Maverick Hunter Mark

Maverick Hunters Symbol

The Maverick Hunters are a team of bounty hunters, officially hired by the government to track down and take down Mavericks.


The Maverick Hunters organization was formed in 20XX, during the beginning of the Maverick Wars, as a way to counter the progressing number of Mavericks threatening the globe. The original commander was Sigma, who lead with great power and charisma. However, he soon became fascinated with Reploid evolution and turned Maverick to unleash the true potential of his race, through then-B-Class hunter, X. His plan ultimately failed, and the Maverick Hunters prospered as their SWAT team.

Several months later, the Maverick Hunters were engaged in a civil war with illegal Bounty Hunting syndicate, Red Alert, because one of their former members, Axl, left Red Alert after feeling unappreciated and manipulated by their leader Red. Calling in help from their business partners, Repliforce, the Maverick Hunters were able to take down Red Alert and Axl soon found a new home in the Maverick Hunters. 

After the mission on Giga City, many more new Hunters joined the cause, but during the late days of the Maverick Wars, things began to shift for the worse. Thanks in many part to the manipulation of Sigma and Lumine, a massive Maverick invasion took place, turning Abel City into a wasteland and estroying the Maverick Hunter Base. A vast majority of the Hunters were killed, including commander Signas. Those that survived were severely wounded or declared missing. The remaining survivors were taken to Repliforce HQ and given a new base: a flying battleship named the Olympus, to use as a home and strategic base of operations during the new Sigma Wars.


There are two different ranking systems in the Maverick Hunters: one for positioning, and the other for class designation. Both systems are judged based on how well a Hunter does in battle, through mind, will, heart, speed, and charity, among other such actions and instincts.

Positioning System

  • Ensign: Lowest rank and a fresh recruit. They are often paired with a Lieutenant, and always greet the Commander and Captain first when first joining.
  • Lieutenant: Officer and a staying rank taht often advises and partners with Ensigns. These hunters can become a Lieutenant Captain or Lieutenant Commander, depending on approval.
  • Lieutenant Captain: Secondary liason between forces and the Commander taht may be promoted to or replace Captain if the latter is unavailable or unfit to command for any length of time.
  • Captain: Primary liason between forces and the Commander. A Captain assists his/her commander and gives out the daily orders.
  • Lieutenant Commander: Second-in-command of the Maverick Hunters that assists the Commander. A Lietenant Commander can be promoted to or replace Commander if the latter is unavailable or unfit to command for any length of time.
  • Commander: Highest Maverick Hunter rank and overall leader. Commanders lead all forces and are often the marshall in combat.

Class System

  • Class D: Starting rank of all hunters, regardless of abilities and species. A hunter that stays in this rank for a long period of time is considered a terrible hunter.
  • Class C: Second lowest ranking. It shows that a hunter is steadily improving their abilities, but requires further training and experience.
  • Class B: A mostly frowned-upon rank, showing great potential in a Hunter, but still in need of improvement on their flaws and errors.
  • Class A: An average hunter ranking, showing that a hunter has broken many barriers and is on their way to great rewards and praise among his/her peers.
  • Class S: A very high rank, showing that a hunter has nearly reached his/her limits and shown their full potential and powers.
  • Class SA: Also known as "Special A". Only goes to those that are strong and willing enough in battle and able to set examples for those in need.
  • Class GA: Also known as "Gold A". Awarded to any Hunter with a strong sense of valor and heart.
  • Class PA: Also known as "Platina A". One of the most difficult to get, but awarded to those who are shown to be fast and powerful enough to obtain one.
  • Class MMH: Second highest ranking. Given to the hunters with exceptional skill in battle and also in charity for other innocent Reploids and Mobians.
  • Class UH: Highest ranking a Maverick Hunter can get. Signifies that one if the Ultimate Hunter and is a force to be reckoned with, on and off the battlefield.

Known Members

Battle Squadrons


Honorary Hunters

These are all honorary hunters, who are organics or non-Maverick Hunter Reploids that helped in the Maverick Wars or did bold and brave actions that awarded them the prestige honor of being inducted into the hunter ranks.

Former Members


  • The Maverick Hunters are named and based after the organization of the same name from Mega Man X.

See Also

  • Repliforce, an army that often assists the Hunters
  • Maverick Army, an army that often opposes the Hunters.
  • Red Alert, a group of Maverick-hunting bounty hunters.

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