetalia, give Boombomb to me. I can get him to help the fastest!

Fetalia: Okay....(gives Boombomb to Falco)

Falco: Ready Boomboy?

(Falco flies off with Boombomb)

Boombomb: Th-Thanks... *Eyes go yellow* OWCH.... I feel... nothing but pain...

Falco: Well then, you better hope we don't hit turbulence. And thank you for flying with AirFalco!

Shine& Fetalia: (run off, praying for BoomBomb)

JT: Are you sure giving Boombomb to Falco was a bright Idea?

Boombomb: (Top spine goes up.) Ow... My spikes feel sore....

Falco: That can't be good.

(Falco lands for a second and places Boombomb on his back)

Falco: Ok, how different can repairing a person be to repairing a machine?

Boombomb: (Floats up in the air with a red aura, fur turns red) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Kyle: Gezz laweez! What is THAT?!

Boombomb: Uh... This...Pain....*Aura stops* (Boombomb is red with black lined spines.)

Falco: Uh Boomboy?

Boombomb: (Turns head to look at, then has an evil smirk)

Fetalia: (looks up) What the....?

Boombomb: I see no point in anyone living...

Shine: What the?!

File:Super Boombomb rp.png
Boombomb: hmph... I told you to drop me... Fetalia...

Fetalia: (gasps in horror)

(Sigma: Yeeeep, this is probably a stupid time to join... I'm gonna pull a Chuck Testa. =/)

JT: Wow. How many times has a similar situation happened this week again?

Boombomb: (Blasts everyone except from Fetalia)

Shine, Brittney, Tammy, and Star Wolf: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JT: Damn! Fetalia, do something!

Fetalia: (growls and fires two dark energy spheres at Boombomb)

Boombomb: (Stands there and takes it) Hurt me... All you want....

Fetalia: Huh?

Boombomb: I will die... (Short Pause) ...For you...

Fetalia: (gasps) (Oh great...I think I'm falling for Boombomb....what's happening to me?!)

Boombomb: (Smiles at like the first time he ever did)

Fetalia: I...I don't know who I love more....

JT: (chuckles) A shipping!

Fetalia: (looks at Shine, and then Boombomb, and Shine again, and contineus to go back & forth)

JT: This qould make a great book!

Shine: (looking at Fetalia and Boombomb)

Boombomb: (Hold hand out) Come with me, and we can live an eternity together, Safely...

Shine: Fetalia, don't! Think about what would happen!

Moon & Luger: *look at Fetalia, wondering what she will do*

JT: This reminds me of that book when the girl meets a vampire, then a werewolf! Then she has to choose between the two! Awesome!

Fetalia: (gets stressed out)

Boombomb: I hit everyone But You... Shine once betrayed you for Lien-Da...

Shine: Only because she hypnotised me!

Boombomb: You didnt resist, Shine...

Shine: It was too strong, I didn't know what I was doing!

Boombomb: Stronger than Love..?

Shine: Don't listen to him, Fetalia! If you left me for him, not only...would the timelines be more screwed up than they already are....but I'd lose the closest person I have....

Boombomb; Its your fault there screwed shine, you deserve less...

Fetalia: (gasps)

Shine: I don't even think you care about Fetalia! You probably just wanna use her the same way Lien-Da used me!

(JT Puts his arm infront of Shine to prevent him from attacking)

Shine: Huh?

JT: Don;t attack him...


Boombomb: Fetalia I love more than Shine ever will, Ive never even heard him compliment your beautiful eyes, or your gorgeous black spines...



Luger: Fetalia, say something...

Fetalia: Shine....I don't know who to love....Boombomb was very sweet....but you've been there for me since I awoke and my father wasn't there for me....

Boombomb: Please Fetalia, I would kill for you...

Fetalia:....I...I just don't know....who to love....

Boombomb: Im not the monster I look like... *Changes back* It was my super form. I sometimes cant control it when I feel like this...

Fetalia: (still doesn't know who to love).....

Boombomb: ...Why Shine... If he could possibly betray you again, I loved you since we first spoke... wasn't Shine's fault.

Boombomb: He lowered his defence in a time of Trouble...

Fetalia: It's just how is. But....despite how immature and childish he can be....I've always liked that about him....

Shine: (blushing)

Boombomb: Hmph... (Un clips necklace) My father gave me this on the day he died... (Drops then walks away) I dont mind your choice, it was yours to make. (Medalion hits the floor its a beautiful gold, and has a gold chain around it) (Shuts eyes and walks away)

Fetalia: (takes it)........Boombomb!

  • Boombomb is now out of sight, but near death.


Shine: (hugs her, trying to comfort her)

  • It begins to rain

Shine:.....I love you Fetalia....

Fetalia: (puts on the necklace) I love you too, Shine....

(they kiss passionatly as the rain continues to pour)

Boombomb: Argh- Ah... This Hurts...

Doom: So... Boombomb... You did get the curse after all....

Boombomb: *Angry* You...

Doom: What about it..?

Boombomb: You killed my FATHER.

Doom: Yes, I did... Wheres that magnificant necklace your father gave you...

Boombomb: I left it behind.

Doom: Oh, what a shame... I would have liked to pick it up.

(JT is watching their conversation)

JT: Huh? (leaps down)

Boombomb: You self centred Arrogant Son af A Bit-(Gets puched)OWU

Doom: I'll have none of that talk Boombomb.

Boombomb: Why M-Me...

Doom: Because your simply the most powerful lifeform in exsistance other than me. I would like to be the only strong one in the world.

Boombomb: You Ba-(Gets kicked in face)

Doom: You Relly do not learn do you. But you never really have learned anything before anyway.

Boombomb: I learned I could trust friends, and that they'd always be there for me...

Doom: Really? Then where are they, May I ask...

Boombomb: Well... There not here I guess... (Sad)

Doom: See... Nothing... You learned nothing... And that was the last chance you had...

Boombomb: Wh-Why..?

Doom: Well Im going to kill you...

Boombomb: (Sighs, then crys) Go for it then.

Doom: Thank you, For making this so easy for me.

JT: No! (attacks Doom)

Doom: (Doesnt even move a muscle, then turns to JT) Well well, what do we have here, A bit of bad machinery, or shall I say Garbage. Especialy if it cant damage me...

JT: Who is this idiot, Boombomb!?

Boombomb: Doom- Doom the D-Dark... Lord....

Angel: (shooting Doom from above)

Luger & Moon: *run up, prepared to fight Doom*

Doom: Wow, You have quite a lot of little friends dont you..?

Boombomb: (Barely standing) This is my fight, to fight... Alone...

Doom: You've got guts...

Angel: Sorry, hun. No can do.

Doom: Dont worry Boombomb, It will all be over very shortly...

Boombomb: What do you mean..?

Doom: (Stabs Boombomb with a rock) That of course... (Everything goes silent as blood dribbles down the rock.) You went down just like your father... Easily...

Fetalia: (gasps)

JT: B-----d!! Shi no fera! (Very strong punch)

Doom: Just a scratch... *Deflects damage*

(Oh, SCREW IT! I'm going in.) "Carnage... SCISSORS!" A quick and heavy slash came towards Doom, followed by another with a burst of darkness.

Doom: Know your place, DARKNESS BLASTER. *Blasts ???? With a dark purple blast*

Sigma stood strong, despite the damage, retaliating with a flurry of dual-bladed attacks.

Doom: Give up... Boombomb is dead... and Im not wasting my time on little bugs like you... (Goes into a dark portal then it closes)

Fetalia: (growls)

"Grrr... you goddamned coward!" Sigma shouted. "I should have arrived sooner..." he continued, retracting his blades.

Boombomb: I-Im not... D-dead yet... I have some l-last words...

Fetalia: Huh?

Boombomb: You all the greatest friends Ive ever had... Despite our fighting, and the bad times we had... You all should know one last thing...


Boombomb: Im R-eSurre-rectable...

Shine & Fetalia: (gasp)

Boombomb: The Medalion...

Fetalia: (gives him it)

Boombomb: I dont need it.... You - Do...

Fetalia: Huh?

Boombomb: Yo-You... Need to say... "Armarhada" while holding it... after defeating doom... and within 2 days...

Shine: Hmmmm..........

"So, that's it then? We take down Doom and solve all our problems?" Sigma theorized.

Luger: You make it sound easy.

Fetalia: It won't be easy at all!

"The fact that he pussied out is just one reason. Coward..." Sigma growled. (DURR HURR I FORGOT TO PUT MY CHARACTER THERE.)

Luger: We're going to have to figure out where he went.

Boombomb: Its not... Easy... Now hurry (Dies)

Sigma sighed. "Let's just take a moment to think... what's a likely place for Doom to escape to?"

Luger: Some place dark and secretive?

JT: Maybe his universe..?

"Probably... villains with an ego that size tend to have their own lair." Sigma said.

Luger: Great. But how do we find it? That portal could have gone anywhere.

Boombomb: (Only Fetalia can hear and see me) Fetalia... Its me... you can open the portal...

Hero: Fetalia?

Falco: What?

Boombomb: Can you see me..?

Fetalia: (nods).......

Boombomb: Great... now your the only one who can do this... because your father is Mephiles, Am I right..?

Fetalia: That's right.

Shine: Huh? Fetalia, who are you talking to?

Moon: *looks at Fetalia strangely* Do you... have an idea or something...?

Fetalia: Y-yeah.....

Luger: Let's hear it.

Falco: Fetalia, are you ok?

Fetalia: I think I can open the portal....

Hero: How?

Fetalia: I have the same powers as my father....

"Well now, that's one of our problems down. Just as well, searching would take forever." Sigma said. "One of us better have a plan before we go charging in there."

Luger: Doom seems pretty powerful. So maybe we should catch him off guard. Fetalia, it may be asking a lot, but is there any chance you can open two portals? One that will go to the same place but come in a back way?

"Hmmm... that's not a bad idea... I mean, I'm sure Fetalia is capable of opening a flank..." Sigma theorized.

(Sigma: Hngh.)

Fetalia: I can try....

Boombomb: Its too much, you'll hurt yourself!

Fetalia: Huh? Then how do we get back?

Boombomb: Leave it open, if you can...

Fetalia: I'll try....

  • Boombomb nods at Fetalia

Fetalia: (nods and opens the portal) I'll try to keep the portal open as much as possible)

Moon: Are we ready?

Fetalia: Let's do it!

(Apallo: Guys can we make the next role play after this about the Metals and how they will take over the world?)

(Gurahk: I've already got a similar RP, dude....)

(Apallo: Oh.....Um.....Ok But i was talking about a spinoff. With My Metal Apallo Clones)

(Maryxgil: Making an rp about your characters is totally up to you)

  • Everyone walks into the portal, prepared for battle.

(Guys lets start Chapter 2 now :3)

Chapter 2: The Battle With Doom

Boombomb: Fetalia.. Tell them we all need to stay together...

Fetalia:......we have to stay together if we hope to win.

Shine: But why--?

(just then, a Chaos Spear is shot from out of nowhere)

Shine: Look out!

Doom Gaurd: Why are you Freaks here...

Shine: To fight and defeat Doom!

?????: At last I've found you, Shine the Hedgehog!

Shine: Huh? That voice...!

James: *walks in through the portal, and sees everyone and the Doom Guard* Oh, heh, didn't realize you were having a party.

?????: Back off twerp! (fires a few Chaos Spears at the gang!

Shine: Look out! (dodges barely)

Doom Gaurd: Shall we let you have him.

?????: Do whatever you want with them!

(a dark hedgebat that resembles Shadow flies down to them)
Drake the HedgeBat

Drake the HedgeBat, son of Shadow and Rouge, and Shine's biggest rival.

?????: But Shine is mine!

Shine: Drake?! What are you doing here?!

Drake: It's time we finally settled this, Shine! Today, you will be defeated!

Shine: (growls) We don't have time for this, Drake! The future is in danger and all you care about is your own ego?!

Drake: I don't care about the world! My power is immense! You will fall today, Shine! Now FIGHT!!!

Doom Gaurd: D-Drake!!! *All Gaurds Bow in his Honour*

Drake: Hmm?

Doom Gaurd: Lord Doom has awaited your arival, Drake.. S-Sir..!

Drake: And what does he want exactly?

Doom Gaurd: Were not sure... Sir. We think its about Boombomb...

Drake:.....(stares at Shine) This won't take long! I'll be right back! (leaves to see Doom)

James: So, are we just gonna sit here waiting for that weirdo to come back and try to kill "Shine", or are we gona take action? *slowly unsheathes sword*


Fetalia: You're right! Let's go after him!

Shine: Right! (speeds after Drake)

James: I'm coming to! *runs after them*

  • All Heros Run after Drake

Drake: (approaches Doom) You wanted to see me?

Doom: Ah! Drake... Remember when ou first started working for me, or have you stopped, Because we had a certain promise...

Drake: I work for one person only: myself. Anyone else is just a useful ally to me for the time being. And to ask you a question, what promise are we speaking about exactly?

Doom: Well... I said when I had finaly killed Boombomb, I would help you kill Shine, or.. Torture him...

Drake: Oh yeah....that's right!

James: *skids to a stop* we're right here, ya'know!

Doom: Oh.. My.. Im so very scared... Gaurds.

Doom Gaurds: Yes.

Doom: Kill them all, Except the white one, take him to the dungeons.

Shine: (growls)

Doom Gaurd: Yes master (Four Gaurds grab Shine, The other 994 fight the Heroes)

Shine: (tries to fight off with his Psychokinesis)

Lightning: COWARD! *slashes at one of the guards* YOU MAKE OTHERS FIGHT FOR YOU, WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOUR THE BEST!!! *keeps attacking*

Drake: (to Doom) Tell the guards to spare the girls....I got something special planned ffor them....(smirks)

Doom: As you wish... Gaurds, Take the ladies to the dungeon. Corrupt the Android.

JT: JT Henkan! (Transforms into Punishment)

Doom: You really think Punishment will stand a chance..?

Boombomb: IDIOT, He can take punishment away from you and transform into it himself!!!

James: *rolls under another guard's legs then stabs his sword through it's back*

Doom: (Watches his gaurds die, While Smiling)

Fetalia: JT!! It's a trap! Return to normal quickly!

Drake: it's too late....

Luger: *shooting guards notices that they have taken Moon* Moon!

Drake: (smirks)

Luger: What did you do with her?!

Drake: She's my property now! And I'll do whatever I want to her....and I know she'll like it...(smirks)

Luger: *gets really mad and punches Drake*

Drake: Hmph! Pathetic! (lands a Chaos attack straight to Luger in response)

Luger: Gah! *gets thrown back*

Fetalia: (kicks him in the face)

Drake: GRR!!!

JT/Punishment: Henkan. (Returns to normal)

Doom: Your all pathetic lifeforms, and probably the dumbest things to ever walk into my throne room...

Fetalia: (growls and fires a dark beam at him)

Doom: (Ball decintegrates as it reaches him) See, your just stupid creatures. You see, as Im able to die in this world, I am 100X Stronger... And do you remember how easily he died...

Boombomb: (Scared, breathing fastly as if hes shaking)

Drake: (laughs)

JT: (Kicks Drake through the face)

Drake: (uses Chaos Control to teleport away)

JT: ?

Drake: (appears behind him and kicks him in the back)

Doom: ENOUGH! I would like them all to be put in dungeons, with their arms, and legs cuffed to the brick walls.

Doom Gaurds: Yes Lord!

(All heroes are kidnapped and taken to the dungeons)

Fetalia: Ugh.....

Shine: (sighs)

JT: B-----d!

Fetalia: Sorry, Boom....I let ya down....

Boombomb: No... This is my fault...

Fetalia: Huh?

  • Everyone is thrown into a prison cell and their arms and legs are cuffed to the wall (They are in the same cell)

Doom Gaurd: Ryo, you suck, I'll stay protecting this time!

Ryo: Your such a Bully Bill!

  • Bill opens cell.

Bill: Oh yea, these chicks look hot...

  • Bill walks over to Moon while everyone watches

Drake: (laughs) These are my hos now, can watch what I do to them, but you can't touch unless I say so!

(Apallo: When i was asking about the RP earlier i was talking about a sequal to this)

(Guess you'd have to talk to Panda about that.)

Moon: *snarls*

Shine: I can't use my Psychokinesis to escape.....

Drake: There's no escape.....but Fetalia and Moon will come with me....

Luger: You stay away from her!

Bill: Drake, I got a better idea. Let them watch...

Drake: (puts on a few TV's) A shame you can't take your pants off....

Shine: (gasps) You sick pervert!!

Drake: (chuckles)

Bill: Luitenant Bill wants a brake, Please drake, let me have the one with the black fur...

(JT lets out a huge, beige, liquid from his mouth.)

Drake: Hmph! Very well. Follow me to the last chamber in the corridor....

Bill: (Excited) Alright!

Drake: (grabs Moon and takes her away) Follow me!

(JT Continues to barf)

Shine: Jt?! What's wrong?

JT: It's disgust- (barfing)

Luger: *struggling in the shackles*

(Maryxgil: Just don't let him actually succeed in doing pervy stuff to Moon, please.)

Shine: (growls) I'll kill you for this, Drake!! I swear on my parents' souls, you will burn in hell for this!!!

Bill: Lets have some fun while your little pals watch.

  • Licks Fetalia's Face

Fetalia: (locked in the room with Moon, Bill and Drake) S-Stop....

(the monitor is somehow disconnected and the feed stops)

Shine: Huh? What happened?

  • Bill is about to touch B00B when Ryo breaks in and whaks him with the bo staff

Ryo: Whos Sucky now!

  • Un cuff's Fetalia

Ryo: Run, We have to save the others!

Drake: (grabs her) You aren't going anywhere!!

Fetalia: (screams)

Ryo: Shut up wing boy *Pokes really hard in the eye with bo-staff, it sends im flying into the wall, he then un cuff's Moon*

Drake: ACK!!!

Moon: *glares at Drake then looks at Fetalia* Are you ok?

Fetalia: Y-yeah....

Moon: Ok. We need to get to the others. *grabs her hand and runs*

Fetalia: (runs after her)

Ryo: (Can Barely keep up)

  • Monitor turns back on, the cuffs have been snapped, and you can see Drake and Bill faceplanted and Bill is bleeding through the back of his head.

Shine: (can't help but laugh)

  • everyone see's Moon, Fetalia, and a Gaurd walk into the cell

James: That was quick.

Fetalia: (uses her dark powers to free them) Still gotta get ya outta dodge, Shine....

Shine: Thanks....

JT: Damn, where were the others when you needed them...

Moon & Luger: *hug each other*

Drake: (uses Chaos Control near the exit)

Luger: *narrows his eyes*

Drake: Going somewhere?

Luger: As a matter of fact we were.

Drake: Hmph. Sorry, no dice!

Moon: *draws her blades*

Drake: It's not you I'm after...(points to Shine) It's him!

Shine: Drake, if we don't hurry up, our world will be nothing but a hell of mindless zombies!

Drake: Let them have their way! All I care about is getting rid of you! I will be the strongest in history, and you will die!!

Moon: What's so great about being labeled "the strongest"?

Drake: Power....respect....legend....that's why I seek to be strong! Stronger than even my own father!

Moon: No one's going to respect you for killing Shine.

Drake: If I defeat Shine, I will finally be taken more seriously!

Moon: Well you're not killing him.

Drake: No...I'll just make him suffer before I finish him in battle!

Moon: Your grudge is going to have to wait. We have a limited amount of time to save our friend.

Drake: No one leaves this place until Shine fights me!

Shine: (sighs) Looks like we've got no choice....

Luger: If you're sure...

Shine: Bring it on, Drake!

Drake: Time to show you my TRUE POWER!!!

(they charge at each other and start exchanging blows)

Moon & Luger: *are watching, hoping Shine will win*

Drake: CHAOS.....SPEAR!!!! (fires som Chaos Spears at him)

Shine: (dodges them) Hah! Too slow!

Drake: (grows and fires more)

Shine: (keeps speeding away to dodge)

Moon: Shine, go left!

Shine: (goes left)

Boombomb: Fetalia, if I couldda done somthin' I would, but youve been here 10 hours... you have 32 hours left...

Fetalia: do we beat him?

Drake: (still shooting Chaos Spears) Hold still, will you?!

Shine: (mocking Drake as he rushes to dodge)

Drake: (gets more and more angered)

Moon and Luger are whispering to each other as they watch.

Moon: Drake looks frustrated.

Luger: That may or may not be a good thing.

Drake:9fires a Chaos Torrent)

Shine: (gets hit) AAAHH!!!

Moon: Shine!

Drake: Hmph!

Moon: Don't assume he's down yet.

Shine: (painfully gets back up and fires a Psychic Knife)

Drake: (dodges and starts throwing Chaos Punches)

Shine: (takes every hit)

Fetalia: Oh no....

Moon: *gasps*

Luger: *winces*

Shine: (hits him in the afce with a Psychic Punch)

Drake: UGH!!

Moon: Yes!

Luger: Hurry, hit him again!

Shine: (trading blows with him)

Moon: Come on Shine...

Drake: Chaos....SNAP!! (does heavy damage to Shine)

Shine: UGH!! UGH!! UGH!! AUGH!!!!

Luger: I don't think he can take much more...

Shine: (groaning in pain)

(As Drake prepares ro finish him, Falco lands on top of him, squashing him on the ground)

Falco: Anyone call for an incredibly handsome blue bird?

Shine: Ugh....thanks, man! I owe ya one....

Falco: No prob mate!

Drake: (growls in frustration)

Falco: Quiet!

(Falco stamps on Drake's head)

Drake: ACK!!

????: No, stop!

Falco: (pauses) Maya?

Shine: What's she doing here?!

Maya: Please, I beg of you! Don't hurt Drake anymore!

Falco: But he'll just kill Shine!

(Falco starts jumping up and down on Drake's back)

Maya: Please, stop! You're killing him!

Shine: That's the idea! Harder, Falco!

Falco: (looks at Maya and gets off Drake) Sorry bud, ladies first!

Drake: (struggling to breathe)

Maya: (runs to him) Drake!!

Falco: Sorry dude.

Drake: (coughing blood)

Falco: Oh sh*t dude, I didn't realise it was that bad!

Drake: (growls)

Falco: Dude, I'm sorry......

Drake: (shoves him and limps away)

Maya: (slowly follows him)

Falco: So I just beat up a guy and now a chick hates me? Life sucks.

Shine: No, I think just Drake hates you....

Falco: Yeah.....

(Falco runs after Maya calling her name to try and apologise)

Maya: Huh?

Falco: Uh, sorry for beating up your friend. (his voice becomes more nervous) And I was wondering if you might, um, wanna see a movie some time?

Maya: Movie?

JT: ... I wonder where everyone's gonna go now...

Falco: Uh never mind, stupid idea.

(Falco walks off)

Maya: (slightly smiles)

Drake: (comes out, feeling better)

Maya: Drake! You're all healed.

Drake: (chuckles and smirks, smugly)

Luger: Alright. But we're running out of time to save Boombomb.

Fetalia: (nods and runs up to confront Doom)

Moon & Luger: *go with her*

Fetalia: It's game over, Doom!

Doom: Oh, do shut up.

Fetalia: (fires a Chaos Lance)


Boombomb: CRAP 24 HOURS LEFT!

Fetalia: How do I beat him?!

Boombomb: I-- I-- Dont---

Fetalia: Boombomb?! BOOMBOMB!!!

  • Boombomb is now starting to sparkle away

Fetalia: (desperatly tries to save him and destroy Doom)

Boombomb: Fetalia... Just... Stop...

Fetalia: No, Boombomb! I'm not letting anyone die!

  • Boombomb chuckles

Boombomb: You'll never change, will you...

Shine: (runs up) No she won't! (charges at Doom really fast)

Boombomb: Hehe...

Doom: Are we finished with this mooshy moment, I am getting quite bored. Now... Its obvious I wont die. I can, but wont.

Shine: That's what you think.....(picks up some weapons with his psychokinesis and fires them at him)

  • It Just hits Dooms upper lip when he tilts hit head

Doom: Wow. Thats some acuracy you have.

Shine: What?! No way! I only rarely miss!

Doom: You got lucky...

  • Doom begins to float in to the air, then glows golden

Shine: Heh....

Doom: When I fight I kill.

Shine: Not bad...but I can do that too!

Doom: Try me... Boombomb is almost gone anyway, it is at his shins...

Shine & Fetalia: (show him the Sol Emeralds)

Doom: Hehe, Thank you for the Sol Emeralds.

  • They float over to Doom.

Shine: (grbas them with his psychokinesis) Sorry, we said you could look, not touch!

Fetalia: It's time to bring you down!

Doom: Muahahahahahah, This will be fun...

Shine & Fetalia: (nod to each other; suddenly, the emeralds started circuling them and in a bright flash they transformed into Super Shine and Crystal Fetalia)

Super Shine

Super Shine

Super Shine: Alright! Let's take out the trash!
Crystal Fetalia

Crystal Fetalia

Crystal Fetalia: With pleasure!

Moon: *watching Shine and Fetalia* I wish there was something we could do.

Super Shine: Bring it, Doom!!


  • This is my first Rp.
  • This is the first time Necro puts aside the past to start a new beginning with his brother, Lightning.

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