Maki the Dog
Maki is the older twin sister of Chizuru, based on Maki Kagura from The King of Fighters, her mobian incarnation was made by Sonicstar3000


Maki is the late elder sister of Chizuru Kagura, also from the Yata clan. Not much is known about her, except she was killed trying to protect the seal of Orochi against the leader of the Hakkesshu, Goenitz. The Maki who appears later is an illusion created by the Mirror of Yata by Chizuru, who was, at the time, under the control of Botan, a member of Those from the Past.


During her lifetime, Maki was very happy with her family and worried about the Yata clan and the fate of the Yata. The illusion Maki was quite serious about her duty to the "seal". Her fighting style is basically the same of her sister's, but she relies more on using her mirror images. Like her sister and everyone else, she is strong enough to throw large characters such as Daimon and Tizoc. Both Maki and Chizuru share one three-tier life bar. When one sister is defeated, so is the other.


  • Maki was originally going to have short hair, but this idea was scrapped.
  • Despite being "introduced" in KOF03, she was actually playable in KOF96 as a secret

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