List form


  1. Crash Bandicoot
  2. Coco Bandicoot
  3. Polar the Polar Bear
  4. Isabella Bandicoot
  5. Megumi Bandicoot
  6. Jimmy Grimley
  7. Yaya Panda
  8. Pasadena O' Possum
  9. Prince Grimly
  10. Lord Magmadon
  11. Emperor Sludge
  12. Oya-Oya
  13. Carlos Bandicoot
  14. Gazmoxia Ruler
  15. Foofie
  16. Tawna Bandicoot
  17. Papu Papu
  18. Kenny Bandicoot
  19. Ayo Ayo
  20. Viscount (Tazmanian) Devil
  21. Aureos Leos
  22. Doctor Neo Periwinkle Cortex
  23. Uka Uka
  24. Nina Cotex
  25. Tiny Tiger
  26. Zem
  27. Mortiz
  28. Tea "Evil Coco" Bandicoot
  29. Wa-Wa
  30. Py-Ro
  31. Komodo Moe
  32. Goat King
  33. N.Daze
  34. N.Tangled
  35. N.Trance
  36. Koala Kong
  37. Dingodile
  38. Don Pinstripelli Potorotti
  39. Willie Wumpa Cheeks
  40. Chick Gizzard Lips
  41. Madame Amberly


  1. Aku Aku
  2. Pura the Tiger Cub
  3. Iso "Good" Cortex
  4. Rok-Ko
  5. Arachnina Version 2
  6. Doctor Nitrus Brio
  7. Nitrous Oxide
  8. Geary
  9. Cortex's Znu
  10. Nash
  11. Crunch Bandicoot
  12. Yuktopus
  13. Archanina Version 1
  14. Ami Bandicoot
  15. Elizabeth "Liz" Bandicoot
  16. Nathan Bandicoot
  17. Carbon Crash Bandicoot
  18. Ebenezer Von Clutch
  19. Mecha Bandicoot
  20. Chief Spike
  21. Tyrant Snipe
  22. Warrior Ratcicle
  23. Penta Penguin
  24. Trash "Fake Crash" Bandicoot
  25. Onslaught
  26. Ripper Roo/Doctor Roo
  27. Doctor N.Gin
  28. Doctor Nefarious Tropy
  29. Slash "Evil Crash" Bandicoot
  30. Komodo Joe
  31. Emperor Velo the XXVII
  32. Krunk
  33. Norm
  34. Zam
  35. Victor
  36. Small Tiger
  37. Lo-Lo
  38. N.Tangled
  39. N.Tertain
  40. Stew
  41. Tikimon


  1. Ratnician
  2. Stench
  3. Crash Clones
  4. Shellephant
  5. Battler
  6. Ee-lectric
  7. Goar
  8. Grimly
  9. Magmadon
  10. Ratcicle
  11. Slap-E
  12. Koo-alas
  13. Voo-doo Bunnies
  14. Rhinoroller
  15. Scorporilla
  16. Sludge
  17. Snipe
  18. Spike
  19. TK
  20. Bratgirls
  21. Doom Monkey
  22. Znu


Name Date of Birth/Mutation/Incarnation/Creation Design Description Role Voice Actor

User Portraying

Number Role
Crash Bandicoot   Twinsanity Main protagonist capable of feww ords. He lives on Wumpa and N.Sanity Island with his family of Aku Aku, Coco and Crunch. He is very mysterious at times as with his lack of speech our characters often find Crash unpredictable. Main   1
Aku Aku   Wrath of Cortex Crash's first friend and primary ally, Aku Aku began helping Crash after Cortex had buried him in a metal crate, under the sand, on the beach in which Crash had saved him. The two worked together from then on in. He is also slightly overprotective of Coco.     2
Coco Bandicoot   of the Titans Crash's little sister who mysteriously came on the scene shortly after the events of Crash and Tawna's mutation     3
Crunch Bandicoot   Nitro Kart A modified mutant bandicoot origninally created to...well CRUNCH, Crash. When he was saved from Team Cortex it was revealed that he didn't want to be bad. He was merely under mind control. He later went on to live with the bandicoots and be an older brother figure to Crash and Coco     4
Polar the Polar Bear   Twinsanity Crash's pet polar bear he saved from the arctic. Polar usually doesn't go on adventures with Crash, but he thinks that's about to change     5
Pura the Tiger Cub   Team Racing Pura is Coco's pet she discovered during N.Tropy's first attack on time. They've been friends ever since. Pura however is very sensitive     6
Ami Bandicoot   Team Racing A bandicoot first seen at the CTR tourney. She's a fast runner and loves racing. She is currently practicing for the next big race     7
Isabella Bandicoot   Team Racing A clever, sneaky and intellgent bandicoot, Isabella is always at the top of her game even letting her be runner up of elimantion game show Bay Waters.     8
Elizabeth "Liz" Bandicoot   Team Racing Liz is what many consider to be a sell-out. She once posed in Bandiboy Magazine to earn her dream Malibu house and lives secluded from the rest of the world. She is treated badly in her neighbor and often taunted or harmed.     9
Megumi Bandicoot   Team Racing Megumi is not the usual 17 year old girl. For one she's a mutated female bandicoot running a perfume/colonge company. She is very confident but also quite and not very engaging to the idea of meeting up with her old friends.     10
 Jimmy Grimley   Bluray Jimmy is a young Grimly child often picked on for being short. But don't be fooled by his size you won't believe your eyes! His time stopping abilities are extremely special and even he doesnt' seem aware to this.     11
 Nathan Bandicoot   Legion A bandicoot mutated sometime before the events of Crash 2 by the sane Doctor Roo. Quite shy, he has a crush on Coco after knowing Crash and his friends for a long time.     12
Carbon Crash Bandicoot of the Titans A clone of Crash created by Doctor Cortex using his "Makeanotherator". Carbon assits Crash in his first adventure against the titans and later Coco as well in Cortex's betrayal against Uka Uka 13
Yaya Panda CNK3D Yaya is young panda girl with a crush on Crash. She was mutated by Coco to help stop Cortex, Oxide and Ripper Roo from outnumbering and banishing the heroes from N.Sanity Island 14
Iso "Good" Cortex Twinsanity The 10th dimension counterpart of Cortex who stops his failed mutations Tea and Slash from destroy Twinsanity Island 15
Archanina Version 1 Have Another Nina's defeated spider mech from the Crash Clone incident. The Crash clones are currently in posession of said item and use it to patrol for villains on what was formely known as Cortex Island and is now known as "Crash Island" 16
Pasadena O' Possum Tag Team Racing A fast but unitellgent racer Pasadena has left MotorWorld in search of her love Crash. However the feelings aren't mutual as...Crash seems to be a bit disgusted by this. However this won't discourage her from going after Crash. 17
Ebenezer Von Clutch Tag Team Racing Crash's biggest fanboy and owner of MotorWorld Von Clutch is a cyborg of some sort and absoloutly adores the medling marsupial. He even mutatated his own rodent (Pasadena) inspired by Crash and Cortex. However he's a bit strange... 18
Mecha Bandicoot Twinsanity Crash hydrolically operated twin brother who had been in development since Crash's mutation. Mecha was originally piloted but reprogrammed by Coco to search Wumpa Island for any oddities. 19
Chief Spike MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 20
Tyrant Snipe MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 21
Prince Grimly MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 22
Lord Magmadon MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 23
Warrior Ratcicle MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 24
Emperor Sludge MoM One of the legendary six Hero or Super Titans defeated by Crash. 25
Oya-Oya Bluray Ayo-Ayo's younger sister who is often ignored. She secretly goes out and lives her brothers dreams of adventuring with the bandicoots. 26
Carlos Bandicoot A young bandicoot who needs Crash's help to stop Cortex from wiping Bandicoots off the face of the Earth 27
Foofie A small alien sent to earth by the Gazmoxian Ruler to bring Oxide home. 28
Gazmoxian King The king of Gazmoxia who everyone respects...except Oxide. Like all Gazmoxians he enjoys to race but is also fast on his feet. 29


Name Date of Birth/Mutation/Incarnation/Creation Design Description Role Voice Actor

User Portraying

Number Role

Penta Penguin

Legion A young penguin of undetermined gender. It's often irritated when Crash and Coco refer to it as the wrong gender (an episode in which Crash, Coco, Pura and Polar attempt to figure it's gender is currently planned.) 1 M

Trash "Fake Crash" Bandicoot

Legion A failed clone of Crash that escaped Cortex's grasp. He was accidently summoned by Aku Aku in N-Trance's first attack on the Bandicoots. He is very joking and unintellegent. 2

Tawna Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot 1, shorter as in Boom Bang! Crash's ex-girlfriend meant to give the leader of the Cortex Commando's army some necessary friendship. She later broke up with Crash due to him giving Coco more attention 3

Papu Papu

Twinsanity The leader and chief of the Guno-Guno tribe. He is very rich but chooses to stay true to his origins on Wumpa and N.Sanity Island. He is part of what was once the AkuUka brothers' and the Elementals' tribe. 4

Kenny Bandicoot

Bluray The second mutant ofDoctor Roo after the events of Cortex strikes back. He is a trained swordsman often geared towards the heroes but will often not hesitate to help Cortex in certain situations. 5

Ayo Ayo

Bluray The witch doctor/shaman in training of the Guno-Guno tribe. He secretly looks up to the bandicoots and wants to become a witch doctor and honor Aku Aku. 6


Legion A psionic entity which has somehow been fused to an old piece of armor, awoken by Dr. Cortex. Extremely dangerous. All other info unknown. 7

Crash Clones

Titans Clones similar to Carbon created in the same event. While most of them are innocent some don't have an urge to be good and some even evil. They reside on Cortex Island. 8


Titans Crab elephant fusions that is actually friendly. They're merely under Cortex's control. 9


Titans and MoM Antagonizing evil bats with gas issues. 10
Ee-lectric Titans Power mutated electric eels. 11
Goar Titans Extremely huge mutants. Caution around them. The fire they breath will scorch you. 12


MoM Evil time manipulating mutants mad from Bad Mojo and N.Tropy's D.N.A. 13
Magmadon Both OTT and MOM A fire turtle with incredibly thick skin. The skin can be used to protect from lava 14


Both OTT and MOM A savage fighter who loves gothic arts. 15


Both OTT and MOM A male on species normally found in deserts on Wumpa Island. Don't make eye contact or else it'll think you desire a fight 16


Both OTT and MOM A female race driven on emotions of passion and anger. 17


Both OTT and MOM Mutated Mucas of much disgust. These vicious monsters rome the Junkyard and can get others sick 18


Both OTT and MOM Out of control enemies who keep their distance from opponents. They seem to eat foxes. 19


Both OTT and MOM Sneaky porcupines/hedgehogs who love ambushing/scaring bandicoot from below, larceny and romance novels 20


Only MOM Baby chickens with their super-powered minds and powers being controlled by their dome shaped bodies. 21


Both OTT and MOM A bagpipe octopus fusion that can absorb the Mojo 22


OTT and MOM A savage fighter with a taste of gothic architecture. 23

Viscount (Tazmanian) Devil

Boom Bang A rich man from another dimension who seeks vengence on Crash for stealing his wish. 24

Willie Wumpa Cheeks

Tag Team Racing A mutant wumpa fruit killed by Cortex, He is revived by Uka Uka as he seeks revenge after Cortex had betrayed him in the events of Mind over Mutant. 25
Stench Forever loyal to Cortex these varying characters wear space like costumes or just freely rome. These Gassy Titans that throw their skunk stink as pure toxic energy and can toss it at long distance. Kind of... Gross... 26
Areos Leos A special titan this one is. He is the only one of his kind being the only one who survived mutation. He is a force to be reckoned with and seemingly unjackable. 27
Chick Gizzard Lips A calm reporter mutated by Von Clutch to commentate on Motor World's TV appearances. He also has a wife. 28
Stew A former boxer and comedian of the duo Stew is often seen as the better of the two. Mutated by Von Clutch, he has a weird liking of hats and wigs.
Tikimon One of the Guno-Guno tribe's Gods.


Name Date of Birth/Mutation/Incarnation/Creation Design Description Role Voice Actor

User Portraying

Number Role

Doctor Neo Periwinkle Cortex

Twinsanity An evil scientist who went to Madame Amberly's school after losing nearly all of his family as a child. He claims credit for the Evolvo-ray and Dingodile's Unique animal fusion techniques to improve his mutants. 1
Uka Uka Twinsanity

The twin brother of Aku Aku. He was the jealous younger brother who was not allowed to train in the art of the Shaman magic. He was trained in Onug-Onug dark magic to defeat Gonu's tribe and take over, He was defeated by Aku Aku causing the seperation of the land causing continents. Ever since he has caused even more evil and currently seeks revenge on Cortex for his traitorous ways.

Nina Cotex Twinsanity

The niece of Neo and son of Archie. She was adopted by Cortex after Archie was murdered by a mysterious group. She was originally kind to animals especially puppies, but Cortex cut her hands off and replaced them with robot gloves forcing her to let them go. She is currently in Evil Public School after her betrayl on Neo.


Ripper Roo/Doctor Roo

Twinsanity A brain scrambled kangaroo-dog. He's very crazy normall but got a job in psychiatri and became Doctor Roo making a successful book and creating Nate and Kenny. 4
Doctor N.Gin Twinsanity Originally in Madame Amberly's academy of evil he left to become the founder of a missle maker company. Due to budget cuts a missle malfunctioned and was lodged in his head. He had to sacrifice his sanity for his life support and later rejoined Dr.Cortex and his crew 5

Tiny Tiger

Nitro Kart The stereotypical brawn over brain figure. He has an obsession with helping his "Father" Cortex and defeating Crash. 6

Doctor Nefarious Tropy

om Twinsanity A mysterious figure with the ability to control time. He appears not much is known about him except he is intellegent and never looses his cool. He also hails from the United Kingdom. 7

Doctor Nitrus Brio

Mind over Mutant Dr.Cortex's original friend and a victim to mutation. He needs mutagen to control his body otherwise he will be forced into his frog state. , 8

Nitrous Oxide

Twinsanity A supreme racer originally from Gasmoxia. He seeks revenge on the entire Earth for defeating him so valianty. 9


Twinsanity An austalian dingo crocdile hybrid. He has a crush on Tawna and usually carries his flame thrower around with him. 10

Slash "Evil Crash" Bandicoot

Twinsanity The 10th dimension counterpart of Crash. He was mutated by Iso Cortex to help guard the world from evil. How ever he rebelled and lived life out with his sister Tea, He is very foricious 11

Don Pinstripelli Potorotti

Twinsanity Sanitation company founder, car dealer, and professional sniper, Don Pinstipelli Potorotti is a force to be reckoned with. With his very strong Mafia accent, Pinstripe loves instigating Bandicoots. Even taking Tawna after Crash and her's break-up instigate Crash. 12

Komodo Joe

Cortex Strikes Back

The smarter, faster and leader of the Komodo Dragon, Joe is more well known than his brother. At the cost of something important to him. His friendship with Moe.


Komodo Moe

Cortex Strikes Back The lesser known, stronger and loyaler Komodo Brother he and Moe lost their friendship over a fight during Oxide's testing of the earth. They're now trying to rebond by Karting together and taking over the harbor. 14

Koala Kong

Crash Bandicoot Once a peaceful Koala, he was mutated by Cortex. He doesn't speak much, as he prefers to show emotions when fighting. When fighting he's very arrogant and loves to show off his muscles (especially to the ladies). But with all that brawn their is a slight lack of brain. 15


CNK with Twinsanity Concept eyepatch over smaller blinded eye An Egg-like creature from the 5th Dimension. After losing to Crash and his friends twice already, he is back for revenge. His other eye was eaten by Slash Bandicoot. 16

Emperor Velo the XXVII

CNK, what else? Twinsanity?! The once-famous Emperor of the Galaxy. He lost his fame when he was defeated by Team Bandicoot in the Nitro Kart tournament. He has some sort of connection to Nitros Oxide and Von Clutch... 17
Geary CNK A robot from Teknee obsessed with things being perfect. Slightly psychotic, he will do whatever he can to have things clean. 18


CNK An alien from the peaceful planet Terra. Not exactly evil as he is on friendly terms with the Bandicoots, but wants revenge on Team Cortex for taking over his planet. 19


CNK A hyperactive Shark from the planet Barin. He was programmed by Velo XXVII to never stop moving. 20



A mime from Fenomena with two forms: Norm and Big Norm. Norm is silent, and likes to read. Big Norm is the talker who enjoys racing. They have a deal that Norm races in return for Big Norm wearing the mime outfit.



CNK One of Nitros Oxide's cronies from the planet Gasmoxia. He seems to always be hungry, and burps a lot. 22


CNK The second of Nitros Oxide's cronies from Gasmoxia. He acts a lot like a dog, and is immature. 23


Twinsanity Victor was one of Cortex's pet parrots who was sent to the 10th Dimension by mistake using the prototype Evolvo-Ray. He seems to be the more sane one of the two. 24


Twinsanity The second of Cortex's pet parrots who were sent to the 10th Dimension. He likes to talk about food, and is rather stupid. 25

Tea "Evil Coco" Bandicoot

Twinsanity The sister of Slash Bandicoot. She helps Slash to cause mayhem in the 10th Dimension. She knows what she's doing, and usually does things for her own personal gain whether it's good or bad. 26

Small Tiger

Titans Small is a failed clone of Tiny Tiger who turned out to be an effective Titan Jacker. He wants revenge for "not being invited to the last game." Overall a nice guy aside from the small flaw of being evil. 27


WoC One of the four Elementals used to power up Crunch. Quick to anger with a head full of rocks. A cousin of the Aku-Uka brothers. 28


WoC One of the four Elementals used to power up Crunch. He has the objective of flushing the world clean and building it as he remembers it. A cousin of Aku-Uka brothers. 29


WoC One of the four Elementals used to power up Crunch. He has a fiery temper said to go off like a volano. A cousin of the Aku-Uka brothers. 30


WoC One of the four Elementals used to power up Crunch. A natural joker who has the power to control wind. A cousin of the Aku-Uka brothers. 31

Arachnina Version 2

of the Titans The second version of the Spiderbot, used to fight Crash and Carbon on top of the Doominator. Currently deactivated. 32


Both OTT and MOM These little brats use to suck up to Nina to get far in the evil community but betrayed her after her downfall and guard evil Public School. They like to gossip and yell very loudly through microphones. 33

Doom Monkey

Both OTT and MOM These crazy apes have an affinity for rockets and explosives. They're quite loud and excited pretty easily, but are incredibly stupid. Formely working for N.Gin 34


MOM The Znu are odd brain like creatures. They serve the Grimiles and have good grammar. These freaks in underpants attack with flashlights and lasers from their goggles. 35

Voo-doo Bunnies

Titans These guys are masked rabbits who attack with spears. They can perform rain dances to summon lightning. They serve Uka-Uka and have a taste for Bandicoots. 39
N.Tangled A botanis who was testing a theory on watered and unwatered plants. In a freak accident the unwatered plant came to life and fused with N.Tangled 40
N.Tertain A clown like doctor who was rejected from society as clowns were becoming "uncool". He swore revenge and joined Cortex's clan to do it. 41
Goat King A mutated goat who Cortex sends onto Crash Island to take his army and slaughter the Crash clones. Very assertive 43
N.Daze A mad scientist who believes end times predictions. He is always prepared for them and thinks if he could he could do them himselves. 44

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