Warning: This is an excerpt from Roleplay: The Fall of Tau Volantis. This also contains scenes of violence that may not be appropriate for all viewers. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


(The scene is set in a Unitologist church)

(Unitologist members are chanting the words: "Make her whole... complete the cycle of rebirth...)

Fargus: Luna the Hedgebat, bright and beautiful daughter of Alex and Cassie... are you prepared to join the cycle of rebirth?

Luna: Yes... anything to see my father again.

Fargus: A good choice... I was friends with your father and mother... bless their souls.

(Fargus raises a giant cleaver above his head)

(Dust peeks in a church window)

Dust: LUNA!! (bashes the Church doors open with his shoulder)

(everyone gasps and looks back at Dust)

Fargus: Oh, well, if it isn't my younger brother... You're just in time to see your beloved Luna be made whole!

Luna: I'm sorry, Dust... I want to see my father again... (sheds a tear)

Dust: No, Luna! He's tricking you! (sheds tears)

Fargus: She wants to be made whole... who am I to deny her?!

(Fargus brings the cleaver down to Luna's hands)

(A slicing noise is heard and blood flies everywhere)

Luna: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls to the ground, crying in pain and agony)

Dust: LUNA!!!! (runs to her side)

Fargus: Hahahahahaha! Do you see this, my fellow Unitologists?! The girl shall be made whole! ALTMAN BE PRAISED!

Crowd: Altman be praised!

Luna: (crying) I-I'm sorry, Dust...

(Luna's hands are missing from her arms; blood continues to gush out)

Dust: L-luna... Why did you do this?! (sheds a tear)

Luna: I wanted to be with my father... (sniffs) It looks like I will now...

Dust: But... you can't leave me... I need you...

Luna: I know... (kisses him) I.... I love you, Dust...

(Luna dies in Dust's arms)

Dust: ...No.... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Dust's cries echo throughout the church)

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