Maddie is a useful item-delivery robot made by Iris




Carry and deliver useful items to needy Maverick Hunters and Repliforce soldiers


Limitless storage compartment in body opened via bow on her head, jetpack and location sensor

Love Interests



Being useful, helping out everyone, spending time with the Hunters, feeling normal, etc.


Having no hands, feeling useless, having too much to deliver, seeing people killed, etc.

Maddie is a sort of helper robot that was created by Iris the Hedgehog during the Copy-X Incident along with Tango. She is a portable storage robot that stores valuable items and weapons for the Hunters, and mostly serves to deliver them.


Maddie was built by Iris sometime after the Red Alert conflict, using some equiptment and stuff found at Red Alert's hide-out. Her intention was to create a non-combat support robot that could aid the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce by storing and giving weapons, upgrades, and other usefull items to them when most needed. Maddie was completed and presented at the beginning of the Copy-X incident. She proved to be very useful to the group, always able to help Zero and Axl in a pinch, and still continues to do this today.


Maddie is a very overjoyous robot that loves to have fun and feel useful to her teammates in item carrying and delivering. However, she doesn't like having to deliver multiple things to others, as she will always get confused on what she has to get and often give the wrong person the wrong item(s). Maddie has also shown discomfort of having no hands or arms, but Iris hopes to fix this one day.




  • Maddie is the first original character in the Maverick Hunter X series. All other characters before her debut in A Gate Discovered were simply Mobian versions of already-existing Mega Man characters.
  • Maddie was essentially created as a sort of answer to having an Eddie-like character for Maverick Hunter X, and for more variety and originality.

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