Linkin the Black Incubat
Linkin the Black Incubat
Linkin is the shy yet excited son of Julius & Medusa.




Incubus/Black Arms hybrid


Same as his parents's. Also a rookie martial artist

Love Interests

Flow the Hedgehog


Hanging about, cute girls, feeling useful, making his family proud, etc.


Being a disappointment, failing in all aspects, mental blockades, etc.

Linkin the Black Incubat is one of the twenty children of Julius the Black Murderer and Medusa the Succubus and one of their ten sons. Like most of his siblings, he has a seductive pressense and enjoys sex, but is often mocked by others because he is considered the worst at seduction and picking up women.


Linkin was born into a family of twenty children, and was taught by his parents to utilize his charm and powers to manipulate any and all mortals he finds. Unfortunately, even growing up, Linkin had difficulty mastering and using it. As such, he was mocked by most of his siblings and considered a failure by his parents. Despite encouragement from others and learning some fighting, Linkin rarely slept with any girls due to his lack of charisma and proper mastery of his techniques. After a particular failed attempted at crashing Maya's babyshower and being defeated by Drake, Linkin was banished to the kingdom of Vulcanus, where he was given a secret mission to seduce all the hot females there, and was not allowed to return home until his mission was complete. There, he was partially accepted by the king and queen, Sonic and Blaze, and fell in love with his daughter, Flow.


Linkin is a fairly nice person for a member of Julius & Medusa's family, but he has very low self-esteem due to his history of not being able to manipulate many mortals. Due to this, he is often unsure of himself and gets chastices by his parents and many of his siblings.

Abilities & Skills

As with any incubus and the rest of his nineteen siblings and parents, Linkin is able to manipulate the power of darkness and use his seductive looks to lure in his targets to their fate of being his. Linkin has been able to use dark variants of the elements, including lightning, fire, water, and magnetism. He has also used dark arrows, created small meteor showers to attack, thrown dark rays of power at his opponents, and has also been known to use mind control and summon paralyzing and hypnotic gasses on his targets.

However, he has had insane difficulty mastering these abilities, even when growing up. He still, in fact, has had trouble mastering some of his powers without jeopardizing his objectives and making situations worse. Linkin is considerably one of the weakest of Julius & Medusa's children, and had only slept with a total of three women before being banished to Vulcanus.

Linkin has also shown to have some martial arts background, having trained with his brothers, Claydon and Kekinta. Though not as masterful and refined as they are, Linkin has been shown to hold his ground in close-combat from time to time.





  • Linkin is Gurahk's favorite among Julius & Medusa's children, due to his slick design and sympathetic backstory.
  • Linkin is semi named after the rock band Linkin Park.

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