The Sigma Wars is a miniseries taking place shortly after the Paradise Lost duology in the Maverick Hunter X continuity. This is the navigation page for said miniseries. The episodes will come out in chunks, and the story will mostly be told from the perspectives of the Maverick Hunters, the Maverick Army, and Repliforce, and major battles will be landmarks in the timeline.


Sigma has returned, and with a vengeance! After nearly destroying Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, they've finally got themselves back on even footing with the Maverick Army! Their challenge, is to beat back the Mavericks and stop Sigma's new world plans! They are the only things that stand between Sigma, and the end of Mobius as we know it! With Repliforce now fully mobilized, can the Reploids salvage their ravaged world?


Please read Paradise Lost if you haven't. (it'll help you know what's going on!) Links provided below:

Episode List

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