This is a list of characters featured in Zay Escobar.

Main Characters

Zion "Zay" Escobar 

ZEOA Zaya Zay Escobar 1

First Appearance: 1: Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition DX

The main protagonist of the series. He's an aggressive 11 year old who loves football and hanging out with his friends. Zay is seen to dislike toilet humor as he finds it uncreative and just plain disgusting. He has a tendency to have a bad temper at times. His favorite football team is the Packers and tends to get rather defensive of them as seen in the comic where he goes Super Saiyan and uses his horns to violently impale Jaire, a person he's known for years. His real name is Zion, however most people refer to him simply as Zay for unknown reasons. His best friends are Shabba Clay, Vic Shiggy and Jaire. He formally dated Shelbye but later moved onto Rose presumably due to her interest in football(?). He also formally was enemies with Mauii Irvin-Muse before he shot her in the face for being a twit. His name is derived from series creator's (Mr.Zaya) and Kid Escobar.

Shabba Clay

ZEOA Zaya Shabba Clay 1

First Appearance: 4: Z A Y E S C O B A R 2 0 1 3

One of the three main protagonists and one of the coolest kids around. Often described as the best friend you hate for being cooler than you Shabba is exactly that, cooler than you. He always dawns his iconic shades, even during the winter. He's been shown to have a crush on a girl shrouded in mystery referred to as "Sexy Science Girl" by him and his friends. He's in a positive relationship with almost everyone he knows, excluding his deformed doppleganger "Shawba Clay" who once made him lose his cool. Shabba is normally calm and collected not getting agitated by much (excluding the aforementioned Shawba Clay). His name is derived from Shabba Ranks and...Clay Matthews. Huh. 

Victor "Vic" Shiggy

ZEOA Blu Vic Shiggy 1

First Appearance: 4: Z A Y E S C O B A R 2 0 1 3

The most grounded of the main trio (also considered the most geeky/wimpy). Whether he likes it or not he's normally dragged along for the ride, forced to join Zay and Shabba on their exploits. Vic isn't like Zay and Shabba, not taking a knack for sports or being super popular making their friendship a strange oxymoron and one of ZE's biggest enigmas. He's also relatively different from his siblings, not being a mischief maker like Tori or bundle of joy like Varinius. Vic is like the Double D of the Escogang, being down to Earth in comparison to the two. He's definitely not invincible however, as he's socially awkward as well as not as athletically advanced as his friends. He's al-- SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is derived from Vic Mignogna and Shigeru Miyamoto's. Initially, Vic was known as "Big Ass Bluray". 

Jaire "Crispy Chicken" 

ZEOA Zaya Jaire 1

First Appearance: 5: Where the Hood At?

Crispy McChicken, whose real name is Jaire, is a comrade and fellow classmate of the group. Crispy is a sports fanatic, even more-so than Shabba and Zay. Ironically, unlike Vic, Crispy isn't always caught up in the shenanigans Shabba and Zay get into. He often wears a knicks jacket, as like Zay, his favorite basketball team is the New York Knicks. Most of his favorite teams come from New York anyway, this best being examplified with the Giants who Crispy is a complete fanatic over. So fanatic that he often disregards the credibility of other teams, saying they all suck. Not even in comparison, just period. Yeah...Crispy isn't exactly the most intelligent ZE character as he's been known to say ignorant things on numerous ocassions. He also has a crush on Holly but she's dating Kool-Aid Kid so 0/10 no ty regardless.

Holly Evans

ZEOA Zaya Holly Evans 1

First Apperance: 3: The Packers Get Packed On

Holly Evans is one of the Escogang's closest female friends. She has multiple personality disorder, 4 different alter egos in total. Holly is a very opinionated person who loves debates and politics and has a pet pig she's bestowed with the title "Baroness Bacon Bits". She's also in a relationship with Kool-Aid Kid the two showing mutual love for each other. Holly is quick to defend her friends, but also quick to point them out when their wrong. One of the things she hates is liars. She also hates Amaru, but for unknown reason and the two have been shown to have a violent rivalry.

Johnathan "Nopac/Amaru" Lester Velazquez

ZEOA Ecruos Johnathan Velazquez 1

First Appearance: 12: The Comic That Got Rushed

Johnathan Velazquez is one of the Escogang's friends who Zay dubbed Nopac for unknown reason. Amaru is a sport fanatic, like most, but isn't into football, or basketball, as much as he is boxing, or UFC. Amaru is always in for screwing around with the gang whether it be with jokes, pranks or a mix of the two.. He often wears a light navy blue jacket, and a Tap-Out shirt under. He draws a red X with Sharpie on his hand, for some reason the group has yet to learn. His name is derived from unknown origin, as well as his "street name." being this user's nickname on chat, at times. Amaru has a tendancy to lie, his lies varying from blatant to (like Vic, Zay and Shabba's friendship origin) an enigma. This ocassionally gets him in hot water with the group, mostly Holly as the two constantly bicker as well as fight physically. John also has a sister who-- SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nate Xander

ZEOA Legion Nate Xander 1

First Appearance: 27: Nate the New

Nate Xander is the new kid in Parkgraw Middle, coming somewhere from Europe. Nate, so far, isn't particularly close to any member of the Escogang, and seems to be a tagalong of sorts. He doesn't really like any sport in particular, though, unlike some of the other kids. Also, he's rather cynical and quite snarky, being brutally honest at times, though is quite friendly and willing to join the Escogang on their various exploits. He hides some Grunkle Stan level secrets from the group and has edgy hair that everyone on Team Escobar has difficulty drawing (even Legion). Though not into sports he seems to get the basic gist and even warns the group of Clay Matthews European counterpart, Greg Inglis. His name is derived from Nate River's and Mister Xander's.

Major Characters

Recurring Characters

Paris Escobar

ZEOA Blu Paris Escobar 1

First Appearance: TBA

Zay and Rose's future son who is extremely playful and adventurous. He likes football (exposure and such) as well as a Game Boy Advance SP Zay gave him because it was lying around.

Minor Characters

Kool-Aid Cousin/Cool-Ayde Cuzzin

ZEOA Zaya Kool-Aid Cousin 1

First Appearance: TBA

Kool-Aid Kid's younger cousin who isn't like the rest of the family. He suffered a birth defect malforming the shape of his cup as well as giving him minor brain damage in the logical and comprehensive part of his brain. Even still he's still fun to have around, when he isn't doing Jaire level stupid things. He is often looked down upon at school due to his lack of impressive feats like the rest of his family (I.E Kool-Aid Man's sturdy build that allows him to run through at most 10 layers of solid brick, Kool-Aid Kid's social status at school and swordplay mastery, Lady Peach's beauty ETC) put normally ignores them because he's too real to care about their B.S. His existence is based off Zaya's failed attempt/joke drawing of Kool-Aid kid which eventually evolved into the character we know and love today.

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