Marino the Jaguar
Marino the Jaguar
Marino is a renowned treasure hunter and petty thief.






Very skilled in ninja techniques, specifically in the Kunoichi arts.

Love Interests



Stealing, valubles, money, being sneaky in battle, visiting Cinnamon, finding good stuff to steal, etc.


Getting caught, being called a whore, deadbeats, G.U.N., the government, annoying people, etc.

Voice Actor

Carol-Anne Day

Marino the Jaguar is a Reploid Treasure Hunter and Thief that also serves in the Maverick Hunters' Femme Fatale Squad. She first met them on the Space Colony ARK when trying to find some supplies so Cinnamon could help save X. Marino is a swift and nimble Hunter that likes to help out if and when she can.


Initial Encounter

Marino is a wanted theif for stealing other treasures and money from many ruins and top places, using her ninja-like reflexes to steal from teh greedy and actually gvie to some of the poor and needy, while keeping some of it for herself. However, many media and governemnt reports were shown that she would keep it all for herself and placed a pretty big bounty on her. The Maverick Hunters met her on the Space Colony ARK while trying to gain supplies to help X, who was on the brink of death. Marino stole most of these supplies from them, believing someone may need them more. However, after being attacked and nearly captured by Julius and his Black Arms army, she was saved by Axl and Zero.

She was ever grateful for that, but soon after, kidnapped Cinnamon, to put her to better use for the world. Cinnamon, still very naive and young, thought of this as an act of kindness, but Axl stopped Marino and the duo fought. The fight was brought to a No Contest when Layer kidnapped Cinnamon and tried to turn her into a prostitute. Thankfully, Marino and Axl were able to team up and rescue her, though Axl mostly didn't trust her.

From Thief to Hunter

Marino would later travel to Giga City to steal Dr. Izzy Glow's Force Metal Generator. As she snuck around his laboratory, she came across a young Reploid named Geneva, who was revealed to be the Generator. Deciding to kidnap her instead, Marino prepared to take her leave. However, she is stopped by Dr. Psyche of the Rebellion Army, who steal Geneva for themselves and try making their getaway. Marino joins up with I the Hedgehog and her allies to stop Psyche. After defeating Dr. Psyche, Marino was healed and saved by Geneva and allowed to join the group, along with Geneva, who insisted on joining herself.

During the many battles with the Rebellion, Marino proved her athelticism and ninja-like instincts very well, and was extremely powerful in helping defeat Shadow Man and Ring Man, as well as scan pictures of what turned out to be a Supra-Force Metal-powered missile the Rebellion planned to launch. After the fall of the Rebellion, Marino tried comforting Geneva, who was in tears of the thought they would have to leave their new friends. The whole Giga City Civil War, however, turned out to be a manipulative set-up by Colonel Redips for him to gain the Supra-Force Metal and gain superior power and be granted god-like power. Heading to the Far East HQ, they encountered The Eight Sons of Wily and defeated them, with the group having much trouble with Air Man.

As they fought Redips in his office, he proved to be quite a powerful one for even Marino to handle. After battle, he escaped to the Space Station Babel, with the girls in hot pursuit. Reaching the top floor, Redips used the large Supra-Force Metal quantities to transform into Great Redips, proving far too powerful for them to defeat. However, with an unexpected assist from Vile, the girls removes the Supra-Force Metal fragments powering him up and I finished him off.

Following this, Marino and the other members of the group (save Repliforce soldiers Arcee and Sari) were all congratulated and rewarded by being granted membership into the Maverick Hunters' new Femme Fatale Squad.


Marino is a kind thief that is like a feline ninja version of Robin Hood. She always thinks of giving to others before saving for herself. She can also have a bit of a seductive and flirtatious nature towards others. She mostly displays the latter with Zero, which often flares up Iris' jealousy. Marino still likes to steal or gather things rare or valuable, as a thief, but always knows when to do the right thing.



Original Counterpart

Main Article: Marino

Marino is a playable character that appeared in Mega Man X: Command Mission. She is the token thief character similar to Robin Hood, the female ninja kunoichi, and several female thief characters in Japanese fiction, including Rouge the Bat. In the game, she meets X and his companions, Spider and Steel Massimo, in Chapter 4, sneaking into Professor Gaudile's laboratory to steal his Force Metal Generator, who would turn out to be Cinnamon.

After being saved from death by Cinnamon and being found by the Resistance, she joins up to stop the Rebellion and starts a deep friendship with the same Reploid she tried to kidnap. For the rest of the game, she makes no other appearances in actual cutscenes, but in dialogue boxes.


  • Marino is Chill Sonic Fanon's first Jaguar character.
  • Marino is the only "playable character" in The Ladies of Giga City that originally appeared in Mega Man X: Command Mission and is a full representation of her original counterpart rather than fulfilling similar roles to the original characters.

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