Combat Skills

Blizzard Matthew

Matthew's alternate transformation. Using a massive supply of energy or by using the Chaos Emeralds, Matthew can power himself up and transform into his Blizzard form. In this form, he turns completely white, a light-blue aura surrounds him, and he seems to have control of blizzards or anything ice-related. This is not classified as a Super form, but it exhausts Matthew everytime he uses it because of its immense power.

Dark Matthew

A form that Matthew cannot control when he uses it. Matthew's sense of reasoning dwindels to near-nothing, but he gains extremely immense levels of power. Matthew only attains this form from negative Chaos energy or if someone he loves (i.e his friends, Zelda) is hurt badly or passes away. Matthew can also access this form at will, if he's used it before. Zelda asks him never to use this form unless it's an emergency.

Ultra Combo # 1: Cold Cut

Matthew starts out by saying "Don't underestimate me!" and activates his Blizzard form. He charges towards his opponent and does the Shoryuken technique to knock them upwards. After the opponent is high in the air, he knocks them to the ground with his tail and says "You're not done yet!" and freezes them in a block of ice. After this happens, Matthew violently spins downwards towards the block of ice and breaks it, stunning the opponent for five seconds.

Ultra Combo # 2: Time to Break the Ice

Matthew starts out by saying "Hey, chill out!" and rushes towards his opponent with blinding speed. He kicks the oposing player in the stomach and backflips into a wall (if possible) and spins into the opponent violently. He then activates his Blizzard form at the last second and freezes the opponent. Afterwards, he does the Shoryuken technique to shatter the ice and launch the opponent far into the air.

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