Megatron the Destroyer
Megatron the Destroyer
Megatron is a powerful Maverick dictator made by Gate.






Destruction, chaos, death, war, Reploid supremacy, domination, etc.


Peace, honor, weaklings, feeble resistance, failure, accepting defeat, organic life, etc.

Voice Actor

Frank Welker

Theme Song

"Instruments of Destruction" by N.R.G.

Megatron the Destroyer is an evil and powerful Maverick dictator, created by Gate the Hedgehog as a back-up to destroy the Maverick Hunters during the Copy-X incident. However, Megatron proved far too powerful for him to control, and he ran loose, eventually becoming "Emperor of Destruction" to the Decepticons.



During the Copy-X Incident, Gate needed a last resort Reploid to destroy the Maverick Hunters should his Copy-X fail. Thus, he created Megatron with Vile's newer design specs, designed to be the ultimate war machine. However, Megatron rebelled against his master, being far too powerful to control.

Gladiator of Dark Energon

After this, Megatron found a home in the gladitorial arena battles in the city of Kaon, where he reigned absolute supreme, annihilating and defeating any and all foes that stood before him. He quickly became the King of the Colisseum and gained a massive following, his friendly rival, Soundwave, chief among them. One day, Megatron discovered the element of Dark Energon, being kept hidden by a treacherous scientist and sky commander named Starscream, and his two siblings, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Hearing stories of its immense power, Megatron swept through Starscream's forces and took control of it, surprising all, as it was believed that it could not be controlled.

Maverick and Decepticon Tyrant

Starscream and his brothers quickly joined Megatron's Decepticon Regime, who sought to use their power and the Dark Energon to create a new world order. Sigma saw fit to enlist Megatron and his Decepticons into his army to further consolidate their power.


Megatron is best described as a war-mongering madman that wants nothing more than to build his own Reploid empire, and enslave the whole universe. He doesn't care for fair peace or tranquility, only the call of battle and death drives him to his satisfaction. Megatron will not stop until the entire universe bows to his feet, and the destruction of his adversaries is complete. He also has a short-temper when it comes to failure, setbacks, or betrayal of his own henchmen, often feeling tempted to kill Starscream for all three of these.

Abilities & Powers

Megatron has been equipped to be the ultimate killing machine, with power surpassing even  Vile. He has a multitude of weaponry, but he has mostly been seen using his Fusion Cannon on his arm, and his death sabers, which retract from his hands. He is able to hover above the ground for a set period of time and if he chooses, pound onto the ground when he lands to send a powerful shockwave and small quake to deal great damage to his foes. In addition to his multiple skills as a gladiator, Megatron possesses the immense power and potential of Dark Energon. He is able to disable and corrupt other machines and other sentient beings, attack with great force, and even reanimate the deceased. When using the full extent of Dark Energon, he is nearly unstoppable, where not even Vile can stop him.




  • Megatron is based and named after the primary Transformers antagonist.

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