Mega Man
Mega Man
Mega Man is a young hero from Earth, who is like X in nearly every way.




Hedgehog-Reploid (formerly humanoid Robot Master)


Dr. Light (creator), Roll ("sister"), Proto Man ("brother")

Love Interests



Animals, peace, justice, protecting the world, helping his friends, etc.


Spikes, evil, killing others, warfare, hurting others, etc.

Mega Man, also known by his real and original name of Rock, is a Robot Master from another world and a well-known hero. Created by Dr. Light to be a housekeeping robot, he was converted into a super warrior, upon his own insistance. After a long while, he was put in stasis before being converted again by Sigma. Now he continues to serve Mobius and fight for everlasting peace.


Original Life

Rock was originally created by Dr. Light from the completed specs of Proto Man, as a housekeeping robot and as the son he never had, along with his sister Roll. Several months after his creation, Dr. Wily reprogrammed many of Dr. Light's other robots to conquer the world. As he was programmed with the instincts and consciousness of any normal human, Rock volunteered to stop Dr. Wily and his army. Dr. Light reluctantly gave in to Rock's wishes and converted him into Mega Man, a super robot warrior.

Since that day, Mega Man had always been there to stop Dr. Wily and his plans of world domination, through the Gamma theft, Wily's manipulation of Dr. Cossack and Proto Man, the Robot Fighting Tournament as Mr. X, the evil energy crisis, even a time-space adventure with Sonic the Hedgehog. He gained new allies and more rivalries along the way of his adventures. One day, however, Mega Man was knocked out and attacked by a mysterious robot. The ambush put him into stasis and many assumed he had died.

As a Maverick Hunter

Mega Man's stasis condition was found later by Split Mushroom and Cyber Peacock, who took him to Mobius and remade him into a Reploid, whilst also making their own modifications to him. Sigma Prime was able to easily convince the naive robot that Dr. Wily escaped here and was using a Repliforce army to conquer the world. Mega Man went down to encounetr Repliforce and meet his older counterpart, X, and several of the Robot Masters, who revealed the truth to him.

Distraught that he was tricked so easily and felt incompetent, Mega Man requested to join the Maverick Hunters, which they accepted, and Mega Man was brought into the Sigma Wars, though with little trust in Dr. Wily's former henchmen.


Mega Man is a very nice and understanding individual that believes in peace and justice, and does all he can to avoid a major fight if at all possible. He is never willing to put others in harm's way, but gets very determined and easily cocky when he sets his mind to helping otehrs and stopping evil. He is also quite gulliable as well, as shown when he was easily tricked by Sigma to fight Repliforce, convinced they were working for Dr. Wily.

Special Weapons and Abilities

Mega Man's signature weapon is the Mega Buster. Similar to the X-Buster and I-Buster, the Mega Buster shoots projectiles of highly-compressed solar energy (though most jokenly see them as lemons) and can be charged up for more powerful attacks. Mega Man is also equipped with a Variable Weapons System, which allows him to copy his opponents powers and use them as his own. Since being rebuilt, Mega Man has retained all previous weapons and rarely copies any more. He has a total of 122 known special weapons.

Mega Man also aquires help from support robots Dr. Light made for him, which were also brought to teh Mobian world. Eddie can supply several items to replenish his health and weapon energy, and Beat can help him out of bottomless pits and attack hard-to-hit enemies. But Rush is his most useful help, able to use several modes of transportation for Mega Man, including a hoverboard, a submarine, a drilling vehicle, and a coil platform. Rush also has a Super Adaptor built so he could give Mega Man an extra armor for more powerful attacks and reach higher places.

Mega Man: Powered Up weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his very first adventure.

  • Rolling Cutter: Obtained from Cut Man. Fires an arching boomerang-like scissor pair.
  • Super Arm: Obtained from Guts Man. Mega Man picks up a block or heavy object with one arm and chucks it at enemies.
  • Ice Slasher: Obtained from Ice Man. Fires an arrow-head ice beam that freezes enemies and even fire.
  • Hyper Bomb: Obtained from Bomb Man. Throws some powerful bombs in a small arc.
  • Fire Storm: Obtained from Fire Man. Shoots a fireball at enemies as a fiery orb circulates Mega Man.
  • Thunder Beam: Obtained from Elec Man. Shoots a stream of electricity in three directions.
  • Time Slow: Obtained from Time Man. Slows down time for a short while.
  • Oil Slider: Obtained from Oil Man. Shoots an oil shot that immobilizes enemies, as well as create a board for Mega Man to ride on.

Mega Man 2 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his second encounter with Dr. Wily.

  • Metal Blade: Obtained from Metal Man. Throws blades at foes at any direction and deals large amount of damage to them.
  • Air Shooter: Obtained from Air Man. Fires several small tornadoes that go upward and sometimes downward or straight-forward.
  • Bubble Lead: Obtained from Bubble Man. Shoots a powerful bubble at foes.
  • Quick Boomerang: Obtained from Quick Man. Fires several fast-paced boomerang projectiles at enemies.
  • Crash Bomber: Obtained from Crash Man. Shoots a drill that attaches to any enemy or surface and then explodes as a bomb after a few moments.
  • Time Stopper: Obtained from Flash Man. Temporarily stops time until the Weapon Energy is depleted.
  • Atomic Fire: Obtained from Heat Man. Chargable fireball weapon that increased range and power the longer and more it's charged.
  • Leaf Shield: Obtained from Wood Man. Summons a shield of leafs that can be used against enemies.

Mega Man 3 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his third battle against Dr. Wily.

  • Needle Cannon: Obtained from Needle Man. Fires rapidly-firing needles at altered heights.
  • Magnet Missile: Obtained from Magnet Man. Fires magnet-shaped missiles that travel horizontally and then vertically after a while.
  • Gemini Laser: Obtained from Gemini Man. Shoots a laser that reflects off walls and hits other foes.
  • Hard Knuckle: Obtained from Hard Man. Fires a knuckle at foes with deadly affect.
  • Top Spin: Obtained from Top Man. Mega Man jumps and spins around for a small time.
  • Search Snake: Obtained from Snake Man. Shoots a homing snake-based missile, and even sends tracking snakes along the ground.
  • Spark Shock: Obtained from Spark Man. Mega Man's arm cannon(s) turn into nodes and attacks enemies with electric shocks upwards or straight-forward
  • Shadow Blade: Obtained from Wily's Shadow Man. Throws a ninja star at enemies in any direction; it goes for a certain range before returning.

Mega Man 4 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle with Dr. Cossack.

  • Flash Stopper: Obtained from Bright Man. Creates a small burst of light and time stops, simultaniously.
  • Rain Flush: Obtained from Toad Man. Summons acid rain that affects everything within its range and facinity.
  • Drill Bomb: Obtained from Drill Man. Fires drill-like bombs that can pierce through barriers and can even be detonated early.
  • Pharaoh Shot: Obtained from Pharaoh Man. Throws a chargable fireball that increases in power the longer it's charged.
  • Ring Boomerang: Obtained from Ring Man. Fires a ring-based projectile that boomerangs back after a while.
  • Dust Crusher: Obtained from Dust Man. Fires a bomb encased in junk that splits into four diagnolly-travelling bits when it hits something solid.
  • Dive Missile: Obtained from Dive Man. Fires special homiong missiles that lock onto their targets and chase them down until contact.
  • Skull Barrier: Obtained from Skull Man. A skull-shaped energy barrier appears to protect Mega Man that can also be used against foes.

Mega Man 5 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle with Proto Man, revealed later to be Darkman 4 in disguise.

  • Gravity Hold: Obtained from Gravity Man. Gravity on enemies is increased to 20G, and then reversed, sending them flying upwards.
  • Water Wave: Obtained from Wave Man. Mega Man punches the ground, sending a wave of water against foes.
  • Power Stone: Obtained from Stone Man. Several stones circle around Mega Man before firing at his targets. The targeting was mediocre before Cyber Peacock upgraded it.
  • Gyro Attack: Obtained from Gyro Man. Fires a propeller-shaped projectile at enemies that can also change direction.
  • Star Crash: Obtained from Star Man. Creates a star-shaped barrier to protect from attacks and be used against enemies.
  • Charge Kick: Obtained from Charge Man. Mega Man uses a fiery kick to damage enemies.
  • Napalm Bomb: Obtained from Napalm Man. Throws a bomb onto the ground that detonates after a few seconds.
  • Crystal Eye: Obtained from Crystal Man. Shoots a crystal orb to hit enemies; separates into smaller orbs after hitting a wall.

Mega Man 6 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle with Mr. X, later revealed to be Dr. Wily in disguise.

  • Blizzard Attack: Obtained from Blizzard Man. Creates several snowflakes that hover around Mega Man and fire in the direction he is facing.
  • Centaur Flash: Obtained from Centaur Man. Instantaniously attacks and damages all enemies and projectiles within range in a flash of light, ignoring all shields of enemies.
  • Flame Blast: Obtained from Flame Man. Mega Man slams his arm cannon(s) onto the ground and unleashes fire towers from the ground.
  • Knight Crush: Obtained from Knight Man. Shoots a spiked ball straightforward before arcing back to Mega Man.
  • Plant Barrier: Obtained from Plant Man. Creates a plant leaf-based barrier to defend Mega Man and can be used to attack enemies.
  • Silver Tomahawk: Obtained from Tomahawk Man. Throws a fast-moving tomahawk at foes.
  • Wind Storm: Obtained from Wind Man. Shoots several small tornadoes that go straight-forward against enemies.
  • Yamato Spear: Obtained from Yamato Man. Throws several spearheads at enemies.

Mega Man 7 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle with Dr. Wily, shortly after Wily's escape from prison.

  • Freeze Cracker: Obtained from Freeze Man. Fires a shard of ice that splits into six small shards when it hits a wall.
  • Junk Shield: Obtained from Junk Man. Creates a shield made of scrapmetal parts and can even be used against enemies.
  • Danger Wrap: Obtained from Burst Man. Shoots a bomb within a bubble that goes upward and can even trap certain enemies within the bubble.
  • Thunder Bolt: Obtained from Cloud Man. Fires an electric orb that splits up and down upon hitting an enemy.
  • Wild Coil: Obtained from Spring Man. Throws several spring-based bombs at enemies that deal more damage when charged up.
  • Slash Claw: Obtained from Slash Man. Mega Man releases a short-ranged slash wave at enemies.
  • Noise Crush: Obtained from Shade Man. Fires a high-powered soundwave that bounces off of walls.
  • Scorch Wheel: Obtained from Turbo Man. Unleashes a wheel of fire that rolls along the ground, damaging and incinerating anything in its path.

Mega Man 8 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during the evil energy crisis.

  • Tornado Hold: Obtained from Tengu Man. Drops a fan that creates a tornado to trap and damage enemies.
  • Astro Crush: Obtained from Astro Man. Unleashes meteor storm onto all enemies within range, and Mega Man is invincible during this time.
  • Flame Sword: Obtained from Sword Man. Summons a fire-based sword to be used at close-range and can even ignite certain flammable things.
  • Thunder Claw: Obtained from Clown Man. An electric whip that can be used as an attack as well as a grappler.
  • Homing Sniper: Obtained from Search Man. Fires a homing attack at enemies that can hit multiple enemies in a single shot when charged.
  • Ice Wave: Obtained from Frost Man. Sends a small icile that can go down as a wave when it hits the ground.
  • Flash Bomb: Obtained from Grenade Man. Fires a bomb that explodes when it hits something, but stays active for a while.
  • Water Balloon: Obtained from Aqua Man. Shoots a water orb in a low arc.

Mega Man & Bass weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his temporary team-up with Bass against King's army.

  • Tengu Blade: Obtained from Tengu Man. Multitasking weapon that can be used as a wave projectile as well as be used as close-ranged slashing weapon.
  • Copy Vision: Obtained from Astro Man. A copy of Mega Man appears in front of him that shoots at enemies for a while before disappearing.
  • Lightning Bolt: Obtained from Dynamo Man. Summons a rain of powerful lightning bolts that cover the entire battlefield.
  • Ice Wall: Obtained from Cold Man. Creates an ice column that can be pushed back to attack enemies.
  • Spread Drill: Obtained from Ground Man. Fires a drill-like missile that can be split into smaller ones for double the effect.
  • Remote Mine: Obtained from Pirate Man. Shoots a remote-controlled mine to be detonated against foes.
  • Wave Burner: Obtained from Burner Man. Shoots a short-ranged flamethrower to be used against enemies.
  • Magic Card: Obtained from Magic Man. Mega Man throws cards straight-forward or upward before boomeranging back.

Mega Man 9 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle against Dr. Light's rampaging robots.

  • Concrete Shot: Obtained from Concrete Man. Shoots a short-ranged blob of concrete that solidifies when touching enemies, walls, or the ground; can also be used for temporary platforming.
  • Tornado Blow: Obtained from Tornado Man. Mega Man throws tornadoes and wind gusts all around him, blowing enemies away and affecting certain objects in the environment.
  • Laser Trident: Obtained from Splash Woman. Fires a trident-looking laser at enemies that can even break solid objects and hazards.
  • Plug Ball: Obtained from Plug Man. Shoots out electric balls to shock and attack enemies.
  • Jewel Satellite: Obtained from Jewel Man. Creates a jewel-like shield that stays up for as long as Mega Man does not unleash it against enemies, and can deflect or destroy enemy projectiles.
  • Hornet Chaser: Obtained from Hornet Man. Summons several robotic bee drones to attack enemies and grab items, albiet in that order.
  • Magma Bazooka: Obtained from Magma Man. Fires concentrated magma balls in three directions.
  • Black Hole Bomb: Obtained from Galaxy Man. Creates a controlled black hole that sucks in all enemies and projectiles and destroys them from within.

Mega Man 10 weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during the Roboenza Virus outbreak.

  • Triple Blade: Obtained from Blade Man. Shoots blades that go out in three directions.
  • Water Shield: Obtained from Pump Man. Creates a water based shield that can be used against enemies.
  • Commando Bomb: Obtained from Commando Man. Fires a controllable missile that has a large spread when hitting a wall or enemy.
  • Chill Spike: Obtained from Chill Man. Shoots a special freezing gel that goes in a parabolic trajectory, placing freeze spikes when used on the ground and freezes enemies when hit.
  • Thunder Wool: Obtained from Sheep Man. Summons a wool cloud to rain lightning down on enemies.
  • Rebound Striker: Obtained from Strike Man. Mega Man throws a powerful PokeBall-like projectile at enemies that bounces off of walls, growing faster and stronger with each bounce.
  • Wheel Cutter: Obtained from Nitro Man. Mega Man unleashes a spiked-wheel that rolls along the landscape, damaging any enemy it hits, and can even scale walls.
  • Solar Blaze: Obtained from Solar Man. Releases a sphere that splits into two waves of fire after a while.

Mega Man V weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his battle against the Stardroids.

  • Grab Buster: Obtained from Mercury. Shoots a shot burst that steals energy and items from enemies.
  • Bubble Bomb: Obtained from Venus. Fires two bubbles that rise upwards in a weaving pattern, but explode if touching something.
  • Photon Missile: Obtained from Mars. Fires a missile that is perfect for setting up traps, due to its small delay.
  • Electric Shock: Obtained from Jupiter. Releases a short-ranged bolt of lightning from Mega Man's hand.
  • Black Hole: Obtained from Saturn. Creates black hole that sucks weak enemies in and destroys them.
  • Deep Digger: Obtained from Uranus. Mega Man picks up blocks or heavy objects he is standing above and use them against enemies.
  • Break Dash: Obtained from Pluto. Mega Man dashes quickly and damages any enemies in his path.
  • Salt Water: Obtained from Neptune. Fires an orb of water that can be split into three when hitting an object.
  • Spark Chaser: Obtained from Terra. Shoots a homing laser at enemies.

Street Fighter x Mega Man weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his birthday bash fiasco with the Street Fighter cast.

  • Mine Sweeper: Obtained from Rolento. Mega Man lobs a bomb at enemies that deals good amount of damage.
  • Yoga Inferno: Obtained from Dhalsim. Shoots a stream of fire at enemies.
  • Aegis Reflector: Obtained from Urien. Brings up a shield that reflects all projectiles back with the same amount of force put into them.
  • Hadouken: Obtained from Ryu. Mega Man throws a fireball from his hands, which he can also charge up for double the effect.
  • Tropical Hazzard: Obtained from Blanka. Mega Man summons a watermelon to be used to kick enemies or use as a spring to get to higher places.
  • Soul Satellite: Obtained from Rose. Creates an orbed shield around Mega Man and can unleash energy attacks against foes.
  • Optic Laser: Obtained from C. Viper. Fires a long and powerful beam at foes.
  • Lightning Kick: Obtained from Chun-Li. Mega Man kicks in a furied and fast pace.

Worlds Collide weapons

These are weapons that Mega Man obtained during his Genesis Wave adventure with Sonic.

  • Tail Wind: Obtained from Tails Man. Fires a stream of wind in a horizontal pattern.
  • Piko Hammer: Obtained from Rose Woman. Mega Man's hand turns into a powerful hammer used to deal damage and deflect certain attacks.
  • Sharp Knuckle: Obtained from Knuckles Man. Mega Man unleashes a spiked super punch onto enemies.
  • Chaos Cannon: Obtained from Eggman's Shadow Man. Fires a Chaos energy beam at foes that freeze them in place for a while then heavilly damages them, or just straight-up damages them anyway.
  • Psycho Burst: Obtained from Silver Man. Shoots a beam of Psychokinetic powers that can also stun and freeze enemies in place.
  • Fire Tornado: Obtained from Blaze Woman. Shoots a spiralling flame blast at opponents.
  • Rapid Stinger: Obtained from Charmy Man. Rapid-firing sting-needle weapon that causes certain amount of damage to enemies.
  • Chroma Camo: Obtained from Espio Man. Mega Man turns invisible for a while. When invisible, this weapon turns into a spear-like projectile.
  • Acoustic Blaster: Obtained from Vector Man. Fires a musical stream at enemies to disrupt sound for a small bit.
  • Black Wave: Obtained from Rouge Woman. Shoots ring waves of ultra-high frequency sound at enemies, occasionally paralyzing and confusing them.

Other Weapons

These are other weapons that Mega Man obtained during other unknown adventures.

  • Centaur Arrow: Obtained from Centaur Man. Shoots arrows that attack in random directions.
  • Pharaoh Wave: Obtained from Pharaoh Man. Releases two waves of solar energy; one forward, the other backwards.
  • Ballade Cracker: Obtained from Ballade. Triangular bomb that can be fired in any direction.
  • Screw Crusher: Obtained from Punk. Mega Man throws a saw that moves up and then loops down.
  • Mirror Buster: Obtained from Enker. Creates a shield in front of Mega Man that can absorb enemy shots and deflect them back at them.
  • Magnetic Shockwave: Obtained from Onslaught. Shoots a shockwave from the ground at foes to deal considerable damage.
  • Mega Ball: Obtained from Dr. Light. Mega Man summons a soccer-ball that can be used against enemies or on environmental objects.





  • Mega Man being assumed by the Robot Masters to be dead is an in-joke in that many now assume that Mega Man has essentially died, due to Capcom not making any new games without cancelling them.

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