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Sushit the Phish

Sush*t the Phish Under Construction

Markus the Techhound is currently being written by Apallo. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete.


Born in well... "a gutter of a town" Markus was surrounded by negitive influences such as Gang Violence, Prostotution etc. His father and mother always kept him from the neighborhood hoodlems. He was always with his father working on different cars and technological items. Markus also studied at a very young age so that he could surpass his own father and help him out when needed.

At Age 12 Markus lost his father in a Drive By which forced his mother to move him to Station Square in where he made a vow on his father's grave that he would be even greater than him. And with the help of his new school's resources he managed to graduate two years later. Seeking a career, he decided to make his own business just like his father and used his brain to create and repair things, which takes him about  3 Hours - 1 Day. One day, A man in a black suit, black tie, and black hair left him a package, to him he thought it was something to tinker with and so he tinkered with it only to activate a mechinasiam that shot radiation on his body. This special Radiation is called Specialloix. ((Specialloix is a form of ability creating formula that modifies one's normal bodily funcion (Thinking, Writing etc) and gives it a huge boost. Other Side-Effects include the addition of a new ability based on talent or great skill) The substance speeped into his DNA but in the process caused him to go into a coma. 

Markus awoke from his coma after 3 Months. His mother who had always stayed with him was overjoyed to see her child awake from his sleep. Markus was then given a note with instructions on how to use his new powers and that when the time was right, he would know why he was given them in the first place.

And so the years went by, Markus had his business running for a good 4 Years until he left for collage and graduated with a perfect record. It was a year later when men from an Orgnization called the Origanization of Water/Watchers had visted his home in hopes of getting him to join them. And So he did. He showed them how he could create weapons and shields with nothing but toys or broken pieces of metal and worked his way up in the ranks as a Civilian Commander, a high rank that allows said rank holder to house a squad of officals in the police force and from the Orginization while walking around as a Civilian.

Markus is now 19 Years Old. And to this day, he still runs his busniess to honor his father and to help his mother.



Love Intrest





SMBZ Transformation (Transformed)03:39

SMBZ Transformation (Transformed)

Markus' All Star Theme and Super Move Theme

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