Cities and Capitals


  • Maja City - Capital
  • Delcbag
  • Wealabang
  • Korith
  • Zeti Kingdom


  • Domed Capital: Zephyer
  • Neo Zepher City
  • Sharza Coast
  • Mariee City


Mount Gaia

Mount Gaia is located on the border of Eastern and Central Majang. Being the tallest mountian on the continent, most of the towns and villigaes there are part of a never ending cold climate, with a Ski Resourt chain on the opposite sides of the mountian range.

The Zeti Kingdom

When the zeti of the Lost Hex decided to settle on the land below, there was a Family that lead them to a place of beauty and bountiful resourses. It was then that this family would be known as the Royal Zeti Family. for Many a generation, this royal family has been making peace with the mobians of the surrounding area, expanding the Kingdom into what it is today. As of now, after the Previous King and Queen, King Zybolt and Queen Zmber, their child, Princess Zapphire became the Kingdom's Leader. Princess Zapphire now at the age of 500 (Since as of Sonic Lost World, it is known by quote by Master Zik, that Zeti can live for hundred apon thousands of years)She rules the Kingdom with kindness, bringing hope to the people who live under her. The area where the Kingdom is, is in Majang's central area.


Western Majang

Cube Forest

Rainbow Villiage

Rocky Ruins

Limestone Valley

Crystal Cape

Eastern Majang

Royal Fields

Sappire Springs

Azure Caves

Bamboo Grove

Gray Peaks

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