With the events of Metal Apallo behind them, The NMA has decided to have Its Mech Unit Division help out with the clean up. With all the robotic parts covering the planet and with the wreckage areas for  the war factories. Most of the scraps and other parts of the wreckage areas were used for materials for Mechs.

A year later, special locations were made for the mechs to  be deployed and thus became popular amongs "mech-heads" on Mobius.

Universal Mech Federation

The Organization Sent a message to mobius for those who would want to find a way to use mechs, they could start the Mobian Galaxy Sector of the Universe to registure the area for the Universal Mech League. A Gathering of the Universe's best Mech Fighters to compete for the prize, the Champion's Position and Belt. 


The National Mobian Army uses thier mechs for Combat and Large Transport

Other Mech Types


Combat Mechs

Ride Armor

Mech Bases

Normal Beast-Man Tiny Detachables Beast


Weapon Types




Turrets/Mini Turrets

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