Luke the Warrior
Luke the Warrior
Luke is a skilled legendary warrior and leader of the Light Warriors






Excellent swordsman, amazing resiliency, great leadership, but cannot use any magic

Love Interests

Lily the White Mage


Defending the kingdoms and towns, honor, loyalty, a good battle, worthy adversaries, etc.


Failing, allowing darkness to prevail, unworthy opponents, his allies being endangered, cowards, etc.

Luke the Warrior is the leader of the Light Warriors, a legendary group of warriors that defend their medieval fantasy world from any evil that graces the land. Despite living in a long-near-forgotten timeline, the Light Warriors sometimes find themselves within the present-day, an environment unfamiliar to them. Luke is the strongest and most resilient of all of the gang, but is unable to perform any magic spells. He is a determined individual that has a strong sense or honor and nobility.


Luke was once a young squire who was learning from some of the greatest knights of Cornelia. He had traioned hard to one day be a knight when one day, during one of his duties, he stumbled upon a young lady in danger. Putting chivalry above all else, Luke charged in and valiently defeated dark minions of who he later found out to be servants of the corrupted knight Garland. The young lady introduced herself as Lily and revealed that they were after her because she held the legendary four elemental crystals.

Vowing to protect her at all costs and find the mystery to the crystals, Luke and Lily travelled to the town of Yorksfir, where they sought help from the wise Red Mage Paris. He revealed that an ancient prophecy foretold of the crystals choosing four Light Warriors to carry them and rid the land of all darkness, so that light may be restored to them and the world. The group founded a young thief named Gill and were then chosen by the four crystals. Luke was chosen to hold teh Fire Crystal and was also unanimously elected as the group's leader. Luke and his new allies have since wandered the land to restore light to the crystals and defeat the evil forces sent by Garland.


Luke is a warrior of honor and nobility. He always believes in a fair fight and always fights in the name of all that is good. However, he often worries about his comrades' safety, not wishing them to be killed in battle. Sometimes, this can be his greatest weakness, with Lily being the prime target for him.




  • Luke is based off of the Warrior class from the original Final Fantasy game.

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